My new family

I had married Sarah after a whirlwind courtship.
A beautiful, petite woman with dark brown hair but
bright blue eyes, I fell in love with her after our
first date. It was a total of two months dating, three
months of constant e-mail contact while I was away on
business, and two months living together before we were
married. It was my first, her second.

Her husband had committed suicide years ago, and
she had two good-natured kids: Sandra (“San”) was six-
teen and Robert (“Buck”, or “Bucky”-don’t ask) was

Sarah had ended up with a sizable life insurance
policy, and had a very nice house in a small secluded
town on the California Coast. I was eager to give up my
job as technical writer to concentrate on writing
fiction full-time, and she encouraged me to do so,
especially since it meant I could leave the city and
come live with her.

In the space of seven months, my life had
changed dramatically. Sarah worked 20 hours per week
as a high school counselor-more because she wanted to
than because she needed any money. I began writing at
home, and keeping an eye out for the kids, who were
generally mature and well behaved enough not to cause

Things had been going pretty smooth, and we all
were planning a long camping and road trip through the
desert of the four-corner states down into Mexico —
sort of a belated family honeymoon.

It was the day of the trip and I was doing some
last minute packing, dragging out old duffel bags from
the master bedroom closet. San and Bucky were playing
“pirate”, according to them, which seemed to be one of
their favorite games. Personally, I wondered if Sandra
wasn’t a bit too old for that, but if it kept them hap-
py and out of trouble, I was all for it.

While I was in the big, walk-in closet, I no-
ticed a beam of light from an old Knothole in the wood
paneling that had fallen out. I bent down and peeked
into it, and saw that I was looking into the kids
playroom. What’s more, I could see San and Bucky, with
Bucky tied up, and San in some sashes and not much

What’s MORE, is I could see San hissing commands
at Bucky, whapping him with a long plastic sword, and I
noticed that Bucky’s pants were down around his ankles.

It was an uncomfortable position for me in the
closet, and I had to move, quietly, all sort of junk
before I could squat down and look in again. WHAP! I
saw San’s sword strike Bucky’s buttocks, which looked
red and flushed.

Words were being exchanged, but I couldn’t tell
what was being said. Then, San sat on the edge of the
bed, and pulled Bucky in between her spread legs. I
couldn’t see anything for sure, but it didn’t take much
imagination to figure out what was going on.

I was ragingly horny by the this time, but
before they got too much further, a car pulled in the
driveway, and San said “Oh no, Mom’s home early!” I
backed out of the closet, and tried to think.

Sarah came bouncing up the stairs, all giggles
and smiles. “I couldn’t stand another minute, so I left
early” She said. “Let’s get going! Are you all packed?”

Numbly, I nodded, and started loading up the

Soon we were headed down the highway, singing
silly songs. The kids in the back seat looked as
innocent as any kids their age, but now I was really

When it got dark, they pulled a blanket over
themselves. Did I hear some scuffling noises back
there? Too dark to see anything in the rear view

“Honey, are you listening?”

Whoops. “What?”

“Next pull-off, that’s the stop!”

Small desert canyon, sheltered from the breezes.
I put up the tent in record time. The night desert air
was chilly, and we all piled into the sleeping bags
with enthusiasm. I was surprised to find that Sarah had
zippered together all four sleeping bags. “Warmer that
way,” she said, “that’s a trick I learned from camping
with my family growing up. We can snuggle for warmth!”

I was doing fine until I was actually in the
sleeping bag. Bucky was on the far right, then Sarah,
then me, and then Sandy. I had my boxers on, but Sarah
pulled them off.

“No clothes allowed! That makes it harder to get
your body heat, cheater!” Her hands strayed to my very
rigid cock. “Oh my,” she murmured.

We all jostled for sleeping positions. I was
laying on my back, with Sandy curled up on my left. I
couldn’t get the vision of her in her pirates costume
out of my head. Sarah, nonchalantly, began stroking my
cock. This was getting almost painfully frustrating.
After a long time of horny thoughts, Sarah whispered.
“they’re asleep; let’s spoon, and I’ll take care of

It was heaven to sink into her warm wet slit.
Sarah’s sexiness was the thing that impressed me the
most when we first met. She radiated a sexual heat.
Although her body was superb, she didn’t usually dress
provocatively, it was just something about how she
moved, how she used her eyes. If you saw her on the
street, you might think to yourself “that women would
be good in bed.” And you would be very very right.

She squirmed around on my cock, trying not to
move too much. It was exquisite, like being teenagers
on a camping trip with their parents, except the other
way around. Then Bucky or San would move, and we would
freeze, afraid to move, but so horny it was maddening.
Then slowly Sarah would start moving again, making me
move in response, sliding into her.

