Kristy’s Story

Kristy blew a steady, casual plume of blue smoke
directly out in front of her face. She then smiled
softly and took another long slow pull off her Virginia
Slim. Her content face glowed as she casually exhaled a
lungful of sweet smoke. Mark extinguished his smoke and
gazed at her wavy chestnut hair. It was about 3 inches
below shoulder length the slight curl at the ends
enhancing her beautiful neck and breasts. Her breasts
perked up slightly as she took a deep satisfying drag.
Smoke waffed around her head obscuring her blue eyes.
He had wanted to ask her for a while, and he finally
did, “How old were you when you started smoking?”

“Ten or eleven I think,” she smiled and took another of
her long deep drags, “But not regularly until I was
about 12.” She exhaled thru her nose as she spoke, and
put her cigarette out in her ashtray. “How about you

“Geeeez I thought I started young,” Mark flicked his
lighter and lit a Marlboro, lighting Kristy’s Virginia
Slim almost as an afterthought, ” I was 13 when I
started, by about 15 I smoked a pack a day.” He dragged
and didn’t bother to exhale.

“Yeah I remember when I smoked only a pack! I actually
used to smoke lights, but about 10 years ago when I was
17 I switched to full flavor.”

“Not me” he grinned “I always liked the reds.”

They had met in college at the ‘Q’, which was the
student cafe outside at the Quad. Since they both
smoked there regularly in-between classes they spent
hours talking and smoking. He had noticed her
immediately. Her perky face and curvy body drew his
attention, but her smoking drove him wild. He became
rock hard even now each time she smoked. She used to
smoke at least 2 cigarettes, sometimes 3 in the 15
minutes between classes, (he smoked 1 maybe 2).

She was casual and beautiful when she smoked. She drew
steadily, but not harshly for 5 or 6 seconds, then as
the smoke entered deep inside her, her breasts perked
up an inch or so, she held it for 5 or 6 more seconds
and then she slowly exhaled long and blue. She held her
long white smokes at mouth level about 5 inches from
her face. She was sexy, sophisticated, and alluring.

He asked her out on a first date after they had been
casual friends for about 2 weeks. He looked forward to
seeing her each day at school and their first date had
been a success. He took her out to dinner, she smoked 2
cigarettes on the way to the restaurant, 2 before
dinner, and 4 or 5 after. He was enthralled, she always
seemed to have smoke slowly coming from her lips or
gathered in a blue haze about her head.

He was watching her now thru the familiar haze as she

“I remember wanting to smoke when I was in 3rd or 4th
grade. There was a trail behind my house were people
used to ride horses. One day I was playing in my
backyard and a girl with long blond hair was riding her
horse by and flipped her cigarette off to the side of
the trail. I slowly walked down, picked it up and
puffed once on it. That was when I knew I loved to
smoke. I used to steal Marlboro Lights from my mother
as often as I could. We had a fence separating the
trail from my backyard, so I could go behind it once or
twice a day to smoke.

In the summer before entering 7th grade, I remember
buying my first pack. I used to get $5 a week for
school lunch, and I went to the convenience store. I
wanted a smoke really bad, and couldn’t get one from my
mom’s pack as she was out. I walked up to the counter,
and saw a poster behind the clerk with a beautiful
women elegantly holding a Virginia Slims. On the bottom
it said Virginia Slims Lights, You’ve Come a Long Way,

I said, “A pack of Virginia Slims Lights please.” The
clerk gave me back $4.05 and my first pack. I walked
hurriedly home, went behind my fence and unwrapped the
crisp cellophane from my new pack. I smoked the first
cigarette that was mine. I remember the rush of
excitement as I inhaled and savored the sweet smoke. I
thought to myself, from this day forward, I’ll never go
without my Virginia Slims!”

(The Next Day)

Kristy’s breasts perked up slightly as she swallowed a
mouthful of smoke. She exhaled, and immediately, yet
casually took a long deep drag, her breasts rose, held,
and fell as she dragged, inhaled, and exhaled. The
sequence repeated over and over. A haze filled her
apartment as she put her latest smoke in the ashtray
when the doorbell rang.

“Hi Susie,” she giggled “you were suppose to be here an
hour ago, what took so long?”

“I had to fix my hair,” she blew a long plume up and to
her right, ” and then stop for a couple of packs of
smokes.” Susie pulled deeply on her cigarette. She was
about 2 inches taller than her sister, with a fuller
figure. She had long curly black hair that feel in
loose curls almost to the swell of her back. She wore
red nail polish, and stylish hoop earrings and a single
diamond stud in her right ear.

She held a pack of Marlboro Lights 100’s in her hand, 2
more packs were in the outside pocket of her purse. She
inhaled again. She was vibrant, elegant, and casual.
She shared with her sister a certain casual, elegant
manner of smoking; deep drags, long inhales, and long,
slow, blue exhales. Not rushed, but smooth and even.
“Well Kristy lets get moving!!! Lets go!” thick smoke
slowly curled from her mouth as she spoke.

