Necessary Exposure

Hayley stood before the mirror, working her brush
through yet more tangles in her hair. As the brush
pulled free, several drops of water fell from the ends
of her hair, dripping onto her shoulder and down her
breast. She looked at herself in the mirror. Age 40.
Assessment. She wasn’t 30 anymore, or even 35. Her
breasts sagged a bit, but then, 38C was a mature size.
Her skin wasn’t quite… well, it was just looking
aged. Not old, just older. Not clouded with spots, but
not blemish-free either. A stretch line here and there.
It didn’t bother her. If she repeated that long enough,
she would believe it, surely.

Her breasts retained their roundness, however. They
hadn’t gone flat like some of her friends. Steven would
think it an ultimate irony, she supposed… his utter
fascination with her boobs compared with what she felt
was her own disinterest. They were boobs. Stuff them in
a bra and you’re done for the day… no need to dwell
on them. But still, she did so now, and although she
looked fine, she didn’t really want to contemplate how
her body would change over the next 10 years.

The feel of Steven’s hands as he grasped under her
breasts caught her by surprise. His touch was familiar,
weighing he breasts and kneading them softly. She
hadn’t heard Steven come up from behind her. But he
always seemed to show up for a look and a grab whenever
she was naked. That was definitely a good thing. She
wouldn’t want him looking elsewhere. He now looked at
her nude form over her shoulder, as they both shared in
her reflection in the mirror. While she didn’t receive
any satisfaction from being groped, his fixed interest
confirmed that 15 years of marriage had done nothing to
lessen his interest in her breasts.

Her thoughts were interrupted as he offered, “I think
they’re heavier.”

She wasn’t at all embarrassed at being nude in front of
him, but sometimes he certainly made her feel… She
wasn’t sure, maybe she felt like a specimen, subject to
periodic tests. She recalled a few weeks earlier when
she had gotten out of the bath, dried, and stood on the
scale, putting her exercise and diet to the test. He
had entered the bathroom, looked briefly at the scale
reading, and issued a “hmmmmm.”

As now, his hands cupped both her breasts, and he had
raised them slightly. “Ahh, three lbs!” He then tested
the measurement by releasing one breast, watching the
scale adjust, switching breasts, weighing again, and
confirming the total. “Nice.” Whatever that meant. Was
there a certain breast weight that was now in vogue?
Did he hear it on the 6:00 news? Did the New England
Journal of Medicine publish a study? Ok, Cosmo then?
Was this the kind of thing that guys talked about when
they went bowling or played golf? In which case…

“I am NOT getting on the scale.” This was just plain
awkward. She pulled his hands away and returned to
brushing her hair. He admired her breasts a little
longer as she kept her arms, and therefore, breasts,
raised, while working through her last of tangles of

“Sorry, I just really like holding your breasts.”

“Well, Steven, it’s not like I haven’t told you this
before. Little girls don’t grow up imagining about boys
groping their breasts and squeezing them like they’re
those foam stress relief balls. And it’s not like we
grow into the idea. I put up with it because I know you
like it, but it doesn’t do anything for me.”

“Ahhh, well maybe that’s it. It calms me. I’m still
stressed. Can I squeeze them some more?”

She gave him a playful sneer, effectively communicating
her response. “Well, at least your groping feels better
than what’s coming in a few weeks.”

Steven immediately looked interested. “What’s that?”

“My annual mammogram.”

“You’ve never really said much about them before. Is it
awkward to show your breasts to a physician?”

She considered her answer. “Well, yes, it is, and it
seems like doctor’s offices are always cold.” She
regretted giving him the mental picture he was now
surely forming… Wife, half-naked, hard nipples,
distinguished doctor fondling her breasts. It was time
to turn him away that particular thought.

“I’ve done it often enough. I suppose I’m used to it,
but what the test involves…”

Steven interjected, “Ah, great! So you don’t mind when
others see your breasts. Topless beach, here we come!”

“No, we don’t. I don’t think you understand what a
mammogram is. So look at it this way. You’re having
your penis examined. A doctor, and you can choose male
or female, but let’s make it a female just to fit the
scene, puts on a latex glove and then not just fondles
your privates, but forcibly presses her fingers into
your flesh, looking for anything that doesn’t feel like
it belongs.”

“OK. Well, that would be a little different, I admit,
but it sounds like something some guys would pay for.”

Hayley continued. “And then, after probing firmly into
your flesh, you get an x-ray. The doctor or nurse has
you place your penis on, let’s say a vise, and then
closes the vise on you, tightening, and tightening, and
tightening, and… oh dear, your balls are blue. But
now that you’re penis is nice and flat, hold still
while they take the picture. Get the picture?”

“Ya. Sounds painful.” He looked thoughtful for a
minute. And how in the hell had he managed to get his
hands on her tits again? She saw him looking at her in
the mirror again, and he added, “But, well, see, at
least exposing your breasts to others can be
beneficial! You should do that more often.”

He was hopeless. She vaguely recalled several times
when he had asked her to flash her tits in public
places, where only he could see them. She squashed the
thought. “Dear, no one wants to see my breasts, and
there’s more practical ways of helping humanity.” She
released his hands and turned to get dressed. Steven
remained where he had been, looking thoughtful.

She was just cutting into her filet at Ferrell’s, their
favorite steakhouse, when Steven asked her, “So, only
one more week until your workout?” She had no idea what
he was talking about. He smiled at her, “Your…,” he
lowered his voice, “breast workout.”

Huh? Oh! “I hope somebody sits in that booth behind us
quickly, so we can drop this subject. Steven, I’m 40. I
know you love my breasts, but, what happens as I move
closer to 50? My skin is changing. They’re going to sag
more. I’m fighting stretch marks already. For fifteen
years, I’ve been putting up with your groping. Still,
I’m afraid of that day when you stop, because then I’m
going to feel very unattractive. I just worry. I’m
getting older. I…” Her thoughts trailed, her breasts
not such a distant thought as she might of guessed in
mid-life assessments. He probably touched them every
day they hadn’t been separated by his business travel.
She looked at Steven, who suddenly looked worried, but
his face quickly cleared as his eyes lowered to her
breasts. She didn’t even want to consider the number of
men she had talked to that couldn’t maintain eye
contact because of her breasts. It irritated her that
Steven, at times, was one of them.

