A new waitress starts at a local Irish pub and gets fucked

I rushed into work a few minutes late, hoping that my
boss Pat wouldn’t notice (he hates when we are not at
work by 6pm to start stocking the bar for the night
ahead). Fortunately, he was busy showing a new
waitress around, so he didn’t get the chance to
remind me “that 6pm means 6pm.” I knew that Beth was
returning to school, but I didn’t realize that she
was leaving work and that we would have a new
waitress to train.

I work at McMurray’s, a quaint neighborhood, in a
bustling Manhattan suburb, just a short ferry ride
from the metropolis. For me, this means plenty of
attractive women, not far removed from college, with
more discretionary income that they know what to do
with. It is just the sort of yuppie paradise that a
bartender, who doesn’t want to work in a resort town,
can thrive in. Pat, the owner, likes McMurray’s to
offer the “complete Irish Pub package” offering
Guinness and Bangers and Mash being served by Irish
lads and lasses. Which means, that most of the
waitresses and bartenders are in there mid to late
20’s and attractive.

I have the advantage of being a not too distant
graduate and hockey player from a New England
college, who gains the added attractiveness of being
able to spin a good story and provide a few free
pints to improve my chances. I started off with a
regular corporate job like so many of the patrons,
but after while, I realized that I was far happier in
a non-corporate job. Since, I tended bar to help put
me through college, I decided that I would return to
my roots. What a great decision it has been.

McMurray’s is a relatively small bar and restaurant.
We can comfortably fit 50 people at the bar and
surrounding tables, and the restaurant section holds
another 10 tables, plus there are some tables outside
during the warmer months. On a good night, it can
certainly keep the two bartenders and three
waitresses quite busy. And tonight, despite being a
Tuesday, appeared to be heading into that direction.
Although not a sports bar, we do get good crowds when
a game is on, and the Yankees were playing the Red
Sox tonight, so there were a few more people here
than normal.

I got straight to work bringing up a few cases of
beer and stocking them on ice, while Tom, my partner
behind the bar for the evening, was making sure we
had enough spare liquor and fruit on hand. On the
waitress side it would be Karen, a cute brunette with
a killer body, who always seemed to tease and
frustrate me; Justine, a blonde who had the most
tenure and was my closet friend at the bar; and the
new girl Erin.

When Pat finally got around to introducing Erin, he
said, “Go easy on the her. She can really add some
class to this joint.”

Erin is a beautiful woman with long blonde hair
pulled in a ponytail, who deftly filled out the white
T-shirt and khakis (the dress code for waitresses)
perfectly. She may be a touch short (5’3″), but
certainly not for my taste. And in amazing shape. You
could tell in a quick glance, that she had great
legs, a cute face and great chest. We also learned,
easily considering her accent that she recently moved
here from Atlanta.

Erin started off with only a few tables; Justine and
Karen taking up the slack, while we all got
acclimated and watched how capable she was. She
clearly had some waitressing experience, and appeared
good with the regulars, but got flustered every now
and then. McMurray’s has a few tight spaces and
neither Tom nor I are too forgiving to the new
waitresses, for good reason…

The evening went quickly, since it was so busy. And
the Yankees won a close game, so everyone stayed for
a while and spent a little extra. The guys easily
outnumbered the women two to one, which is better for
the tips than the chances for an easy score.
Nonetheless, there were still a few worth noting. One
redhead who was batting her eyes at me any chance
that she got and had plenty of cleavage to show off.
There was a young cutie at the end of the bar, maybe
I should have carded her and her friends, who left
her phone number. And another who I would have paid
more attention to if her boyfriend was not draped all
over her. What a waste!

Eventually, the dinner crowd trickled out, and the
waitresses flopped at a table with a bottle of wine.
There were a few stragglers with nothing better to do
then get drunk on a Tuesday, so Tom and I were
working until almost midnight. We started cleaning up
as soon as we could, knowing that we would like to
join the girls as soon as we could. The last patron
left shortly before closing time.

