Erotic Diaries

What follows is an extract from the diaries of my
French grandfather who died after a long, full,
amorous life at the age of 90 in 1992. He willed
the diaries to me his youngest grandchild because I
had followed in his footsteps as a journalist. The
diaries are full of erotic encounters and I hope to
publish more extracts in due course. This is a
fairly typical one. I realize that the style may
seem quaint at such a remove in time but as the
extract deals with age-old themes I do not think it
should prove a barrier to enjoyment.

It was the year 1925, I was twenty-three years old,
and, my father, a war profiteer had succeeded
through a series of unwise investments in losing
not only all his ill-gotten gains but a large
portion of my mother’s money as well. He had fled
to South America to escape both his creditors and
the attentions of the law. In consequence of all
this I was eking out a small annuity, willed to me
by my late grandmother, with freelance journalism
whilst attempting to do some serious writing in my
spare time.

Having some entree into the fashionable world of
Paris I found that the pieces I contributed to the
society journals and the popular press on the
doings of the idle rich, the famous and the
notorious proved extremely popular and financially
quite rewarding. A pleasant little perk was
provided when I found that a number of ladies,
mostly married, and some entering their middle
years, were not unwilling to provide me with
intimate favours in return for keeping their names
before the public as it were. After all I was young
and vigorous and not unhandsome and it proved a
most enjoyable way of combining business with

These ladies would visit me in my modest apartment
in the Rue des Capucines in the afternoons and we
would enjoy the pleasure of one another’s company
whilst their husbands were hard at work earning the
money that kept their delectable bodies clad in
such exquisite clothes, decorated with such opulent
jewelry, and fragrant with such expensive perfumes;
and their empty heads so fashionably coiffeured! I
particularly appreciated the tantalizingly flimsy
lingerie they delighted in, making a particularly
close study of the latest fashions in these

My apartment was small but had been tastefully
decorated for me by one of Paris’s most fashionable
interior designers who gave his services freely in
return for generous plugs in the glossy journals.
My meager funds meant that it was rather sparsely
furnished but it contained a pleasing mix of the
old (some good pieces given to me by my mother from
a country property she had been forced to sell
following my father’s financial debacle. I was
always convinced that the sale of this, her
childhood home, had contributed to her sudden death
only six months after the sale was completed) and
the ultra-modern. Many of my afternoon companions
agreed with me that it was tres chic but the only
piece of furniture they were really interested in
was the bed, which certainly proved to be both
pleasing to the eye and serviceable! Not that these
afternoon dalliances lasted for any considerable
length of time. With these bored, idle ladies
novelty was all and novelty soon wears off but that
was the nature of these affaires and we had our
pleasure and no regrets.

I was though on the look out for a different
kind of woman. One who had money and influence and
was in a situation where she could share both with
me. I was willing to play the gigolo if it would
advance my position in the world. There was one
lady who seemed to fit the bill. This was the
Comtesse Ernestine Vigy Le Brun. She was not young,
those who knew, or claimed to, said that she was in
her mid-fifties, others who envied her said that
she was well on her way to seventy. From all that
I heard before actually making her acquaintance I
had come to regard the Countess as something of a
tragic figure.

The widow of a career soldier she had lost her
husband and both her sons to the army. The eldest
who had carried on the family tradition and become
an officer in the regular army survived the whole
four and a half years of the Great War only to be
killed in 1920 in Morocco fighting the Riff. The
youngest had enlisted in the last year of the war
whilst still under age and had been killed a month
before the war ended. Her youngest daughter, still
weak from the ordeal of a stillbirth had succumbed
to the influenza epidemic. She had another daughter
still living, Aurore, an artist, who, under the
name of Aurore Bruneau, had achieved some fame for
her paintings from life i.e. nudes and her
landscapes and more notoriety for the erotic and
pornographic works she turned out to order for the
discerning connoisseur. Aurore was very much a
free spirit and lived the life of a determined
bohemian. The Countess, popular report had it, was
not on good terms with her Aurore.