“Hayley, I love you. I can’t say that I don’t love your
breasts, because I do. But that’s the point. I do love
YOUR breasts, not somebody else’s. For 15 years, yes,
I’ve enjoyed you and them. They’ve changed from the
girl of 25 to the mom at 40, but they’re still
wonderful. In fact, if you wanted to show them to me

He inflected the “now” to a point where she couldn’t
tell if he was serious or joking. She chewed on a bite
of steak, savoring the flavor and appearing as if she
was considering the idea. She put her silverware on the
table, put both hands on her lap, and looked around the
booth seat down the aisle as if she was… She fixed on
his eyes and gave a stern “No.” Men! No, that wasn’t
quite it. Kids… He was a grown up kid…

Steven joined her in bed, and they cuddled. “Good luck

Huh? Ohhh. “Thanks, it’ll be fine.”

“I’m sure it will be. You’ve never complained about
them before. I know it’s just an evaluation…
clinical, and all that. It’s just a turn on that you’re
showing someone else your breasts.”

Well, that wasn’t quite the way she felt about it.
“It’s not ‘showing’ my breasts. It’s just…

“‘Necessary,’ huh?” He changed his voice to a
professorial tone.
“‘Necessary exposure of your breasts’ doesn’t sound
like any fun.”

That got a short laugh from her. She thought for a
moment. “I think you’ve finally gotten the point. Well,
it’s more fun than visiting the gynecologist.” Let him
chew on that.

Hayley awoke late, hazily remembering Steven’s earlier
departure for work. She stretched, shifted slightly,
and stared upwards, her eyes trailing the slow moving
blades of the ceiling fan.

She couldn’t help but think about the love play that
they had shared the previous night. Steven had managed
to push most of the right buttons, and it had been
years since he had whispered in her ear as they
enjoyed, for a while, anyway, a slow pace.

She really, really had no desire to show her body to
anybody else. Yet, in the heat of passion, she had
certainly seemed to. Was it just that, the saying of
sweet…but that wasn’t quite it, was it? Well then,
naughty nothings during the moment to drive their
lusts? Why was she thinking about it now? How had that
ever come out? She thought a bit, trying to remember.
She pulled the sheet down slightly, absently noticing
the slight draft across her breasts. She glanced at
them. Her nipples became erect as she looked, and her
breasts still maintained a roundness, although they
slipped to the side a bit more than they used to, she

Oh yes, he had said how much of a turn it would be to
watch her bare herself to another man, in a safe
situation, whatever that might be! That was a necessary
prelude to her own fantasies of a threesome, but Steven
hadn’t let the story go that way.

Instead, he had suggested the vulnerability she would
feel of showing a man her breasts for the first time,
giving way to a feeling of power as the man succumbed
to her glorious assets. And while she still felt the
idol worship Steven felt towards her breasts, it had
been a long time since she had felt the newness of
stripping for another man. Well, other than doctors.
And that was where all of this had started, wasn’t it?
She didn’t want to think about that just now. She
returned to Steven watching her bare herself to another
man, rolled over, placed a finger where it needed to
be, and played out the scene to her own desired ends.

Damn Steven! Yes, it was necessary, and it hadn’t
bothered her before. But somehow, he had twisted her
thoughts around, and it wasn’t the cool temperature
that caused her nipples to be erect as the doctor
pressed into her breasts, making small circles with his
fingers. Here she was, without a blouse or bra, and a
reasonably attractive doctor, roughly about her own
age, was looking at her breasts… and manipulating
them between his incredibly tactile fingers.

At last, his probing stopped. He began talking. “I
didn’t feel any indications of any problems.” She noted
that he was talking to her breasts. Yes, his eyebrow
movement suggested that he was still being
professional, as if, perhaps, discussing a sample in a
vial. But the fact was that he was looking at her
breasts. He was still saying something to her breasts,
so she inhaled deeply, thrusting her chest perceptively
outward. Why had she done that!

She noted his demeanor change immediately, as he
betrayed a quick expression of surprise and, she
thought, appreciation. Maybe that was why… Then his
eyes quickly found their way to her own. “Nurse Powell
will assist you through the X-ray, and we’ll be in
touch after they’re reviewed in a week or so. Nurse?”
And with that, he gathered his clipboard and gave a
final nod to both her and her tits before turning
towards the door. She couldn’t believe it. A doctor who
sees breasts all the time had given hers yet another
look. Huh!

The attending nurse left with the doctor, and it was a
few minutes before Nurse Powell entered.

“Mary! Hi! I didn’t know you worked here.”

“I have for years, but I worked with two other doctors
in the practice.
How are you?”

They quickly caught up with each other, it having been
a couple of months since they had met at the
neighborhood Labor Day pool party.

“Actually, Hayley, I didn’t know you came here either
until very recently, when I received a very strange

Hayley expected her to say something, but instead, Mary
took an envelope from her clipboard and handed it to

Hayley opened the letter, which was sealed. She could
have said she recognized Steven’s handwriting, but it
was typed. Still, it was Steven’s typing:

Dear Hayley,

Guess what? I love your tits! Surprised? I tried to
think of occasions when it might be necessary for you
to expose your breasts, aside from medically. I
couldn’t think of any! Well, quickly, anyway… But
then I kept thinking about it, and, you know me… All
I can tell you is that you will be well rewarded. That
reward includes travel, arranged kid care, great food,
warm climes, and intimate companionship. However, I’ve
made an adventure of it. I can’t tell you more, as it
will all be gradually revealed as you move from clue to

Steven and his games. She’d prefer it he just said he’d
take her on a beach getaway if she’d flash a trucker on
the way. She hadn’t done that before, and she didn’t
particularly want to, but it would be so much simpler.
She saw Mary looking at her, interested. “Sorry, not
finished yet.”

At any point, you can say “no.” And I’ll understand.
Just dial my cell phone, and it’s “quits.”


But before you do, you should know that your breasts
inspire my lusts, and it’s my proposition that I’m
nowhere close to being unique among men in my

The doctor came to mind far too readily.

I see it every day when we pass men – in the mall, in
parking lots, in restaurants. Their eyes always drift
to your wonderful tits, and I think you know it. And,
too, I think you have the self-confidence to proceed
through the points I have planned. I think…

But what fun is this for me? Ahh, glad you asked!
You’ll be collecting a record of your travels, for my
benefit, of course! If you’re game, it begins with
removing the camera I placed in your purse this morning
and handing it to Mary, telling her “okay.” She has no
idea what this is about, but is playing a small part.


What if she didn’t say “okay?” He didn’t give an
option, but apparently, the trip would be off. What
could he have possibly planned? It seemed like months
since they had been on a date. She really wanted to
dwell on this, but Mary was looking at her expectantly.
“Hang on, let me read this one more time.” Mary
grinned, adding somewhat quizzically, “Sure.”