“Hang on I have to say goodbye to Mark. She left for a
minute, and returned with a long white cigarette in one
hand and a pack of Virginia Slims protruding from her
purse. She drew casually on her slim and exhaled thru
her nose as she spoke, “Mark says hi.

Susie stamped out her cigarette and they both headed
for the door. They laughed and chatted in the car on
the way. They were headed to Foxy’s, the bar they used
to go to nightly when they were younger, but bi-weekly
or monthly now. It was about a 20-minute ride, Kristy
smoked 3 cigarettes and Susie smoked 2.

When the arrived they had to park around the back as it
looked like a full house tonight. Inside the bar they
found 2 stools in the short end of a curve at the far
side of the establishment. Kristy laid her pack of
Virginia Slims in front of her, casually lit one and
drank down the smoke. She didn’t exhale. Susie quickly
followed and lit a Marlboro Light 100. The bartender
approached, “What’ll it be ladies?” he exclaimed. They
both ordered a Captain and Coke. Kristy blew a long
plume that followed the bartended half way up the bar
as he prepared their drinks. Susie’s breasts dropped
slightly as she exhaled.

“We need to find you a new man” Kristy paused, “one
more appropriate for you.”

A casual exhale, “yeah you’re right ‘sis Al wasn’t for

Kristy drew on her cigarette for what seemed like
forever, inhaled, smiled contentedly and then spoke
“Maybe Grant will show up tonight, I saw him least weak
and he is soooo cute,” smoke slipped out her nose and
mouth, followed by another long casual stream.

“He is cute isn’t he, and he smokes, not like Al” she
took a long defiant drag “he gave me dirty looks when I
lit up” she exhaled slowly and casually turning her
head slightly to the side.

“Look, there he is”

“I’m going to the bathroom to freshen up,” Susie put
out her smoke. Kristy was waiving Grant over.

Grant was about 6’1 with neat blond hair, he wore blue
jeans and a white shirt. He approached Kristy, took a
drag on his short smoke “I hope I didn’t scare your
sister off?” He smiled sheepishly.

Kristy took a final slow pull of her slim and smiled
“She just went to freshen up, she can’t wait to see
you!” Kristy’s smile was beautiful and inviting, she
blew a huge plume up over Grants head as he took a drag
and they both put out there cigs in the ashtray.

“I’ll have a Bud Light” Grant called over to the
bartender. Susie returned looking radiant and smiling
broadly. Kristy pulled out a Virginia Slim, the last
from her pack and Grant lit her smoke, Susie pulled a
Marlboro Light 100 out as if out of nowhere, Grant lit
that to.

Finally he lit his Marlboro red and they all took a
drag in unison. The conversation tended toward old
times (they went to high school together) and after
about 15 minutes their corner of the bar was a haze of
blue smoke and filled ashtrays.

By the second drink Kristy chain smoked one after
another. She was half way thru a new pack of Virginia
Slims in less than 2 hours. Deep inhales, casual
exhales and long blue plumes. She watched as her sister
and Grant talked and laughed and smoked. She liked
Grant also and hoped her sister and him would hook up.

Her mind wandered as she held in the smoke she loved so
much. She enjoyed the wonderful feeling her smoking
gave her, the happiness and joyful rush of each
inhalation drove her to a higher and higher bliss. She
loved the look and the feel of her Virginia Slims. She
knew she was a beautiful and alluring woman, she knew
how to smoke seductively. She used to practice when she
was in front of a mirror when she was in her teens. She
held her cigarette at the line of the filter just at
the tip of her painted fingers. She always held her
smoke up and out slightly in front of her face. She
inhaled with her perfect lips sealed tightly over the

Her mouth watered slightly as she drew steadily and
cleanly, opened her mouth slightly and swallowed the
smoke her tongue bounced out slightly as she inhaled.
Her breasts rose and she would hold the smoke, savoring
the wonderful, indescribable feeling. The slowly and
casually she turned her head slightly to the side and
let out her smoke. She didn’t force it out, nor did it
slide out. She used just the right touch and blew it
casually off to this side or that.

Occasionally she exhaled thru her nose, long, steady,
and even, she loved the feeling. To see her was to see
her smoking. The smoke wafted about her face and
mingled casually with her hair as she exhaled slow and
long and casually….

“Why don’t you go on without me ‘sis,” Susie laughed as
smoke drifted out her nose.

Kristy awoke from her daydream

“Abandoning me again, Susie,” she giggled. “I have to
go anyway, Mark starts to worry after a couple of
hours, I better head back.” They hugged and said

Kristy headed out the door leaving behind a final
lungful of blue smoke in her wake.