I reached around, and pulled on a nipple. It was
getting too warm, so we unzipped our section, and
pulled back the covers.

The moonlight illuminated our bodies through the
tent fabric, and I watched Sarah’s body develop a fine
sheen of sweat as we slowly fucked. Eventually we
couldn’t hold back any more. I started slamming into
her, as she moaned and groaned. Images of Bucky and San
were in my head. “Let them see” I thought to myself
“let them see what they’re playing around with.”

Sarah’s orgasm triggered my own, and I clenched
her tightly to me as I filled her with streams of my
come. I was planning on getting her pregnant anyway,
which added to the thrill of coming deep inside her.
Exhausted and sweaty, I rolled back on my back. Sarah
whispered “I think we warmed it up in here now,
goodnight, honey.”

In a minute, I was almost asleep, my slimy cock
still at half-mast. The last thing I remember is glanc-
ing towards my left, and seeing the wide, very awake
eyes of San staring at me. “Wow.” she mouthed silently.


The next day was bright and sunny, although it
took a while for the desert air to warm up. Until then
we all snuggled, quite awake, in the sleeping bags,
talking about nothing much — what kind of animals we
might see in the desert, that type of thing.

After a while I got up to get a fire going for
coffee and cocoa. As I did so, I couldn’t help but
steal a glance at Sandy. I had never seen her naked
before, and her body was just on the brink of true
womanhood. She was still slim and slender, but she had
small but well formed breasts, and her hips were fill-
ing out nicely, she was definitely a nice looking
teenager that’s for sure. From where she was sitting I
could just see the wisps of her pubic hair, nestled
between her slender legs.

After coffee and breakfast, I asked the kids
what they wanted to do. The canyon was gorgeous— lots
of rock formations twisting up from the ground, old
creek beds, caves in the hills. We could see a body of
water down the hill from where we were. Bucky grinned,
and looked at Sandy “This would be a great place for
pirates!” he said.

“You’re right, I bet it would!” I agreed. I was
hoping to get a chance to talk to Sarah privately any-

Sandy looked at both of us with disdain. “I
don’t want to, Bucky. That game is for little kids.”

Bucky whined, “Please, Sandy? I brought our
pirate stuff and everything. Please!”

Sandy sighed. “Oh okay Bucky, get your stuff and
let’s go do some exploring.”

“Be safe!” Sarah and I said at the same time.

We watched them head down the canyon. When they
were safely out of earshot, I turned to Sarah. “Um…
I think you should know, I think your kids have been
doing a bit… of . .. sex play… I’m not sure the
pirate thing is as innocent as it looks.”

Sarah giggled. “Oh yeah? Horny little bastards.
I wonder where they got it from, eh?”

I cleared my throat. “But, um… do you think
that’s… um… healthy? I mean…”

Sarah gave me a piercing look. “Look, Steve,
I’ve seen siblings who fight all the time, siblings
who’d love to kill each other. Those two get along
very, very well. If that’s what helps them get
along…well, it definitely makes my job much easier.
Besides, I did the same thing when I was younger with
my two brothers, and I think it’s perfectly natural.
Didn’t you?”

“Umm… not really. I never had a sister.”

“What about the rest of your family? Ever fool
around with an auntie?”

Where did that come from? “No, not really. I
lusted after my Mother’s sister Judith when I was
younger… I kept trying to feel her breasts. But no,
not really. You?”

“Uh, yeah, a bit. We were a pretty close family,
you know. What do you think about that?” Another
piercing look. I was definitely being tested, here.

“Umm… well… you turned out pretty good,
lover!” There, that should do.

Sarah grinned. “Damn right! And now you have a
horny bitch for a wife. Could be worse, eh?” She gave
me a kiss, and slipped a bit of tongue across my lips.
“Now let’s get moving, I want to get some good hiking

We hiked up to the top of the canyon wall. It
was a gorgeous view, and we brought out the binoculars
to take in the scenery. Nobody around for as far as the
eye could see.

You could just barely hear the cars on the high-
way, hidden by hills behind us. The blue tent stood out
like a soda can on the beach. I saw a hawk swoop down
into the canyon, and tried to fix a sight on it.

Sarah had gone to take a pee, and I couldn’t
resist: I started searching with the binoculars for the
two “pirates.” It didn’t take long to spot them, and I
focused the binoculars in close.

There they were, Bucky tied up again, this time
standing up, with his hands tied above his head up to
an overhead tree branch. And there was San, with her
head firmly at his crotch.

I watched her long hair sway in and out with the
motion of her head, and I observed the strained look of
pleasure on Bucky’s face. “Lucky boy,” I whispered to
myself, my hand straying to my own throbbing reminder.

Sarah called “See anything interesting?”

