Jason goes to a club one night and finds his fetish

I woke up around 3:00 pm Saturday, My head still
spinning, trying to think what can do to get rid of
last nights hangover, I swallowed some Advil, and took
a long hot shower which seemed to help deaden the pain
of my headache allot.

Laying back down on my couch conjuring up recollections
from Friday night’s erotic events in my mind, realizing
I had no regrets about my hangover.

Last night turned out to be the best night of my life,
and I did not want my thrilling night out to stop.

The unforgettable evening had started out with my
childhood friend Travis coming over to my apartment we
made some last minute plans to go out for the night to
the local club and try to find, “Your next long term
relationship,” announced Travis with a stupid grin.

He made that statement because I had just went through
a very messy breakup with my last girlfriend of 7
years, and I’ve been in a slump lately. I have had a
hard time finding the right woman that can keep up with
my sexual perversities.

Travis on the other hand pretty much goes with the flow
and doesn’t have any hang-ups of any type, that’s
probably the reason last year he hooked up with
approximately 20 women (self proclaimed).

So! On with the nights events.

Travis and I drove to the dance club, and immediately
we were met at the door by three absolute hotties, they
he must have been his coworkers judging from the
conversation they were having.

One of the girls asked Travis for a dance later on, he
turned his head and said, “I wouldn’t miss it for the
world.’ as we entered the club doors.

My buddy and I received some potent mixed drinks and I
found us a table in the dimly lit section in back of
the club, but that suited me fine.

I was scanning the dance floor and I found our vantage
point was awesome! We could see all the action around

Shauna, which was one of the girls we met at door came
up and asked Travis to dance, he looked at me and asked
me if I would mind? I said, “Get some for me,” and
pointed to the floor. They both went to go bump and
grind. After 15 minutes went by I drank both of our
drinks, so I decided to go up to the bar to get a

As came back to the table I noticed our table was
occupied by two very beautiful girls.

To be courteous, I was just going to retrieve our
jackets and let them have the table, but when I reached
for mine from the back of the chair I noticed that the
girl sitting on it was dressed in a fashion that would
by best described as punk meets gothic my new found
vision peeked my interest.

She wore a white spiked neck collar with matching wrist
bands, and a patent leather white bustier with boned
cinches. The lacing was drawn soo tight it must have
been painful to wear, or at the very least not very
comfortable. The glossy top made her huge tits appear
to be spilling out the top edge, the best I could
describe the erotic vision was over risen bread dough
spilling over the bread pan Man! what an erotic site to

I was having a hard time controlling my mind filled
with extremely nasty thoughts.

I introduced myself as Jason and complemented this
gorgeous creature on her intriguing sexy attire. She
smiled very seductively a told me her name was Cami,
and the woman sitting opposite of her was her sister
named Tara,

Tara reached across the table for my hand and shook it.
her long fingers were warm and sensual, the nails came
past the tips of her fingers a good two inches and
painted to resemble a French manicure,

Just something so simple as shaking Tara’s hand made me
feel as if I was in a time warp, as if time stopped
altogether. it seemed to be an incredible warm, sexy
feeling in which I haven’t felt in a long time.

Trying to keep focused, I turned to Cami and said,
“Where did you get that delicious bustier?”

Cami explained the both of them purchase most of their
clothes from the shop they own.

I was intrigued, “What type of store is it?” I asked.

This time, Tara replied looking for an adverse reaction
from me. “A kind of store where most of our fetishes
are served!”

Again the feeling of timelessness returned to me. talk
about your shock and aw! these two sisters are what
most men’s fantasies are made of! And these steamy,
voluptuous beauties are right in front of me. I had to
bite the inside of my cheek to see if I dreaming , I
kiss my lucky stars that I wasn’t.

Trying to keep cool I asked, “What kind of shit are you
in to?”

Without missing a beat Tara rattles off, “Latex,
leather, painful footwear, mind control, exhibitionism,
and huge cocks, real or fake, it just doesn’t matter.”