The Countess was a tireless worker for charity;
for war orphans, for war wounded, for the blind,
for – the list was seemingly endless. I had
attended the launch of her latest charity for the
relief of destitute White Russian refugees and
afterwards I wrote what I considered to be one of
my most sympathetic pieces. On the day after it’s
appearance she telephoned me at the office to thank
me for what she called “my true gentility.” I, in
turn, thanked her and asked if it would be possible
for her to grant me an interview so that I could
write a profile of her. She consented on condition
that she could combine it with a visit to my
beautiful apartment of which she had heard so much.
Better and better I thought and so a date was set.

She duly arrived in her big Hispano-Suiza
Sedanca de Ville. The chauffeur assisted her
descent from it’s luxurious interior and discreetly
departed. I met her in the foyer and explained with
some chagrin that the elevator was not working, a
not uncommon occurrence. She took this news calmly
and took my proffered arm and we mounted the stairs
to the first floor. When we entered the salon of my
apartment she was somewhat flushed and rather out
of breath so I led her to the long sofa, the
centre-piece of the room and she sat down
gratefully. She was wearing a plain black well-cut
suit by one of the foremost coutouriers of Paris,
her ample figure (and I found myself being aroused
by this) was obviously well disciplined by her
foundation garment. The skirt was calf-length and
she had on black silk stockings and plain black
court shoes with medium heels. I noticed that her
feet and ankles were still shapely and slender.
Draped across her shoulders was a sable stole and
to complete the ensemble black kid gloves and a
black toque hat with a little beaded veil.

“What a soft life I must lead to find a few stairs
so trying” she exclaimed laughingly.

I apologized once again assuring her that the
whole world admired her for her indefatigable
energy in the cause of humanity and, after she had
regained her composure, took her hat, stole and
gloves into safekeeping. I had resolved on a course
of obsequious flattery because I was determined
that she should be the patroness I was looking for.
I now considered her physical aspect more
closely. Her short exquisitely marcelled hair was
delightful silver gray. Her face was skillfully
made-up. I say skillfully because it was subtle,
there was no heavy-handed use of powder and rouge
trying to give youthful appearance.

She patted the sofa, “Come sit beside me, do.”

I complied with her request leaving a respectful
distance between us. I saw a half-smile play upon
her lips. She looked about her.

“They were right those informants of mine this
really is a delightful apartment, it has a very
cultured ambience”

I thanked her for her complimentary observations
adding that she was at the present moment the most
delightful ornament in it.

“You flatter me said the Baroness, passing one hand
lightly over her hair, “I well realize that I
cannot hope to compete with those pretty young
friends of yours, so slim, so slender as modern
fashion dictates. Some of them so skinny that I
suspect they starve themselves to skin and bone and
to what end other than to make themselves resemble
young boys! Twenty years ago it was very different
when I was their age. Young women then were proud
of having figures like an hourglass. The ideal was
to have a full bosom and rounded hips.”

True I thought to myself but what was natural about
that or the tortuous constrictions of the tightly
laced corsets worn to bring that idealized shape

“Well Countess you appear to have been true to that
ideal. You have obviously preserved your
delightfully Junoesque figure and I think Countess
that like me most men, in their heart of hearts,
find most attractive those women who ignore the
dictates of fashion or the whims of dressmakers and
display their true and natural charms.”

I could see that what I had just said pleased her.

“Please Nicolas let us dispense with formalities,
call me Ernestine” she said warmly “Yes let us
become good friends for I am sure that you
understand me.” Then she sighed, “And yet to you I
must seem terribly old.”

“Not at all,” I replied gallantly, at the same time
feeling a slight thrill as I thought I perceived
the direction which matters were taking, “Since
when has age ever prevented two kindred spirits
from enjoying mutual pleasures?.”

This last remark was something of a hazard so that
I was relieved when she replied,

“Those are my sentiments exactly Nicolas.”

Having said this she held out a slim hand with
perfectly manicured and painted nails and taking
mine she indicated that she wished me to move
nearer to her on that long sofa. I obeyed and moved
quite close, close enough for me to detect the
musky fragrance of the perfume she wore. We chatted
for a while on this and that (many of my little
stories made her laugh unrestrainedly) during which
time she imperceptibly moved closer to me so that I
could feel the warm pressure of a generous thigh
against mine and her left hand came to rest on my
right thigh pressing gently as she emphasized some
point in an anecdote she was telling. I felt a
sudden and pleasant stirring between my legs.