“You might say that,” I said, “Here, take a

She picked up the glasses and looked where I
pointed. “Oh my God!

Look at those horny little shits!” She kept
watching, adjusting the binoculars.

“What’s going on?” I asked impatiently.

“Oh my God… wow! ”

“What IS it?” Jesus, I was horny.

“I think she’s got a finger up his butt too.
Yep, definitely. She’s finger fucking him… oh, wow.”
Sarah’s left hand went to her crotch, and she started
rubbing herself through her jeans. “I wonder if I
looked like that when I was a kid.”

I stood up and pulled my cock out of my pants.
High on the hill, with the breeze flowing over me, I
realized there was no need to worry so I shucked the
rest of my clothes.

“Come here, lover.” I growled.

Sarah looked up and
smiled wickedly, before taking my cock into her mouth.
She worked her tongue around it, and then, covering her
finger with spit, began pressing it into my back hole.

“She was doing this,” she said, and then rammed
her finger up me. The shock, and slight pain, almost
made me lose my balance. “Then she’d do this,” she
said, and engulfed my cock into her mouth in one
stroke. And then slam! The finger up my ass again, then
tongue and mouth on my cock.

Alternating, between the two, she brought me to
the brink of orgasm in record time. I shot into her
mouth, and as I did so, she rammed her finger deep in-
side of me, wriggling it around on my prostrate. It was
almost painful, almost too much to take.

I lay down, exhausted. Sarah lay down next to
me, carefully cleaning her finger with a rag and some
water. “And that is exactly what Bucky did, too. Except
that she didn’t swallow him… made him come all over
the ground.” She gave me a kiss. “‘Bout time to head
back, don’t you think.”

“Sarah, do you feel bad at all? I mean, for
spying?” Now that the horniness was gone, the guilt
was coming back.

“I’m their mother. I’m supposed to know what
they’re up to. Besides, if she’s having sex, I need to
know. I’ve got to talk to her about birth control,

“Uh, right.”

“Don’t feel bad, Steve, really. They had a good
time, and we had a good time, right?”

“Sure, Sarah. I mean, you are their mom, and
you’ve done a great job with them.”

“Good. So trust me on this. Now let’s get back
for some lunch, shall we?”

Although the rest of the day was uneventful, I
couldn’t help glancing at Sandy. Such an innocent-
looking little sprite, with just that dab of
mischieviousness in her smile and bouncy walk. Hard to
believe she was already sucking cock, and who knows
what else!

It got dark much early and we went to bed early
that night — we all piled into the sleeping bags
contented but tired. It was a warm night, and the
covers were all soon at our feet.

This time I couldn’t resist slipping an arm
around San’s shoulders. She snuggled close to me, and
my cock was immediately painfully hard. Her young skin
felt incredible under my hand, and I stroked her arm
and side gently, while she pressed her head and back
against my chest.

Sarah nuzzled my ear gently from the other side.
My hand gradually drifted down, stroking her lower
back… down to the curve right before her buttocks,
then on the side of her buttocks. Her body felt so
small against mine. Sandy sighed contentedly, and let
her small hands drift across my chest and through my
chest hairs.. I didn’t want to break the mood, so I
tried to fall asleep in that position.

It worked, for a while. After a while I woke up
though, filled with horny dreams of fucking a roomful
of young girls. I was on my side, spooning Sarah, with
my cock pushing against her lovely ass. Groggily, Sarah
lifted a leg, and let me slide in. She was wet already,
herself, and we fucked slowly, relaxed, dreamily.

After about five minutes, I was awake enough to
lift myself up on one elbow for a better position.
There, in the moonlight, was my lovely sexpot of a
wife. She was on her side as I moved in and out of her,
and I could clearly make out the outline of her left
hand, moving in the rhythm of our lovemaking, sliding
along the small, but very stiff, cock of her young son.
Her mouth was nuzzling his face, and occasionally his
lips would part, and they would kiss deep, languorous

In one sense I was surprised, if too asleep to
be truly shocked-but in another, something clicked in
my mind. Many times at home Bucky would sleep with us,
and Sarah and I would often have these middle-of-the-
night delights. It occurred to me that this had pro-
bably been going on many times without me even knowing

This new thought made me incredibly horny. I
increased the urgency of my fucking, sliding my slick
cock in and out of her cunt like a piston, watching
both her and the young boy’s naked body. She moaned,
wriggled, and pulled her head down lower. With the
moonlight’s help, I could see for the first time why
she always did that. I could even see Bucky’s face in
a look of absolute pleasure.

I couldn’t hold back — I started slamming into
her, spilling my seed deep into her womb. When I was
done, I stayed inside her, drifting slowly back to
sleep. I was vaguely aware that her head was still in


“So, you’re finally up, sleepyhead!”

