Bill get’s seduced into sex with another guy

Bill was one hot looking guy. Thick dark hair over a
perpetually tanned face. Dark almost black eyes,
aquiline nose, thin lips that easily smiled when he
turned to look at you. A 26 years old, well built body,
toned from many years of weight lifting for strength,
not bulk. And lean from almost nonstop weekends of
surfing or skiing (and probably fucking chicks). He was
about 6′ tall and weighed in around 180 or so.

I had never seen his shirt off, but I could tell on the
few occasions he did not wear a t-shirt under his dress
shirt that he had a chest covered with fur.

Oh, did I mention, he was a coworker of mine and we were
constantly being thrown together by one problem or
another that we were expected to have solved yesterday??
Yes, I was in major LUST for Bill, which made it
extremely difficult for me to work with him. He of
course was oblivious to this, being Mister Straight!!!

Oh and one thing that really drove me crazy about Bill,
besides his OH SO CUTE ass, was that his pants always
had a bulge in the front, no matter how baggy they were,
where his dick head seemed to push out against his

I found myself so often looking at this if he would come
in my office while I was sitting and he’d stand talking
to me. MAJOR torture, I gotta tell you. I just wanted to
just yank that zipper down, grab that bulge and swallow
it whole. But, of course, I couldn’t do that. I was (and
still am) in the closet and couldn’t bear to have all my
coworkers know that I was gay.

Bill and I even joked around sometimes about his past,
and he told me once that in Greece, when a young man
reaches puberty, he is taken into the hills by his
father or older brother, or some other older male figure
and shown how to have sex. Yes, man-to-man sex!!! He
said this of course was never done to him since this was
American after all.

I asked if older friends would do this, and he said,
sure, if a relation was not available. I immediately
started a long-standing joke with him about me being his
Greek “buddy”. He’d always laugh and say no thanks, but
I was definitely not kidding. I would have dropped my
drawers right there in the office and let him fuck my
almost virginal ass.

Anyway, one day while taking a walk in the field near
work I saw him laying on the bleachers taking a sun
snooze, his shirt off. I had never actually seen him
shirtless before so of course I was drawn to him.

As I walked toward him, moving slowly and quietly, I
checked him out. From what I could see, I assumed his
back was hairless as what I could see of his shoulders
had no hair on them. His chest had a light covering of
dark hair. He was no gorilla, but he definitely was
turning me on. My cock was rising already.

The hair covered his pecs almost completely, broken only
by his two hard pointy pink nipples and the separation
between his pecs, the hair converged in the center of
his stomach, heading down to disappear into his pants,
God how I wanted to follow that hair. And of course,
continuing further I could see that little bulge of his
indicating where his meat lay.

As I stood there watching him, he moved his arm, the
muscles flexing and bulging. I’m not sure if I groaned
out loud or he just happened to sense someone nearby,
but all of a sudden his eyes flew open and he looked
right at me.

I was froze, not knowing what he would say. He looked at
me and said, “Oh hi, how long you been there?”

I said I had just got there, but did not want to disturb
his sleep. He said, he wasn’t sleeping. Just

I said, “Whose the girl?”

He laughed and shrugged. That shrug brought many of his
muscles into play. At that moment, I could swear the
term “rippling muscles” was coined to specifically apply
to him. My dick jumped again. We got to chatting, me
sitting on the bottom bleachers looking up between his
legs as he sat a couple bleachers up talking.

The head of his cock was plainly visible as we chatted
this way and I could stand it no longer. I had to try to
have this guy, even if it meant I was gonna get my ass
kicked or he told everyone in the office I made a play
for him.

So I blurted out, “Bill, how come your dick always seems
to be pushing out the front of your pants?”

He looked at me for a second, then seemed to take notice
of the fact that his dick did do just that, and laughed.
He said, “Oh, yeah, that’s cause even when my dick is
soft, it is still kinda stiff and it always pushes out
like that as it sits on my balls. Why do you ask?”

“I was just wondering, cause it’s hard not to notice and
I know several of the girls at the office are always
making comments about it.” He actually seemed to blush
from embarrassment, but I said they think it’s hot and
would love to see what is causing that lump. Then I
sealed my fate by saying, “And so would I!

He looked at me for almost a full minute not saying
anything, just staring.

I finally broke his gaze and looked at my shoes. He
asked, “Are you gay or something?” I just continued to
stare at my shoes. When he got no answer, he moved down
next to me on the bleacher, put his hand on my shoulder
and asked me again.

I finally blurted out, “Yeah, I guess I am.” He said,
“I’m definitely surprised, you’ve got a wife and two
sons. I said, “I know! I’ve been hiding it for many

He thought for a moment then asked, “Why me? Why would
you ask to see my dick? I’m not gay.”

I told him I didn’t think he was. But I just couldn’t
resist taking the chance as he had turned me on since
the very first day I had met him, with that little bulge
in the front and that great well-built body and what
looked like a manly hairy chest. (I didn’t tell him that
up until last year I thought the sign of a true man was
a hairy chest.

I learned that that wasn’t the case however, when a dude
with almost no hair on his body had fucked me for the
first time last year and done things with his cock to my
body that proved hair was not a part of being a man…
but I digress).

Anyway, Bill looked at me for a while, taking it all in,
then repeated, “But I’m not gay.”

