Swingers Club” In New York


For instance, last weekend, I went to the club and upon
my arrival, I met a nice looking gentleman who works on
Wall Street who wanted to spend a few hours in one of
the Play Rooms. We had a few drinks, undressed and
began to get it on. He was the type of individual who
liked to eat pussy. He began to caress my pussy with
his tongue, carefully rubbing my love button enough to
excite me but not enough to make me sore. He got me
quite wet and soon I was down on him, sucking him like
a Hoover.

I normally don’t swallow on a first date, but he was
pretty good, and got me excited enough that I forgot
all about my first date rule. When he came I swallowed
up every bit of it. Swishing it around in my mouth.

After that, he wanted to get it on again, but this time
in my ass. Since he wasn’t really too big, I let him
lubricate the end of his tool and put it in me. It
really didn’t go in too easy and I wasn’t all that
relaxed with the situation.

I’m always afraid the guy will (like most men) want me
to suck him off after it has been deep in shit! So to
speak. But anyway, he came again up my ass which is a
nice sensation. The come makes a nice warm feeling as
it spreads inside a girls bowels.

When he was done with me, a friend of his, a Bisexual
guy, came in and they began to suck each other off in
the age-old 69 position.

I have never tried to make it with two men before. I
made it with a few girlfriends of mine, especially one
that just gave birth. I love to suck her jugs as she is
giving milk…it’s like heating milk but with a
stronger muskier taste. Well I jumped in there, and
began sucking his friend’s dick along with him
inserting myself into their 69 position; his friend
sucking his dick, him eating me, and me of course doing
his friend. It was weird and my first experience with a
Bi-Sexual/Gay twosome kind of thing, so to speak.

After that, I spent a few hours at the bar, and had a
few drinks (no one wears any clothes at the bar, as a
matter of fact, nowhere in the club does anyone wear
clothes other than some jewelry) and had a couple of
finger sessions. Another girl and I stroked and
masturbated each other while we talked, and finally
only after I couldn’t take it any more (my clit was
getting sore) I left for home.

Sometimes I worry that I might catch some disease at
the club, but most everybody is a professional
(membership is $500.00 a year) and is generally worried
about the same thing. I re-commend this life style to
everyone. It’s able to break the boredom and is
definitely interesting!

I’m a psychiatrist, and need the recreation to get over
all the problems that I have to listen to in my
profession. Besides it’s really great fun. If the
body’s happen, so’s the mind, as I always say, so to