All the boys wanted to get into Penny’s pants


Penny wished that cheerleading practice would end. Her
brother was coming home that afternoon on his first leave since
joining the Army. She hadn’t seen him for six months and missed
him a lot. She looked down at the court and saw that basketball
practice was almost over. The boys were running laps. That meant
that her squad’s practice would soon end too. She began doing
splits, and about 5 minutes later, her coach called it quits for
the day. Penny gathered her things and went down to the basket-
ball court and the girl’s locker room to shower.

“Hey Penny!” She heard her boyfriend John call. She turned
around and smiled. She liked John, even though he wasn’t
really on the basketball team, and wasn’t that good looking. He
was the team manager, a glorified water boy. While John was
several inches taller than Penny, some of the other cheerleaders
were taller than him. Her friends couldn’t understand this. Penny
was one of the best looking girls at Southland High School. She
was 16, a junior, about 5′ 1″, blonde, blue eyed with a 35 inch
chest, a B-cup and the cutest ass around. All the boys wanted to
get into her pants. That was the problem. For while she had the
smile of a slut and the body to match, she was quite shy and
timid when it came to sex. Sure, she wanted to learn and to try,
well, everything, but, she was too scared. That was the best thing
about John, he didn’t pressure her. At least he hadn’t in the
past. Lately he was getting more demanding. Last Saturday night
at the point, the place where everyone went to makeup, and more,
she thought he was going to attack her. Well, everyone else there
was into some heavy sex. Kathy was on her hands and knees with
her skirt up and Ted was pushing into her in the very next car.
John tried to feel her up. She wouldn’t let him. She was sure he
was rubbing himself as they kissed.

“Hi John.” she said. “I really can’t talk now. My brother
is coming home for a week from basic training today and I
can’t wait to see him, its been six months. I need to take a
shower and get home”.

“Please Penny” John pleaded, “I only need to see you a
little while, you won’t be late”.

“Can’t it wait until tomorrow?” Penny asked.

“I really need to see you now.” John begged.

Penny thought for a moment, then seeing the look in his eyes
said, “OK”.

John’s face lit up in a big smile. He took Penny by the hand
and led her under the stands. It was dim there, but enough light
came through the seats so that John could clearly see the South-
land High “S” on Penny’s chest and the curves of her breasts
behind it. He looked further down and studied her tiny waist and
the hem of the mini-skirt of her cheerleader uniform. Her per-
fectly shaped legs always excited him. He took her in his arms
and kissed her hard. His tongue entered her open mouth and found

She kissed him back with passion. His hands gently rubbed
her back along her bra strap. As they continued to kiss, his
hands dropped lower on her back to the top of her ass. He grew
even more excited. His cock began to rise in his basketball
shorts and press against her leg. She felt his hardening dick and
her nipples began to stiffen, pressing tightly on her bra.
Her young cunt began to get hot, and she rubbed it on his leg.
She felt the wetness it her snatch begin to trickle out and she
kissed him harder. John lowered his hands to her ass, and squeez-
ed her cheeks through her skirt. He gently raised the hem of her
skirt and put his hands on her ass with only her panties between
his hands and the flesh of her bottom.

Her heart began to beat rapidly and the usual fears entered
her mind. He moved his hand to enter the top of her panties.

“Stop John!” She whispered. “We can’t do this yet and we sure
can’t do it here.”

“Oh Penny please!” John whispered. “Don’t stop now, you
always stop. Your friends Jill and Kathy, all of them have
gone all the way. Kathy was taking it from behind at the point
Saturday night from Ted, while we sat in my car and you wouldn’t
even let me put my hand in your blouse. Why, last Thursday, after
practice, Jill blew Fred right here while Pete and I watched. She
was going to suck me off after, but the janitor came by and shut
off the lights. Jill, who doesn’t even like me was going to blow
me, and you, my girlfriend have never even touched my cock.”

Penny was shocked. “You would let my friend give you a blow
job?” She asked. “How could you? You’re MY boyfriend!”

“Penny, I get so horny because you’re such a prude, I’d let
any girl suck me off!”

As they were speaking, John continued to move his hands
inside of Penny’s panties. He had a hand on each of her ass
cheeks and was squeezing them gently. This was further then he
had ever gone with her. He kissed her once more, and began to
push her uniform panties down. “Please John, stop” she said. “We
can’t do this here. Wait until Saturday night. We’ll go out. You
can feel me up all you want then. And I’ll touch you.”

“I want to fuck you!”

“O.K., O.K! You can fuck me on Saturday. I’ll suck your cock.
I, I want to suck your cock. Only, not here. I’m not Jill. I
can’t do those things where people might see me. I’ll blow you,
you can fuck me, only wait until Saturday!” She figured that by
Saturday night he would calm down and she could control his

John squeezed her ass harder. “O.K., I’ll wait until then
for the real thing, but, I want you to jerk me off, and do it
now. You say you’ll do all those things, but so far, you’ve never
even touched me. Put you hand in my pants, take my dick out, and
jerk it. I want to see my cum on your hand. Then I’ll believe you
about Saturday.”

“My brother.”

“He can wait a few more minutes. I said take my cock out.”

Penny knew that if she didn’t do as he asked, he would break
up with her. Her next boyfriend probably wouldn’t be as under-
standing as John had been. Also, she wanted to do it. She wanted
to grow up. She wanted to do all the things her friends always
talked about. They laughed at her because, like John said, she
was a prude.