She re-read the note, focusing on the saying “no” at
any point. Mary looked pressed for time. With mental
reservations still unexplored, she said, “Okay!” for
Mary’s sake. She could always back out later. She
retrieved her camera from her purse, and handed it to

Mary asked, “Steven said he was curious to see what
this X-ray was about, so you’re okay with it?”

“Sure, I think.”

“Okay then, tell me how to operate your camera. Is it

“Yes. Power on here, zoom here, depress here slightly
for focus, then the rest of the way to take the

“Ok, hang on a sec.” Mary retrieved her cell phone from
her waist and dialed. “Hey, it’s Mary. She said
‘okay.'” She listened briefly and hung up. “I take it
there’s more to this than he’s told me.”

“It’s the start of some grand adventure, he tells me,
but I can truthfully say he hasn’t made it clear to me.
Apparently this is the first pebble in a trail that
leads somewhere fun. I’m thinking it’s a beach
somewhere. Not a bad ending to day that begins with a
mammogram, I think.”

Mary looked impressed. “I’ll say. I wish Stan would be
as considerate.”

“Considerate? I’m not sure that’s the right word. He’s
creative, anyway. But, sometimes Steven gets weird
ideas. I’ll wait and see how this turns out.”

Mary was as efficient with the camera as she was with
the X-ray process.

“I hope I took enough pictures.”

“Trust me. I think five should be plenty. Thanks, I
think. You would think if he wanted pictures, he’d want
complimentary ones instead of…”

Mary laughed at that. “Well, it certainly made my day a
little different. I’d appreciate you not telling anyone
about this. I’m not sure the doctors would like it.”

“I’ll keep quiet if you keep quiet. How’s that?”

“A deal. It’s not something I’d want to tell Stan,
anyway. He might want some pictures too.” Mary winked
at her and turned to leave. “Oh yeah, one more note. I
wish I could hang around to see what it’s about, but
you’ll have to tell me later. Gotta go. See ya.”

She opened the envelope. “Thanks for playing! Please go
to the first floor of Westcott Mall. Near the common
mall entrance adjacent to Rich’s is a Fotoflash
machine. You’ll find $2 worth of quarters in the change
slot in the car. Take a set of pictures of “the subject
matter” and await further instructions.”

This was a far cry from passing secret messages like a
CIA agent, but, still, Hayley found herself
surprisingly excited about the next, hmmm, link, in
Steven’s sinister plan. His note wasn’t specific, and
she could aggravate him by taking a picture with her
blouse still on, but… this wouldn’t be so hard, would

The mall in question was one of the nicest in the city,
and the food court drew large crowds at lunchtime,
which it now was. She found the photo machine, but she
was less enthusiastic about it due to the number of
people walking through the area. She saw that the
machine required $2, so Steven had carefully scoped
this out. Which she guessed was reassuring. A view
screen on the side showed a series of pictures of two
teenage girls hamming for the camera… Not exactly the
best photo quality in the world.

Instead of sitting and waiting for the lunch traffic to
diminish, she went to the food court for a bite to eat,
and then returned to a mall bench near the machine. The
foot traffic finally slowed, and she couldn’t see
anyone in the area other than an almost elderly black
man at a shoe shine stand near the entrance. She
quickly walked to the machine and inserted the coins
before ducking into the booth and closing the curtain
as fully as it would extend.

She removed her blouse, and just before removing her
bra, she pressed the start button. She barely got into
position before the first picture was taken. Three
others followed in 10 second intervals, amidst nervous
jitters, and she quickly redressed. She parted the
curtain cautiously, for no reason than the slight fear
that some man may have seen something around the
curtain. But there was no one walking in the area.

She was excited again, not in the sense of being turned
on, but rather having done something “naughty,”
especially now that she was past the moment and hadn’t
been caught. Mall security guards! She hadn’t thought
about them. Probably a good thing. That Steven…

She stood outside the machine while waiting for the
pictures. It took a full minute for the pictures to
eject from the machine. She looked at them… Good, her
face wasn’t in them, although her chin was on the first
one. They weren’t crisply focused, but did she really
care? The last couple came out decently, she guessed.
Decently indecent.

Now, she was supposed to await instructions. There was
still nobody around. After several minutes, the shoe
shine man walked up to her, almost apologetically. He
was well dressed and had the look of a man who had been
in his trade for many years. His head had a way of
nodding, and she wasn’t certain if it was an affected
mannerism or a nervous habit.

“Excuse me, ma’am. I think I might have something for

He had a hard time maintaining eye contact, and seemed
to look over her shoulder often. His hands didn’t look
rough or smooth, just experienced from his trade. And
this was clever, Steven, clever, involving a third
person. “I am waiting on something, but I’m not sure
what. Maybe an envelope?”

“Yes ma’am, yes ma’am. I have it here, but you have
something for me?”

She looked at him, not certain what he might expect. A
tip? Did Steven pay the guy? “I’m sorry. I’m not sure
what it is that you want. I wasn’t told. ”

“Yes ma’am.” He opened his jacket and retrieved a pair
of scissors from a pocket full of small tools. “The
photos. I need one.”

Hayley immediately flushed, but found herself handing
over the set. Necessary exposure, indeed! This wasn’t
clinically awkward. This was embarrassing. The man
clipped the top picture and studied it momentarily
before returning the rest to her. Then he inserted the
picture into a jacket pocket, replaced the scissors,
and removed an envelope which he handed to her.

He smiled broadly and appreciatively, again, missing
eye contact. This was just as well, because she
remained embarrassed, and she was certain that her face
was flushed. “Thank you, ma’am. Thank you.” And with
that, he walked back to his stand, where a customer had
just arrived. She couldn’t believe it! She had just
given a picture of her breasts to a complete stranger!

Hayley stood there a moment trying to grasp where
Steven was going with this whole escapade. She sat on
the bench and opened the envelope. As she began reading
she became aware of two men standing nearby, their
backs to her, but discussing something quite
animatedly. She looked beyond them to see what it was
that they were talking about.

She was momentarily frozen with shock. She hadn’t
noticed that the pictures of the teenage girls were on
a view screen. She thought it was just an
advertisement. But it was much more than that! It
showed the last set of pictures taken, and she felt as
if she was going to die. The men looked her way, and
she decided it was definitely time to leave.

