Steal Away – Wife cheating


We walked into the lobby of the huge hotel. We walked
up to the counter and you asked for the honeymoon
suite. You told the man to have a bottle of honey,
and a bottle of whipped cream sent to our room. After
that you asked that we not be disturbed, under any

We walked into our room, shut the door and in one
swift movement you had me smashed against the door
and your tongue in my mouth. I could hardly stand up,
my legs were shaking so bad. You had your hand up my
skirt, squeezing my ass and grinding yourself between
my legs.

You reached around and put your hand on my silky
panties. You could feel how sopping wet they were.
You pressed your finger between my lips, rubbing the
fabric against my pussy. I’d been waiting for what
seemed like an eternity, just to feel your lips
against mine. This was almost too much. We had
driven to the hotel in separate cars, but I had been
wet since before I had left my house. The
anticipation was so sweet, though.

We were interrupted by a knock on the door. It was
the bellboy with everything you had asked for. He
rolled it in on a cart. You tipped him generously,
and reminded him that we didn’t want to be disturbed.
While this was going on, I had slipped into the
bathroom and started hot water going in the over
sized whirlpool. They had perfumed oils next to the
tub, and I put in some Magnolia scented oil. There
were candles by the tub and matches also. I lit two
candles and turned the light out.

I came back out and you were sitting on the huge bed,
taking your shoes off. I sat next to you and kissed
your ear. You turned and kissed me softly. We didn’t
speak at all. You stood up to take your shirt and
pants off and I stopped you so I could do it, or at
least help.

As I undid each button I kissed your chest and belly.
I got down on my knees and held you against me; I had
my hands on your ass and my face pushed against you.
I undid your fly and pulled your pants and underwear
down just enough so I could get to your cock.
Surprisingly, you weren’t hard yet. I put small
kisses all over you.

I rubbed against you, feeling your hair tickle my
face. I took you into my mouth. I held you there for
a while, not moving, except for my tongue. I could
feel you growing in my mouth. I love that, first it’s
all soft and squishy, and then before you know it, I
have to back up because it’s so hard and stiff.

You had your hands in my hair, holding on to the back
of my head. As I started working my mouth along the
length of your beautiful cock, you were guiding me
with your hands, and grinding yourself into my mouth.
You were setting the rhythm and it was slow and

It seemed like you were savoring every sensation. I
looked up at you, and I could tell that you had been
watching me the whole time.

I couldn’t help but smile at you, with your cock
still in my mouth.

I gave you a soft kiss on the head of your cock and
got up off my knees. I finished helping you get your
clothes off. I took your hand and led you towards the
bathroom. I helped you get in the tub. Then I shut
the door to cut off the light and the rest of the
world. With the candles flickering it gave the room a
dreamy feel, and the aroma of Magnolia made it even
more so.

I undressed, while you watched me. I slowly
unbuttoned my shirt; I was wearing a lacey, peach
colored bra. You could see how hard my nipples were
through the fabric. I took off my skirt and I had
matching lacey, peach colored panties on. Even in the
dim light, you could see the wet spot, where my
juices were being soaked up. I took off my bra and
panties. I sat on the edge of the tub facing you,
with my legs spread, right at eye level.

I could tell you wanted to look at my slick, shaved,
spread open pussy, but you didn’t. You had been
looking me straight in the eye.

We really hadn’t let go of each other’s gaze at all.
I crawled down into the tub with you and we faced
each other, our thighs crossing over each other’s.
Our crotches close enough to touch, and our arms
tightly wrapped around each other. We kissed forever,
slowly, and tenderly. I felt like I was melting into
you. We stayed like this for what seemed like an
eternity, an eternity that I didn’t want to end.

After awhile though, I couldn’t hold out. I had to
feel you inside me. I took your cock in my hand and
guided you into my pussy. We didn’t move for a while
we just went back to kissing. Slowly, we started
working against each. I got up on my knees so I could
move on you a little better. Oh, yeah, I could really
work myself up and down the shaft of your cock, now.
I was grinding my clit against your pubic bone on
every down stroke. I could feel your balls smashing
against my taint and asshole. OH my god, it felt so
good. (Even now, as I think about it, it makes my
pussy swell, and my juices flow.)

You had your hands all over my ass, grinding your
cock into me, we were so in sync, and it was perfect.
I slowed down a little bit, so that I could really
work my clit against you. We had never had a chance
like this before, and I wanted to come for you, so
bad. I had my arms around your neck and my face
buried in your neck. You could hear my breath getting
heavier and deeper, and you could tell I was really
going to come, because I would quit breathing for a
while. You could feel my pussy pulsing around your
cock, the juices running out, being washed away. I
stayed like this for along time just rocking myself
against you. Your cock was making me feel completely

You reached your hand down to my asshole. You softly
stroked me, there. You reached down to feel your
pussy-wrapped cock. You tickled my pussy lips as
your cock was going in and out of me. God, it felt
incredible. You kept doing this for me, alternating
between my ass and my pussy. Keeping it very soft and
tickly. I could feel my orgasm building. This whole
time we hadn’t spoke a word, but I had to break the
silence. I whispered in your ear; “I’m gonna come for
you baby!”

You moved me back a little so you could see my eyes.
It’s like you dragged me into your eyes. My whole
mind was full of nothing but your eyes and the
tremendous sensation that was taking over my whole

Oh, man, words can’t even express the feeling that
came next, it built up slowly, radiating from my
pussy, out to the rest of my body. From my head to my
toes, I was taken over by rushes of sensation.

My pussy was pulsing around you and I could feel you
tensing up. You were grunting in my ear, grinding
yourself so hard against me. I was clutching at your
back, holding on for dear life. You put your finger
in the opening of my ass just as we were both coming.
You could feel my asshole, rhythmically, squeezing
your finger. And you could feel your cock pumping out
a load, inside me. PURE ECSTASY!!!

Whew!! I collapsed against you, with my head on your
chest. You were stroking my hair and rubbing my back.
I fell asleep like that, thinking about what we were
going to do with the honey and whipped cream.