And don’t forget, “Lots and lots of man juice,” Cami

WOW! Words can’t describe how turned on I was getting.
I was thinking how could these girls by into such

So I asked.

Both sisters looked at each other with a nostalgic look
in their eyes, and Cami took me on a story timeline of
their past.

She said they were raised in a home environment that
was extremely liberal with being able to express their
sexuality. They were very young when the sisters found
what mommy and daddy did for a living.

The girl’s parents were in the porn industry. dad being
a director, and mom a well known actress, that starred
in films from the majority of the 80s,.Tara said that
her mom’s acting career is over, and she now produces
the movies that their father directs. “So sex was a
natural overflow from their parent’s professional life,
to our home life.”

By the time the girls were in their early teens, they
new more about sex than most adults. This gave them
some certain advantages realizing they had a strong
sexual power that most girls don’t use until their
later teenage years.

Cami went on telling her story by describing how they
would use that special power.

“We were constantly getting kicked out of school or
being sent home early because of the way we were
dressed or acting like little sluts!” Both girls
laughed. “But we always got good grades from all our
male teachers for all the little displays of exhibition
we provided.”

The sisters knew how to play the man game, when it came
to stroking the male libido.

Cami reflected on a day she went to school at about the
age of 14. she started exercising here power by
dressing in a provocative manor, or at the very least,
a style not easily accepted for a girl her age and
budding figure.

She squeezed into the tightest pair of jeans you could
imagine. the type of jeans that were so tight, it was
best reflected in the early 80s from the designer
manufacturers, only with the 90s style, Cami described
her undersized, faded, destroyed, jeans were so
restrictive she couldn’t shoehorn them on her body dry,
she had to apply them wet in the shower to get them to
stretch and slide past her slim thighs and waist with
the added assistance of applying a whole bottle of baby

Twenty minutes had past by the time she “installed”
that faded sausage casing on her lower body. With her
demanding struggle to get them on she grew physically
weaker. Cami knew if she was going to zip them up she
was going to need help from Tara.

After getting out of the shower, Cami summand her
younger sister to her bedroom.

When Tara entered the doorway, she stopped at the
threshold for a few seconds in simple amazement at the
astonishing sight she would later have etched in her

Cami was trying her hardest to zip her zipper up, and
she was not having any real success.

Cami asked, “Can you please help me zip these things

“Sure sis, let me grab a pair of pliers from dad’s
toolbox,” replied her younger sister, she turned to
leave the bedroom to go down to the garage to retrieve
the tool

When Tara returned it took all the adolescent’s
strength, but they finally accomplished the task of
getting them zipped up.

Cami asked Tara to blow-dry her jeans so they shrunk to
her 14 year old body even more snug.

Tara complied with her big sister’s request.

After several minutes of blow-drying, Tara was done.

Gazing at her older sister’s 4′,8″ 90 lb body that was
sporting a satiny black H 20 breast- enhancing water
bra, and her molded-to-fit jeans. Tara was getting
aroused to find out what the school day was going to
bring for her big sister?

“Well, how do they feel, can you even breathe?” Tara

Cami tried to walk in liquid-fitting jeans, but had
some trouble. the cotton fabric didn’t want to flex or
give in any way.

“I kind of walk like Gumby,” Cami replied. “And I can
hardy move my diaphragm to catch my breath!”

Cami was feeling light headed, she didn’t know if it
was from all the hard work, or the lack of oxygen. The
feeling did eventually pass.

“What should I wear to finish my come-fuck-me in my
sexy jeans look, sis?” Cami asked.

“Let’s go raid moms closet, she has plenty of slutty
looking clothes from her movies in there,” said Tara.
The sisters agreed and went on their quest.

The girls opened up the closet door and walked in both
youngsters gawked at mom’s collection of her fuckable
dresses, club style pants, shoes, boots, and lingerie.

They had plenty of time with both of their parents gone
from the house. the girls had a field day, trying all
the different styles and fabrics of their 32 year old
mother’s fashion bank.

About forty five minutes past…

Cami emerged from her parents bedroom looking like she
was all grown up.