But she couldn’t just leave. What if a group of kids
came by? Instead, she stood and acted as if she just
became aware of the pictures of her tits. She faked an
outraged expression at whoever would such a thing and
gave a stern look back to the two men, whose smiles,
she decided, indicated that they had already concluded
that the pictures were of her. Steven! She walked to
the machine quickly and jerked the power cord from the
outlet with her foot. She could only hope that the
machine didn’t maintain a memory. It was time to exit
the building.

She risked a glance at the two men, hoping they would
be going the other direction. Instead, they were still
in the same place, and one said overly loudly, “Those
are awesome!” Hayley was fuming as she left the
building, both because she should have figured out that
screen and because the man had said his “compliment”
while staring at her chest. Men!

She sat in the car a few minutes, briefly exploring the
possibility of mall security cameras zeroing in on her
tampering of the machine, recording the view screen
images… She just didn’t want to think about it. The
flashing lights of a mall security truck in the next
aisle startled her into action. It was time to leave
the mall property.

As she was waiting at the exit light, she opened
Steven’s envelope, needing a direction to turn.

“Congratulations! I’ll assume you took the pictures,
but I’m quite pleased that my “contact” plan actually
worked. Tip a guy $5, you still don’t know what you’re
going to get. Anyway, please proceed to 2357 Howell
Avenue, where you’ll ask for Kristyn, the proprietor of
“More Than Meets the Eye.” Time is of the essence. I
estimate that you should be done there at 1:15. Please
plan accordingly.”

Hayley looked at her watch. 1:00. Oops. He probably
hadn’t planned on her eating lunch, but she had no way
of knowing that. Fortunately, this store wasn’t far,
although she didn’t recognize the name of the store. As
she found the store, she remembered it being vacant for
at least the better portion of a year. An Opti-World
store had been there; that was it.

As she parked and was about to get out of the car, it
was only then that she realized why the shoe shine man
hadn’t maintained eye contact. He had been looking past
her to the view screen. She was such a dummy! She
wondered if taking a picture had even been part of
Steven’s agreement with the man. She was going to have
to be much more careful.

She entered, finding that the store remained similar to
the way an eyeglass store would be furnished. Mirrors
remained on the walls, interrupted by a somewhat sparse
offering of wall mounted clothing racks with what
appeared to be very provocative erotic attire. There
were also several dressers with open drawers, with
panties and other hosiery. Was this a stripper’s
fashion shop? She wondered if there was such a thing.
There were no other customers and only one salesperson,
so she asked if her name was Kristyn. She was directed
to a small office at the rear, presumably where the
optometrist’s exam room would have been.

“Ahh, you must be Hayley?” She nodded. “And you’re
running a bit late!”

“I didn’t find out until I was on the way here that
time was a factor. Sorry if I kept you from other
things. Is the name of the store a play on words?”

Kristyn was surprised. “I was wondering if anyone would
get it! I used to work here as an optical associate.
Or, more simply, a salesperson. When they closed, I had
to find another job. My roommate is an exotic dancer,
and, although she couldn’t talk me into joining her
career, it was always fun trying on her outfits, and,
at times, shopping with her for her costumes. That led
me to a Frederick’s of Hollywood store, which turned
out to be a fun place to work, and I mostly enjoyed
trying to guess what a customer would want when they
entered the store.

I got to be pretty good at it, but there were a lot of
women who were extremely uncomfortable being in a mall
shopping for “dirty lingerie,” and the vast majority
would probably agree that while the lingerie was good
for play, it’s just not practical for wearing under
clothes for any length of time. I guess for men, that’s
sort of the point, isn’t it?

Anyway, I came into a little money, did some research
on current styles of lingerie, found access to finer
lingerie suppliers, and now I’m doing this. There’s no
“one size fits all” stuff here. There are some flashy
costumes here, as you probably saw, but everything we
sell is practical too, at least that in that it fits
right, doesn’t itch, rub in those wrong places, things
like that.

Hayley was curious. “Does your roommate shop here?”

“No. Most of the outfits we have aren’t useful for
strippers.” Kristyn laughed. “They’re too hard to
remove in a hurry! But, obviously, we’re not just an
undergarment store either. Our offerings are high end
exotic wear, and we seem to be drawing customers from
all walks of life, from fetishists at one end to, well,
women like you who are in search of some spice in their

Hayley laughed, “I think you’re trying awfully hard not
to say housewives whose sex has gone stale.”

Kristyn laughed with her. “Well, it’s amazing the
intimate details some women will tell us, but you’re
pretty close when it comes down to it, regardless of
marital status. Many of our customers are referrals
from vanilla stores, like Frederick’s and Victoria’s
Secret. We don’t compete on many products, so when they
have a customer that needs what we have, they send them
our way. But enough about us. We need to get you on
your way.”

“Sure. What has Steven got planned for me here?”

“Ah. Well, as you might guess, or may not, I don’t
know! But, your husband has already chosen. It’s only
the size that has to be determined.”

“Oh, no. I’m afraid to find out. What has he chosen?”

“Something very well suited to his tastes, anyway. Step
over there, please, and take off your blouse and bra.”

Hayley laughed. “I think that’s about all he has
planned. Me taking my bra off in front of others.”

Kristyn laughed too. “You know, I think you just may be
right, although I think it has less to do with what
you’re taking off than with what you’re showing.”

“I think you have him figured out, Kristyn.”

As Hayley removed her blouse, Kristyn uttered what
sounded like a painful cry…. “Get that outta my
sight! Bali classic? After we’re done with this, come
back sometime and we’ll dress you properly, girl! I
don’t want to even think what you’re wearing under that
skirt! Jockey probably. Argh! I shouldn’t have thought
about it. You’ll have to come back another time.”

“I’ll bet you tell that to all your customers!”

Kristyn laughed again. “Most,” she said, “most.”

Kristyn located and held up Steven’s choice. It was a
black shelf bra, one that would leave her nipples
exposed, theoretically while offering support. Hayley
had seen the like before. “Well, he is persistent. He
bought me one of those before. It didn’t quite fit
right. It made my breasts stick straight out in sort of
a grotesque way. As you said, it itched and pinched in
the wrong places. I wear it for about 5 seconds in our
bedroom on rare occasions, those being when he searches
through my drawer and specifically asks for it.”

“Yes, he mentioned that. Just give me a few minutes.”

Hayley considered how efficient Kristyn was. The third
bra she tried on fit pretty well, and Kristyn made
several adjustments that made it feel… acceptable,
anyway. Her breasts had adequate support, and hung
approximately where her everyday bras placed them. Not
bad. She was drawn from her preoccupation when it
occurred to her what the sound was that she heard.
Kristyn had just cut her Bali bra into pieces.

