Cheating story

Frosted glass on the windows made me think of my up
coming tryst. It had been a while, maybe 4-5 months. I
was getting bored with my married lover; Allen was
red-haired and sensitive with a neat mustahce and once
magic fingers. But he just couldn’t make me cum
anymore. I would find myself fantasizing about other
men.. I was growing as cool as the frosted glass to
his touch. Time marches on.

“Where to lady?” The cab driver took directions with
an, I don’t give a damn air and pulled out into the
midtown traffic. I made it to Don’s apartment by 5 PM.
The key was under the mat as usual. I went in. The
place was dark and warm. I lit a few lamps and the
cozy two room apartment took on a rosy, subdued glow.
The radio was already on. I took off my coat and
waited for Allen to show. When the doorbell rang I
assumed it was he. A tall, strangely handsome, medium
built man with the smooth, scarred face of a burn
victim stood in the doorway.

“I am Richard. Is Don in?”

“No… please come in. I am alone.”

His hair was blonde, wavy and brushed straight back,
it just touched his collar. He had a long, black
cashmere coat on and a dark turtle neck, he chose to
stand looking out the window at the snow fall which
had just begun. Hey Jude was playing from the old
Magnavox radio in the living room. Don’s very 60’s
apartment was done in deep hues. There were many
things crammed into the tiny space, but the effect was
very organic, quiet and comfortable. The living room
furniture was antique or just old. Knick-knacks and
crockery, stained-glass shaded lamps and books crowded
together on shelves at different heights, a couple of
oriental carpets covered the floor. There was a great
deep velvet, dark green pullout sofa and a wine
colored armchair with a shawl thrown over it. The
kitchen was tiny but well appointed.

“Would you like tea?”

“No,” he turned from the window. “I want to know you.”
The phrase sent a thrill up my spine, as if he’d meant
that in a biblical sense.

“There is not much to say… I am Allen’s,” I
hesitated “… girlfriend. And I am waiting for him.
Don will be here for a few moments and then, he
usually leaves us alone for an hour or so…”

“I see…”

Hmm. I walked about the room. I was wearing socks,
loafers, a dark pleated skirt, very short, and a pink,
man-tailored shirt of some thin, silky stuff. I wore a
ponytail which made me look younger than my 17 years.
I smelled already of Estee Lauder’s Youth Dew, which
continues as my signature fragrance to this day…

Richard sat on the sofa and spread his arms out across
the back. His voice was sultry and not hurried as he
spoke. I turned to listen and found that his voice was

“You look tired. Tired of the day or tired of him?…
Tired of him I think. Come and sit, no not here, sit
there I want to see you as I… talk. I believe we
each are a book, a story waiting to be completed; I
have my story and you have obviously only recently
begun yours… Let me see… shall I tell it to you,
it will be interesting to see how much I can guess,
just by looking at you. You are about 16, you are on
your own, no young girl with watching parents would
ever be able to come up to dear Don’s apartment so
close to suppertime… You are still in school,
holding a night job, you are off today for some
reason… maybe you were scheduled off… maybe you
called in sick… you don’t look like a liar… tell
me… are you a liar?”


“Hmmm. A liar, but a truthful one. Interesting… You
are bored with your friend… and aparently interested
in me… your nipples are just popping through that
silky fabric. They look very inviting… are you


“Put a log in the fire grate. Great old place this
apartment, imagine having a fire grate in your own
living room… the matches are there…” He never
moved his hands or arms, just sat, legs crossed, and
spoke in that quiet, deep, haunting intoxicating

I moved around the room and got the fire started. I
was wet with the excitement of his voice…

“Your breasts are very large for a girl your age… it
is a wonder to see that the nipples are so high, I am
afraid in time they will not be but…ooo… how
delicious they look… No, don’t sit yet I would like
to look at them some more if that is all right with
you… Is it all right with you?”


“You have a tiny little waist. I can imagine your
skin, so smooth to the touch, creamy almost.
Tell me are you creamy, are you beginning to be wet? I
believe you are quite wet. Are you?”


