The Birth Of A Cocksucker – Discovering Gloryholes

I immediately knew that I loved sucking cock from my
first visit to an adult theatre, as I explained in my
first story. I was a high school senior with a cute
little girl friend, who had no idea that her boyfriend
was regularly sucking men’s cocks in a seedy, little
porno house, not more than 5 miles from her front door.
I had only tasted my first cock a little over two
months before and now was there frequently. Literally
spending hours on my knees draining men’s balls into my
mouth and throat.

My girlfriend and I had driven by there together many
times, but she had no idea that it was a house of
worship for me. She had finally started spreading her
legs and letting me pump her virgin pussy full of my
young cum regularly, but I had developed a hunger for
semen. I loved fucking her and did so often, but needed
to taste cock regularly now and continued to do so.

I loved the process of searching for men that needed it
done. I loved kneeling down in front of a stranger to
suck his cock. Embarrassment and dignity are not traits
that a true cocksucker possesses and I certainly
didn’t. All that I knew was that I loved servicing men
and I knew that I was getting incredibly talented.

I learned a multitude of ways to stimulate men’s dicks
with my mouth and hands and now could take a man’s cum
from him as quickly as I wanted to. I loved cum and
knew I had to become the best to get all the prime
cocks in the theatre. Judging by my popularity with the
hottest, hung guys, I was certain that I had become the
best in the place.

I now often visited the theatre at about 4:30 in the
afternoon on weekdays. My homework was done and it was
an easy time to disappear for a few hours. More
importantly though, was that was when a lot of married
guys stopped in for relief between work and home. I
liked servicing married guys because they seemed more
normal to me, often were pretty good looking and only
wanted a hot hungry hole for them to pump their cum

Their wives were too stressed out with jobs and kids
and didn’t want to be cum receptacles. I was thankful
for this because it provided me with an endless supply
of thick, delicious cum. I now had many guys that I
worked on regularly and I was affectionately known as
“that young kid that sucks everybody off”. No one knew
my name or cared. I liked it that way.

Mary, the old woman that managed the place often even
let me in for free. She could see the parade of men
coming in after work and walking directly to my seat to
stand next to me, lower their pants and watch the movie
while I serviced them. I brought them ecstacy, took
their semen, and within 10 minutes they walked back
out. I was definitely was bringing guys in at a time
that would usually be dead. I would often have more
than one man standing in front of me with his pants
down and a big erection in my face. I could work on
multiple men and completely satisfy them all like an
expert. A good looking, high school jock that sucks all
comers is a pretty good for business at a run down
porno house. Mary knew it and always treated me well.

One afternoon as I was giving a blowjob to one of the
regulars, he asked if I would be at the waterfront park
bathhouse at all, now that it was opened for the
summer. I stopped sucking his cock for a moment, looked
up at him and told him that I didn’t know what he was
talking about. He said that many guys would be heading
there for blowjobs in the warmer weather because they
don’t have to pay to get into the theatre.

He told me that there were two stalls in the park men’s
room with a glory hole between them. I was shocked to
hear about what a glory hole is and how it worked, but
I was instantly excited. He also said that it’s mostly
been guys jerking off there lately because there
haven’t been any cocksuckers there, which was all that
I needed to hear. I told him that I would try it the
next day, and then went back to work on his dark meat.
This excited me, but also concerned me because the park
that he was talking about was close to my house.

I had to check out this new opportunity to work on more
men, so, the next day I went to the park directly from
school. The bathhouse was an old, concrete block
building, painted forest green, tucked into a quiet
corner of the park by a botanical garden. Walking in,
it had a concrete floor, old, worn, white ceramic sinks
and urinals and three plywood toilet stalls at the far
end. It was a place that my mother always discouraged
me from using, so I never really went in there unless I
really had to take a leak bad. I guess that people,
including my mother, sort of knew what went on in

There were two windows that were kind of high on the
walls, with the sills about 5 feet high from the inside
floor and even higher from the ground outside. I looked
in the first stall and it looked normal, just the usual
painted over graffiti carved into the walls and the
standard broken toilet paper holder.

