My Mexican Maid

Only a few short weeks ago, if anyone had told me that
I would be in the situation that I now find myself, I
would have been outraged. But that was before I met

I am thirty-nine years old, a widow, and very well-off
financially. My name often appears in the local society
pages, usually in connection with my fund-raising
activities for charities. I needed a maid to help out
at one of my many dinners, so I called an agency. The
agency sent over Maria.

She did a wonderful Job at the dinner. She was charming
and lovely, although in a somewhat cheap and flashy sort
of way. Her short skirt showed a little too much thigh,
but the men loved her shapely and powerful looking legs,
And I know that some of the women were jealous of her
large and imposing breasts.

After all the guests had left and we were alone, I
handed Maria her pay envelope and complimented her on
the fine job she had done for me.

“Why don’t you hire me as your full-time maid?” she
asked, a strange note creeping into her voice.

“I’m sorry, Maria,” I replied, “But I really have no
need for any full-time help. I appreciate your offer,
but I’m quite capable of managing on my own.”

“I don’t think you are,” she said. An arrogant and
commanding tone filling her voice with power and
confidence. “I think you need someone like me around.
Around all the time.”

“To do what?” I inquired, a bit put off by the way she
shaded her words. A smug smile crept around her full
bright red lips.

“Well, for example,” she said, “to undress you, to put
you to bed and to treat you like the little slut you

I was sitting on the sofa in the living room, going
over my schedule for the next weeks charity events,
not really listening to her with my full attention.
But when she walked over and sat down beside me… and
kissed me on the mouth, I understood her full meaning.
I was so shocked by her laude language and brazen manner
that I sat there unresisting as her lips met mine.

The next thing I knew, her tongue was in my mouth and
she had unzipped the back of my sequined evening gown.
That was when I came to my senses. I wasn’t about to
let myself be seduced by a maid.

The thought went racing through my mind; who the hell
did she think she was. Reaching up, I put both of my
hands on her shoulders and pushed as hard as I could.
Maria fell off the sofa and onto the floor. But she
held onto my hand as she fell, and I found myself on
the carpet struggling with her.

She pulled at the front of my dress, getting it down to
my waist, and then she want for my bra.

I was furious beyond words. How dare she try and to do
this to me, I thought. I’d show her that I wasn’t some
helpless “Rich Bitch” unable to defend herself against
some big-breasted Mexican slut’s efforts to humiliate me.
I turned my fingers into claws and tried to scratch her
eyes out. She garbed my wrests and pushed me down onto
my back, then she straddled my body with her legs and
sat down on my stomach, then she pinned my wrests to the

“Now then Mrs. Ford,” she said, grinning down at me,
“I’m going to teach you who’s the boss around her, but
it’s a lesson you’re going to love learning.” I squirmed,
vainly trying to free my arms, but she was much to
strong for me. Desperately I struggled, but she just
sat on top of me, ridding out my resistance. When all
the fight had gone out of me she held my wrests over my
head with one hand, then she started working my dress
off, forcing it down my squirming body. When my dress
was down around my thighs she flipped me over onto my
stomach and sat on my back facing my feet, and went to
work on my panty house. When they were off she flipped
me over again, then took hold of my wrests once more.

Wearing a smile of complete superiority, she reached up
with her free hand and griped the front of the lining of
her blouse. Suddenly she ripped away the flimsy
material, completely exposing her huge cleavage to me.
I felt a strange tingling in my body as I looked up at
her massive tits. They were so big that the gauzy
material of her bra could barely contain those massive

Suddenly I found that I wanted to see them free of their
flimsy restraint. I wanted to feel them, to touch them,
to taste them. What was wrong with me?

I wanted to bury my head in their full, bountiful,
splendor and never be free of them. Slowly, sensuously,
she dipped her fingers into the cups of her bra and
pulled it off, baring her quivering breasts to me.

Her tits were hanging down over my face, so close I
could raise my head and touch them. I tried to fight
the feelings that she was creating in me, so I tried
looking away, but when I lowered my eyes, I found myself
staring up her raised skirt. Her panties were stained
even wetter then mine were. Slowly, she lowered her
tits onto my face, burying me in their softness. She
moved her upper body from side to side, dragging her
breasts across me, almost slapping me with them.

I opened my mouth and started to kiss and lick them,
leaving wet trails as they were dragged across my face.

Pleased by my submissive kisses, she raised her body up
and let go of my wrests. I made no attempt to escape
when she temporarily climbed off me and slipped my dress
and pantyhose the rest of the way off my body. Nor did
I resist when she mounted me again, placing her knees on
my shoulders.

“Open you mouth!” she commanded.

When I obeyed, the panties she had taken off me were
stuffed into my mouth. Then she turned me over, picked
up my panty hose, and used it to tie my hands behind my
back. She stood up, grabbed me by the hair, and raised
me to my knees.

I was stark naked, bound and gagged with my own panties
and panty hose, my face was pressed against the pussy-
soaked silk of Maria’s panties. When she asked me if I
was ready to surrender, I nodded eagerly.

She ordered me not to move, and I waited while she
walked across the room and took something out of her
handbag. My eyes widened when I saw that it was a huge
rubber dildo. She touched it to my face, rubbed it
softly against my cheek, and said, “Do you promise to
obey me if I untie you?” My eyes were wide with lust
and desire as I nodded yes.

Before she untied me and removed the gag, she quickly
took off the rest of her clothes. Then she had me lie
on my back, spread-eagled.

“You’re going to eat me,” she said. “And while you do,”
she added, waving the dildo at me, “I’m going to put
this inside you, and make you cum like never before.”

“Yes, Maria,” I murmured, scarcely believing my own
words. “I want you to take me. Please.”

I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. She squatted down
over my face, one knee on either side of my head and fed
me her cunt. As I started to lick and suck it Maria’s
pussy, I felt her lean over, so that we were in a sixty-
nine position. But instead of eating me back, she worked
the big dildo into me. It slipped in between my moist
pussylips and entered me deeper and deeper. Filling me
up with it’s unbelievable hardness until I thought I was
going to be split me in half.

Finally, when it was in as far as it would go, she began
to move it slowly back and fourth, her hand slowly cares-
sing my clit as the dildo filled my pussy.

When the endless waves of orgasm began to sweep over me,
she ground her cunt harder and harder against my mouth.
I spasmed and thrashed, but she held me down with ease,
in complete control. As I was coming, I was driving my
tongue so deep inside Maria’s gushing box that I thought
it must be sticking out the other side of her.

I finally managed to bring her off and she moved back for
a moment, lying on top of me. I didn’t mind. I loved the
feeling of her taut, sinewy body on top of me. Slowly
she turned around and faced me. She then untied my
hands and let me run them up and down her full, olive
skinned body. As I did that, Maria started to kiss
me, sensuously sneaking her tongue into my mouth and she
started to explore while she placed her hand in my
cranny and finger fucked me to another earth shattering


But that first session was only the beginning for me. I
hired Maria as my maid, at least that’s what my family
and neighbors think. The truth is that I am her servant
and she is my Mistress. Every morning she makes me eat
her pussy for breakfast.

At night, she’ll tie me up and spank me if I’ve been bad
during the day. When I’m good she takes me in her strong
arms and lets me suck on her delicious nipples while she
fingers my twat to orgasm. And when I’m very, very
good, as I was today when I signed over my house to her,
she puts on her strap-on dildo, then throws me onto the
bed and fucks me until I’m ready to explode, screaming
out proclamations that I’ll worship and love her
forever. I lick and kiss her feet and obey her every
command, and she rules my life with an iron hand, and I
wouldn’t have it any other way.