Cami chose a black leather vest with nothing underneath
it accept her water bra, which pushed her 14 year old
34-b size tits together nicely. With the top three
buttons unsnapped, Cami showed a large amount of
cleavage, seeing her tits made Tara a little jealous as
her younger body hasn’t quite developed yet like her
older sibling.

The temptress’s small feet were fitted with a black
patent stiletto ankle boot with a 5-inch gold, metal
spiked heel. Before Cami had her sister put them on
her, Tara buffed them to a real high luster, using her
own spit and a soft cotton towel, when Tara was done,
she could see her reflection in all angles of the
smooth loose fitting size 6 slutty heels.

To complete Cami’s whorish look, Tara worked on Cami’s
hair and makeup. Tara teased Cami’s jet black, mid-back
length hair so much, it stood about 10″ above her head.
It looked like untamed coal colored straw, and given
the application of her heavily painted makeup against
her fair complexion. Cami looked like one of the
groupies trying to get noticed by a member from an 80’s
metal band. VERY HOT!

With her new look satisfyingly completed, Cami was now
set for the day.

Walking to school following directly behind her older
sister Tara was sizing her up, with her eyes scanning
up and down that little tease’s flawlessly constructed

Tara stared at her sister’s ass and noticed her molded
jeans fit her like skin, (not a second skin) but actual
skin; you could see her narrow hips, kneecaps, cunt
lips. Nothing was left to the imagination! The seat of
her pants was so stressed, that bottom of her ass
cheeks were separated very far apart, you could
practically drive a truck thru the center of it,
wishing she could fit into clothes like that, and feel
so naughty.

The sisters had less than a block left to school when
they came up to a group of boys standing in front of
the local convenience store.

There were 9 hormone driven teenagers there’re ages
ranged from 12-15, most of them Tara recognized from

When the two girls strutted past them, all their eyes
were focused on Cami. Tara really couldn’t blame them,
she was just jealous from all the attention paid to
older sister and not herself which was dressed more
appropriate for her age.

All of those horny young boys were thinking they would
love to use her for their own pleasure. They just stood
there, gawking and speechless.

One of the older boys followed her trying to get a
better glimpse of Cami’s bullet proof ass.

Cami being aware of the boy following her turned around
with an accentuated swoop of her head to look at the
bold teen. She smiled while puckering her lips blowing
him a seductive kiss then turned forward while
continuing with her model type power walk, one leg
crossing in front of the other without missing her

The school bell rang, the sisters both said their
goodbyes, Cami walked as fast as she could even with
punishing rigidness of her jeans, but she made it on
time to her first class.

Cami stood at the side of her desk momentarily
wondering how is she going to sit in the chair?, she
remembered how she had to have Tara fit their mom’s
glossy boots on her because of her not being able to
bend at the waist. She knew this simple task was going
to be challenging.

The teenaged vixen slid into the chair listening to the
straining groan of her new found favorite fabric.
Cami’s first attempt was successful, but words cannot
describe how uncomfortable she felt sitting there.
Minutes turned into hours as her final class was over.
Enjoying the day’s catcalls, nasty comments, and
lustful leers, not only from her classmates but the
faculty as well.

The young girl did notice however throughout the entire
day, most of the males she encountered were being extra
nice to her; hence Cami realizing her definite power!

The teenaged temptress decided it would be fun to
confirm her sexual power buy throttling up her special
allure to a complete stranger.

After school Cami told Tara she would meet her at home
in time for supper, and to hide her long rain coat
outside the backdoor in the shrubs, so her parents
wouldn’t find out as to what she wore today. (As
liberal as her parents were, they still would have
freaked out)

Tara agreed. As Cami walked home, her jeans were
starting to be more forgiving. The material was
relaxing a little, but very little! Less restriction
enabled Cami to walk more freely, while wearing her
mothers golden spiked whore-boots.

During Cami’s stroll, she stopped at the front of a
shoe store, where she observed a middle-aged man
locking the front door. She thought she found her first
test subject and it was time to put her loosely
calculated plan into action!