She looked John right in the eyes. She pulled back a
little way and smiled. Penny took her hand from his back and
placed it on the front of his shorts, on his crotch, on his

Her smile turned to that of a twenty dollar a pop whore
playing with a sixty year old trick. “Is this what you want?” she
whispered coarsely. She grabbed his rigid pole through the thin
material. Her other hand pushed down on his shorts. He groaned.
He took his hands off her ass and touched her tits. “NO! You
can’t touch me till Saturday.” She took her hand off his dick,
grabbed the other side of his shorts, and in one swift motion,
pulled them and his jock strap down. His cock sprung free and
stood out at a 90 degree angle.

Penny stared down at the prize she had just uncovered.
It was bigger than she thought it would be. She had seen her
brother’s once or twice, and of course, pictures in the magazines
she kept hidden in her room, but this cock was real, and only
inches from her. She looked up at John with that whore smile of

“You want me to touch it?” she asked. “You want me to jerk
you off? You want me to rub your cock?”

“Yes.” John replied weakly.

Penny smiled again. “Ask me nicely. No, beg me to.”

John looked at her hand. It was only an inch from the tip
of his cock. He wanted this so badly. He reached towards her
hand but she pulled it back.

“That’s not begging. I’m leaving.”

“No!” He yelled. “Please, please touch my cock. I need it
so bad.”

“O.K.” she said “That’s better.” Penny moved her right hand
and circled it around John’s engorged shaft. He groaned. She
squeeze down and ran her thumb along the head, flicking his piss
hole. Her perfectly red painted fingernails began to move up and
down along his shaft. Penny’s left hand moved to his balls and
lightly scraped and squeezed them. She kept looking at John’s
face and then at what her hands were doing to his dick. She
closed her hand tighter around his dick and began to jerk faster.
A drop of cum appeared on the tip. She moved her thumb to it, and
rubbed the droplet on to the head of his penis. She released the
pressure on his shaft and lightly but rapidly moved up and down
its full length. He was moaning loudly.

The things she was doing were not only affecting him, but
herself as well. She felt wetness oozing from her cunt. Her
nipples were rock hard. She looked down at his prick and had
the urge to get on her knees and suck it.

Penny took his hand and placed it on her left tit. “I
changed my mind.” She said. He pinched her nipple through her
sweater and bra, then lifted his hand and put it under the
sweater. Her heart was pounding.

John cupped her tit with only the thin material of her bra
between his fingers and her flesh, then he pushed the bra cup of
her left breast away, and finally, after a year and a half of
dating, touched her nipple. This, and her non-stop action on
his shaft was to much for him.

“I’m gonna cum!” he moaned. “Don’t stop, don’t stop, I’m
gonna cum I’m gonna cum, I’m cumming, squeeze harder, I’m cumm-
ing.” Penny looked at her hand and saw cum spurting from the tip
of his prick. John rubbed roughly on her bare tit, then with his
other hand lifted her mini-skirt, turned, and directed the
pulsating flow from his cock onto her cheerleader panties. His
cum seeped through onto her pretty little lacy panties next to
her skin.

Penny kept pulling his prick in her hand until it stopped
spurting. The sight of John’s dick shooting its creamy load
over her panties was enough to get her off also. Penny shuttered,
and felt a wave of love juice flow from her virgin pussy and mix
with John’s seed on her panties. Some of John’s cum dripped onto
Penny’s hand that was caressing his balls. She took that hand,
placed it under her sweater, moved John’s hand from her breast,
and rubbed his cum onto her tit flesh. She put her tit back in
its cup, and removed both her hand and his from her sweater. She
lowered her raised mini-skirt back down over her cum soaked
panties and smiled at John. “See John.” She said “I’m really not
a prude, just shy about sex. Saturday night we can do all those
things I said. Now, I’ve got to clean up and go home.” She kissed
him lightly on the lips. She turned to leave him under the stands
with his shorts down and his dick throbbing in the aftermath of a
great handjob.

At the end of the stands, just before the exit from the
gym was Leroy, the 6’5″ black starting center of the basketball
team. Leroy had an I.Q. of about 80. He was bussed to Southland
High everyday from the black slums downtown because he was a
great basketball player. Academically, he probably would have
been expelled from even a ghetto school. His shorts were down and
his cock stood out erect, over twice the size of John’s. Penny
stared at it. “Shit!” he said. If you gonna mess wit anybody, you
be playing wit me bitch. Dis a real tool, not a piece a baby meat
like dat boy John da jerk.” As he spoke he began pulling the
black, thick, long cock meat. “Come heea bitch.”

“No!” Penny said hoarsely, not able to take her eyes from
Leroy’s prick. “Get away from me you dumb nigger! You can’t even
speak English. The only reason you’re in this school is basket-
ball. You make me sick, standing there exposing your cock and
playing with yourself like the uncivilized monkey that you are.”
He moved towards her, cock in hand. Penny turned and ran pass
him, still gazing at the mass of black cock meat in his hand.

“I’s don’ts makes yous sick. I’s makes you hot. Yous knows
yous wants it!” Leroy laughed. “You be back bitch. You wants it.
Next time you be begging for it on you knees. All yous white
bitches wants Leroy’s super cock. You the only cheerleader that
ain’t had it yet. You be next. You beg.”

Outside of the gym, Penny stopped to catch her breath. In
the back of her mind, she knew Leroy was right. After seeing his
huge cock, she did want it. Had Leroy really fucked all her
friends on the cheerleading squad? She felt a sexy twinge just
thinking about it. That was some cock. And John, she really
had jerked him off. Her nipples were hardening. I have to get
home, she thought. She looked down at the front of her mini-
skirt, a stain was beginning to show. She couldn’t go into the
girl’s locker room, someone would see. Penny decided to go home
without changing. She could clean up there. She had to get home,
after all, her brother was waiting.

Continued in part two…