My Trip to the Video Store

Once in a while, I would go to a local video store and
rent an adult film. I liked to watch male strippers or
just male nude films. I was a thirty-five-year-old
divorcee, and playing with myself while watching videos
was the only sex I had had in a number of years.

I always started out my trips to the video store in the
same fashion. I would wander around the new releases,
then slowly mosey on over to the door that led to the
room with the adult videos. Then, I would read the
sign on the door, and would act surprised.

The clerk was always the same young man.

I had just started my browsing in the new releases when
the young man, the closing clerk, approached me.

“We have some new videos in,” he said.

I turned to him. He was a youngish guy, about fifteen
years younger than I was. He had dark blond hair and
blue eyes. He was slender and wore a tight T-shirt
imprinted with the name of the video store, and the
bulges beneath the shirt told me that he worked out a
lot. He wore white jogging shorts on warm nights, and
this was one of them.

“Oh?” I asked.

He nodded. “We’re closed now. I had to lock the front

I quickly checked my watch. Wow, I thought, I had been
messing around too long, or I had started too late.

He smiled. “But, I can wait on you, you come here often
enough, and I still have a few things to do around the
store before I leave.” He turned away from me and took
a few steps, then turned back to me. “Come, I’ll show
you the new videos that just came in.”

He was waiting at the gay section, and right beside
the gay videos were the male strippers. I moved slowly
down the short aisle, a little mystified.

“Here,” he said, pointing. “This half of the bottom
shelf. They’ll be moved to the top shelf tomorrow.
They just came in today.”

I reddened. He knew that I liked to look at cocks
bouncing around. I started to protest, and then
thought, what the hell, I’ll take a look. It was none
of his business, any way. The guy really didn’t seem
to care what other people watched.

He moved closer, and I glanced over at his legs. His
muscular thighs and calves were peppered with soft,
downy, fine golden hairs.

His shorts were loose at the bottom, and his crotch
was turned slightly toward me. Looking up, I could
actually see the head of his cock and a part of his
balls nestled there in profile. Downy blond hairs
flecked the skin.

Being so close to the young man, and seeing his cock
so close-up, really was an experience that I never
thought would happen to me. I got to the point that I
continually shifted my field of vision back to his

He moved closer to me, and then I knew that he wasn’t
simply straightening the top shelf. He was just fooling
around, standing close to me, trying to turn me on.
And, it was working.

Looking at his crotch again, I could see that the head
of it was redder, fatter, and that it was longer than
before. He was getting a hard on.

“See any thing you like?” he asked with a disarming

I swallowed, then said, “Yes,” in a small, choked

“Well,” he said, “why not just go for what you really

I reached up with one shaking hand and touched his
thigh. It was now or never; he could pull away, and I
would have been wrong, or he would let me take that
fat cock right into my hand.

He leaned toward me. I reached up with both shaking
hands and found the snaps to his shorts. I carefully
unzipped them, and with one quick motion, he hooked
his thumbs into the sides and pulled them down to his
ankles. He stepped out of them, his hard cock sticking
straight out. He turned to me.

His cock was right level with my face. I could smell
it. He looked so sexy in just a T-shirt and nothing
else, his cock sticking straight up. I didn’t know
what I was doing, and I was beyond caring. His cock
was throbbing, bouncing slightly with his heartbeat.
The T-shirt came all the way down to his pubic hair,
and I reached forward and lifted the hem up to his
chest. He held it there for me.

I simply sat there and looked at the sight. His cock
was surrounded by a downy forest of light brown curls
of pubic hair. His balls were fat and fleshy, with
little folds of skin here and there. The two fat balls
hung low, stretching the skin downward. It was peppered
with light brown hairs here and there.

I reached up with one hand and tentatively touched the
purple head of his dick. I slowly moved my hand down
the fat shaft, feeling the veins protruding. The damned
cock throbbed with his heart beating, and the sight of
that placed me beyond the point of no return.

I leaned forward and moved my head downward, right next
to his hairy balls. I opened my mouth wide, sending my
tongue out as far and as flat as it would go. I ran my
tongue across his balls, feeling the hair beneath my
tongue. The taste was a turn-on. It wasn’t sweaty; it
was almost sweet, manly.

I licked his thigh, running my tongue in circles along
the soft skin, feeling the soft downy hairs move across
my traveling tongue. Then I moved my tongue back to his
balls. He was moaning softly, telling me how good it
felt. The salty taste and the feel of his balls in my
mouth was too much for me.

I moved my tongue up, licking the shaft as I went,
feeling those big purple veins on the tip of my tongue.
I licked it all the way to the big, throbbing purple
head of it, and I just opened my mouth wide and took
it in as far as I could. When it reached the back of my
throat, I swallowed hungrily, tasting the pre-cum. I
wrapped my hand around the base of it and stroked
upward gently. He grabbed the back of my head and
thrust his hips forward, choking me with the purple-
headed monster.

I felt him jerk, and my mouth was filled with his hot
man-juice. He groaned, pushing his cock even further
into my throat. I felt the last jerk of his cock spurt
cum down my throat. I gagged slightly, but didn’t want
to let go. I swallowed most of it, but some of it ran
out of my mouth and down my chin, falling on his forest
of pubic hair.

Finally, he pulled the still-throbbing cock out of my
mouth. I still knelt in front of him. He reached down
and pulled me up to stand beside him. I knew that his
cum was still on my lips, but he simply bent toward me
and kissed me, a deep, lingering, hot, wet French kiss.
He moved his tongue inside my mouth, all the way to the
back of my throat.

He pulled away, examining my eyes, my face. “You’re
wonderful,” he whispered.

My face reddened again. “I’ve never done that before,”
I said.

“Well, there are other things,” he said.

He reached down with one hand and, reaching under my
skirt, pulled my panties aside, feeling my wet pussy.
He gently probed between my wet lips and found my clit
and ran his finger across it. I was weak at the knees,
and I slowly pulled away and sat on the floor. He
followed me, his hard dick sticking straight out,
pointing at me.

I lay back and spread my legs, nothing beneath me
except the carpeted floor of the room. He knelt between
my legs, then lay atop me.

I could feel the head of his dick pressing against my
pussy lips, and I spread my legs wider to give him a
better position. Gently, carefully, he put his dick in
me, all the way into the wetness of my cunt. I thrilled
with the feeling of being filled. I came, my pussy
overflowing with my juices. He began to thrust in an
out, filling my pussy with his fat cock. This lasted
about a minute, as I came again and again. Suddenly,
I felt his cock engorge and shoot his load deep inside

He pulled out of me and sat on the floor. After a
while, he asked, “Better than a video?”

I still go to the video store every Thursday night,
and Thomas and I fuck in the adults only room before
we decide what movie to take home to watch together.