“My bra!”

“You’re wearing your bra. You’ll come back for more.”
Kristyn asked about the fit and made a few more minor
adjustments to it. It now felt, well, comfortable!

Kristyn was pleased to hear that. “For future
reference, you’ll note that when you’re wearing this
properly, your cleavage is lifted only slightly, but
the line of your breasts isn’t pinched or bunched.
They’re supported, but otherwise look very natural.”

Hayley understood what she meant, and she quickly
recovered from a short tingle when Kristyn had traced
the line of her breasts with a fingertip as she talked.

“Now, I understand you have a camera?”

Hayley rolled her eyes, removed the camera from her
purse and handed it to Kristyn.

“Over here please.”

Hayley had been concealed by the office wall, but now
stepped out into the open area of the store. There were
no other customers still, but it was still a bit
awkward being in the open, with the other salesperson
now looking at her. What if a customer came in?

“Okay, strike a pose.” Click. “No, strike a better
pose.” Click. “You’re kind of missing the point. You
need to remember that for your partner to enjoy the
picture, you have to at least look like you’re enjoying
posing for him. Try again.” Click. Click. “Better.”
Kristyn zoomed in for close-ups.

“How many of these did he ask you to take?”

“Oh, only two. One is the waist up shot, but for the
other I wanted to make sure we get it done right the
first time. Your husband paid handsomely for your bra,
but there’s still a risk remaining for me as a business
owner. Here’s the deal. I’m going to go out to the
street, turn around, and take a picture of the front of
the store. After I’ve been pointing at the store for a
few seconds, you’ll open the door and lean on the door
frame with your arm reaching up to the corner. One
take, right?”

“But…” Kristyn was already out the door. She walked
to the street turned and… waited. Hayley decided it
was best to get this over with. She looked through the
door just to check for passing vehicles. There were
several, but none were coming to the store at least.
She quickly opened the door and gave the pose that
Kristyn, or rather Steven, had requested. She counted
to three, quickly turned and came back inside,
wondering if anyone…

Kristyn came quickly through the door, laughing. “You
follow instructions to a ‘T,’ whatever that means. I’ve
gotta tell you though, I think those Latinos in the bed
of that pickup truck are still whistling!”

Hayley’s heart leapt to her throat. “What pickup

“The one that… oh, never mind. It’s done. Let me get
you your package.” She reached under the register.
“Here we are. What’s the matter?”

Hayley had put on her blouse. It was white, but it
wasn’t thick material or the tightest of weaves. As she
looked in the mirror, her black bra was clearly
visible, as were two critical areas where the bra
should be visible but wasn’t. “He’s crazy. I can’t do

“I see what you mean. We don’t sell blouses though.
But, hang on. Kristyn glanced at the door then removed
her own top, a huggy short- sleeved black top. It
revealed a tortoise shell bra that looked…nice.
Kristyn understood at once. “Ah, well, I told you that
you would come back for more. Here. Hand me yours. I
think our sizes are very close, although you’re
slightly larger in the chest.”

The top was tight, with a deeper V-neck than Hayley
would have chosen on her own. Still, it wasn’t a bad
fit, and it was infinitely preferable to the white
blouse. And it was fortunate that she wore a tan skirt,
as the black looked even better than the white had.

“I’ll want that back sometime.” Kristyn looked at
herself in the mirror. “You’re leaving me with your
problem, but I can get away with it in here. What does
your note say?”

“Another address. Just down the road. 4250 Howell
Avenue. All it
says is, ‘trust me.'”

“He seems imaginative. You’re a lucky woman.”

Hayley pondered that as she went to her car. Was she
lucky? Really, she knew she was, but was this…
challenge…or adventure… the kind of thing that
would make her seem lucky to others?

She gave a heavy sigh when she reached the address. A
handwritten poster on the door said, “Beauty is skin
deep.” Of course, she already knew what the store was
due to the large neon letters saying “TATTOOS.” No way,
Steven. No way!

The guy behind the counter was wearing a sleeveless
shirt, which showed off the various tattoos winding
around both of his arms. Labels of beer bottles. It was
hard to imagine why anyone would…

“Can I help you?”

“Probably. My husband sent me. My name is Hayley.”

“Ah, good. You’re here. I was wondering if that guy was
for real or not. You have a camera?”

Hayley nodded, pulled it out of her handbag, and handed
it to him.

He immediately connected it to a USB port on a
computer. He clicked his mouse several times as he
concentrated on the computer screen. His face gave a
concerned look and then became completely impassive as
he scrolled through, she assumed, her pictures. Oh
dear… The pictures of her breasts. She had handed the
camera over just like that… what was she thinking?

“Okay, give me just a few minutes.”

Her face was flushed again, she realized. It eventually
occurred to her that his initial wincing had probably
been from the mammogram. That seemed like so long ago.

She became aware of all the pictures of, she guessed,
clients, and their tattoos. Strange that so many would
want such things on their bodies permanently, or
even… She became aware of where some of those tattoos
were actually placed. Ouch. And she couldn’t even dare
to look at the section that displayed their piercing
work. But like a moth to the flame, she shuddered when
she saw that women got pierced down… there. Why had
Steven ever come to a place like this?

After a bit, the man turned the screen towards her and
began a slide show, all of which featured her breasts
in a single pose that Kristyn had taken, from the waist
up. The difference was that he had digitally applied
tattoos to the picture of her breasts. “Here, go ahead
and look. Then you pick your favorite.” He sat down and
picked up a “Spin” magazine. He wasn’t going to win any
customer service awards, that was for sure.

The pictures cycled several times. There was no way, no
way at all. She had expected to see a rose, a cross, or
other standard tattoo images, but she realized that
they really didn’t look like tattoos. They were like
paintings. Some looked like animals – a frog, a dragon,
a cat, a dog, a tiger. The eyes of each one, usually
overly large, were located at her nipples, only they
were colored to fit the picture. Others were really no
specific image at all – a cosmic scene with planets and
meteors, intersecting shapes, one that could only be
described as a random application of brush strokes.
Others included a flower, a group of flowers, coconuts,
watermelon, ahhh… a man’s genitals, and even fried
eggs, sunny side up. What was the purpose of this?

“What’s the purpose of this?” she asked hopefully.

The guy didn’t look up from his magazine, saying only,
“Can’t say.”

Idiot. Well then, as tempting as fried eggs were…
“The tiger.” Similar to the cat, but it had better eyes
and head shape. “But I’m not getting a tattoo.”