I then looked in the second stall and immediately felt
my chest tighten when I saw it! A perfectly round hole,
about 8-inch in diameter drilled in the partition
exactly at waist height between the 2nd and 3rd stall.
The partition was a single sheet of old 3/4-inch
plywood and the hole must have been there for at least
twenty years. The edges were well worn and rounded.
Even the inside edges of the hole were painted with
endless layers of institutional dark green paint.

I went into the third stall, put down my book bag in
the corner, lowered my pants and sat and waited. I was
fascinated by the obvious fact that cocks of all shapes
and sizes had pumped incredible amounts of cum into
hungry mouths year after year, all through this 8-inch
circle in this weary sheet of plywood. There had to be
an incredible sexual energy or spirit field within this
tiny circle. All the living liquid pumped through it
from one soul to another for all these years. I knew
that I was soon to become the latest soul to receive
the milk of life here in this hole’s long Glorious

My heart raced as I imagined the history of this hole
and all of the needy, masculine guys standing against
one side in ecstasy, while submissive cocksuckers knelt
on the other side serving them and obediently drinking
their seed. I bet there were thousands of gallons of
cum consumed through this amazing hole. I wondered who
the other cocksuckers were and if there were any other
kids like me that had sucked here or if I was the
youngest. I knew that I was the youngest person that I
had ever seen in the theatre. I was trembling with
excitement waiting to find out what this dream was
truly like.

My fantasizing was abruptly interrupted when I heard
footsteps on the wooden ramp leading up to the bath
house door. The screen door squealed open and then
slammed itself shut. An older guy, maybe in his mid
40’s, walked in, entered the next stall and stood
facing the toilet. He lowered his work jeans and boxer
shorts, but he didn’t piss, he started stroking
himself. As I leaned forward to see through the Glory
Hole, I saw that his manhood was breathtakingly huge
and beautiful! It was very big and thick, with a
foreskin thin enough that I could see the shape of his
beautiful mushroom knob beneath it. I immediately
noticed the wedding band on his left hand.

He looked down and saw my eye pressed tight to the hole
as he stroked his member. He bent down and looked
through at me. Seeing I was much younger than he
expected, he paused for a moment and then gruffly said,
“what?!?”, “do you want to look at it kid?” I nervously
whimpered “yes sir” and immediately realized how
pathetic I sounded. He had to know right away by my
weak, nervous response that he was going to fuck my
mouth at will and I would receive his cock and semen
injection without resistance.

He fed it through and I immediately felt a rush of
adrenaline through my body! This was life at its best!
A hole in the wall with an enormous cock and balls now
fed through like a beautiful trophy on my stall wall.
It was the most beautiful and exciting thing that I had
ever seen. It was there for me to worship until it
ejaculated in my mouth. This place was in every way my
perfect world. My heart was pounding with excitement
and my hands and legs trembling with excitement over
discovery of this wonderful place.

I knew immediately that I would spend endless hours
drinking from men’s loins in this very stall, from this
very Glory Hole. I even loved the name, Glory Hole! So
fitting! So perfect! The glory of manhood offered to a
worshipper like me. The Glory of me kissing, licking
sucking, pumping and deep-throating cocks. And, the
Glory of each beautiful gland pumping its reproductive
juices into my mouth, down my throat and into my belly.

