Crazy Beauty

I’d known Alissa Violet for all of five minutes before she and I were making out in front of everyone at the party, carrying on like two love struck teenagers on the living room dance floor.

To be fair, we were both as drunk as each other and acting on pure impulse, with me walking up behind her and placing my hands on her slender hips, while she shook her ass seductively to the beat of the music.

It was in that moment that I knew I had to have her, and before I even considered any of the consequences, I felt her lean back and invite me to run my hands all over her exquisite body.

This lewd gesture continued for all of a minute or two before our faces suddenly merged and the two of us were sharing a deep kiss in front of all of our friends.

That being said, I was actually surprised when I felt her take my hand and guide it between her legs, permitting me access through a sexy slit on the side of her dress where I quickly found and rubbed her cunt through her lace panties.

I’d barely managed to slip two fingers inside before she turned to face me and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me in for an even deeper kiss. I responded to this by teasing her pea-sized clit with the tips of my fingers, and was surprised to find that she was fully shaved clean.

By the time the second song ended, Alissa broke our kiss and without saying so much of a word, pulled me off the “dance floor” to find a more secluded area of the house where we could get to know each other better.

I don’t mind saying I felt pretty smug with myself at that point, particularly since almost everyone at the party had been eyeing her from the moment she arrived. She was without doubt the sexiest creature there, and apparently off limits.

Amusingly enough the model-turned-youtuber appeared to be as drunk as I was, as we spent the next few minutes simply huddled in the corner of the courtyard making out and dry humping one another, until she finally stopped to ask my name.

“Does it really matter at this point,” I quipped, rather enjoying the fact that we were two complete strangers.

“No, you’re right.” she agreed. “Don’t tell me. It’s more fun and mysterious that way.”

I responded by pulling her in for another kiss only for her to now tease me with her lips and body.

“Fucking tease,” I told her. “You’ve been teasing all those boys at the party all night long.”

“About time someone did something about it,” she smiled. “Any longer and I was going to have to resort to something drastic like, go home with one of my girlfriends.”

“Are you into that kind of thing,”

“Put it this way, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve ended the night getting stuffed by a strap-on.”

“Now there’s an image,” I grinned before pulling her in for another kiss. “Are you staying anywhere nearby?”

“Why, do you want to take me home and fuck me?” she stated bluntly.

“The thought had crossed my mind,” I answered back.

“At least you’re honest,” she slurred. “Tell you what, get us a ride home tonight and I’ll see what I can do.”

As it so happened, I had my brothers G-Wagon outside so it didn’t take much convincing to get her into the passenger seat before taking off in the direction of her place.

All things considered it was probably a bad idea to get behind the wheel in my current condition, but to tell you the truth Alissa was just so damn hot I figured she was worth the risk.

The entire drive home my eyes flicked between the road and her long slender legs, which at this point were on full display. I didn’t even get mad when she raised her heels up onto the dashboard and slipped a hand between her legs to “adjust” her panties during the trip.

By the time we arrived back to her place she briefly explained how she was currently staying at a villa with several friends, who were fellow youtubers like her, and one of which was her on again, off again boyfriend Jake.

While I probably should have been upset at the revelation, I was just drunk enough at that point to not give a shit and straight up called her a cheeky little slut to her face, in a playful way of course.

“You little slut,” I chuckled. “You make me drive you all the way home, just to tell me you have a boyfriend?”

Amusingly enough, hearing this tone from me only seemed to encourage her.

“Well, since you put it like that,”

I had to snicker at her response, and could tell she was going to be a real handful.

“So are you coming in or what?”

I only hesitated for a second before I felt her reach over and squeeze the hard cock in my pants.

“I promise I’ll make it worth your while,”

I didn’t doubt it.

In fact I barely had time to ask her how she planned on doing that, before she took out my cock and leaned over to take me into her hot, wet mouth. We now sat there parked outside her “boyfriends” house, with the headlights still on and my hard dick in her mouth.

Truth be told I didn’t need much convincing to join her inside, but I was happy to play along if only to prolong the dick sucking I was currently receiving from the stunning socialite.

“Does that convince you,” she grinned before kissing me again.

She sure had a way about her. She just didn’t seem to give a fuck, and I loved it.

Having locked up the car, Alissa pulled me by the hand up to the front door where we quietly slipped into the house. This was made increasingly difficult considering her loud, six inch heels which clicked loudly on the tiled floor as she walked.

As we made our way up the stairs I suddenly felt a surge of adrenaline shoot up my spine, with the whole sneaking around in her boyfriends house and all, and reached up to slide my hand between her long legs, as she walked in front of me.

I couldn’t believe how soft and smooth they felt in my hands, and ultimately brushed the back of my knuckles against her young sex, finding her not only aroused but incredibly wet. Noting this, I immediately grabbed her by the arm and stopped her halfway up the staircase, pulling her into another deep kiss.

As erotic as this was, even I couldn’t have imagined what would happen next as she willingly dropped to her knees on the stairs and sucked my dick, right there in the middle of the seemingly packed, four bedroom home.

It was a noise in the kitchen downstairs that finally startled us back to reality, with her quickly dragging me up to the second floor where she pulled me into her dark bedroom, claiming that her “boyfriend” slept in the room next door.

In all honesty I was so turned on at that point I couldn’t have cared less if he watched much less where he slept, as I just wanted to rip those fucking clothes off her body and smash her into next week!

Inside, Alissa stopped to simply stand in front of me and catch her breath. I suspect the entire situation turned her on as much as it did me.

For a moment I wondered if she was suddenly having second thoughts, but instead of backing out she reached up to unhook her cocktail dress and let it fall to the floor around her feet, leaving her to stand there in nothing but her tiny lace knickers.