When the dark haired well dressed man turned around,
the first thing he saw was the ravenous adolescent
standing in front of him.

Pleasantly surprised! He asked if he could help her.

Cami stated with the charm of an innocent schoolgirl.
(Lying to his face), she was going out with her parents
to a fancy restaurant tonight, and she needed a new
pair heels.

The salesman looked down at Cami’s feet, he was shocked
to see the very young girl exhibit such trampy patent

Curios, he asked her what was wrong with the boots she
had on. She explained to the salesman, the boots she
was wearing were unknowingly barrowed from her mother
and she needed to return them, they made her feel sexy
when she walked in them, she needed a pair of her own.

The horny man instantly had twisted thoughts in his
mind. He needed to have this teenage fucktoy in his
store, after hours with the doors locked, and no one to
disturb them.

He agreed but he didn’t want to show too much
excitement to scare her off. So he unlocked to door and
calmly invited her in.

Once in the front door he checked to see the entrance
light was off and locked the door behind him, and then
his mind turned into Mr. Degenerate

Cami asked what his name was. “Mine’s Cami.”

The slightly graying muscular salesman said his name
was Jim, but was more focused on hurrying to get her
out of the view of the store window.

“Here let me show you my special stock of heels, they
are less conservative but they are in the back room,”
Jim pointed.

The raven haired beauty started to figure out what she
was getting into, due to Jim’s state of urgency. Cami
followed him to the dimly lit office slash store-room
without a hint of caution or concern.

Upon entering the small room, they walked past what
appeared to be the man’s desk. It was covered with
papers, and a large photo of maturing woman with
beautiful long brown hair. Cami figured she was his

Cami looked past the tiny room and gazed into the
storeroom that contained hundreds of boots, and pumps
every style and color you could imagine. The girl was
feeling surreal from the amount of (fuck me!) type
luscious footwear she had to choose from.

“What pair can I help you try on?” he asked.

Cami’s eyes were focused in one pair in particular.
“Those right there,” as she pointed to the closest
shelf to her.

Showing obvious signs of arousal, Jim went to the store
shelf to retrieve her selection.

The pair Cami had selected was stunningly sinful, thigh
high glossy red boots with 6″ spike heels and black
lacing that went the way to the top, simply delicious!

“How much are they?” Cami asked with her face having
that deer’s eyes caught in the headlights look.

“$350.00 dollars,” Jim said.

Knowing that she couldn’t ever afford them Cami still
asked for him if she could try them on. Jim said with a
high amount of enthusiasm, “Certainly!”

Cami leaned back against the wall behind her with both
her hands buried in the small of her back for extra
support while Jim kneeled in front of her removing the
vixen’s shorter, call girl style boots from her feet.

Jim’s hands trembled from excitement with all the
corrupt thoughts he was thinking during which he was
tucking this tease’s long legs into the towering, fire
engine red,

Hooker-style boots.

Jim started lacing up the second boot, when Cami
decided to turn up the heat a little bit by lightly
grinding her gleaming, red pointed toe of the boot into
his groin.

The middle aged salesman was startled as he started
sweating from his receding hairline.

Cami sensuously traced the outline of his hardening
cock through his dress pants. With a gradual amount of
increasing firmness, she glided the slick tip of the
boot from side to side following the curvature of his
bulging tubular shape.

Jim didn’t want Cami to stop caressing his cock with
her boot, but he was finished with the fitting.

Jim stood back up.

“Done! Well walk around in them and tell me how do they
feel?” Jim asked.

Straightening her posture Cami, shakily walked down the
narrow path between the store shelves holding on to
them for added stability. She felt like she was walking
in ice and was going to fall any moment.

The teenager’s ankles weren’t very strong to support
her weight on those 6″ sluttish, thigh highs. But with
proper physical training, she would be use to them in

Keeping her thoughts to herself, Cami knew she wanted
them, she felt very sexy and wicked, and with the
shameless clothes she had on, no man could resist her.