I grinned, and held out my cup for some coffee.
Sarah sat next to me. “How’s the honeymoon so far,

I laughed. “Great! Although I never really
imagined taking a honeymoon with kids, before.”

“Well, you probably never thought you were going
to marry someone with kids, did you?”

“Nope. But I ain’t complaining, darlin’. It’s
been great. Great sex, too!”

She laughed, and snuggled close. “So, still want
to be married to me?”

I thought about the question. “Yes, love, I do.
Very, very much.”

“Cool! Kids are gathering more firewood. I
thought we could hike down to the water today…?”

“That’d work well.. it’ll be hot by the time we
get there, so we’ll be ready for a swim. We should
bring a lunch.”

“Taken care of, sleepyhead. Let’s pack up a


The “water” was a widening in a small creek. It
sat at the bottom of the canyon slope, protected on all
sides by high rock walls. It proved to be the perfect
size for a swimming hole — mostly about 4 feet deep,
but more like 8 feet at the deepest point next to the
far rock wall.

We were all dripping with sweat by the time we
arrived. “Last one in is a poopy-face!” yelled Bucky.

We all shucked our clothes and dove into the
water. The cold shock was invigorating, and pretty
soon we were all laughing and splashing each other

It was perfect — when the water got to be too
cold, you could pull yourself out on the rock shelf and
soak up some hot sun. It was interesting seeing every-
body naked for the first time. It was one thing in the
moonlight out of the corner of your eye, quite another
in the full glare of sunshine.

San was a gorgeous girl, and I couldn’t keep my
eyes off her — the water would shine off her small,
perky breasts. She caught my eyes, and smiled, letting
her gaze stray over my muscular body and down to my
semi-erect cock.

“Hey you two,” yelled Sarah from the pond. “Put
on some sunscreen before you fry your pretty white
skin!” I glanced at Sarah in the pond — she was
wrestling around with Bucky, who seemed to be very
intent on grabbing at her breasts and crotch.

I shrugged, and pawed through the pack for the
sun lotion. “Care for some?” I asked Sandy.

She shrugged coquettishly, and said, “You put it
on me, and I’ll put it on you, deal?”

My cock grew a little. “Deal!

It was a scene as close to paradise as I could
imagine. Sitting next to a sixteen-year-old girl in the
full sunlight, her mother looking on with a smile,
massaging her lithe, perfect body with suntan lotion.
“How does that feel?” I asked, as I ran my hands all
over her small body — her breasts, her ass, her legs
and arms.

Her breathing was ragged. “Good.” She finally
managed to say.

Then I lay back on my back, and let her do the
same. Sarah and Bucky came out on land, and I watched
as Sarah began putting lotion all over Bucky.

He was a beautiful boy, very slim, long limbs.
He had his mother’s long eyelashes, and deep blue eyes.
I noticed his cock was fully erect as Sarah massaged it
with oil. She caught my eye, held it for a moment, and
then continued.

My attention was suddenly brought back to my
immediate surrounding when San put her oil-covered
hands on my now fully erect cock, proudly standing in
all it’s massive glory, and worked them up and down.
I was in heaven.

I could feel her long hair drift across my
stomach, her hands on my cock and then on my balls.
Her hair hung around my crotch like a veil, and
suddenly I could feel her lips tough its very tip.
I was about to burst!

“OK!” Said Sarah, “Don’t forget the legs,

I groaned, and Sandy reluctantly began working
the oil into my legs, letting her long hair drift over
my cock in a most exquisite torture.

We stayed naked at the water for quite a while
— we even had a naked family lunch. I was really
enjoying the scenery, and I don’t mean just the canyon.

After lunch, Bucky, who’s cock had been erect
most of the time, it seemed, started in on Sandy again.

“Please, Sandy, Let’s go play pirates again. We
can do whatever you want, okay?”

This time Sandy jumped up. “Ok, little bro,
let’s go look for some buried treasure.”

“Don’t go too far!” Sarah called after them. We
watched their bodies, naked except for backpacks,
scamper down the creek bed out of sight. She glanced
at me with a grin. “Horny little bastards.” This time
she said it like a statement of fact.

I couldn’t help but add, “And I don’t know where
they could have gotten it from.”

She grinned her impish grin again. “Let’s follow
them!” She said.

I laughed, and got up. “Okay, but we have to be
sneaky, like little Indians.”

“They’re the pirates, and we’re the Indian
spies,” she agreed, and engulfed my prick for a couple
of quick slides in her mouth. “Let’s go spy!”

It didn’t take long to catch up, since they
hadn’t gone very far.

By the time we could see them, Bucky was already
on his knees. We hid behind some rocks, trying not to
giggle. This time we could hear their voices.