“Ah. Yes. Well, just work with me.” He turned the
screen then punched several keys, then a printer
stirred, processing the image. He clicked a few more
buttons, disconnected her camera, and handed her the
camera. The photo finished printing, and he handed it
to her. “Here. Keep this. I take it you’ll need it
later. Now, I need you to sit on this stool and remove
your shirt.”

Hayley sat, but that was all. “I told you. I’m not
getting a tattoo. And I doubt seriously whether my
husband would have wanted me to get one.”

The guy grinned at her briefly. It occurred to her that
he hadn’t even introduced himself. A license on the
wall said his name was Peter Gosford. Peter, as in
Dick. How appropriate she thought.

“You will be getting a tattoo, one that your husband
has chosen, though I have no idea why. You’ll be happy
to know, however, that it’s a rub- on. Give me just a
minute, and, like I said, remove your top. He
disappeared briefly, and she heard a beep. He reemerged
with a bowl of water, which she realized he had
probably just warmed. He stood in front of her, looking
at her face.

“The top? Your husband wanted me to put these on your
breasts.” Of course he would…

“What are they?”

“I will tell you that I haven’t figured it out. It’s
been a mystery that we’ve been talking about the past
few days around here. Maybe after I give you the note
you’ll let us know what it says. And what the purpose
of all of this is.”

He continued to look at her. She wasn’t sure for what

“The shirt. Remove it. I can’t give you the envelope
until after I’ve done this. That was the deal.”

Hayley really, really didn’t want this man to see her
tits, and, more importantly, she didn’t want to show
them. This was nowhere close to the fantasy and was not
desirable to her at all. Suddenly, the word “necessary”
occurred to her. It was “necessary” if she was going to
get the hell out of here and still go on whatever trip
Steven planned, which was becoming less and less of a
prize. On with it girl, rather, off with it. She grated
her teeth.

Her irritation didn’t stop her from flushing once again
as she bared her breasts, this time with the
provocative bra. She really didn’t like this guy, or
the place, and, come to think of it, the embedded
stench of incense and cigarette smoke. Just a little
while longer…

He placed a towel in her lap to prevent her skirt from
getting wet, and then he began applying the tattoos,
whatever they were. “Uh, you may as well take the bra
off, or the water from the tattoos is going to get it
wet.” Her breasts were already clearly exposed, so she
was forced to agree with him and she complied. She
casually noticed the strong underwire in her bra as she
removed it, almost like a flat band. No wonder if
supported her…

She didn’t particularly care for his fingers on her
breasts, or the way he would casually rub against the
tips of her nipples with his knuckles. And she was
almost angered that her nipples weren’t cooperating
with her mood and were fully erect.

Another employee emerged from the rear. “Hey Peter, I
finally made it.” Ahh, so this was indeed “Dick.” He
looked down at the counter and whistled.

“It’s okay Sean. It’s been slow anyway, but our mystery
lady has finally showed.” Sean looked their way, then
down again. His face broke into a devilish grin. “Ahhh.
Lady, are you sure that’s all we can do for you? You’ve
got a wonderful… canvas.”

Hayley was even more annoyed with another man looking,
no… openly gaping!…at her breasts. She was ready to
leave. “No. No tattoos.”

But Sean was persistent He approached them so that
Peter no longer obstructed his view and looked
delighted to gaze at her breasts. At least he showed
some appreciation. “How about piercings?”

And here she thought her mood had turned just slightly.
She didn’t bother to reply.

It didn’t take “Dick” too long to finish the job. He
dabbed at her with a towel, drying her off. There
seemed to be multiple tattoos, an assortment of
letters, actually.

“Okay, done. Although I don’t get it.” He retreated to
the counter, and withdrew an envelope, which he had to
wait to hand to her as she put on her bra and the top.

She opened the envelope. There was a short note in it.
“It’s a word jumble. You have to get someone who
doesn’t work at the store to unscramble it for you,”
Hayley cringed, then continued reading, “then Peter (I
think Dick is appropriate, by the way) will give you
another envelope.” Hayley stopped herself from
laughing, and she told them the gist of what it said.
“Sean, tell me you don’t work here.”

“Err, sorry. I do. But there’s CJ. She doesn’t.”

Hayley turned and saw a sliver of a girl entering the
door. Her hair was spiked and died black, set against
the palest of skin. Hayley didn’t understand why
someone would want a piercing in their chin, nose, or a
whole line of them in the ears… Whatever. Once Sean
explained things to CJ, Hayley removed her shirt yet
again, and all three stared at her breasts trying to
figure it out.


It seemed to Hayley to take forever, but after about 5
minutes Sean said, “My problem is that I see ‘LAID,’
which, and I mean this as a compliment, would seem to
fit and is possibly something I can help you with, but
I can’t figure the rest of it.”

Peter said, “I don’t see anything to it.”

CJ frowned a bit, and then offered. “I can’t come up
with anything either. I keep seeing “HOLIDAY INN,” and
I can’t get past it to come up with anything else.”

They all looked at her as if she were from another
planet, possessing an alien gift.

Peter returned to the counter and retrieved the
remaining envelope. “You never know where you’ll find
genius. And it says here on the envelope that it’s 2
words, 7 letters and 3, so I guess that’s it. It would
have helped to have had that tip earlier. And, Hayley,
you’re late for whatever you’re supposed to do next.”

Hayley quickly redressed, tired of these particular
people looking at her breasts, noticing that Sean was
watching until she had covered every bit of them, then
she opened the envelope. “Go to the motel, just a few
blocks away, and look through the stand that has all
the vacation pamphlets.” She repeated it to them, then
wondered why she had bothered.

“Ok, then, I’m off.”

Sean gave her a wide grin, then said, “Well, hang on.
You need to see our latest addition to our wall of
fame!” Hayley once again took stock of the pictures of
tattoos that covered the walls from floor to ceiling,
hardly seeing anything to brag about. Sean was taping
something to the cash register counter, and Hayley
could guess what it would be. He stepped away.

It was entitled, “The ones that got away!” The picture
of her breasts, of course…

“Hey, Peter! Mind if a print a few more to take home
and show around?

Dick just grunted, and she left, wanting to get away as
quickly as possible. She was feeling… soiled.

The Holiday Inn was an older style motel, but with a
lobby and two story guest room building, with rooms
opening directly outside. Still, it was nicely
maintained and used regularly for conferences. It’s
restaurant even had a good reputation, which was rare
for motels, she thought.