“The boots feel amazing!” Cami replied. “I’ll take them
but I don’t have that much money”

Jim looked Cami with a lustful expression and saw the
most beautiful teenaged whore he has ever laid his eyes
upon and uttered, “How much do you have?”

The young girl told Jim all she had was $27.00 dollars,
and asked him if there was some way she could take them
out in trade?

Jim’s perverse desires overrode his morality as he
spoke softly. She could have the boots if, he could
jerk off while Cami sat in front of him and talked

Shaking her head positively Cami’s green eyes squinted
slightly, as a smile of acknowledgement appeared on her
face towards her sexually overheated experiment.

Immediately Jim closed and locked the door to the
storage area where they wouldn’t be accidentally
discovered by anyone.

He turned around and told Cami to stand in front of him
just like the position she was in when he was fitting
her with the boots.

Cami complied with his unnatural request.

Jim moved a chair in front of her and removed of his
clothes from the lower part of his muscular body and
then sat down.

Thumbing his tongue with a thick, slippery coat of
saliva, Jim lightly rubbed the head of his dick in
small circles, getting it all glazed while looking at
the seductive teen.

Cami was fascinated with how Jim eyes looked while
masturbating in front her. He seemed to be in a trance,
as if he was looking through her. She decided to start
in with the second part of his request.

Drawing from her memory from watching her parents
collection of porn films, Cami stepped into her new
roll and talked to Jim very lewdly, “Do you like to
beat off on front of little girls?”

Jim: “Yes!”

Cami: “Do you play with yourself often?”

Jim: “Yes, several times a week.”

Cami: “Are you married?”

Jim: “Yes, for twenty years.”

Cami: “Your hand is starting to dry up, I want you to
lean over your dick and spit on it, than rub it all in
until your entire cock shimmers.”

The catatonic salesman did as she instructed. A long
spider web of spit exited his mouth and poured on his
dry cock as he jerked it slow, paying particularly
close attention to the ridge underneath the head.

Cami: “Your making me really hot, do you mind if I
start playing with myself’?

Jim excitedly shook his head yes.

Cami in a very aroused state herself slid her hands
skillfully down past her warm leather clad tits
wandering further south. She took her time in
anticipation for what she is doing to his mind. her
gentle hands eventually stopped just above her knee
feeling the cold smoothness of the material against her
warm fingers, her small red tipped digits proceeded
north to where her denim constricted legs met, slowing
and manipulating her fingernail over her very moist

Jim was handling his cock with full strokes by now, his
eyes trained on Cami’s every move.

Cami: “Where is your wife when you’re doing this
disgusting act?”

Jim slowly answered “out shopping, picking up the kids,
or working.”

Between the rubbing, visual stimulation, and all the
dirty talk, Jim’s 8″ cock was getting much more
sensitive than it usually gets during his usual stroke
fests. Each slow deliberate stroke up and down past the
delicate head was making him flinch.

Cami: “When you blast your cum, what do you do with

Jim was hesitant on saying were his sperm ended up
after his orgasm.

She again asked, this time with a commanding presents
in her voice, “I said, what do you do with your
disgusting seed when your done jerking off?”

Ashamed, he told Cami when he cums, its destination
usually ends up in a pair of his wife’s sexiest shoes
or boots.

Strangely, Jim started to feel more comfortable with
Cami’s line of questioning. He responded by saying.
“I’m so bad, and I don’t clean it up after I shoot my
load in them. The thought of her walking around in them
with my dried cum all day, makes me so horny I just
want to fuck her shoes some more, the cold bitch!”

Cami slipped out a soft moan of pleasure from between
her crimson painted lips.

She applied more pressure with her right index finger
through the excessively stretched jean material
covering her clit This manipulation gave her maximum
gratification as she concentrated on the depraved mans

“You sick fuck! Why do you blow your repulsive sperm on
your wife’s heels?”

The seemingly immoral man explained that it’s a primal

Cami: “If you think you are going to shoot your spunk
in my new boots; you have another thing coming shoe

As a matter of fact, Cami knew what he was going to do
with his deposit, and she wasn’t going to tell him
until he was ready to cum.