By the time that Tom and I joined the girls, they
were on their second bottle of wine and the laughter
surrounded the table. We quickly engaged in the
conversation, Karen bellowed “you should have seen
this geek hitting on me all night. And then he left a
$5 tip.”

Justine offered talk about her new boyfriend and how
skillful he was in bed. “He went down on me and
stayed there until I was so satisfied, by then he
could have done anything to me.”

Erin offered little other than telling us her
roommate, “Stacy, a friend from college, Georgia
Tech, landed a marketing position, so I decided that
it was time for a change of scenery. Since I was
single, I said what the hell. Packed my bags and
moved here with her. I decided that I was lucky
enough to find this job until I can find one

After a few more drinks, the conversation changed to
the intricacies of McMurray’s: Pat’s rules and
regulations; customers to cater to and those to
avoid; food to recommend; corners that always seem to
knock off trays; and most importantly, how to work
with the bartenders on a busy evening. Since our
money is made by patrons at the bar, and we get very
little share of the waitress’s tips, we will always
focus on the bar unless the waitresses offer some
assistance and justification. Over the past few
years, Justine has developed a great way to assure
that we are as cooperative as possible.

We have viewed it as a bit of hazing for the
waitresses. Any time a new hire is brought aboard,
she is told that the best way to assure success on
the job is to win over a bartender. Now, she has the
option on how to do this, whether offering a higher
cut of her tips, or something more creative (we
prefer the creativity).

As the night passes, we have digressed to shots and
playing cards. Clearly, everyone is having a great
time and passing the night away. After loosing
another hand poker, Justine chimes in, “Erin you
still need to make an offering to one of the

Erin blushes, apparently she has not made up her
mind how she can best smooth the waters. Karen
suggests, “To help the boys out prepping the bars for
a month.”

Tom says “thanks, but no thanks. The last girl to
help prep only added more work for Jimmy and I. Maybe
clean-up for a few weeks or it will have to be
something else.”

I just nod my head in agreement, knowing that no one
would want to stay late and clean up the bar when she
could get out hours earlier.

Erin admits, “moving up here has been a challenge,
and the until I find another job, I need to save
every dollar that I can. Any other suggestions?”

Justine whispers in her ear that since she is so
attractive, that maybe a sexual offering may please
us. Erin didn’t anticipate this, but the alcohol had
started to take its affect, so she just giggled and
shook her head no.

We all realized that we were at an impasse, and Karen
and Justine warned Erin just how unfriendly the
bartenders could be: ignoring the wait staff, mixing
the wrong drinks, miss-naming the draft beers,
spilling drinks, etc. She quickly understood that she
had to do something. After a few more drinks, and
more discussion, Erin offered “how about doing a
little striptease for y’all?”

We all agreed that would have to due, and I think
that even Karen and Justine would have enjoyed the
show. Erin downed a large shot of Southern Comfort
(fitting) and climbed onto the table, but once she
gained her balance and started to kick off her shoes,
she realized that the large windows allowed her show
to be open to people other than the four at the

“People walking on the street will be able to see

“Who else will be out at this hour?” Karen asked.

“I don’t know, but I can’t. I can’t strip in public.”
Erin cried.

“How about a private dance for just one of the
bartenders then?” Justine asked.

“I guess that would be OK,” Erin said, “BUT, only if
the girls get to pick the barkeep.”

They could choose Tom, who had a girlfriend, but was
known as a player. After a few drinks, he may take
things a bit too far. Or myself, who despite the
position, was on a bit of a cold streak. This is
where my friendship with Justine comes in hand. I of
course, was chosen as the lucky voyeur.

Erin and I retired to the office, a cramp room with
little more than desk while the others agreed to
finish locking up and hear about the dance later in
the week. I positioned myself at the desk chair and
Erin started to remove her T-shirt and dance. She
looked more like a cheerleader than dancer, but what
she lacked in experience, she easily made up for in
beauty. With her top gone, her arms crossing her
chest, but they could not completely hide the large
breasts behind her arms and bra. She then removed her
pants, leaving just a modest pair of briefs. She
continued to dance, not sure if she wanted to

“How about just doing a lap dance dressed as you
are?” I offered.