The staff in front of me was a real manly cock with a
thick, untrimmed, unruly dark bush, big heavy balls, it
had a sweaty, salty smell. The tip already glistened
with a dew drop of pre-cum. It was only semi-hard and
hung about 8 inches already! I felt short of breath as
I admired it and felt it’s heaviness with my hand. I
tasted the pre-cum with my tongue and heard him moan as
the tip of my tongue slid from the underside of his
massive knob up along his cum hole. I savored his
unusually tangy pre-cum for a second or two before

He let out a very, low, heavy moan as I took the first
4 or 5 inches of his remarkable cock into my wet, hot,
hungry mouth. I began slowly fucking it with my mouth
while stroking it with my hand for a few minutes, but
based on his breathing and moaning, I knew that I
needed to go easy if I wanted to enjoy this prize for
any length of time. I was sucking about 15 to 20 cocks
every week by this time and knew exactly what I was
doing. I knew it wouldn’t take much for this one to
unload! It was too perfect to allow my worship to end
too quickly. I slowly lifted my mouth from it and again
admired it’s now wet and glistening magnificence.

I began to gently stroke and lick the shaft gently over
each raised vein along his now rock hard 10″ member. I
remember realizing that this cock was considerably
thicker than my wrist. I could feel him quiver with
each touch of my tongue as I savored each passing
minute of worshipping this man’s magnificent
reproductive organ. God, how woman must love being
fertilized by this man’s amazing organ.

I began stroking it while spending a few minutes
sucking on each of his big hairy balls and cleaning his
sweaty, salty scrotum with my hungry tongue. This hard
working construction guy was moaning as I was greedily
cleaning his genitals with my young mouth. Then I was
startled to hear the words “suck it kid”! But it wasn’t
my partner speaking! It was a man standing in front of
my stall in the now open door stroking his own hard

I was so mesmerized by this beautiful trophy cock that
I hadn’t even realized that another guy came in, opened
my stall door and was watching me stroking this massive
cock with a big hairy testicle in my mouth. I didn’t
remove the testicle from my hungry mouth as I looked up
at this unexpected voyeur. I felt like a total
cocksucker at that moment, on my knees in broad
daylight staring up at a stranger in a suit with
another man’s testicle completely in my mouth. And yet,
I kept that testicle in my mouth massaging it with my
tongue as I stared up at this guy.

He then commanded, “Suck his dick kid! Make him cum!” I
knew that my beauty was going to unload it’s cum fast
if I really started sucking on it again, but also
suddenly realized that it was probably going to get
busy in there quickly and I had better focus on
draining this monster now while I had the chance. The
guy at the stall door was right. It was time for me to
serve my purpose.

I lowered my mouth onto my construction guy’s beautiful
penis and with three increasingly deep gulps took his
entire glorious cock in my mouth and right down my
throat. He immediately let out a series of loud, deep,
groans as my lips and nose were now pressed tight to
the stall wall with his hairy balls and scrotum snugly
resting against my chin. I felt his massive member
begin pumping and contracting within my completely
outstretched mouth and throat.

I gagged a little as his massive organ began pumping
its thick rich semen deep into my throat. The knob was
a few inches down my throat, but I could feel it
pulsating as it began releasing sperm. I heard the guy
at the door gasp “Holy Shit!” as he watched me swallow
all 10″ of this thick sausage and heard my partner
groaning in pleasure. He knew that my partner was
inseminating me at that moment.

As I was submissively and motionlessly receiving stream
after stream of my partner’s seed, I felt hot cum
hitting my face and ear as the man watching stood over
me jerking his own hot cum all over me. I didn’t object
and I didn’t move. I couldn’t. My duty at that moment
was to allow my partner’s amazing cock to complete its
process of pumping all of its fertile sperm deep into

I heard the stall door slam as my observer left. I was
now alone with one stranger’s cock finishing its most
basic purpose deep in my throat as another stranger’s
cum dripped from my face, into my ear and onto my
shirt. My heart and cock were pounding with excitement.
I was completely happy!

I allowed my man to relax in my throat for a moment,
before I slowly withdrew it and then gently slid my
thumb up the long thick vein along the underside of his
meat. I milked a nice stream of cum into my mouth from
what remained in his shaft. I held his sperm in my
mouth to savor that intense, heavy flavor that can only
be produced by a man’s cock and testicles. I then
sucked him gently for a minute before letting him pull
that long, beautiful snake back through the hole in the

He leaned over to the hole and asked if I could meet
him again the next day, same time. I just blurted out,

He chuckled, “Nice job kid, see you tomorrow.” I heard
him laugh to himself and realized my only place with
him for the rest of our lives would be as his
cocksucker whenever our paths ever crossed.