“And you’ve been a bad little pirate, haven’t
you Bucky?” That was Sandy’s voice, “are you ready to
show your captain how sorry you are?” She hovered over
him, covering his mouth with her cunt. “Lick!” She
commanded, and whacked him on the butt with that silly
plastic sword.

“Push it in, Bucky, push it in!!”

We watched spellbound as the young girl stuck
her ass out at us, humping up and down on her brothers’
face. “Yes!” She shouted, and then pulled off of him.
He was straining to reach her, and he said something we
couldn’t hear.

“No, Bucky, not until you lick me ALL over…
that’s right…” she pushed her hips towards him again,
but this time it was plain she had something different
in mind. She aimed her ass directly at his face, and
spread her cheeks with her hands.

“Now, Bucky…you promised… do it right…
that’s a good boy, now move it around….mmm… push
it in….” she was rocking back and forth rhythmically.
… “farther, Bucky, farther… now in and out…
Yes!…” I could see she was fingering herself
frenetically….of course, so were both her mom and I!

“Oh Bucky, I’m gonna do it! Uhh! Uhh!” Watching
a naked sixteen year old come in broad daylight was
incredible! I had to stop myself from spilling my load
right then and there.

We sunk down out of sight until they recovered.
Pretty soon, we heard Bucky say, “Come on, San, you
promised! You promised!”

“Okay, Buckster. Get on your knees.”

Hmm? We peeked over the rocks again. There was
Bucky, on his hands and knees, with San behind him,
holding what looked to be some kind of wooden handle
for something, which she was coating with Vaseline.
“Here it comes, Buckster, here comes your Captain’s

With one hand she reached around to his cock,
and the other guided in the “donger.” Bucky moaned as
it sunk into his ass. San got behind it as if it were
her cock, and started rocking back and forth. “And
after I fuck you, then you can fuck the Princess!” She
slid the dildo in and out of his behind, which he
accepted with moaning pleasure. Pretty soon she was
slamming into him, and both of their hands were working
on his cock. He erupted all over the ground, crying out
as he did so.

“That’s a good boy, Buckster. Now that you’ve
pleased the Captain, you can do what you want to the
Princess!” She rolled Bucky onto his back and began
giving him head. After just a few moments his hips
began bucking up to meet her mouth, and she pulled off
him and lay back on the towel. “Now Buckster, come
fuck your Princess!”

He was on top of her in a flash, and they made
love like old lovers. Sarah’s hand was on my cock, and
her mouth was near my ears “I bet you wish that was
you in there, don’t you, huh?”

I could hardly deny it. “Yes!” I said, “I do!”

She starting really pumping my cock, “Yeah, you
do, don’t you, you horny man, tell me you do!”

“Yeah,” I said, “I want to fuck that tight
little body…”

“Let’s go some place of our own,” she whispered,
“I really need to have you inside of me!”

We slipped out of there in and made it back to
the waterfront in record time. I spread out a beach
towel, and ploughed into her dripping cunt.

“Fuck me, Steve, fuck me!” She moaned, “Fuck me
like a little girl, pretend I’m a little girl Stevie.”

Gods! I was so horny. “Yeah, baby, do you like
it when the big man fucks you, do you baby?”

She squealed with delight, “Oh, yes, fuck me
daddy, fuck me DADDY!!!!” With that she came, and so
did I, flooding her insides. I lay on top of her, we
were both panting and out of breath.

I looked at her. “Did you ever fuck your dad?”
Might as well ask point blank.

“Nope.” She answered. “Came mighty close, and
sure as hell wanted to, but nope, never did. Fucked
both my brothers, though.”

“Jesus! Really? Tell me a bedtime story, sweet-

“I’ll fill you in on the details later. But
yeah, we all fooled around, especially me and my
brothers, but we got the folks into it a few times.


We packed up that evening, and hit the road
again. Next stop was another 300 miles. We drove
through the night, and when I was too tired I pulled
off onto an old dirt road. Everyone else was already
sound asleep, I took one glance at the kids and noticed
Sandra was sprawled out across the back seat, with Buck
curled up next to her. Sarah was right about one
thing-the kids definitely got along better than most
siblings. I curled up next to Sarah and was out like a


The new morning was glaring in my face long be-
fore I was ready to wake up, but I did, and drove
another 40 miles to the turnoff. Another 10 off the
highway, and we were in the middle of nowhere. It was
a higher altitude, and there were more trees and
greenery around. A bit chilly, but it was beautiful

Sarah spotted the place. “There it is, turn
here.” She said, and our car clambered up the rough
trail to the “rustic” cabin we had rented.

It was definitely rustic. No electricity, and a
hand pump on the front porch for water. A one-room
cabin, with a Franklin woodstove, a kitchen area, a
table with four chairs, and a big old-style bed. It was
clean, at least, and there was fresh firewood stacked
out front.