“Ah Nicolas I find you such a charming companion,
so eloquent and so witty, so responsive to a
woman’s needs I have no doubt. Ah, Nicolas
sometimes one comes almost to the edge of despair.
The endless round, the dull routine, all the
wearing committee work, the bickering and
disagreements amongst those whom one is trying to
help. The stresses of it all, how one longs for
some relief, some release!” there was a melancholy
edge to her voice. “Ah if only I were twenty years
younger!” And she gave a deep sigh.

“No Ernestine have we not just agreed that age need
not be a barrier to friendship and especially as
in our case there is such an obvious affiliation of
the spirit”

At this she smiled and pressed my hand fondly so I
decided to hazard all. I got up from the sofa,
slowly, keeping my left hand across the front of my
trousers to hide my feelings as it were! Taking her
right hand in mine I said,

“If you are rested I will show you the rest of my
She rose smiling and hand in hand we approached the
bedroom. When we were inside she exclaimed ,

“Another charming room, so comfortable so relaxing
surely one could find peace and comfort here.”

She sat down on the side of the bed feeling it
appreciatively by pressing down on it with her
hands and bouncing her backside lightly up and

“Yes one could definitely find pleasure here.”

She laughed kicking off her shoes.

“Well then let us try” I replied unfastening her
jacket and helping her off with it and placing it
over the upright chair. Underneath it she had on a
pearl gray blouse of moire silk well filled out by
her ample bosom but in such a way as to suggest
that nature was being given a helping hand by the
corsetiere’s art.

“Ah Nicolas I put myself into your hands entirely
“she murmured softly.

“Then I must do all I can to please you Ernestine,
dear Ernestine” I answered.

I gently made her stand again and helped her off
with her skirt, placing this with the jacket. Now
she stood in just a black lace slip and whatever
garments were yet to be discovered under it and
although I was now eager for the fullest intimacy I
determined to take my time. I made her sit down
again sitting next to her and putting my arm
around her waist I kissed her full on the lips to
which she responded ardently, returning my kisses
passionately, and at the same time moved my hand to
cup a breast. As I had suspected I felt the
presence of some firm support enclosing the objects
of my desire.

“You see Nicolas that I am well armoured against
your forays,” she laughed.

I made her stand up again and quickly divested her
of the slip, pulling it up over her head and
casting it aside. Underneath it she had on what I
think the Americans call a corselette, a foundation
garment of some silvery material that held her
breasts in pre-shaped cups and, firmly compressing
her belly, reached down to the tops of her thighs
where garters with metal clips held up her black

“You see Nicolas that I am a hypocrite and that I
too constrict my body in search of a more youthful
image even though, sadly, my youth is past,” she
sighed and, observing my interest in this garment,
asked, “Does it perhaps deter you?”

“No, on the contrary, I find it strangely
exciting.” And indeed I did as a further urging in
my loins confirmed.

“Do you?” she laughed “You will change your opinion
as you grow older.”

We sat again and I kissed her again passionately
feeling my rod stiffen up. As we embraced I undid
the garter clips and explored the corselette
looking for its fastenings. She took my hand and
guided it round to her back where my fingers found
the tag of a zip fastener. Eagerly I pulled it down
and the corselette fell forward from her body. I
pulled it completely free and dropped it to the
floor. Now she was naked except for a pair of loose
black silk drawers and of course her stockings.

“Now I am defenseless and at your mercy Nicolas”,
she said.

“It is I who am the conquered one Countess,” I

If I had been excited before I was doubly so now at
the sight of her body. Her breasts were large and
full but surprisingly they were not loose or
sagging and her belly was big, broad and round but
not slack or flabby. She reminded me of a full-
bodied classical statue of an ancient goddess of

“Does it please you, my body,” she asked.