“Ummm,” (He crossed his legs the other way.) “Sounds
inviting. That fire is really getting off now. Fire is
amazing isn’t it? A plasma, unlike anything else we
know. Are you burning?”


“But you are still cold?”


“Hmm. I thought so. Your nipples look hard as rocks. I
know you are cold but I would like to see your
nipples… remove your blouse and lay it here, next to

I unbuttoned my blouse with shaking hands, My nipples
burning through my shirt.

“Oh dear, I see you are wearing a full slip. Will you
please remove your little skirt? I bet you have an
incredibly tight ass; so full. Asses like that were
made for fucking. Does that word upset you?”


“Good; fucking is so pleasurable. Deep fucking I mean.
I believe that fucking a woman’s ass however does not
require the deep violation which her pussy does. Do
you like to be fucked. Oh, you got your skirt off
good. Now fold it neatly and lay it with your other
clothes here on the floor in front of me… no, turn
around so I can see your ass as you bend over please.
I want to get a whiff of your wetness…”

I walked across the small lamp lit room trembling. My
breasts bounced, unrestrained, against my sheer slip.
My nipples grew even longer. As I reached the place
where he was sitting, I turned and bent lower to place
my things on the floor in front of him. His right
boot, of soft, brown leather, was between my feet. As
I bent, slowly, I could feel the heat of his face near
the back of my thighs. He took a long, ragged, deep
breath and exhaled on my sopping wet crotch. The
little hairs all over my body became rigid with
desire. I stood up and went and stood in front of the
fire. I turned to face him.

“Mmm. The scent of young, wet cunt is so sweet. I
could see that you have been dripping around the edges
of your pants. Would you like to take them off?”


“Good. You are very pliable, this pleases me. Bend
away from me as you slide them down over your ass, so
that I can see how wet you are… hmm. Very.
Now, lay them over here just as you did before.”

I walked on trembling legs and stood before him, the
weight of his gaze made my nipples ache. I turned
around, his left boot between my feet. I bent over.

“Don’t move for a minute…” (he moved in and sniffed
long and gently all around my dripping cunt,) oh such
a sweet scent.

I became rooted to the spot aching. As I realized he
was very much closer to me it became difficult to
breathe. I swayed on my feet. His face was near my
legs; I felt the heat of his long tongue near my clit,
and then the very tip caught a little beaded drop of
my mositure, the electrical shock that went through me
was the most intense feeling I had ever felt.

“Just as I thought. Exquisite taste. May I touch you?”


“First, take that clip out of your hair,” (My unbound
hair cascaded down my back just above my ass.) “It is
much longer than I thought. Come here and hang your
head before me. He smelled my hair.

“Delicious. Go back. Now, remove your slip while
facing me,” as the huge areolas and inch long nipples
appeared on my 38D breasts, he gave a ragged breath.
“Ummm. Come here to me.”

As I crossed the floor his eyes never left my swaying,
tightly nipped breasts. I felt another gush of wetness
at the thought of his tonguing my rigid nipples. But,
when I stood before him, he slipped his soft boot in
between my legs against my slippery clit. His arms
still across the back of the couch.

“Wanna go for a ride girlie?”

I slid back and forth on his boot looking straight
into his eyes. Hips grinding and tits swinging, I came
again and again and again and then, I climaxed. I did
not fall, and when I was done, I shuddered. I stood up
and turned to bend and retrieve my clothes. His face
came close to me again and I felt the heat of his face
near me. Again with infinite slowness, he put out his
tongue and captured one sweet drop from my swimming
cunt. Then, he spread my thighs wide, gently, with his
hands and kissed me ever so lightly on my cunt.

I walked back to the center of the room with my

“That was very interesting. Perhaps another time we
can talk again.” He turned to look out at the
darkening sky. I went to the bathroom to change. As he
left, I heard Allen and Don arriving.

“The girl is in the john, we had an interesting
conversation. Ijust stopped to say hi, but I really
must be off, I have an out-of-state rehearsal to get
to. Tell her I said good-bye.”

He left without knowing my name.