Hayley entered the lobby and quickly saw the display
that she was looking for. The only problem was that she
didn’t know what she was looking for. Steven hadn’t
given any hints. Her eyes quickly took in various
restaurant, theater, camping, and fun park
advertisements, but nothing jumped out. She decided to
just start in the upper left and work her way down the
display row by row. And there, as luck, and Steven,
would have it, was her answer at the bottom right of
the display.

It was easy to discern, not by the absence of coupons,
but by a picture of her breasts adorning the pamphlet.
She was going to have to discuss that with him. She had
allowed him to take those pictures only if he promised
not to show them to anyone. She could imagine him
saying he didn’t. He just placed them where they might
be seen. She quickly removed all three copies,
wondering if there had been a larger stack.

She opened the pamphlet, and read, “This is a flyer,
and so soon shall you be too. If you’ll just open your
trunk, and do what I say do.” Steven, the poet.

Okay, then, back to the car!

It was with a cautious hand that she opened her trunk,
half expecting someone to jump out and rip off her
shirt. But she knew that wouldn’t be it. It was the
unknown. The latch popped, and she raised the slid
slowly. The truck was empty, aside from a small
envelope that had slid to a side. She opened it, and
found a note enclosed with an airplane ticket. She
opted to check the ticket first, which, to her
satisfaction, was for Key West! She had always wanted
to go. She didn’t want to dwell on whether it would be
worth the price she had paid thus far, if she had known
in advance. What was done, was done. She opened the
note. “Be sure to bring your driver’s license, the
camera, and the items you’ve collected so far. I’ll
meet you there, with, I promise, clothes that you will
actually want to wear! Love, Steven.”

She checked the time of the flight. Ouch. She had to

On leaving her car at the airport parking lot, she
retrieved the items that she thought Steven would want.
She put the Fotoflash pictures into her purse, along
with the camera. The other picture was too large to
fold and fit within her purse, however. She found a
bookstore and bought a hardback of a romance novel that
seemed somewhat interesting, although she had read
enough that she could probably write it herself. She
inserted the folded picture into the book.

It wasn’t until the security scan actually sounded that
2+2 equaled four. She had stood in line and placed both
her purse, with the car keys, and her book onto the
security check conveyor. She had also removed her
shoes, per the guard’s instruction, due to the
possibility of nails in her heels setting off the

And it took just moments for her to realize that,
carrying nothing and barefoot, there was only one
possible cause of the metal detector sounding. It made
her dizzy, with people staring at her as the guard
moved a handheld detector about her body. Were they
thinking the odds were somehow lower for them now that
she was being searched? Or were they curious at how
someone rather sparsely adorned would set off the

“Ma’am. If you’ll step this way.” The guard gathered
her things, handing them to a female security officer,
who she was instructed to accompany. Hayley searched
towards the heavens, looking for deliverance.

The flight was comfortable enough, but she was always
nervous when she flew, and she was glad when the plane
touched down. The book she had been reading was only
so-so, and she hadn’t read much of it. Her attention
had been more focused on “Terrible Things Steven Has
Made Me Do.” She hadn’t plotted revenge, yet anyway,
but she knew that a tale of her passing was now
circulating at the airport. She had quickly come to the
conclusion that honesty is the best policy, but she had
wished that Officer Morgan hadn’t insisted on feeling
the metal band in her bra. Necessarily exposed, yet
again. She wondered if Steven had the foresight to
predict that one. She wasn’t certain that he did, and
she didn’t want to grant him “genius” status, even if
it would apply in this sinister adventure he had laid
out for her.

She left the plane and entered the terminal rather
quickly, having no luggage. She started to look for
Steven… after all, he said he would meet her. And now
that his jokes were over, she was looking forward to
some fun. She would never reveal to him, however, how
wet she had been on the airplane, and how wet she was
even now. She hadn’t been turned on at any of his
tests, but cumulatively, yes, they did turn her on. She
couldn’t believe he had her do those things! Or that
she did them.
But she had the pictures to prove it. Unbelievable.

She couldn’t find Steven, but she did come across a
large sign that said, “Hayley.” It was held by a young
man in Bermuda shorts, Hawaiian shirt, and a
chauffeur’s cap. Her adventure over, the thought of a
limo ride to meet Steven at some romantic spot would be
just perfect.

“Hi, my name is Ed. I was told that you would have some

Hayley retrieved her driver’s license from her purse
and showed it to him. He smiled at her. “Ma’am, anyone
can fake an I.D. I was told you would have another
photo I.D.”

Good Lord! Would this never end? She removed the
Fotoflash pictures, holding them for only several
moments in front of his face. He smiled widely, then
said, “This way, ma’am.”

It turned out that it wasn’t a limo, but that might
have been out of place anyway. She found herself in a
well appointed Sebring convertible as he drove to the
town of Key West, the warm, tropical air blowing
through her hair. She guessed that it would still be
light outside for possibly another couple of hours, and
she enjoyed the sights as he passed houses, condos, and
entered the old town. He stopped at a street corner,
and handed her an envelope. “No tipping. You could say
I’ve been tipped in more ways than one. I hope you’ll
enjoy your visit.”

She stepped out, then read the envelope as Ed pulled

“Welcome to Fantasy Fest! Go see Cocoa Joe, tell him
your name. I’ll see you soon. Love, Steven.”

So! It wasn’t over yet. Now, where was she supposed to
find Cocoa Joe? She looked at the nearby buildings, all
one and two story T-shirt shops, restaurants, and bars.
She finally looked at the building on her corner…
Cocoa Joe’s. Well, then…

She entered, looking for someone who… She stopped,
knowing immediately who she needed to talk to. A group
of people were gathered around, and as she came closer,
she saw a bare breasted lady seated near the front of
the store on a bar stool. A middle-aged man with salty
hair and a beer belly was air-spraying an image on the
lady’s chest. Hayley couldn’t help but look… it
seemed to be taking shape as maybe a praying mantis,
it’s big bug eyes placed on her nipples. And with that,
Hayley shuddered, a silent groan filling her, knowing
what was in store.

She remembered seeing a “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit
edition in the supermarket several years earlier, when
the models had their swimsuits painted on. It looked so
real that she really had to study the pictures to
realize that it was paint. And now, at her first visit
to Key West, a town known for its Bohemian ways, it was
apparently popular to go around bare breasted with

The lady stood, with the airbrushing finished, to the
applause of several. Hayley then became aware of the
cameras that some were using as the lady stood. How
embarrassing! Didn’t she know her picture would be all
over the internet within a week?

