Just Too Much Noise

It looked like it was going to be a quite night in for me.
My wife had gone away to visit a friend for the weekend and taken
the kids with her. I got in some tins and settled down to watch T.V
for the night. At around 8pm I heard music from the next door
neighbors house. It wasn’t too loud so I never paid much attention
to it.

By 11pm the music was so loud that I couldn’t hear the TV
so I turned it off. I looked out of the window to see a group of
girls heading up the path of the house next door, they were carrying
a bottle each, I guessed there was a party going on. I knew that Phil
and Gail were away and there 18 year old daughter Michelle was stay-
ing alone for the weekend. There was quite a lot of noise coming
from the next door garden, so I decided to look out of my bedroom
window to see what was happening. I turned off all the lights so
that they didn’t see me looking.

In the garden next door was about 10 youths, six girls and
four boys. They were about 15 to 18 years old and all seemed drunk.
The number one record on the charts started playing and most of the
group went in. I could see in the light from the house that there
was just a girl and boy left. They went around the side of the shed
out of view of the house, but I could clearly see them. They began
to kiss passionately and she pushed him against the shed wall. His
hands disappeared up her top and then they swapped positions and he
pushed her against the shed. He lifted up her jumper and reached
behind her. I could see she had lovely rounded tits in a lacy white
half cup bra. He reached behind and undid it lifting it up until her
tits fell free. They never dropped an inch and remain firm. He
lowered his head and kissed each one in turn, as she tilted her
head back in pleasure. He then returned to kissing her lovely red
lips and fondling her tits. She reached down and unzipped his
trousers pulling them down below his backside.

She raised one leg and pulled her knickers to one side. He
pushed his prick into her, as she pushed forward to meet his thrust.
She hung around his neck, lifted both feet off the floor and crossed
them behind his back. She bounced up and down on his tool as he thrust
in and out. He pushed her hard against the shed wall and pumped away
as fast as he could. He gave one big thrust and stayed right inside
her, emptying his load into her.

Just them the doorbell rang so I hurried to answer it. I
opened it wide and Michelle stood there. She was a beautiful young
girl. She had short dark hair and a lovely pair of small tits. She
was wearing a very short leather dress which clung to her young

“Hi Gary, I hope we’re not disturbing the kids.” She asked
me, with a lovely smile. From the sound of her voice I could tell
she had been drinking and was well on the way to being pissed. I
explained that my wife was away with the kids. She smiled and asked
if I wanted to come over then. I declined and told her I was OK pro-
vided it had finished by 2am in the morning. She left me with a
smile and skipped down the path. I sat on the sofa watching TV
for a while and must of nodded off.

I was woken by the doorbell ringing again, I looked at the
clock it was 3am and the music was still going strong. Half asleep
I answered the door, to see two young girls standing there. They
were completely pissed and could hardly stand. They pushed passed
me into the hall. The younger of the two, she must have been about
16 flung her arms around me and started to kiss me, feeling my balls
at the same time.

Her friend interrupted her, “Jade, Jade, wrong house.” She
pulled away and apologized and opened the front door again. As she
did I saw Michelle standing there, she looked embarrassed. I had
lip stick all over my face. She pulled the two girls out and told
them to go next door.

“I’m sorry did they disturb you, please come in next door
and join in.” She said even more pissed than before. This time I
accepted those girls had got my interest. I followed her in the
house and was amazed at the site. A couple were on the stairs and
he was playing with her tits through the thin material of her
blouse. She was rubbing his cock through his jeans.

In the living room were about 4 couples dancing all
kissing and groping each other. I got a drink and stood in the
kitchen for a while I felt a bit out of it, but had a few drinks
anyway. After a while I needed to go to the toilet so I headed
upstairs. As the house is a semi-detached it is the same as mine.
I went up the stairs to the lou to do this I had to climb over
the couple on the stairs. She now had his trousers undone and
his prick out, he had his hands up her skirt and was finger
fucking her.

I forgot that the house was the reverse of mine and
turned the wrong way at the top of the stairs. I entered a
room which was in darkness and tried to find the light switch,
but because it was the bedroom and not the bathroom it was not
where I thought it would be. As soon as I entered the room I
was grabbed by two pairs of hands and pulled onto a bed. Before
I could speak a pair of bare tits were trust in my face. The
other pair of hands pulled at my trousers and got them to my
ankles. I tried to get up, but was forced back. The pair of
tits were replaced by a wet fanny. A voice in the darkness
told me to lick it. I slid my tongue alone the slit and
sucked on the clit. The girl jumped as I hit the right spot.
My prick was now hard and a pair of lips were placed on it.
They sucked gently for a while as I licked the cunt on my
face. The lips were taken off my prick and I felt it sliding
into a wet fanny. The girl rode my prick with her tight cunt.
She moaned louder and louder with each penetration.

“Jesus Tony, we must have got you excited your much
bigger than usual” Came Michelle’s voice from the darkness.
Realizing that I was being fucked by my neighbors little girl
I tried to call out, but the fanny on my face muffled my
cries. Michelle began to call out loud cries of “yes, I’m
coming” This was too much for me and I emptied my hot cum
into her. She flopped down on my chest and lay there.
I licked the pussy on my face which came almost immediately
after. She rolled off and spoke.

“Happy birthday Tony from us two” She said as she
turned on the light. Michelle lay on top of me with my prick
still inside her, she had her eyes closed as the other girl
spoke again. “Shell, Shell it’s not Tony”