A couple like picnics and they also like to take risks in public

This happened about 4 months ago when Deb and I decided
to go on a picnic at a local state park about 30 miles
from our house. We go on several picnics each year and
we always have fun. We usually take along luncheon
meats, crackers, cheese, pickles and some sort of

Deb usually tries to indulge my request about how she
should dress when we go on these picnics. On this trip
to the park, I had asked Deb to wear a loose fitting
blouse and her short jean skirt that buttoned down the
front and comfortable shoes and that was all. Much to
pleasure, she did as I requested.

On the drive to the park, Deb opened up a couple of the
bottom buttons of her skirt and the top two buttons of
her blouse as to show me more of her lovely body. The
road to the park is a busy highway with lots of large
trucks traveling it, so you have to be careful not to
cause too much attention or you could have a pile up of

Deb sat there as I drove with most of her breasts in
full view to any truckers that just happened to look
down as they passed our car. She also had a large
portion of her thighs exposed as well. If she had undone
one more button of her skirt, her naked pussy would have
been in full view as well. The drive takes about 30
minutes and that gives us a chance to talk to each other
about what we would like to do while we are at the park.
Little did I know at the time, that Deb had already made
her plans and they were firmly planted in her mind.

We arrived at the lookout point in the park and, since
it was a weekday, the park was fairly empty. That was
good and also it was bad, since I enjoy the chance of
someone catching a glimpse of Deb in all her glory. We
got out of the car at the lookout site and walked over
to look at the view. While we were standing there, I
held Deb in front of me next to the rail, with my arms
wrapped around her to show her my love for her.

While standing there talking, I started to undo the rest
of the buttons on her blouse and reached inside to play
with her beautiful 42D breasts. Deb didn’t resist my
advances since she was sure no one was around. I kept
playing with her breasts and ever so gently squeezed
each of her nipples that were already erect from being
exposed to the open air. Her nipples were standing
straight out just like I love them to and I was getting
such a hard-on, knowing that she was standing there with
both of her breasts exposed in broad-daylight.

After standing there a while enjoying the view and the
feel, I decided to push a little more. I walked back to
the car and retrieved my camera that I had brought with
us. I raised the camera and had Deb turn to face me and
when she turned around holding her blouse closed I asked
her to flash me and she quickly opened her blouse
showing me and the camera both of her lovely breasts. I
quickly took the picture and she closed her blouse.

Just at that moment a car passed by on the road and if
they only knew what they had missed by three seconds,
they would have had a fit.

There was a picnic table a few feet away and I asked Deb
to sit on the table and show me her lovely bald pussy.
She walked over and sat on the top of the table and
proceeded to spread her legs wide apart. She slowly
raised her skirt up to her waist and gave me the shot of
a lifetime. There was the most beautiful naked pussy
that I’ve ever seen, wide open and the lips all pink and
wet. I guess this was getting her excited also. I took a
couple of pictures and we left the lookout site and
proceeded to find a place for our picnic.

We drove around the park until we found the right spot
for our adventure. There was this one table overlooking
the lake from a cliff and that is where we decided to
stop. We unpacked the car of all the food and a couple
of sheets and set up our picnic site. All this time, Deb
still hadn’t re-buttoned her blouse so that whenever she
bent over her breasts were on full display.

We sat and had our picnic lunch and continued our
conversation about being nude in public. Deb told me
that it was scary and at the same time exciting. Just
knowing that we could get away with it made it fun. I
guess if we ever get caught she might feel different but
for right now I’m just going to enjoy it while I can.

After we had eaten and relaxed with our conversation, it
was time to continue to have fun. I started kissing Deb
on her neck and mouth and slowly worked my way down to
each breast. Taking my time to make sure I gave each
breast equal amount of attention. Deb was starting to
really get excited, and I could tell by the way she
began unbuttoning the rest of her skirt.

It wasn’t long before there was only one button holding
the skirt together and that one was the top one. I laid
Deb down on the top of the picnic table and continued my
advances. I gently massaged her legs and inner thighs
and slowly began to kiss my way up from her knees to her
hot, wet pussy.

As soon as my tongue made contact with her clit, she
began to push her hips up so her clit would be easier to
reach. All the time this was going on, if someone had
walked up, we wouldn’t have noticed cause we were so
involved with our pleasure.

I had Deb right where I wanted her and I couldn’t have
been happier. We were in love and that was all that
counted. It wasn’t long before Deb was on the verge of
her first orgasm. She started moaning and raising her
hips to the tongue lashing she was receiving. She
exploded with such force that I thought that I would get
my neck broken.

After she had regained her composure, she suggested that
we move the car up to where the restrooms were so she
could wash up. We pulled the car up to the site near
the restrooms and after Deb returned from taking care of
herself, we drove away for a well deserved nap.