“No showers?” Asked Sandy, after looking around
the place.

“Nope!” Replied her mom. “We’re roughing it,
remember? Sponge baths, until we go skinny-dipping
again!” I gave her a rueful look and crawled onto the
bed for a nap. The three of them started on a hike,
and when they returned in the late afternoon, I was
finally feeling awake and lively.

After dinner, we roasted marshmallows and told
ghost stories by the kerosene lantern for a while.
Sarah finally yawned and said, “I don’t know about the
rest of you, but I’m getting ready for bed. Steve,
could you be a dear and put some water on the stove for
me, I want to take a sponge bath, anyone else want

Soon, we were all naked again, this time by the
glow of a kerosene lantern, and Sarah produced four
large bath sponges. We stood in a circle, and at first
I was sponging down Sarah, (“soap first, then rinse!”
Sarah had directed.) while she sponged Buck, who
sponged Sandy, who was sponging me. At least she was
supposed to be sponging me. It felt more like she was
just feeling me up, running her soapy hands over my

“Remember, cleanliness is next to godliness!”
Giggle Sarah. “So don’t leave anywhere dirty!” I watch-
ed as she slathered soap over her son’s stiffy. I
massaged her breast while she did. Whoa! A soapy hand
was suddenly jacking me off. Christ! Hard to keep my
concentration. I looked down at the hands now encir-
cling my cock, as they slithered up and down the shaft.

“Rinse time! Everybody rinse out your sponges
and switch directions!”

This time Sarah began briskly enough on me, but
pretty soon the feel of her hands was having an effect.
She would have made a good masseuse, and she massaged
my muscles after the rinse.

I was trying to keep my attention on getting all
the soap off Sandy, but it was hard as my hands roamed
all over her sixteen-year old body. By the time I was
sponging off her ass, my cock was so hard that it was
lightly poking into her. I watched her as she dutifully
wiped down her brother, with the memories of yesterday
replaying vividly in my mind.

“Everybody clean? Good. I’m ready for bed… you
coming, Steve?”

She tossed back the huge covers and climbed
under the sheets.

For the first time I wondered how much of this
was planned… she must have known there was only one
bed when she rented the cabin. Still, I wasn’t going
to stay away from her beautiful body any more than I
had to.

I eagerly dove under the covers, and the kids
were right behind me. We lay in bed for a while, talk-
ing, snuggling. It felt very warm and cozy, sandwiched
between two beautiful females. After a while it grew
quiet, and then I felt Sarah’s hand on my cock, stimu-
lating me to hardness, and then helping to guide it
inside her, spoon fashion, again.

This time it was darker, but not completely
dark, as the glow from the fireplace embers still
danced around the room.

When she bent her head down this time, I let my
hand drift past her. Yep, I felt young boy butt,
thrusting in and out. Her cunt was dripping freely onto
my cock, and I watched her head rocked back and forth.
She wasn’t really even trying to hide anything, now.

I gripped Bucky’s ass, and pulled him closer
into her mouth. Leaning over to Sarah, I whispered,
“Suck it baby. Suck it while I fuck you. That’s a good
girl, suck that boy-cock.”

She whimpered in her horniness, plunging her
head freely onto his cock. I felt her hand come through
his legs up to his ass, and I could tell she was
inserting a finger. Bucky was going wild with delight.

“Feel good, Bucky?” I asked, as I continued
sliding in and out of his mother. He just looked at me
with wide, almost vacant eyes, and nodded “Uh-huh…

I could feel his butt clench as he had an
orgasm. Sarah fastened her mouth onto him intently,
drinking him in…

After Bucky relaxed, he cuddled close him mom,
and she gave him a nipple to suck on, which he did, as
I continued to slide my cock into her.

Eventually, the pleasure was too much, and I
released inside of her. She turned to me, and
whispered, “that was good!” and gave me a deep kiss.
Her mouth tasted of young boy come.

It was deep in the night when I awoke from]
another horny dream.

In the dream, I was a young harem boy, intro-
duced to all the young harem girls. I was feeling one
up, while another one was sucking on my cock.

I thought I was still dreaming; maybe I didn’t
want to wake up. The mouth on my cock felt so good, so
smooth. That Sarah never got enough, I thought grog-
gily, until I slowly realized my left hand was massag-
ing a much smaller breast.

From the position of the breast, I knew that it
belonged to the same person as the mouth on my cock. I
leaned back and enjoyed the sensations. Maybe this was
still a dream, no harm in dreaming, is there?

My hand strayed across a young back, over slen-
der buttocks, down to a young moist slit. I slid my
fingers into it, letting my index finger rest against
a tight asshole.