Our paths crossed many times through the years and I
was correct in my original assessment. We always found
a quick place to go and I sucked his cock and drank his
cum him every time we bumped into each other. I could
never say no to him. He never said much to me except
thanks, after each time that he use my mouth as a fuck

I remained in my stall for the next several hours and
sucked on a half dozen cocks of all shapes and sizes.
One guy came in that looked a little too undesirable to
drink from, so I gave him a wet hand job to make him
cum and free up the stall for more worthy cocks.

Several times during the afternoon I was alone for up
to 20 minutes and I would stretch my legs and watch out
the window or door for approaching guys. At the sight
of an approaching partner, I would dutifully return to
my booth and wait for my next offering.

Surprisingly, only a couple of guys came in the entire
afternoon to actually use the bathroom. It was amazing
that this little building was primarily used for a very
different purpose than the reason that it was
constructed. How could I have never realized this?

Late in the afternoon, as dusk was approaching, I was
looking through the door. It had been quiet for a
while, and I began to think about grabbing my book bag
and heading home, when I saw someone approaching. At
first I figured that I would be giving one more blowjob
before I headed home. I was just about to head into my
little cock sucking stall when I realized that this
person looked familiar. My chest tightened as I
realized that it was my buddy Tim! What the fuck was he
doing at the park! Oh Fuck, this was bad! Real Bad!!!

I panicked and was going to grab my book bag and walk
out, but then thought, “Why would I say I was in a
public bathroom in an empty park with my book bag four
hours after school had let out?” Worse yet, the right
side of my hair was crusted with cum and my jersey
stained with streams and drops of cum from the guy that
shot on me earlier.

I figured I would clean up before I left, but didn’t
have time to now! This was not on my normal route to
anywhere! I had never come face to face with anyone
that I really knew in the porno theatre. This was bad,
very bad! I ran back into my stall and hoped that Tim
either didn’t come in or just used a urinal and left.

I sat quietly and heard the bathroom screen door open
and then a few footsteps and then nothing. This was
good! He must be at the urinal and will be gone in a
minute. He wouldn’t even realize that someone was in
the end stall. But after a long pause I heard a few
more steps and then heard the adjacent the stall door
open. I sat still, very nervous, desperately coming up
with an excuse story in my head fast!

This was the first time that my normal life had ever
crossed paths with this secret world that I was now
part of. I thought, “God, how I wished I had never
sucked Derek’s cock that first night in the theatre.”
That started it all and I was too fucking stupid to
stop. I knew I fucked up bad and was scared to death to
be exposed. I quietly tried to scrape cum from my shirt
with my fingernails. It wasn’t working. Fuck, this was

Fortunately, the Glory Hole was stationed in front of
the toilet, so if I leaned back while sitting on the
toilet, you couldn’t really see my face. “Please God!”
I thought, “Let Tim just go to the bathroom and leave!”
It was very quiet, for a minute and then two. I leaned
a little away from the partition and realized that he
was facing the toilet, not sitting on it. I gradually
got a little braver and leaned further away from the
partition and could see his shadow and was stunned to
see what looked like he was slowly stroking himself.

I was puzzled. I had never seen him at the theatre. How
could he have possibly known about this Glory Hole and
what it was for? I gradually leaned a little forward
and peeked through my little porthole and almost gasped
when I saw my buddy’s hard cock in his hand, clearly
angled to provide a clear view from the Glory Hole. I
felt guilty as I studied it, but immediately felt that
familiar, overwhelming desire to receive it. He must
have been serviced here before and came here to get it
done again. Jesus, when did he find out that he could
get his cock sucked whenever he wanted by cocksuckers
like me?!?