Cami reached over to the table next to her for her

She opened it and grabbed a package of lemon drops,
placing five of them on her tongue.

The shock to her taste buds was strong from the sour
candy, She chewed the tart treats to break them down
faster, producing a vary large amounts of sticky saliva

Wondering why she was eating candy in the middle of
there mutual jerk session, Jim wasn’t prepared for the
volley of spit that was venting from Cami’s mouth.

He was being hit all over his face and semi clothed
body, she looked like an erupting volcano shooting its
lava out in the air, towards him.

He was just sitting in the chair totally stunned! But
more aroused, Jim liked the feeling of being covered in
Cami’s mouth honey, his rigid dick has never felt so

Cami “How do you like that, you perv!”

She demanded Jim to wipe the sweet, viscous fluid from
his face and apply it to his cock.

The abused man took his hand to his face with a fast
swipe, cleaning the gooey residue from his forehead and
placed all over his cock, working it in with a swirling

“There you go fucker, now you will have enough of my
lube to finish the job!” Cami yelled.

Cami unsnapped the front of her leather vest and
exposed her satiny, black water bra that pushed her
beautiful tits up tight and give her young body a busty
appearance, more than a girl her age should have.

The teenager’s motives thus far have been to mind fuck
Jim, and to get him the most aroused he has ever been
in his life. So far everything she has said or done has
worked flawlessly!

Cami was loosing her kinky mind to the moment when she
lowered her head over her chest, and spilled the
remaining contents from her mouth on her upper body.

An excessively large pool of spit flowed from her lips
reaching between her breasts, during which she kneaded
the slippery expectorate in with her delicate hand,
making her tits glow as if she had two clear glass
bowls covering each of them

The escalading obscene actions of the girl made Jim
forget how old Cami really was! (or was he)?

Jim still honoring his prick with light touches from
his fingers was thinking how unusual that it was this
14 year old girl was hitting all the right buttons of
his depravities and she wasn’t even physically touching

The room was silent, accept for the squishing, snapping
noises made from spatter that was discharged from
Cami’s mouth that anointed the both of them, and being
smeared into there skin as sexual lubricant.

“How close are you to Cumming?” Cami shouted.

Jim answered lethargically “Very close.” His prick was
spasming regularly for the past 3 minutes but stopping
just short of a full orgasm heightening his impending
pleasure even more.

“Good, me too!” she said back to him.

Cami than commanded Jim to stand up, and straddle her
left leg as she rested the rear portion of her pointed
6-inch heel on the backrest of the chair he previously
sat on.

The week kneed man did what he was told to do.

He hovered above her sexy boot clad leg, his legs
spread apart, while his dangling ball – sack touched
slick, glossy red finish of the boot.

Jim was so into the moment, he could hardly keep his

“Is this where you want me?” Jim asked, with the tone
of a preteen girl.

Cami said with a raised voice, “Yes you perv, that will
be your name from now on! Or would you liked to be
called pedo, that’s short for pedophile!”

At this point Jim didn’t care anymore, all he was
interested in, was cumming!

Cami leaned her head over again oozed out about 1/2
mouthful of frothy white juice from her mouth, she was
working it hard between her cheek and teeth pushing it
back and forth till she got it to be like foam.

The bubbly juice landed equally on the pervert’s shaft
and on Cami’s boot,

Cami removed her hand from her tit and placed it onto
his prick and pushed it down squarely to meet slippery
surface of her pvc covered leg, forming a synthetic

“Fuck my boot-pussy you sick perv, and don’t you shoot
until I tell ya too!”

As Jim slid his greasy cock in and out with slow
precise movement, his young, beautiful dominatrix
curled her hand lightly on his 7 inches of shaft,
reserving the first inch with a much tighter grip for a
more explosive orgasm.

She learned this technique and many other ways to
manually stimulate a man from her mother’s how-to
guide, hidden away in her closet with all of her moms
other sex paraphernalia.