When she kicked her dress away with her feet and cupped her perky natural breasts with both hands, I just about thought I had died and gone to heaven. She looked absolutely angelic in that moment, assuming all angels in heaven also had their nipples pierced.

When I abruptly pulled her to me and kissed her hard on the lips again, she literally melted in my arms. I then tore my mouth away from hers, and took one of her erect nipples into my mouth, sucking and slurping on her teat before moving to its twin to give it the same treatment.

Alissa panted under her breath while running her fingers through my hair, then reached down and seemed intent of stripping me out of my clothes.

“Hurry, take this shit off,” she hissed. “I needed your cock!”

I happily obliged and took off my shirt and pants and was rewarded to the feel of skin against skin. Without wasting another moment, the drunk model then reached down between us and gripped my heat stick with her hand, stroking me firmly while swirling her tongue into my mouth.

“What about your boyfriend,”

“Screw him and his friends, I need this. I need it bad.”

Who was I to argue. I felt myself shudder when she brushed the tip of my dick with her finger and teased my piss-slit, all the while staring deep into my eyes. My god she was stunning, crazy beautiful.

“Why don’t you finish what you started in the car,” I challenged, to which she smirked and dropped to her knees and kissed the very tip of my sword.

The sexy little minx then dragged her wet tongue along the underside of my shaft, starting at my nuts and working her way up to the head, before taking me into her warm mouth.

I could tell from her deliberate actions that she genuinely enjoyed giving guys head, and it showed. Her enthusiasm for it was starting to mount, as did her pace and the grip she had around the base of my rod.

As her head bobbed up and down she stroked me in her hand until I finally couldn’t take anymore. I eventually had to push her away, and shoved her back onto her bed where I dropped to my knees, pulled her legs apart, and plunged into her shaved cunt face first.

With her legs now placed over my shoulders, I licked from the back to the front and buried my lips deep in her pussy. I licked, bit, and sucked her nub before adding two fingers to the mix and plunged them inside, clamping my lips around her clit while rubbing her g-spot.

Her climax was instantaneous and she came hard, her entire body shuddering violently while her butt lifted up off the mattress below her. I didn’t dare stop or let her catch her breath, and quickly mounted her on the bed. I hovered over her, lifted her hips, and then slowly entered her tight cunt for the very first time.

Her eyes closed of their own free will as she wrapped her arms around my back and held on. I started slowly, pulling all the way out, then all the way in. My god she felt exquisite, like a warm velvet glove. After a few minutes of this I then increased the pace, and felt her hands stroke up and down my bare back.

Alissa could do nothing but hold on for the ride, as I essentially picked up the pace and now pounded her within an inch of her life. Then, just as quickly as it began we rolled over with her suddenly straddling me.

She sat there on top for a second relishing the feel of the new position, and how deep I was, then proceeded to move. Up. Down. Back, and forth. She stayed upright and ground her pelvis into me, which sent me even deeper into her.

“ugh-god, that feels so good.” she panted as I met her every thrust. “I could come like this,”

“Go ahead, I’d like to see that.”

She reached down and rubbed her clit, riding me faster and harder while whipping her hips back and forth. At one point I pulled her down into another deep kiss, and used this opportunity to pin her against me while reaching down with both hands to squeeze and grope her luscious ass cheeks.

“Take it,” I hissed in her ear. “Take that cock!”

“ugh-fuck, you’re gunna make me come—” she sobbed. “Gonna make me come all over your hard cock!”

As her climax approached, Alissa exploded. She couldn’t even keep her pace anymore, so I flipped her over onto her back again, and pounded her into the fucking mattress – her legs spread and pinned back as I wailed into her.

She cried out loud as her pussy literally creamed all over my cock. The look on her face was priceless too, like she’d never been fucked so savagely before in her entire young life. Unfortunately for her, despite her orgasm I wasn’t even close to done.

“Please, please, wait-” she panted out of breath. “Give me a minute to recover, holy shit!”

I only pulled out long enough to grab her legs and manipulate them into another position.

“oh, I’m just getting started on your ass sweetheart,”

I rolled the naked model onto her stomach, lifted her hips up into the air, and before she could protest I entered her from behind. Alissa gasped with surprise then moaned audibly as I filled her completely and was immediately balls deep!


I could tell she was more than exhausted already, but at that point I was on a mission to come just as she had. Amusingly enough her pussy was so tight and wet – particularly in that position – that she felt absolutely divine, even tighter than before.

In fact her submissive nature was such a turn on for me that a dirty thought ran through my head, compelling me to tease her backdoor with my thumb, while I continued to rail her from behind, face down ass up.

Alissa could only grunt to the action and before she knew what was happening, I replaced my thumb with the head of my cock, and proceeded to fuck her tight shit-pipe, delighted to see that her sphincter gave little to no resistance whatsoever.

This clearly wasn’t her first backdoor adventure, and the notion alone made me harder than steel.

It only took a few minutes of this probing before she finally glanced over her shoulder, and as if suddenly realizing what we were actually doing (anal) she flashed me the most seductive look yet and begged for more.

“Ah-yeah, fuck me.” she grunted over her shoulder. “-fuck my ass!”

“-is that what you want, baby?” I hissed back. “Get fucked in the ass with your boyfriend in the next room!”

“Yeah, fuck the shit out of me!” she growled. “Give it to me hard.”

When I slapped her butt sharply then grabbed hold of her hips, and pummeled her as hard and fast as I could, it didn’t take long to finish her off. In fact when I felt her climax a minute later, the sheer intensity of her orgasm sent me over the edge and I grunted out loud as I pulled out to shoot my hot load all over her ass, back and spine.