At first I thought that I wouldn’t, but quickly
realized that if I delayed too long, he may start
trying to see me to determine whether I was someone
that could accommodate him. I had known Tim since I was
in the 2nd grade and he was in the 1st grade. We had
been close friends ever since then. I was suddenly
realizing that my best alternative to end this
situation was to anonymously suck his cock for him!
This was fucked up and crazy, but I realized was
probably the only way out of this. I then very
nervously reached to the hole with my finger to signal
him to insert his cock into it.

I was unbelievably scared as I reached over because I
knew that some guys looked through before feeding their
manhood through, to make sure that they are comfortable
with the guy that they are offering it to. I prayed
that he would be the kind of guy that just slid it
through and let me do what cocksuckers do. As beautiful
as his cock was, and as much as I would enjoy servicing
and drinking from it, this was the first one that I
ever would feel ashamed to be caught working on. I had
never sucked the cock of someone that knew me, never
mind another kid, who happened to be one of my best

I signaled with my fingers and heard him moving and
then, suddenly, there it was in all of its young and
virile beauty! It was about to be the youngest cock
that I had ever taken care of and it was simply
perfect! It was about 7 � or 8 inches long, circumcised
and nicely proportioned knob and shaft size. It was
definitely thicker than average, which is also very
good. I love having nice full members in my mouth. It
was very hard and had a thinner skin on it than many I
have sucked. I could see the maze of veins meandering
under skin along his shaft, but they didn’t protrude
like they do on some cocks.

I heard him moan as I took it in my hand and knew that
he was about to receive the best sex of his young life.
I knew that he hadn’t fucked a girl yet and he was
about to receive my deluxe treatment. I would make this
spectacular for my buddy! He never had to know it was
my mouth that brought him such pleasure. I suddenly was
losing my fear and the desire was rapidly taking
control. I continued to hold his cock as I got off the
toilet and kneeled in front of it. I was now in my
usual trance-like state as I knelt before this
beautiful member and was about begin making it feel

We both softly moaned as I took him into my mouth. He
was very excited and I would need to work his member
gently to prolong this experience for him. I decided to
stroke and lick it a little and even suck on his balls
for him, which were hanging nicely on my side of the
partition. As I took his left testicle into my mouth, I
heard a much louder moan and immediately realized that
he wasn’t going to be able to last.

I wanted to keep this beautiful, large, hairy ball in
my mouth, but was sure that he would begin cumming if I
did. There was no way that I was going to risk wasting
even a drop of semen from this beautiful young cock, by
not having it in my mouth when it began to erupt. He
was clearly a newbie and I would have to treat him

I gently lowered my mouth off of his testicle and
realized that he had already released an excessive
amount of pre-cum that was coating most of his knob and
starting to run down the underside of his shaft. It was
a lot and I instinctively began to lower my mouth on
it, but wisely caught myself and realized that if I
waited and let him rest for a minute, I could probably
then gently take it into my mouth and enjoy a nice
feeding of his pre-cum as an appetizer, before I began
drinking the full load from my buddy’s balls.

I held his cock as vertically as I could to let the
pre-cum begin to glaze his shaft instead of dripping.
It seemed like an eternity, although was probably only
a minute or two before he seemed back in composure
enough to allow me to take his member back into my
mouth and taste his love juice for the first time.

This time I moaned loudly because it was as much fluid
as some guys normal loads. And it was so salty and
delicious! And it was Tim’s! His moan was synchronized
with mine as I gently cleaned his cock free of this
slippery liquid with my hungry mouth. I savored it
before swallowing. I loved that Tim was feeding his cum
to me.

Tim was now under my total control. This is always the
point I love to reach when working on men’s cocks. They
become so stimulated and in such euphoria, that they
become completely submissive to my mouth. I know what I
am about to take from them and they have now become
animalistic, just desperately waiting to perform their
most basic male need, which is injecting their partner
with their sperm. I am the receiver and I am always
uncontrollably excited as my partners get close to
unloading into me, but this is the brief point at which
I have the control.