As Cami was now slapping her pussy in a hard steady
rhythm by hand, coming to the last stretch of her well
planed orgasm, she felt like she was the most powerful
girl in the world, and she could control any man with
her sexual potential, this adrenaline driven thought
put Cami over the edge.

She removed her hand from Jim’s fuck-stick and
furiously rubbed it over her overheated cunt paying
close attention to her blood filled nub of skin just
above her smoky opening

“OH MY GOD!!” she screamed at the top of her voice,

Cami lost control of her body, she was acting like
someone that suffers both from turrets syndrome and
epilepsy at the same time.

Her adolescent frame quacked in total bliss as an
unstoppable flow of female juice washed down her walls
of her birth canal only to be filtered by the satiny
material of her thong and eventually soaking through
her jeans.

Jim didn’t take his eyes off Cami’s face for the
duration of the teenager’s meltdown.

Carmi’s breathing was labored due to the restrictive
ness of her lower body clothes.

The feeling of her jeans being soaked through with her
girl cum was enough of a trigger to send another volley
of juice splashing against her panties!

Jim couldn’t get enough of what he was seeing, watching
her body tremble with an earth shaking orgasm that was
not the cause of any physical penetration was amazing
to him.

As Jim’s cock rested on Cami’s boot encased leg, he
felt her orgasm inspired aftershocks starting to

Needing to release his sperm Jim resumed a slow pulling
movement on his tool by his hand using the generous
amount of lubrication which Cami provided earlier that
still frosted over the red slippery pvc material of her

After her completed intense orgasm Cami’s mind started
to focus on her task of demeaning the middle-aged man
in front of her.

She looked up with an angry expression in her eyes.
“You’re not to touch that dirty thing unless I give you
my permission, do you understand me?”

Jim shook his head slowly in acknowledgment, and
reluctantly removed his hand.

Now with the job to finish Jim off, using both hands,
Cami skillfully used her fingers to manipulate his
cockhead making it supersensitive by rubbing her thumb
ever-so-slowly with a firm steady pressure underneath
the ridge where the shining rod’s delicate head meets
the shaft.

The pistoning movement of her right hand. And using the
wide thumbnail of her left. Cami stabbed his wide piss
slit, trying to insert more of her thumbnail into its
hole with each skillful stroke.

With a steady cadence. Cami, was now finger fucking the
opening of Jim’s cock causing him allot of pain! she
decided inserted more of her small digit up to the
first knuckle The thorny, sharp feeling caused Jim to
scream with pleasure. he had never experienced the
severe stimulation his cockhead was now receiving. the
intense sensation would cause his legs to momentarily
buckle from the pain Cami sensed he wouldn’t last much

“Are you ready to shit out your nasty load perv?” Cami

Jim grunted a low tone, she knew that he meant yes.

“Get up and follow me, you fucker!

Cami led the beaten man by his cock, just like walking
a dog by its leash towards his desk. the very same desk
that Jim eats his plain, brown sack lunch provided by
his frigid wife daily. During which he stares blankly
at her picture every day of his pathetic boring life!

Cami grabbed Jim’s wife’s picture off his desk, and
placed it flat below his sperm laden instrument.

Positioning her shapely teenaged body directly in back
of him, Cami forcefully pushed neck forward, causing
Jim to lean over his desk slumped, with both his hands
planted on the wooden top his position similar to
getting a rectal exam from a physician.

The little 14 year old masturbatrix stared coldly into
his eyes as she knelt down on the left side of the
sick, sex starved man. Cami licked between her index
finger and thumb. She tasted the salty remains from
Jim’s piss-slit while she mustering up as much spit as
she could with one swipe.

Cami reached up with her soppy right hand and pulled on
his stiff tool with a downward motion, much like a
farmer would use this technique to coax the morning
milk from the teats of cow.

“I want you to dump useless seed on your wife’s picture
as she looks up at you,” she said, “The next time your
screwing her, I want you to think of what I am doing to
you right now, and dream you are on top of me, sliding
your valueless dick into my young, tight cunt!”

