Unearthly story about sex

On awakening one dreary morning last winter, I felt
more tired than when I had gone to bed the prior night.
This lethargy continued for several days until I
decided to see my doctor about it. Her comprehensive
examination revealed no evident problem until she
examined my penis. Her touch caused me to harden and
she reacted by smiling and saying, “Now, I can really
get a good look at it!”

After a long examination consisting of feeling and
looking at it from my glans to my testicles, she said
“You must stop allowing your lover to bite you when she
gives you head.” That really surprised me and I told
her that I had broken up with my girl friend and had
not seen her for over a month. She shook her head in
disbelief and said, “Then you are being visited and
drained by a Succubus!” (I believe in alternative

She explained that according to medieval encyclopedias,
a Succubus is supposed to be a demon lover who
copulates with their male victims and screws them to
death over a several month period., and that death
cannot be prevented since the victim never awakens
during the visit.

Depressed but not beaten, I took the next plane to New
Orleans and visited a Voodoo Queen and purchased some
gris-gris. After returning home, I placed the gris-gris
all around my bed and retired. Later, I was awakened by
a loud scream and saw a beautiful young woman sitting
on my bed, sobbing and moaning.

Her naked body was the most voluptuous one I had ever
seen. Her long blonde hair capped a very pretty face,
and even through her tears, I could see her brilliant
violet soulful eyes. Fearing that she was only an
apparition, I reached out to touch her and my fingers
connected with the most velvety skin that I had ever
felt! I asked her, “Who – What are you? What are you
doing in my bed?”

Between her sobs, she told me that she was a Succubus
who had been doomed in the 13th century by an evil
wizard for being frigid on their wedding night, into an
eternity of screwing strange men to death. The curse
could be broken only if she could achieve an orgasm,
and while she had sent innumerable men to their graves,
she had never experienced relief because a Succubus
never wakens their victim and can achieve no pleasure
from a sleeping mate.

The gris-gris, which I had placed around my bed, had
held her captive after making love to me and it was now
holding her. I told her that I felt that I could help
her to end her curse and reached out to her.

* * * *

She fell into my embrace and coldly allowed me to preen
her hair with my hands. I kissed her ear lobe and
licked the inside of her ear. After a short while, she
relaxed a little and I continued to kiss my way slowly
around her neck, to the nape, and on around and up to
her mouth. She was still cool to my kisses but I
continued to explore and to probe her wonderful body.
(She might be cool – but I was EXCITED!)

I moved on to her marvelous breasts and kissed her
nipples. Suddenly, when I kissed a spot below her
navel, she quickened and gave a little gasp.

I placed my hand between her thighs and touched her
love button and gladly discovered that she was
throbbing! My finger circled her clitoris and then
slipped into her moistening vagina, which was hot and
beginning to contract and to vibrate. When I placed my
tongue on her clit, she moaned, “Oh Yes!”, and after a
moment, she urged me to enter her.

It was paradise! She had a “snapper” – a pussy that
continuously contracted and sucked at my penis during
coitus. She asked to get on top and after we rolled,
she began to pump and with each thrust, I felt a
glowing sensation and finally an overwhelming desire to

As I climaxed, shooting my life essence deep into her,
I could feel her achieving her orgasm as well. As she
relaxed, she collapsed into my arms.

The curse was finally broken! She would be able to live
out a normal life span.

Fortunately, she chose to remain with me as my lover
and now instead of screwing me to death, we are jointly
screwing until death. There is a world of difference in
those two statements!