I can prolong them and enjoy little tastes of pre-cum
or I make them ejaculate immediately. They can’t walk
away, they are too close. It is my time! Tim’s cock was
now producing a steady trickle of it’s nutrients for
me. The rich, flavorful milk was secreting from his
knob and I was nursing on every drop.

He had now become my submissive buddy, anxiously
waiting for me to work my magic and let him jump back
in control by fully ejaculating into me. I knew that
once he started pumping his fluid into me, it would
become my most complete act of submission. Ironically,
Tim would go from being at my mercy to being the alpha
male at the exact moment that he began injecting me
with his sperm.

I decided that I finally needed to let my poor aching
friend inseminate me. I couldn’t prolong it any longer
for my greedy personal desires. I began to rhythmically
pumping my mouth over his penis repeatedly running my
outstretched lips up and down from his knob to his
balls. I began gently tickling his balls and scrotum
with my fingers, hardly touching it so it provided
additional stimulation to my now aggressive fucking of
his cock with my mouth. I wanted him to cum hard and
thoroughly into me. I could hardly breath due to the
excitement of knowing that Tim was about to cum in my

He immediately began to whimper as I continued
aggressively fucking his large, young, swollen erection
with my mouth. Then came a series of loud cries as he
began filling my mouth with what seemed like gallons of
cum. It was the most wonderful load that I ever had
(and that is impressive since I had swallowed hundreds
of loads by this point in my short cock sucking
career). I even had to swallow as he was still cumming
because there was so much. It was a tremendous load of
cum. As I knelt there receiving stream after stream of
cum, I remembered hoping that nobody was outside the
building, because Tim’s moans were so loud, that they
would surely be heard outside.

As Tim was pumping his cum into my mouth and throat,
something happened that had never happened before or
since. My cock started shooting its own load all over
the floor. I wasn’t touching myself in any way. My
mouth and both hands were busy working on Tim’s
genitals. But I was shooting hard and shooting a lot.
It even hit Tim’s bare legs, shoes and pants under the

When Tim finished cumming, he allowed me to gently suck
and lick him clean for a few minutes before gently
pulling it back through the hole. As he was getting his
pants up and using toilet paper to clean them as best
he could, he softly said “thanks for the blowjob, that
it was awesome!”

He then surprised me by asking when I would be there
again. I couldn’t let him hear my voice so I disguised
it and just grunted “Friday at four.” I grunted,
“Sorry, about your pants.”

He pleasantly replied, “Don’t worry about it, it was
worth it.”

I counted the moments until I could work on my buddy’s
cock again on Friday.

I did bring a small bolt lock with me the next day,
which I installed on the inside of my stall door to
make sure that Tim never opened it and witnessed me
working on cocks and also so guys wouldn’t be cumming
all over me anymore. I drank many loads from my buddy
Tim that summer and incredibly, he never knew that it
was me drinking all of his cum, or at least never let
on that he knew. He clearly needed his blowjobs as much
as I needed to give them.

As I said in my first story, I knew from the moment
that the first cock slid into my mouth that this was my
calling. I still suck off guys almost every day, often
at rest areas, Glory Holes, theatres and public rest

I am married, love women, am attracted to women and
love to fuck pussy. I am good looking, professional, in
great shape, successful and have a big dick of my own.
I am not so much attracted to men as I am to their
cocks. I find large cocks, balls and hairy scrotums are
simply breathtakingly beautiful and purely sexual.

I feel pure joy while servicing men and especially love
the first time that I service a stranger and receive
his load. The feeling of a cock erupting in my mouth is
the most wonderful, euphoric feeling that I have ever
known. Even after sucking off tens of thousands of men,
every load is still as wonderful as the first. I love
the sensation, the flavor and especially the submissive
nature of being on my knees with another man standing
over me with his manhood pumping his reproductive
fluids into my receiving mouth and throat. There were a
few over the years that were at a different level and
the first time being inseminated by my buddy Tim’s cock
is at the top of the list.