“Yes Ernestine it pleases me but I cannot now stop
at mere visual appreciation,”

I replied and to make my intentions plain I cupped
a full heavy breast and let my other hand wander
down over that ripe belly and under the waistband
of her drawers, down towards the grotto of
pleasures. To my surprise her prominent Mount of
Venus was round and smooth, no patch of pubic hair
delayed my fingers as they journeyed to the moist
lips of her vagina. As I gently parted them she
squirmed and wriggled and moaned and trembled with

“Oh Nicolas, ah, yes, yes yessssss, I need, I crave
your love, please, please be kind, do not deny me.”
“Oh Nicolas do not let us delay,” she cried

I was still fully dressed, and with eager fingers
she began unfastening my tie and then my shirt. I
was not slow in helping her and soon my clothes
were scattered on the floor and I was down to my
undershorts from the opening of which my eager,
rigid, shaft protruded.
The Countess turned and climbed onto the bed clad
only in her stockings and black silk drawers. As
she knelt there I pulled the drawers down. Laughing
she fell forward and I got them down her legs and
over her feet. She knelt up again and presented me
with a view of her big, white, round bottom and a
glimpse of the long slit between her full thighs.
At this sight of the Promised Land my willing shaft
reached it’s fullest expansion. I felt the wild
madness of coming sexual pleasure fill my being and
I was moved to press her drawers which I still had
in my hand against my face inhaling their intimate
scent of her perfume and her warm sex. This heady
fragrance has always had aphrodisiac powers over
me. A telltale dampness at the crotch indicated
that she was well aroused and ready for the act of
As I was thus employed she glanced over her

“Hurry my love, please, please” she cried,
pleadingly almost.

I climbed up behind her and put my hands on her
hips and held her as she was, on all fours. She was
in a hurry very well I would oblige her.

“Yes Ernestine, yes you are right. Let us not
delay”, I replied.

I was determined to take her from behind, a
position, which always gave me maximum excitement.
From the pressure of my hands on her hips she must
have divined my purpose because she opened her legs
and I moved between them.

“It must be now dear Ernestine, it must.”

“Yes Nico, yes, take me, take me,” she replied.

The head of my eager shaft nudged into her full
lower lips and with one hand I guided it firmly
into that ready orifice concealed between them and
pushed it home purposefully. It entered her well-
lubricated passage and traveled inwards to its
limit and my belly pressed against her buttocks.
She gasped and lurched forward at the forcefulness
of my movements supporting herself on her hands.
Penetration accomplished I rested on my laurels as
it were giving her time to adjust to the filling
presence of my stiff shaft. Then I began to move in
the time-honoured way, in and out but with long,
slow movements, pulling my staff almost fully out
before driving it back home. I intended to take
full command and do everything the way I wanted. I
pressed forward over her and nuzzled the nape of
her neck drawing more sighs and gasps from her. I
kissed her shoulders, my fingers played up and down
her arms, gently caressing the soft inner sides.

“Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my love, oh such sweetness
ohhhhhhhhhhhh” she murmured.

Next I turned my attention to her pendant breasts,
cupping their fullness in my hands and gently
stimulating her swollen nipples with my
fingernails. The nipples hardened to a budlike
fullness. She sighed and moaned and pressed her
buttocks back against my belly. I moved one hand
from breast to full belly, trailing my fingers over
its rotundity, my eager fingers skimming her navel
and moving down into the wiry nest of her pubic
bush. The outer lips of her treasure were loose and
wet and I pressed them open with three fingers
With my forefinger I parted the inner lips of her
slit, they were so well lubricated by love dew that
the task was easy. Her clitoris was under my
fingertip, erect and quivering. I teased and
tickled it. She cried out with mounting pleasure at
my actions. My rod stiffened more it seemed at her
reaction. I began to move faster and she pushed
back and cried out,

“Yes Nicolas, yessssss, we must, we must, yessssss,
together, mussssssst, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. Oh,
oh, ohhhhhh, your fingers, your lips, your cock,
your cock, your cock.”

She was frenzied and trembling, and shaking now. I
was moving fast and I knew the old sensation was
rising from my balls. I kissed her neck, I squeezed
a nipple hard, I flicked at her clitoris.

cried wildly as her orgasm mounted and burst upon

I pulled my shaft back and then drove it home as
she climaxed so did I, and the thrill ran through
me and my shaft quivered and spurted and shot a
fountain of hot fluid into her.