I stood up and said I understood and started walking
away. He called me and said, “Wait, you just wanna see

I said, “Yeah.”

He said, “Ok let’s go over to those trees by the nature
trail where no one will see us. He grabbed his blanket
and shirt off the bleachers and we headed towards the
trees. Neither of us spoke.

When we got to the trees, he dropped blanket and shirt
on the ground, then undid his pants and dropped his
pants and jockeys to his ankles. I looked between his
legs, finally seeing the object of my fantasies. It was
about 3” long, and seemed to be hard.

I examined it as much as I could, looking at it from
ever angle, checking out his very low hanging balls
while I was at it. I reached out to touch it, but then
stopped and looked up at him, as if I was asking
permission. He nodded, and I grabbed hold of that dick.

It was definitely not hard, but was curiously stiff
nonetheless, like those foam bats we used in school to
learn self-defense. Anyway, I was really checking it
out, rubbing and stroking it and checking out those big
hairy balls, which felt full of cum. I could feel his
dick starting to respond by actually starting to throb
and fill with blood, but then he pulled away and reached
for his pants.

I asked what was wrong. He said, “I’M NOT GAY. We
shouldn’t be doing this.”

I said, “You’re not doing anything. I’m doing it all.
Just stand there and enjoy it.” I cajoled him another
minute or so and he finally turned back to me, his dick
almost to its normal state. It didn’t take me long
stroking it to get it hard again. He was about 6″ long
when I opened my mouth and swallowed his dick whole!

He gasped and tried to pull away, but I grabbed his butt
and pulled him back, shoving every last inch of meat
down my throat. It felt like it was getting bigger. I
pulled my mouth off it long enough to check it out. I
figured it to be about 8″ long and a couple thick.

It was hot looking, with a big thick vein running down
it’s underside. I started licking and nibbling on his
meat, alternately, swallowing it whole, just sucking on
the tip, licking it top to bottom and jacking it.

He finally told me if I kept it up, he would blow his
wad!. I kept going at it for a few more seconds really
getting my saliva coating it, then made a decision. “If
you wanna fuck me you can, dude.”

He pushed my mouth away from his cock. I thought, oh
shit, I’ve really blown it now. He tilted my face up to
his and asked, “Are you sure? Cause I’d love to try
that. My girlfriend won’t let me.”

I said, “Yeah.”

I stood up and dropped my pants and underwear to my
ankles then bent over, grabbing my ankles with my hands.
He came up behind me and rammed his meat up my ass in
one thrust. I was in immense pain, only having been
fucked there once before, and that almost a year ago. He
sensed my pain and started to pull out.

I said, “No, stay in there. Let me adjust to you.” He
stood perfectly still for several minutes, allowing my
ass to adjust and relax around his dick. When I signaled
ok, he started fucking me very slowly at first. It
seeming to take forever for his dick to come almost out
of my ass and then make the long slow journey back in

He fucked me slowly for several moments, then started
speeding up. He continued to fuck me, alternating
between long slow full dick length deep strokes and
short fast ass pounding strokes.

He fucked me for what seemed like hours. My back and
legs were starting to cramp, but I was enjoying this too
much to ask him to stop. Then he did stop and he pulled
out. I thought, oh shit he’s cumming. Instead I heard
him rustling around behind me. I slowly straightened and
turned to see him spreading out the blanket and kicking
off his shoes, sock, pants and underwear.

He told me to lay on the blanket. I started to lay on my
stomach, but he said, “No, lay on your back. I wanna
watch your face as I fuck you.” I had thought he was
imagining his girlfriend next to him as he fucked,
thinking it was her ass he was pounding, but now he
wanted to se my face as he fucked!?

Did this mean he actually WAS fucking me both with body
and mind? I immediately laid down on my back. He slid
between my legs. My ass was still pretty open, not being
able to close so quickly after such a thorough fucking.

He slipped his dick back into my hole and started
fucking me again with long deep strokes and short fast
ones. He pounded me for a long time before he finally
said, “I’m gonna cum!!!” he unloaded in my ass, dumping
what felt like gallons of his cum in my well-used hole.

It felt of his hot man cream in my hole and the pounding
he had given my prostate finally took its toll, and I
blew my wad all over my chest and his without even
touching my dick.

As I came down from my orgasm, I looked up into his
sweaty gorgeous face. He surprised the hell outta me
when he leaned over and kissed me full on the lips!!!

That did it. I think my mind blew a fuse and I went into
autopilot. Next thing I remember, was him cleaning my
ass with some towels he had in his lunch bag and helping
me put my clothes back on. He did this all while he
remained nude.

I finally got enough of my senses back to ask him, “Why
did you kiss me? I thought you weren’t gay?” (And no, I
didn’t say this sarcastically.)

He just looked at me and said, “I really had a good
time. In fact, it was one of the best sexual encounters
I have ever had. And, I felt you deserved a kiss.”

“I know I wanted to give you one,” I said.

Well, we never had sex again, but we became great
friends. He has told only one other person about what we
did together, and that was his brother, who just turned
18 and was working as an apprentice at our company.

I’m not sure if he has his brother’s soft stiffer cause
he always wears tight jeans, which would mash it down.
Things could definitely get interesting if he ever
wanted to follow in his brother’s footsteps and try out
walking on the wild side just once…