That was all Jim could take!

Cami aimed his tool at the glass encased frame of his
smiling wife’s picture and milked every inch of his
spit slathered shaft until the first of many forceful
excretions were spewing from the tip of his dick.

Each volley coated the glass from which the depicted
woman’s eyes peered through the semi transparent watery

Jim was in a different world, his mind narrowed on the
extreme pleasure she is giving him using only her hand
and verbal assaults, this splooge session will be the
greatest sexual moment he will ever have in his life.
Each convulsion of sperm that was speeding through his
shaft gave Jim the sensation of having an incurable
itch, and all he wanted his for this little tart to
never stop moving her tiny hand!.

Cami, was fascinated at the force that his jizz was
shooting. the sound seemed as if rain drops were
hitting the bottom of a empty tin bucket, she wanted
her new dominating experience to last forever,
therefore slowed her slippery hand to a light delicate
pace barely sliding her fingers at all. Jim’s orgasm
lasted 30 seconds, but felt a lot longer, he was

After tremors made his once rigid body go completely
limp as Cami continued to torment him further by only
rubbing the hypersensitive head of his unyielding cock
with her index finger. That slight movement caused Jim
to feel like he was in seizure .during which he tried
his best to regain his composure.

Jim looked down at the very large mess he made. he
couldn’t believe the quantity of spew he discharged on
the picture. It was as if a shot glass of cream rinse
was slung on her face, hair, and her left eye.
Something Jim’s wife wouldn’t ever permit him to do in
real life, but still this made her face look the
sexiest its ever been!

Cami’s clutched fingers were cramped up, and were
starting to relax a bit when she straightened them out
as she said. “And don’t you think you are going to
clean your dirty cum off your wife’s picture you

Jim felt ashamed becoming more self aware, realizing he
was still in the “busted perpetrator position” he had
seen so many times on the cop shows.

“What do you want me to do with it?” asked Jim.

Cami stood up and stretched with a look of hate in her
face and shouted, “You’re going to keep your filthy
sperm on her picture as a daily reminder of what a
sick, perverted pedophile you are!”

Jim was embarrassed as his body felt flush.

With a flash, Cami landed a blow to his cheek with her
previously well used hand,

the powerful strike left large deposit of spit and
sperm dripping from his face.

Jim looked at his reflection with disgust in the
remaining clean part of glass of the picture frame,
while Cami swiped her offending hand with one hard
stroke on his cock to scrape off the last of the
sticky, wet mixture, from Jim’s point of view it felt
like she was trying to coax the last the toothpaste
from the bottom of the tube.

Cami reached for the back of his head and grabbed a
fistful of his hair and pulled it down. his face
naturally pointed up. Jim was powerless! All he could
do was stare at the ceiling tiles of his storeroom with
his mouth agape. With the sticky goo Cami collected she
clinched her fist capturing the treasure with her tiny
hand, reached around, and inserted her entire hand in
Jim’s mouth Cami made sure all the runny fluid was
removed from her painted fingers by scraping them off
on his lower teeth

Jim never tasted sperm before, the flavor was an odd
combination of bittersweet and salty, with a bleachy
pungency. He couldn’t compare tangy fluid with anything
he has sampled in his mouth before. The only flavor he
could recognize was the lemon that was mixed in with
her spit.

Jim secretly savored his erotic fluid on his tongue
before swallowing once, the milky substance cleared the
back of his throat and made its trek down the esophagus
leaving chlorinated aftertaste in his mouth.

“If I come back here and find this picture of your wife
cleaned. I will go to the cops and tell them everything
that happened today! DO YOU UNDERSTAND BOOTFUCKER?”
Cami barked.

Jim was defeated, all he could do was to shake his head
with an up and down motion.

Cami said she collected her mom’s boots and left Jim in
storeroom embarrassed and sobbing for who knows how

WOW! Jason sat at his seat in utter amazement! He
couldn’t believe that a girl her age back then could be
so sick and twisted.

But he wanted to hear more…

To be continued?