“Nico, Nico, Oh Nico my love, my love,
aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Oh Nico what sweet
release, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh,” she gasped as violent
orgasmic spasms shook her whole body and then she
fell forward and I lay over her as that
indescribable feeling died away (too soon as it
always does) and the last spurts left my throbbing

Afterwards she piled up the pillows and we reclined
against them. She still carried the glow of sexual
arousal. Determined not to lose any initiative I
put my arms around her and held her close to me
planting kiss after kiss on her lips, which she
fully reciprocated. Indeed we kissed and kissed
like young lovers and I held her close.

“Oh Tina” I said abbreviating her name

“Oh Nico,” she rejoined. “Such delights, such
delights. It appears to me that you and I are
perfectly attuned.”

She sighed pressing close to me.

“And more to come dearest Tina, much more. I want
to enjoy again and again all the delights of your
body. I want to enjoy you again and again.

“Yes Nicolas yes, yes. You shall I am all yours”

We kissed again and fondled one another. My eager
hands went down to her full round heavy breasts.
Our first passage of arms had been so sudden that I
had not had chance to fully appraise what was on
offer as it were. I might as well start at the top!

“Lovely” I murmured fondling them gently.

“You are not disappointed then by their size?” She
asked, seemingly anxious.

“You do yourself an injustice to ask that question.
Your breasts are incomparable.”

“Then you do not find them large and inelegant?”

This was mere vanity on her part, fishing for
compliments like some young girl but I played

“A thousand times no! They are sensuous in the
extreme” and with great tenderness I imprinted
kisses on each of her solid breasts.
They were warm to my lips, the skin delicate of
texture, creamy-white with tiny and delicate blue
veins faintly visible through the translucence of
the skin. The large nipples were already firm in
the centre of their red-brown areolae. She murmured
sighingly as my wet tongue flicked at them and as I
sucked at each one in turn feeling them harden up
between my lips.

“Such richness of warm and tender flesh,” and I
tongued and kissed them at my leisure.

Ernestine sighed “Such loving gentleness, yes
Nicolas ah yes…”

I raised my head and kissed her once more pressing
my lips passionately to hers. Her hands were not
idle, they moved over my body, lingering over the
sensitive areas of my chest and moving downwards.

“Your body is so slim so hard, so muscular, full of
the boundless virility of youth, oh for my soft
flesh to be pressed beneath your supple hardness
face to face. For though our first union was of
indescribable pleasure,” and here she kissed me yet
again, ” Yet am I old-fashioned enough to delight
in that position where we can join not only the
organs of pleasure but our mouths together also.”

Her hand was now on my lower belly, her fingers
moving like a feather in their lightness. My rod
already semi-stiff jumped and reared to full
erection. Her fingers played around the base. She
took into her hand and it became stiffer and jumped
with joy. She removed her hand and wet her fingers
with saliva returning to circle my shaft with her
wet fingers. She fondled it moving my foreskin
backwards and forwards slowly. She was obviously no
stranger to this kind of love play!

“Your touch is very exciting” I gasped.

“To caress you is exciting me greatly as well
Nicolas my love, exciting me to ecstasy in my most
vital part.” she responded sighingly.

In answer I moved a hand down to the soft expanse
of her belly and caressed it lightly with my
fingertips. Her belly twitched under my touch and
her grip tightened on my shaft. My fingers moved
down across the smooth mound of her pubis and once
again penetrated between her prominent outer lips,
and touched the top join of the fleshy lips that
lay concealed within them.

Ernestine cried aloud as I gently parted those soft
folds of flesh. “Oh yes, oh yes, there, there, do
that, make it all nice for me dear Nicolas! All
nice again.”

She was moist and my forefinger slid easily until
it found her delicious bud, that quite large, well-
developed bud, which hardened and quivered and
fluttered as I touched it, she drew in her breath
swiftly and drew up her knees and then straightened
her legs again with a twist of the hips.

“Oh, do that, do that, love me there, dearest boy!”

