Amazons vs. MANROD

The pneumatic door slid open. His hard-on straining
against his uniform trousers, Captain Hammer of the
starship Patriarch strode through. Hammer was a massive
man whose face seemed fixed in a permanent sneer of

Hammer sauntered over to his king-sized bed, where a
tiny six-year-old girl cowered. She was small and
brown-skinned with her black hair pulled into pigtails.
She had been delivered to him as expected and he could
not wait to pound her little body into submission,
listening to her scream in pain and fear as tears
streamed down her soft, sweet little face. Standing
beside his bed, Hammer unfastened his pants. His thick
cock, hardened to a full 11 inches, sprung free with
the tip inches from the girl’s nervous face.

“Please, mister,” the girl said quietly, knowing how
dangerous it was for a female to defy a man. “That’ll
hurt-AH!” Her words were cut off as Hammer slapped her
across the face.

“Shut up, bitch!” he roared. He climbed hurriedly onto
his bed. “Don’t you fucking complain to me! Pleasuring
men is all whores like you are good for. Do you know
what we do to the uppity bitches who think they’re too
good to be fucked?”

Shaking, the terrified girl shook her head.

Hammer put his face right next to his new slave’s. His
hot breath on her cheek, he whispered, “We dump ’em out
into space!”

“Maybe I’ll do that to you anyway,” Hammer growled
threateningly. His massive cock teased the outside of a
young, hairless cunt that was far too small for it.
“Just for the hell of it. Or maybe I’ll put an energy
grenade in your cunt and blow you up from the inside.
Maybe I could tie you to the end of the engines next
time we blast off. Fuck! There’s so many fun ways I
could snuff you out.”

His murderous fantasies arousing him, Hammer let out a
mighty roar as he thrust his cock into his new slave’s
cunt with a single mighty stroke. The girl let out a
huge scream as Hammer stretched her out painfully. Her
screams only fueled Hammer’s savage lust. The captain
towered over the helpless child, his monstrous strokes
growing more and more urgent.

“Get used to this bitch!” he shouted at the girl. “For
the rest of your life, you’re gonna get your brains
FUCKED OUT! I’m gonna pound the shit out of you with my
dick. That’s the power of cock!” His thrusts grew
faster. He clenched his teeth as he got ready to fill
his slut with thick white cum.


He felt the cum churning in his giant balls.


The first sperm cells swam up his shaft.

“COCK!” A flood of sperm-laden cum surged from his
balls, through his powerful cock, and into the womb of
his little slut. Hammer roared his triumph as the girl
struggled helplessly beneath him, totally at the mercy
of the cum-spewing monster buried inside her. He came
for almost a minute, filling her with what felt like a
gallon of cum, before his cock finally stopped. Still
buried inside her, Hammer collapsed right on top of the
little girl, her tiny body smothered underneath him.

Hammer was a follower of an ideology known as Man’s
Right of Dominance, or MANROD. MANROD believed that the
purpose of women was to serve men. On MANROD controlled
planets, women were basically property. They could be
bought, sold, enslaved, beaten, fucked, bred, and even
killed at the whims of their owners. It was common to
see girls as young as three on the sidewalk with their
owners, licking and slurping at their cocks. Since its
creation, MANROD had spread to almost every known
world, putting men and women in their rightful places.

Still lying on top of his latest conquest, Rodd was
knocked down from his high as an alarm klaxon buzzed.

“We are being boarded!” said a voice on the PA system.

The Amazons were the last free women in the known
universe. The controlled no worlds, only large self-
sustaining ships in which they wandered throughout
space, hoping to avoid enslavement. For the past few
years, the Amazons had begun fighting back against
MANROD, raiding their ships and stealing the slave
girls, though they referred to it as “freeing” them. As
if they were people.

Forcing his big, wet member into his pants, Hammer
hastily threw on his uniform and headed for the bridge.
But before he could leave his quarters, his door
exploded in a burst of red light, throwing him to the
ground. Looking up, he saw a tall, blond Amazon
warrior, her slender yet muscular body protected by
skintight armor that was thin and flexible yet strong
enough to withstand laser blasts. She held a laser

“I hope you enjoyed raping that little girl,” the
Amazon growled. “It’ll be the last fuck of your life.”
And she shot Hammer in the chest.

With his last breath, Hammer whispered, “I did enjoy
it. Very much.”

Stepping over the captain’s corpse, the Amazon made her
way to the child’s bed. The young girl stared blankly
at her tormentor’s body. Never before had she seen a
woman defy a man, much less kill one. Her mind could
not comprehend what had just happened.

Smiling gently, the blonde warrior held out her hand to
the young girl. “Hello, little one. You’re safe now.”
When the girl shied away from the strange woman, the
Amazon said, “My name is Kalifia. What is yours?”