The sucking on my cock intensified. There was
some teeth, definitely not as talented as Sarah, but
still… I started a rhythm with my fingers in and
out, and with my right hand began to feel over her
pretty head, brushing her hair, and feeling at her
lips where my cock met them.

I held her head tight against my stomach with
all my strength as I picked up the pace. Her young hips
were spasming wildly, and I erupted into the warm,
waiting mouth. She tried to pull back, but I was too
horny, I held her tightly as I released my flow into
her mouth, she eventually stopped trying to escape and
drank all my hot come down her throat. After I released
her, she cuddled her sweaty young body against mine,
with my fingers still inside her.


The next morning I was awakened early by move-
ment in the bed.

San was nudging me.

“Look!” She whispered, young eyes wide and glow-
ing with excitement.

I opened my eyes. This time it was full daylight
streaming in through the windows of the small cabin. No
way to mistake what I thought I was seeing. Not two
feet away, his beautiful mother was hornily sucking
Bucky’s naked cock.

She saw me looking, and gave me a lusty smile.
“Isn’t he beautiful, Steve? Isn’t he just beautiful?”
She probed a finger up his ass, as he moaned. His young
cock was glistening with saliva. Sarah reached over to
stroke my hard cock, and then plunged her mouth down on
mine, while stroking Bucky’s.

“One family, and two beautiful cocks!” She mur-
mured, and continued alternating. I was transfixed by
the sight of Bucky’s slender, hairless body, humping
into his teenaged cock in and out of his mother’s

I moved closer alongside him, hooking an arm
around his small frame, to allow Sarah to switch back
and forth with ease. The feeling was incredible! She
was being a very inspired cocksucker, and I knew she
was trying her very best to see that I was as horny as
possible. I had to admit it was working.

“That’s a lovely sight, baby.” I told her as she
pushed her lips all the way over the young boy’s cock
and balls, completely engulfing him. I was surprised,
but not displeased, when Sandy started jacking me off
with both her hands. Sarah looked at that and moaned
again. Definitely some of Sarah’s fantasies were coming
true, and I was only too happy to help.

“Bucky, help your sister.” She instructed, and,
guiding his hands to my massive member, and she started
running her hands and lips over both their nubile

San was trying to take me in her mouth again,
and I leaned back to enjoy the sensation. My hands were
drifting over both children as well, and I was getting
quite a kick from feeling up young Buckster. So soft
and smooth-totally different than any adult male I had
ever seen. I slowly jacked him off, marveling at the
feel of his throbbing young cock: it was stiff and
hard, but it had a soft, plush, quality to it that I
just couldn’t keep my hands off of him.

I looked down as I felt the change on my cock:
now San and Bucky were both licking up and down my huge
shaft like it was some big lollipop. One of them every
once in and while would fit the head inside their small
mouth. Damn! That felt good!

The next time Bucky did that, I reached over and
held his head firmly, saying, “Hold ‘er there, Bucky,”
and I slowly began the back and forth movement. Sarah
let out a loud moan showing that she was having an
orgasm, which caused all of us to pause.

That left me with the Buckster. No problem there
— he had put his mouth back on my cock, and was hump-
ing the rest of my body with his — his slimy cock was
sliding over my chest. I pulled him up along side of
me, and rolled on top of him. “I love your body,” he
whispered, “You’re so strong!”

“There will be a time for you to be like that
too, Bucky.” I said, “But right now I really enjoy the
way your body is, so soft and smooth.” I ran a hand up
his side and neck, to his face. I’d never kissed a male
before, but it seemed like the most natural thing in
the world to hold his young face between my hands, and
press my lips against his, probing his young mouth with
my tongue.

It’d been a few days since my last shave, and
I’m sure it must have been rough against his tender
skin, but he didn’t complain. He pushed against me,
sucking on my tongue. Our cocks were moving against
each other. As far as I could tell, it was like making
out with a petite, horny little girl… just one with
a small cock.

I knew what I wanted to experience. I moved down
and hesitated.

His cock, about 4 1/2 inches long and rather
narrow, was dripping pre-cum at the tip. I ran my hand
over his balls, down the underside of his groin, touch-
ing his asshole. He squirmed and whimpered, thrusting
the cock at my face.

Finally, I opened my mouth, and slowly sank over
it. The texture was strange to me: soft and yet hard,
radiating horniness and sexual energy. I started a slow
rhythm, but before long he was slamming wildly inside
of my mouth. I worked the tip of my finger inside his
asshole like I’d seen his mother do, and rotated it as
I sucked and licked his shaft. In no time at all he
exploded into my mouth, leaving me strangle conflicted,
but I drank it all down, surprised at the taste.

