Chicken-Fight Blastoff

A lot of gay guys are into wrestling. My college
roommate was; the body contact turned him on and I
guess that motivation contributed to his success on the
wrestling team. That was before Nautilus machines, and
he and his teammates used to use each other as live
weight for exercises, partly because wrestlers have to
be able to withstand their opponents’ weight without

I’ll never forget the first night he asked me to help
him out with exercises in our dorm room while we were
lounging around in our jockey shorts. Ray was well over
six feet and very muscular, and when I jumped astride
his back as he bent over to do the “donkey” calf
exercise I could feel his muscles moving between my
bare thighs as he rose up and down on his toes. But
what was really wild was when I mounted his shoulders,
(per his request) straddling the back of his powerful
neck with my legs gripping his sides and my feet tucked
behind his back, while he did squats and then lunges,
going forward with each leg in turn.

I always loved riding piggyback when I was a kid, and
this was really no different, and those strong neck
muscles moving in my crotch were an incredible turn on
for some reason. In no time I had a hard on.
Fortunately he loved being straddled, and he didn’t
mind my being turned on.

This usually led to a lot of fun, as you can imagine.
One of the times I remember best was when I visited Ray
during the summer at his folks’ beach house. The
evening I arrived he had two other friends already
there. One I knew: Rocky was a heavily-muscled Italian,
a member of Ray’s wrestling team with thick, curly
black hair that contrasted sharply with Ray’s blond
good looks.

Rocky’s friend Chip was younger, just a freshman, and a
lot smaller. He turned out to be a runner and a
gymnast, and his nice compact build looked good in his
white Speedos, but he was even shorter than I. I lost
no time in stripping to my own Speedos, pulling them up
so that the smooth nylon felt nice and tight; I was
into swimming and horseback riding and liked the way my
lean, taut body looked and felt in the brief blue
swimsuit. I followed the others out to the private
beach and in no time we were in the water horsing

Ray and I knew what we liked, so it was no surprise
when he dove down behind me, grabbed my hips, ducked
his head between my thighs, and pressed his neck up
into my crotch, standing up with me riding his
shoulders. I really loved it, and it was my good luck
that he felt the same way. Chip stared for a moment,
watching me wriggling into position, centering my
weight astride Ray, and gripping his sides with my legs
as Ray jumped around a bit beneath me. “Hey, that looks
like fun,” he finally, yelled. “How about a chicken

Rocky was certainly willing. He bent his knees a bit,
and Chip put his hands on the big bodybuilder’s
shoulders and vaulted quickly astride his neck, tucked
his feet behind Rocky’s back like an experienced
shoulder jockey, and was ready to attack. I really
liked the way he looked astride Rocky’s neck, but I had
little time to admire his riding form before Rocky and
Ray plowed into each other, and Chip and I started
trying to unseat each other. Ray and Rocky wrapped
muscled arms around our legs as we struggled, and as I
managed to trap Chip in a brief headlock, Ray’s hands
moved up to grip my thighs, pressing them tighter
astride his neck.

As Chip and I tried to twist each other off our mounts’
shoulders, Chip grabbed me in a bear hug, which forced
Ray and Rocky to slam into each other in order to keep
their balance, chest-to-chest and basket-to-basket. We
were all laughing like crazy, but I became aware of the
two wrestlers’ motion below, muscle grinding against
muscle and crotch against crotch.

As Ray and I we finally pulled free in the shallow
surf, with both riders still astride, I noticed that
Rocky’s bull meat was beginning to make a very
noticeable bulge in his black Speedos. In fact, it was
clearly on its way straight up and beginning to fight
the pressure of the drawstring. In seconds the four of
us were at it again, with the slap of hands and arms
mixing with the thud of Rocky’s and Ray’s sturdy bodies
bumping into each other again and again.

I couldn’t help noticing that Rocky’s cock was getting
really big and hard, even beginning to work its way up
and out of his Speedos. Chip grabbed my hair, but even
as I yelled “Foul!” my impatience for Ray to move in
closer made me thrust my hips forward against the back
of his head, and it had the effect it always does: I
was getting hard as hell.

