My best friend, my lover

It was late one Friday night. My best friend Kirstin
and I were laying in my room watching a movie that we
had rented. We had spent most of the night laughing
and gossiping while watching movies. After running out
of things to do, we decided to just lay in silence and
try to concentrate on the movie.

Kirstin was lying on her stomach. She was wearing a
small blue nightgown. The hem came down to just below
her ass cheeks and I couldn’t help but stare. We both
had boyfriends and were very outgoing and popular at
school. I was still a virgin, but I knew that Kirstin
and her boyfriend, Justin, had fucked on several oc-

My best friend was gorgeous. She had sparkly blue
eyes and fair skin, blonde hair… even with braces
she looked like a goddess. The most amazing body
anyone could imagine. A size 10 with an unbelievable
pair of 36Cs. Most of the guys at school dreamed about
getting into her pants. Even I often wondered if she
had blonde pussy hair or darker pussy hair, like mine.

I wasn’t exactly ugly myself. A little bigger-boned
than Kirstin, but I was also bigger breasted– 36D.
Longish dark brown hair and big, sensuous brown eyes.
I heard that the guys at school felt the same way about
me as they did Kirstin.

Kirstin shifted her body a little and began scratch-
ing a spot on her upper shoulder. The hem of her
nightie slowly inched up and I could see part of her
right ass cheek. She wasn’t wearing any panties, I
could tell. Just watching her made me moist. Her body
wriggled on my bed and I suppose she was trying to get
comfortable, but every move she made exposed more of
her beautifully rounded ass.

I slowly moved my fingers down to my moist pussy and
began massaging the lips. I tried not to make too much
movement because I didn’t want her to realize what I
was doing. I was wearing a lacy black number that my
boyfriend, Richard, had given to me for Valentine’s
Day earlier that year.

“Aha!” Kirstin suddenly jumped up and looked me
straight in the eyes. “I knew it!”

“K-knew what?” She had really startled me. I tried
to look as innocent as possible, but knew that I was
failing miserably.

“You were look at my ass, weren’t you?” She asked,
giving me one of her sly, yet sexy grins. Damn, she
was making me hot.

“No.” My eyes darted to the pink and blue comforter
on my bed. Making eye contact with her was getting me

“Let me see your hand for a sec.” Before I had the
chance to decline, she grabbed my hand and started
sniffing it. “Smells like pussy juice to me. Are you
sure you weren’t sneaking a peek?”

“Okay, okay. You caught me.” I didn’t see any other
way out of the situation without admitting what I had
been doing.

“Oooooh. I like that.” She looked at me seductively.
“Would you like to see more?”

“Y-yeah.” I couldn’t believe this was happening.

Slowly she spread her legs and revealed her soaking
wet pussy. Her legs were spread as far as they could
go and I could see her swelling pink bud. Pussy juice
was dripping from her pubes, which her, in fact,

“Look what you did to me,” she breathed in a low,
sultry voice. “Lick my drenched cunt Stephanie,” she
ordered. Laying back on the bed, she bent her knees
and kept her legs open as far as she could managed. I
was really nervous, but the whole things was making
me very wet as well.

I carefully lowered my head and began licking her
cunt lips and toying with her clit, flicking my tongue
across it a few times and then stopping. I wasn’t sure
if I was doing anything right because I hadn’t had much
experience with a guy– let alone another girl!

Pretty soon I was slurping around in her slut-pussy.
Kirstin wildly began bucking her hips around my face,
digging my mouth and nose deeper into her loose twat.

“Oh god! Yessssssssssssss! Your tongue feels so hot!”
Kirstin moaned. The smell was intoxicating and very
erotic. She came to a crashing orgasm and then went
limp onto the bed. I came up and licked my lips eager-
ly, making sure my I got every drop of girl cum from
my face. Kirstin watched me lick her juice off my face
and lips.

“Not so bad…” She commented. “Are you sure you
haven’t tongue-fucked a girl before?”

“Never.” I admitted to her that Richard and I still
haven’t fucked.

She looked at me, surprised. “Damn. I guess every-
one’s wrong about you and your loose pussy. I’ll bet
you have a tight little fuck-hole.”

“Yeah, I guess.” I had never really experienced any-
one talking to me so dirty. It made me fervent to hear
it coming from my sexy best friend.

Kirstin casually slipped the straps of my lacy
nightie down. My breasts fell out of the flimsy
material and Kirstin began to massage them with
quick, harsh strokes. My light brown nipples
immediately became erect, begging her to take them
into her mouth. She tossed me a quick glance before
taking one of my tight buds into her mouth. I was
surprised when she started softly nibbling on it–
pretty soon the nibbling turned into biting. She
hastily switched from one of my enormous tits to
another, sucking and biting on them wildly.

My juices were flowing down my thighs. Kirstin took
two fingers and quickly thrusted them into my cunt. I
flinched and winced in pain. She began rapidly moving
her fingers in and out of my tight cunt, with each
stroke she would ram her fingers in harder and faster.
It was driving me insane! I began moving my hips in
unison with her fingers. I thought I was going to
explode with enjoyment. My eyes rolled into the back
of my head as I started to cum. Her pace slowed and
the pleasure I felt was immense, yet excruciating at
the same time.

“Holy shit,” I whispered when it was over.

“Good, huh?”

All I could do was nod.

“I have an idea,” Kirstin suggested. “Let’s play a

“What kind of game?”

“You can be my personal slut this week. You’ll do
whatever I tell you and I promise you won’t go unsatis-

I was a little apprehensive at first. After all, I
wasn’t exactly sure what she had in mind for me if I
were to agree to be her whore. I was about to say no
when I remembered the emotions I had just felt minutes
earlier. I decided that it would be worth a try…