I was greeted by the sight of young Sandy lying
on her back, feet hiked up, while her mother was lick-
ing and finger-fucking both her asshole and cunt. Sarah
seemed like a demon of lust in the way she swathed her
tongue all over and into the young girl. Sandy was lost
in a paroxysm of ecstasy-moaning and thrashing about
on the bed.

It was such an erotic sight, and as I hadn’t
come yet, I felt like a geyser ready to break the
surface. Bucky’s limp little cock was right beneath my
lips, and although it didn’t look like much, I started
working it over with my tongue again, this time feeling
the slow increase as I stirred the boy’s cock back into

I tried what his mother had done, too-taking his
balls into my mouth at the same time. Putting some
saliva on my finger, I worked his asshole, amazed at
how easily he loosened himself up. Then I remembered
the pirate captain’s “donger.” Jesus, that thing was
almost, if not quite, as big as me.

I was so horny I couldn’t stop myself. I HAD to
be inside! I slathered my cock with saliva, and then,
on impulse, lift Bucky’s legs straight up. His little
pink rosebud was moist from my saliva and inflamed from
his general horniness. I pushed more saliva inside him
with my finger, and he groaned with pleasure.

“Okay Bucky, here comes the captain!” I whisper-
ed, and his eyes widened in a ‘how-did-you-know’ look.
I pushed, but it was too tight. I clambered off the bed
and rummaged through my shaving kit until I found some
lube. After drenching my hard shaft in lube, I began
climbing back on the bed. I remember clearly how his
gaze fixated on my throbbing cock. As he stroked his
own, he lay back, spreading his legs for me.

“I’m ready,” he said, “but take it easy, okay?”

I nodded, and climbed into position. I got the
head of my cock in without too much trouble, and I just
held there for a while, while he got used to the feel-
ing. Sarah and Sandy seemed done for the moment, and
both of them were cuddled watching us.

“Now you get a REAL captain, Buckster!” Said
Sandy, “How does it feel?”

“Unnh… good…” he managed, as I slid another
inch. A huge primeval part of my brain was screaming at
me to just ram it full into him, hold down his weaker
body and fuck him until I exploded. I had to fight the
urge with all of my will. I leaned over and kissed his
pretty mouth, biting his lips as I sunk still further.
The pressure on my cock from his anal ring of flesh was
incredible, and I felt ready to burst as soon as I be-
gan the slightest of in and out motion.

I held out, though, and pretty soon I was 3/4
the way up his ass, sawing in and out. He cried out in
pleasure, he told me he loved me, he begged me to fuck
him, and eventually he spewed his remaining cum all
over his young stomach. The sight and feel of his
orgasm was too much for me, as his anal ring expanded
and contracted violently against my throbbing cock, and
I couldn’t hold back. I fucked him like a woman, hold-
ing him down, ramming into him, and felt myself explode
deep within his hot young body.

“Ow.” he said, and so I slowly pulled out, with
a final ‘pop.’

Sarah was by my side, washing my cock off with
a rag, and then turning to clean her son as well. I lay
back, exhausted.

And I had thought my life was getting crazy just
two months ago!

As I lay there, I glanced over at Sandy’s nubile
body. Her pert breasts and small ass were just begging
to be fucked by a real cock. I was amazed to feel my
cock stiffening just at the sight of here.

Sarah caught my gaze and, smiling wickedly, she
began sucking and jacking off my cock, murmuring to me:
“Why not do her sweety? C’mon Stevie, we’re all so
horny, we want to watch you fuck her.”

I was ragingly horny again in no time flat.
Sandy leaned back on the bed, playing with herself,
inserting a finger into her cunt, and then her ass.
Sarah pulled off me. “Now’s the time, lover boy.”

I covered Sandy’s young body. I worshipped it
— I kissed and licked and bit her all over-sometimes
not so softly, driving her wild with sensations. I was
amazed at how small she was compared to me, and yet
tantalizingly womanly at the same time. By the time I
worked my cock into her tight youngtwat, I was obliv-
ious to the rest of the world, I knew only her.

I can’t even remember the specifics of the act
itself; all I remember is what it felt like to fit so
snugly inside of her, the feel of her hands on my large
arms, swirling my fingers up her asshole and feeling
my cock through the thin membrane. I remember her
calling me “Daddy”, I remember engulfing her young
breasts in my mouth.

As I came, I covered her mouth with mine, raping
her with my tongue as well as my cock, and with two
fingers fully up her ass, I can’t imagine she could
have felt more penetrated.

When it was over, I knew something significant
had changed for me. I wasn’t the same person I had been
two weeks ago. I was a part of this family in a deeper
and more meaningful way than I had ever thought
possible. I loved them, body and soul, as a father and
as a lover. And I hoped that our “new family” would
stay this way forever…