Then our mouths were joined again as our busy hands
brought us both to the edge of fulfillment. She
took her mouth from mine and her back lifted from
the bed as she pressed against my hand. I flattened
my palm against her mound and pressed her clitoris
with my thumb pushing my middle finger into the
opening of her vagina. She sighed ecstatically.
She moistened her fingers again and again she
worked on my rod and then I knew as did she that I
was almost at the point of no return and I knew
that that was what she wanted. She was going to
make me come like this, she was in control this

“Tina, Tina,” I cried.

“Oh, Nicolas, oh, oh, oh,”

“Oh, Tina, I am, I will….

“Oh yes Nicolas let it, let it, let it go my
love…” And she engaged her other hand and
squeezed my balls gently, pulling back my foreskin
as far as it would go,

“Oh, yesssss it’s here it’s here Tina, I’m coming,
oh yes I ammm, ahhhhhhhhhhh…”

My rod hardened, quivered and jumped in her hand
and my uncontrollable emission jetted out in a
series of wild jerks and spurts as the electric
orgasm ran through me and at the same time her legs
and bottom thrashed against the mattress as she too
underwent her climactic experience and she cried
out in a wailing voice

“Ohhhh Nicolas I am. I am. I…. ammmmm coming
toooo, it’s, it’s, it’ssss ahhhhhhh….”

She thrashed and rolled, arching her back
convulsively and then she fell back and tears ran
down her cheeks. Spent, she sank back still
holding my dribbling, shrinking, penis tenderly. I
kissed her and putting an arm beneath her shoulders
pulled her to me so that her head rested on my

She appeared to fall into a light sleep, and I
dozed beside her. I was awakened by the touch of a
soft hand moving over my body. My penis quivered
along my thigh.

“Ssshhhhh Nicolas, do not move, lie still on your
back, I want to enjoy your body in my own way.”
I did as she said letting my arms fall to my side,
opening my legs slightly.

“Mmmmmm Nicholas your body is such perfection, so
hard so muscular, so responsive to a loving touch

Her hands moved slowly, her fingers played about my
rib cage. I breathed in deeply and expanded my
chest and her hand moved down over the edge and
onto my belly.
“Close your eyes Nicolas” she commanded and I
obeyed and then I felt the soft touch of silk
against my face and the smell of perfume. My penis
started up.
“There Nicolas does that smell good does that smell
of me your lover?”

“Oh yes, oh yes” and my rod was at full stretch

“You like that Nicolas don’t you? I saw you press
them to your face before”
And she pressed her drawers across my nose and

“There Nicolas, my perfume, the perfume of my sex,
my throbbing sex, that you have awakened to life”

The musky odour was strong in my nostrils. My rod
jerked. Her fingers were tugging lightly at my
pubic hair then they brushed the head of my penis,
then she was weighing my balls in her hand.

“So full, so heavy, so potent.”
She squeezed them gently. This was a woman who,
whatever innocence she may pretend to was well
experienced and skilled in the arts of sexual

“Oh Tina, Tina” I gasped.

“Shhhhh” was all she whispered as her hands and
fingers and mouth went about their work. Then the
fingers of one hand were at the base of my shaft
holding it upright. With a thrill I felt her lips
brushing the head of my cock lightly

“There I kiss and salute your potent sex, your
magic wand of pleasure,” and she laughed.

And there was that faint touch again and again and
she blew lightly on the pulsing glans. The kisses
though were light and fleeting, mere butterfly
touches with her lips. I longed for her to take me
fully in her mouth and fellate me, lick me and suck
me, bring me to ejaculation. I felt the urge to
force her head down and compel her to do it, (I was
certain that she would be no stranger to the
practice) to hold her there by her hair until I
spurted into her aristocratic mouth, but the
movement of the bed told me that she was changing
her position. Then she removed the drawers from my
face and cast them to the floor. She took two
pillows and lying supine placed them under her
buttocks. And so she lay, her legs open, her knees
drawn up.

“Nicolas my love, my love come take me again, join
me to you with your magic wand, let us become one
again as we are meant to be” she said.

I raised my self and got between her legs and then
my penis was enveloped in her softness as I lowered
myself and thrust it into her. She cried out and
her hands grasped my buttocks. Her juices
lubricated my rod and I achieved full penetration
easily, swiftly into her vagina, which held me
firmly. Firmer than before I thought.

