My husband wish

I am a 44 year young woman, my divorce was final last July. I have never had children, lived in a sexless marriage & lead a somewhat dull life, Or, rather, I should say, DID, lead a dull life. I met my husband at a county fair. In Spokane, Wa. three years ago. He is so handsome, I was attracted to him right away. He paid for my dinner & walked away. A month & three days later, I saw him at Walmart. (I keep track of time!!!) 🙂 He asked me out & we went to Wendys to eat. I gave him my #, but he did’nt call until two weeks later. Yes, I was smitten by then, He was so mysterious!!!!! His eyes have a way with me. I agreed to meet him at riverside state park, out by nine mile. I parked my Honda & waited,…. He pulled up in his all black Dodge pickup,… I seemed to almost float inside. I remember thinking, ‘what the fuck am I doing’???,… We went out of the parking lot,.. north towards sun crest,……. as he drove, he said, ‘take off your clothes’,.. I looked at him,… he said, ‘take off your fucking clothes, now!!!!!!!!!!’ I did as I was told, I watched him, he was watching the road, the dashboard lights seems so bright. When I was naked, he lit his smoke, rolled his window down a little ways,… he said, ‘suck my cock’,….I hesitated, & he grabbed my hair, pulling my head down,… he said, ‘suck my cock, you fucking bitch’!!!!!!!!!!!!! For some reason, I wanted to please him, maybe because he was the first person that actually wanted me in a long time!! He raised up as I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, pushed them down, & started sucking on his hard cock!!!!!!! I was sucking his cock as he drove, then he said, ‘you fucking cunt, jack me off in your mouth’!!!!!!!!!!!! I started jacking his cock, he said, ‘suck it, you fucking slut’!!!!!!!!! I kept his big swollen cockhead in my mouth & jacked him off,…. He turned & stopped & said, ‘I’m gonna cum, swallow my cum, you fucking slut’!!!!!!!!!! I felt each stream of cum shoot into my mouth, & swallowed it all!!!!!!!!! Then, he said, ‘You’re mine now, you cunt’, & took off again!!!!!!!!! I sat up & started to put my clothes on,… he said, ‘what the fuck do you think you’re doing’????? He said, ‘Fucking sluts don’t wear clothes, are you my fucking slut’???? ‘YES, I’m your fucking slut ‘, I heard myself say. He drove up by Albi stadium, & pulled into a driveway, He shut off his pickup & said, ‘You’re my fucking whore & slut now, & you’ll do as I say, understand’??? ‘YES’, I said. There was something about him,… I wanted, needed, have looked for,…. I gave myself to him, totally, to use as he demanded!!! He said, ‘Get out of my pickup, you fucking slut’,… I did as I was told. I stood beside his pickup, naked, cold, & SOOOOO fucking horny!!!!!!!!!! He led me up onto the back porch,… ‘Get on your knees, slut’, he told me. I knelt down. I was so cold. &,… also, so excited!!!!!!! A few minutes later, I heard the screen door open,… ‘Turn around & face the garage, you fucking slut’, he said!!!!!!! I did as I was told. Then, behind me, I heard the door open again. I felt a hand on my ass, warm, soft,…. then heard him say, ‘spread your legs wider, you fucking cunt’!!!! For some reason, I was so turned-on!!!!!!!!! Then, I felt a warmth on my pussy,…a hot breath,.. I heard him again, ‘That’s it baby, lick her fucking cunt’!!!!!!!! Someone was licking my cunt, gently,…. a warm tongue going between my cunt-lips,…I came hard!!!!!!!! Then, he moved in front of me,… his fat cock hanging down,… he said, ‘Suck it, you fucking slut’!!!!!!!!! I opened my mouth & let him fuck my mouth as I wanted my cunt fucked!!!!!!!! Then,… I felt a hard cock between my legs,…. ‘Open your fucking cunt’, he said. I moved my legs wider apart. ‘Open your fucking cunt wider’, he said!!!!!!!!! Then, I felt someone shove something big, thick & long inside of me with one deep hard shove!!!!!!! It made me cum!!!!!! Whoever he was, pounded my cunt hard,….. then, I felt his cock stiffen, & felt warm cum shooting into my cunt!!!! He told me, it isn’t a vagina, it isn’t a pussy,… its now, a slut-cunt!!!!!!!!! Then, I felt that cock pull out, & another slide in,….. a few minutes, later, another cock filled up my slut-cunt!!!!!!! He aid, ‘I am your master, you fucking cunt’, I was so turned on,… loving what was happening to me,… I said, ‘Yes, master’, then sucked his cock deep into my mouth!!!!!!! He erupted in my mouth & I swallowed every drop of his cum!!!!!!!!!!! Then,… I felt another cock plunge into my cunt,… I was so glad & thankful to take it!!!!!!!!! My master moved away & said, ‘lick my wife’s cunt’!!!!!!!!!! A woman moved in front of me,… spread her legs & shoved her cunt up into my mouth!!!!!!! I licked my first cunt ,…… As I licked her cunt, I felt more cum being pumped inside of me!!!!!!!!! I wanted more!!!!!!! That guy pulled out & as cum was flowing out of me, another cock went deep into my cunt!!!!!!!!!!!! Then,…he came,..& it made me cum again!!!!!!! Someone moved over my master’s wife, & shot his cum onto her cunt,.. ‘Clean that cum up, you fucking slut’, my master said!!!!!!! I licked up all that fresh cum off her cunt,….making her cum on my face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another woman moved in front of me, her cunt dripping with cum,,,, I did’nt look up, just licked her cunt clean!!!!!!!! I am now his second wife…. I am thankful,….. I have a place to live,… I eat cum-filled pussy everyday, & get fucked several times a day,…how could life be ant better?????