Next thing I know, this beautiful and voluptuous
southern belle was gyrating in my lap, and without a
doubt realizing how excited I was by her actions.

I slowly caressed her legs and my hands help guide
her around my lap. I could tell by her motions that
she was starting to enjoy it as well. I moved her
ponytail and kissed at her neck. She moaned slightly
and relaxed into my strong arms. I then moved my
hands up and started to massage her breasts. She
released her bra to allow closer attention, and I
willfully focused my attention on her sizable breasts
and stiffening nipples. She was a comfortable C-cup
and I could see as she started to arch her back, that
her areola consumed a large part of each tit.

Erin then tilted her head and we became locked in a
passionate kiss. I continued to focus on her heaving
chest and she slowly moved her hands down to open my
pants. She slid down my waist as she removed my
pants, leaving only my boxers between her deep
breaths and my eager and growing cock. She quickly
removed these as well, and before I realized how this
apparently shy southern belle was transformed, her
soft lips and luscious tongue were surrounding my
member. Erin was quite skillful at giving head, and
extremely willing at this point. Her ponytail was
quickly bobbing up and down as her eyes were fixed on
mine. Her small hands were wrapped around me as best
she could and helped guide me deep into her throat.
She swallowed and sucked with delight, while removing
my white oxford.

“Not yet, my master” she said, as she finally came up
for air. “I am not done pleasing you yet.”

Her tongue continued to lap at my tip, while her
hands, covered in her saliva, coated my throbbing
cock. She seemed like she could breathe without
coming off me for an instant.

Erin then came off me and slid up my chest. Glaring
at me with beautiful large brown eyes, she said, “I
still have more to please you with.”

“What do you have in mind?” I inquired.

“Making sure that you are satisfied and that you make
my time at McMurray’s a memorable experience. Why
don’t you get onto the desk? I want you in more than
just my mouth.”

I repositioned onto the top of the desk, luckily Pat
rarely leaves anything on it, and Erin removed her
last remnants of clothing. She then climbed on top of
me. As she slid onto to me, I realized that she had
been as excited as I was. She was incredibly warm and
inviting. She rested her hands on my legs and moved
herself up and down, ponytail and chest bouncing with
each moan. In no time, she was completely engrossed
in the moment.

“Come on master. Let me feel you cum with me.

“…A little more. I wanted you from the moment that
I interviewed here. As soon as I saw you, I knew that
I had to work here.”

She continued to fuck me and then, she exploded with
ecstasy. Climaxing and squeezing my cock within her.

I knew I was close, but wanted to enjoy this for a
little longer. Erin was just too damn good looking,
to end this quickly. She climaxed at least twice more
in quick succession, and started to look tired.

“Well, let’s try something a little different,” Erin
suggested. “Why don’t you take me from behind?”

She left the desk and stood holding the edge. I
positioned behind her and guided my wonton cock in
her once more.

“Yea, Erin. That’s it,” I said, enjoying myself to
get much more out.

From this position, I could see what a great ass she
had. Just perfect. Tight, with great tone. You could
tell in an instant that she ran often. As I continued
to enter her with joy, I leaned over and cupped her
breasts. Gently squeezing each nipple. Erin cooed
with excitement and began to orgasm again.

This time it was too much for me to handle. I finally
released my load into her and continued to pump her.
We slowly slowed do to just a long embrace and
reclined to the chair.

“Can we retire back to your place to continue? I
really prefer beds,” she asked.

“Of course, it’s only a short walk away” I offered.

We got dressed enough to run back to my place. It
wasn’t long until we were naked again and embraced
making love. We made love until the sunrise, and
eventually fell asleep in each other’s arms.

When we awoke, “I should really be getting home,”
Erin said. “Do you mind if I shower quickly first?

“Of course, go ahead,” I said, knowing that I would
catch another glimpse of her beautiful toned body.

As she came out of the bathroom, dressed and looking
great, she asked “I hope that once a week is enough
for you? I am not sure if I could do this every night
I work.”