“Push it up Nicolas, push it up my love. Let me
devour that staff of pleasure with my all being”
She seemed all wildness then.

“There I have you Nicolas you are my captive” she
laughed lightly gripping my penis in that velvet
passage as though she did not want it to move.
I pressed down on her. My hard belly on her full
soft belly, my hard chest on those big full
breasts. I felt the hard nipples against my own.
Our mouths met our tongues explored. I was
supported on my hands but not moving for some time
knowing that my very penetration was exciting her
to fever pitch. This time there was a more frenzied
quality to our lovemaking. In a way it was more
fucking than lovemaking, not that tenderness was
absent but Ernestine having tasted to the full the
delights of our shared orgasms wanted more and
more. I began to move slowly at first, gently in
and out, in and out, in and out. My penis was fully
hard, stiff, it felt like rod of iron. I felt
harder bigger, broader than ever before.

“Ahhhhhhhh such pleasure, such rapture, such
delight” she cried. “Oh Nico my yearning sex, my
yearning sex has swallowed up your manhood.”

Then our mouths were joined again and her tongue
filled my mouth exciting me more and I drove my
shaft in and out faster and faster and faster. The
bed swayed and rocked.

“I will love you Nicolas, I will love you
endlessly, holding your sex in mine, holding it
tight. Oh how I have yearned Nicolas, yearned for
a young man’s sex, to have a young man’s sex in me,
yes a lover’s sex, my lover’s for me to take, for
me to tease, for me to command.”

She was moving her head from side to side wildly
and pushing up against me and I moved in and out,
in and out, in and out like a machine out of
control. My body was just an appendage of my cock.
My cock was all that mattered. So moving faster
and faster I brought her to it and she was jouncing
beneath me in a frenzy.
“Oh my jou-jou throbs with all delight with the
thrusting of your sex and you and you, you are
going to.. you are going to.. going to when I ..
when I… Ahhhhhhh Tina, my rod, my rod, in it
goes, out it comes, backwards and forwards, in and
out, fucking you Tina, fucking you, fucking you.”

The word came out involuntarily but she did not
recoil in any way she was far too gone for that.

“Yes Nicolas, oh yes, I will pleasure your sex, I
will, my body, my breasts, my jou-jou, they are
yours, they are there to love and serve you.”

“Yes, yes. Oh my Tina I am your lover, I am going
to make you burst into flower and, and, and,
ohhhhhhhhhhh it is, it’s going to oh yessss Tina
I’m going to come, my cock is going to shoot…”

Her voice was rising and rising almost to a shriek.

“I’m going off Nico, my love, my love,
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can’t hold it ahhhhhhhhh
won’t hold it, want it and oh I can feel your
coming, oh fuck me, fuck meeeeeee. Want it, want
it, want it. Oh yessssssss we are, we are together,
coming together, together Nicolas, yessss oh your
rigid sex is pumping now, ahhhhhhhh that warm jet,
and with a wild, wild cry she came, her whole frame
shaking and quivering as my penis gave a final
spurting thrust. Her body jumped beneath me in
tempestuous spasms and I kissed her lovingly as her
orgasm rolled on in drawn out shivering tremors.

This time she seemed to fall into a deeper sleep
but I rose and got two robes from my clothes
closet, two Japanese silk kimonos actually, another
bequest from Uncle Clovis, one of gold silk the
other black. I put on the black one and laid the
other on the bed and then I gathered up the
Baroness’s clothes and laid them out ready for her.
I picked up my own clothes and went into the small
dressing room depositing them on a chair and then
went into the bathroom and took a shower. After I
had dried myself I laid out clean towels and
started to run the tub putting in a perfumed bath
essence which I kept for such occasions. I dressed
putting on clean undershorts, shirt and socks and
the kimono. When I returned to the bedroom she was
awake she smiled and putting out a hand drew me to

“Nico you are truly a wonderful lover for any woman
to have. Yes Nico you have loved me freely and
tenderly. Nico if only you knew how I have been
used and abused by men. Does that surprise you my
dear? Well it is so. Men of influence, men of
wealth, politicians, financiers. Men I have
approached in my work for good and charitable
causes, they may give but they expect something in
return. Perhaps because I am a Countess it adds an
extra frisson to have me as a conquest.”
Then coming down to earth she glanced at the clock
“Ah well, I see that it is six-o-clock already and
as I told Emre to return and collect me at seven
thirty I must hurry.”

