Do my desires make me a monster?

I’m a monster.

Let’s get it straight – I’m not a monster because I
turn into a werewolf at the full moon or have risen
from the grave. I’m a very human monster but a monster
nevertheless… I guess I should tell you why.

It’s my urges you see, I have these overwhelming urges.
I don’t know if they come from within me or from Satan
but I know I cannot control them for long when they
rise up within me.

God knows these aren’t normal urges. They are somewhat
different, they’re odd and maybe even evil.

The urge came over me on Friday night. It boiled within
my soul and made my cock swell within my jeans. I
couldn’t help myself. I had to act on my desires.

It was ten o’clock at night and I drove through the
dark streets looking for my prey. I knew she’d be alone
tonight, her parents had told me so. They were so proud
that their little princess was mature enough to stay
home alone while they had their ski weekend away.

I parked my car well away from the target, and glided
through the night to the house. I let myself in through
the unlocked backdoor… a door that I had hoped the
tiny girl would have forgotten to lock.

My cock swelled as I crept up the stairs to her
bedroom, I could almost smell her innocence as I gently
opened her bedroom door.

And there she was. Her body was illuminated by the glow
of the television she’d left on… An innocent fifteen
year old angel lying sprawled out on her bed.

She was fifteen, and so innocent. Oh of course on the
outside she showed the world a tough exterior… she
had embraced the Goth culture and enjoyed wearing all
the markings of that culture… but inwardly and in her
own private world she was still an innocent little
girl, her outward show of being a Goth bitch was just
that… a show.

I stalked towards the bed and gently crawled over her.
She wiggled and grunted as she slowly awoke…

“Wha-what’s happening?”

My cock felt like it was going to burst as I heard her
innocent voice laced with confusion.

I punched her in the face, a sudden violent blow as I
loomed over her. Blood splattered across my leather
gloves and across her bed as her nose cracked from the

She gasped in pain and her lungs filled with air to
scream, so quickly I covered her mouth with my gloved

“Fucking bitch!” I gasped the words as I now lay myself
on top of her squirming and struggling form, tapping
her mouth to give myself more freedom over this fucking

Her muffled scream turned to a muffled plea for mercy,
making my cock swell that much more.

She looked so beautiful, her bloody and terrified face
illuminated only by the eerie glow of the television.

“Mmm so beautiful…” I licked her face, tasting the
blood and tears. Long perverted licks of this young
undefiled angel’s face, my saliva mingled with her
blood and tears, she cringed like a whipped animal as
my tongue explored her face.

“Oh Bitch, I’ve wanted this for so long.”

She struggled desperately to no avail as I ripped her
pajamas off, those childish Pajamas that showed she was
still an innocent baby not a Goth whore. Her lily white
skinned looked so perfect. I just had to corrupt it.

I started to bite her. Sinking my teeth into her neck,
her face, and her blossoming tits. I couldn’t help
myself, her cries of pain and her wild thrashing about
only made me hurt her worse. I tore at her skin with my
teeth, sinking my teeth so deeply into her face that I
could taste blood… beautiful innocent blood.

“Oh Bitch! You taste like heaven!” I purred the words
into the ear of the struggling child.

My cock was swollen to the point of pain, so I decided
to give myself what I wanted. With a grunt of pleasure
I unzipped myself and pressed my cock against the
child. I fumbled with her pajama bottoms and thrust
myself into her tight cunt.

She struggled desperately to stop the penetration, her
arms flayed widely against me in an attempted to stop
my rape � it only encouraged my violent attack. With
hatred I rammed my cock through her virginal cunt,
fucking into the sow’s cunt with violent thrusts. I
could feel blood coating my cock as I rammed my meat
into the tight slut’s cunt.

With every thrust into her, my other attacks on her
became more violent. My teeth sunk deeper into her
face, tearing away a lump of flesh from the innocent
angel’s perfect face. I rolled the piece of child
flesh around in my mouth… her blood leaked down my
face… I was in heaven…

Grunting with excitement I rammed myself faster and
faster into the rag doll angel.

“I thought you wanted to be a gothic chick! I thought
you fucking Goth whores liked this sort of thing!” I
taunted the girl as I raped her, mocking that outward
show that had drawn me to her. I wanted her to believe
this was her fault.

She went limp with my words, and gave a pathetic
whimper. All resistance faded from her abused body. She
was a rag doll now, a fucking toy for me to use up. I
laughed as I rammed myself in her faster and faster,
cracking a fist into her already bloodied face over and
over, turning her once pristine lily white face into a
red swollen bloody mess.

Then the urge rose in me, my balls tingled and I knew I
was going to cum…..

So I did it… I wrapped my hands around her neck and
squeezed. My cock rammed in her as I squeezed the life
out of her.

Her eyes were wide with terror and the fight returned
to her, she bucked and struggled widely to separate
herself from me. It was no use, it was never any use…
my hands squeezed ever tighter around her neck,
snuffing the life out of her as I raped her cunt.

I howled in delight as her eyes rolled up into her
head, my orgasm was so intense. I shot load after load
into her cunt. I rammed myself one last time inside
her, giving her every last drop of my jizz as she died.
My orgasm was even more intense because I knew that her
last feeling on this earth was my jizz inside her
ruined cunt.

Her body went limp, but this time it wasn’t the
limpness of defeat but the limpness of death.

I lay on top of her for over an hour, feeling her body

Then, we made love.

I slowly made love with that dead cold body, showing
her thanks for allowing me to ravage and kill her. I
took my time and treated this muse the way she now
deserved to be treated, my hands slid gently over her
body, lovingly exploring her. I kissed her deeply as I
came within her again, tenderly loving her cold dead
body as I emptied myself within her again.

I slowly slid off my angel, I didn’t want to leave her
but all good things must come to an end. I gave her a
farewell kiss on her now cold lips and stroked her
hair. I left with my monstrous desires sated for the
time being.

She had been a good girl really….