At this point Ray and Rocky tripped over each other’s
feet and the four of us were dunked. But not for long-
by common consent, Chip and I switched mounts, both of
us springing to our “horses'” shoulders.

“You feel good up there,” Rocky told me.

“I feel GREAT up here,” I replied, settling in astride
his muscular neck, and noticing that I could just
barely feel the bristle of his curly hair through my
thin Speedos. But we were at it again. By this time it
was clear that Chip, too, was getting a hard on.

Watching this compact, well-built boy jockeying Ray’s
shoulders with his growing boner coming into view with
every bounce added to my own excitement, but it wasn’t
long before we were floundering again in the surf.
By now we were all hard. I suspect this was a new
experience for Chip, but kids his age are easily turned
on, and he was staring more and more at my own hard on,
which had found its way over the top of my Speedos and
had begun making an appearance among Rocky’s black
curls as I rode him.

Ray said, “Let’s get out of these suits. I want to feel
you guys riding us bareback!”

That was all I needed to hear to put the finishing
touches on my hard on. Rocky ducked between Chip’s bare
thighs just as I felt Ray’s neck rise into my own bare
crotch, and in no time we were mounted again, hot naked
jockeys astride our powerful, equally excited mounts.

Their excitement made Ray and Rocky a bit unsteady, and
Chip and I had to grab our “horses” heads and grip
squeeze our thighs tightly astride their necks to keep
our seats. Chip grabbed a handful of Rocky’s hair even
as I pulled Ray’s head back against my hot rod. Our
balls, now resting naked on our mounts’ backs, were
tickled by their hair, and again I felt Ray’s strong
hands gripping my thighs.

It wasn’t much of a fight. The “horses'” cocks were
bobbing in and out of the water, Ray’s the longest, but
Rocky’s thicker and heavily veined. Chip and I were
very excited too, but I had ridden Ray like this before
and decided I wanted a little variety. “Let’s switch
mounts again!” I suggested. Chip was all for it, and
quickly jumped off Rocky’s shoulders.

I swung one bare leg around so that I was straddling
one of Ray’s thick shoulders, and he raised his arm to
press against my back, which pushed my crotch tight up
against his neck and my cock against his ear. Then he
let me slide down his arm to dismount. Chip jumped
quickly on Ray’s shoulders, wiggling delightedly into
position, but I mounted Rocky the way I had dismounted
from Ray, first straddling his left shoulder, gripping
Rocky’s big chest and back between my thighs, then
swinging my right leg around his neck and thus mounting
his broad shoulders, a very turned-on naked jockey
astride a very willing mount.

Ray and Rocky lost no time, and began jerking each
other off. Chip, unable to hold Ray’s smooth blond
hair, had to wrap an arm around and under the big
stud’s chin. Chip began moaning as he thrust his hips
against Ray’s neck and head, his cock mashed between
Ray’s head and his own belly with each thrust, his bare
thighs tightening spasmodically. He reached down to
grab one of Ray’s hard pecs, and Ray flexed his pecs
for his frenzied young rider, gripping Chip’s thighs
with his big hands.

Suddenly Chip grunted and a long spurt of cum shot past
Ray’s ear into the surf. Chip went limp and leaned
forward on Ray, just as Ray and Rocky exploded
simultaneously beneath us.

It was incredible. I had held out as long as I could,
but by now I was humping madly astride Rocky, my hands
buried in his thick hair, and he twisted his head
against my iron-hard cock as I rode him so that I found
myself alternately fucking the back of his head, then
his ear, then the other side of his head. Rocky let go
of Ray’s cock and began stroking my thighs, heightening
my pleasure, and my own spasms began as I humped
astride Rocky’s smooth, strong neck, feeling the
muscles move against my cock as my balls bounced on his
shoulders, until a long cascade of jism arced over the
top of his head into the water.

Soon after, we were sprawled, exhausted, on the beach-
but it was an unforgettable ride.