I handed her the gold kimono and helped her on with
it and took her through to the bathroom. I helped
her into the tub and when she was ready I washed
her body.

“Your touch my love is so gentle, so gentle” and
she sighed under my hands as I soaped between her

Soaped and caressed her with soapy fingers exciting
her clitoris again so that I soon had her legs
thrashing in the bathwater as she succumbed to
another titanic orgasm. As she went off and I
watched her twisting and writhing in her ecstasy, I
felt another surge of the resentment I had felt
earlier when she had merely teased my cock with her
lips and I felt a powerful desire to seize her by
the ankles and drag her down under the water, to
submerge her completely and then just as suddenly
to pull her back up by the hair. To see her
coughing and choking her beautiful coiffured
hairstyle all soaked and bedraggled. To drag her
roughly from the bath and having forced her to her
knees before me compel her to perform fellatio on
me until my throbbing shaft shot off my semen into
her mouth. This black fantasy was so strong that it
forced my rod into a powerful erection and a
spontaneous and violent ejaculation of come burst
from me spurting out in strong jets and soaking the
front of both the clean undershorts I had just put
on and my kimono also. I reeled under its effect
and had to grasp the side of the bath to steady
myself. I became conscious of her voice. She lay
back in the water gasping for breath.

“Oh Nicolas please, please I must ask you to let me
go before you finish me off altogether with your
loving attention.”

Hearing her broke the spell as it were and the
dark, demonic impulse to cruelty left me as
suddenly as it had arrived and I helped her out of
the bath and dried her slowly, caressingly and back
in the bedroom I dressed her as a mother dresses a
child almost and she allowed me to. Laughingly I
held her drawers to my face again and kissed them
before she stepped into them and I pulled them up
to her waist and we laughed together as I replaced
the carapace of her corselet. As I knelt to put on
her shoes, still playing my part to the full, I
kissed her feet with a show of reverence.

“Ah, Nicolas you are so gallant, so gallant,” she
smiled as she spoke.

For my part I thought that I had conquered her,
that she was in my power as it were. I was already
planning in my mind how best to exploit her
infatuation (I actually believed she was
infatuated with me) to my advantage. Events would
show that I had totally misread the situation.
When she was dressed she repaired her make-up and
with comb and fingers re-arranged her somewhat
tousled hair.

“Oh Nicolas I feel reinvigorated. I can still feel
your touch on my body and in my body, oh my darling
what a wonderful afternoon and the first of many
such encounters let us hope”

“Yes Ernestine my dearest let us hope.”

“However Nicolas I do not think we should meet here
again, two persons as well known as we are could
soon attract the wrong sort of attention!”

“You are right of course Ernestine but how shall we
arrange it”

“Do not worry Nicolas leave it to me and I will let
you know where and when.”

“Very well dear Tina but I warn you I shall wait
“That is good my love because it will make you all
the more eager!”

(Indeed I would have to wait for some time and when
it did take place our next meeting would be both a
disappointment and a humiliation for me.) I made to
kiss her but she drew away,

“No Nicolas you must not damage the paintwork.” She
laughed happily.

“And Nicolas I am sure that you will be able to
write a long and sympathetic account of the
exclusive interview I have just given you!”

She laughed again and opening her handbag drew out
a long envelope,
“Here you are Nicolas in here you will find all the
details you will need to put it together.”

“Rely on me Countess” I replied.
Just then the doorbell rang.

“Ah my love the faithful Emre has arrived and I
must leave you sad as that is.”

She put on her hat pulling down the veil, arranged
the stole around her shoulders, drew on her gloves
and held out a gloved hand for me to kiss, I
pressed it long and lovingly. She pulled away. I
opened the door and Emre came forward touching his

“Bon soir Emre” she said taking his arm and turning
her head, “Au revoir Monsieur Ferret.”

“Au revoir Countess” I replied as I closed the