Cocoa made eye contact with her, and it seemed it was,
somehow, in recognition. He turned to another lady, and
said, “I’m sorry, you’ll have to wait a turn. The lady
who I mentioned might show up, just showed up.”

With that, he turned to her, and said, “Hayley, I

“You presume correctly, but I’m not…” Hayley just
shook her head towards the chair.

“You’re almost on time. It’s rare that I schedule an
appointment, but if everyone is as close to being on
time as you, maybe I’ll consider it some more. Now,
your husband said you might be shy. I’m sorry that we
don’t have a more private arrangement, but people don’t
usually come here for keeping things private.” He
laughed, but not in a way that was going to make Hayley
change her mind. He seemed to recognize the same.

“Oh, okay then. Here!” He reached to his supply
cabinet, and pulled out a feathered Mardi-Gras type
mask. “Your husband said you would probably want this.
You aren’t the first and won’t be the last… Now, have
a seat please, and we’ll get to work.”

Hayley sat down, placing the mask on her face. She
could see in a mirror that her face was made nicely
anonymous. “Uh, I’m pretty good, you know, but I
haven’t yet found it possible to paint through a
woman’s blouse.” He laughed.

Hayley was particularly aware of the guys, women and
couples that were either hanging around or walking by,
and their cameras. She began to lift Kristyn’s blouse
over her head and mask. It was somewhat difficult to
manage, but she didn’t want them taking pictures of her
with her face exposed. She heard several “ah’s,” as
slowly worked the blouse over her head, knowing that
her shelf bra was out in the open, as would be her

Of course. Again. She sighed as she finally pulled the
blouse off. She could hear several faint clicks, but
noticed that there were a lot more cameras than clicks.
Digital cameras were very quiet, she considered. She
looked in the mirror again. Yes, the mask did well to
conceal her face, anyway, not that anyone was looking
there. The bra came off relatively easily with her
practiced behind-the-back finger coordination. Here she
was, exposed again. For the last time, she hoped.

“I believe you have a picture for me?”

It took her a few moments before she realized he would
need the other picture of her. She reached into her
book and pulled out the printed photo from the tattoo
shop, the one with the tiger on it.

“First, hand me your things.” She did, and saw that he
gave them to another employee who took them towards the
back of the store. “We’ll store them for you. You can
come by anytime you like to pick them up.”

Cocoa Joe then raised his voice, playing towards the
crowd. “Okay then, just hold still, try not to giggle,
and we’ll try to get this pussy out in the open!”
People all around laughed at this. And, unexpectedly,
she did too. He had somehow, remarkably, put her at
ease, and she was sure he was practiced at this as
there had to be women who came to him, at the least,
somewhat reluctantly. It felt odd feeling the rush of
air on her chest, but her attention was mostly given
towards stealing glances through the eyeholes in her
mask at the crowd gathered about them, almost all
staring at her tits. Certainly, Joe had talent that
they would be appreciating, but, as Sean had put it,
she was certain that more than a few were lusting after
her canvas.

She could feel the wetness between her legs increase,
and, worse, at times, she thought she could smell her
fluids. There was enough sexual energy about that it
could be any of the other ladies, but she knew it was
hers, and she could only imagine what Joe was thinking
in his close proximity to her. She decided to
concentrate on the mirror. The base coat of black had
quickly covered her breasts and the tiger’s head was
already formed. It was the detail work now, and she
found it hard to constrain her breathing and maintain a
still pose as he worked on the eyes at her nipples.
What a day this had been!

Cocoa Joe was very efficient, she had to admit. It had
seemed to take quite a while, but in reality, she knew
that he had painted her in less than 10 minutes. Maybe
it was a very familiar pattern to him. He put his tools
to the side as she stood, and he said, “Thank you for
the privilege. I certainly enjoy my work. You’re a
treat to the senses.” With that, he chuckled to
himself, and looked to the crowd for more appreciation,
which resulted in laughter whistles, and a few
catcalls. She could feel the wetness between her legs
drip slightly down the inside of her thigh. He knew…
he knew… Joe reached behind him and pulled out a
note. As she moved away, a 20-something girl was
already getting seated, her top nowhere in sight.

“Fantasy Fest is… well, I’m not sure. But it does
include a parade of people dressed, or, like you, not
dressed, in all kinds of ways. It starts at 7:00
several blocks to the east. March along in the parade,
and I’ll join you!”

Finally! She took stock of where she was and which way
east would be. It wasn’t hard to figure with the sun
descending quickly now and the presence of one main
road. Then she took stock of herself. A skirt,
underwear, sandals with short heels. And that was it
with the rest of her belongings stowed away at Joe’s.

Before leaving Joe’s, she wanted to be more certain of
her appearance with this minimum of covering. She found
another standing mirror, looking at Joe’s art. Yes, as
she turned, the form of her breasts were clearly
visible, but she had to really focus to sort out her
nipples and areolas. She was sure guys would be making
the effort, but, strangely, it wasn’t like she was
completely naked.

She found that she had about 20 minutes before the
parade. All things considered, she was amazed that
Steven had planned everything so carefully. But
occupying herself until the parade started became the
issue. Staying at Joe’s for as long as possible seemed
inviting, if only because she was clearly among others
doing the same thing. But when she caught two guys
continually giving her hungry looks, she made a show of
her wedding ring, which she had forgotten in her self-
inventory, and left the store.

As the sun began setting, the light made all the colors
of the town warmer. She was amazed at the number of
ladies who had been painted, and the variety of things
painted. A few of the guys were painted as well,
although wearing tiny bikinis. And various odd costumes
were in abundance, most leaning towards sexual kinks.
It was her first time in anything close to this
environment. She had always heard about Key West, but
she never expected to see fat husbands in g-strings
walking their painted wives down the street. But she
had better soon see hers.

Steven, though, was still nowhere in sight. It
was…interesting…she decided, to walk around without
a shirt or bra. Not liberating, just interesting. No
restraints, the feel of fresh air on her breasts. This
contrasted with men’s heads turning her way to check
her out, some discretely taking her picture, some being
quite obvious, and, on several occasions, men asking
her to pose with them. And, with her mask, why
shouldn’t she?

For the most part, she was incredibly turned on. The
most disconcerting moment was when a couple of cute
college aged guys asked to pose with her. The
girlfriend of one took the picture, or maybe pictures,
she couldn’t tell. But she could tell when their hands,
which had been around her shoulders at the beginning of
the pose, quickly moved to fondle her breasts as the
pictures were taken.

“Guys!” was all she could muster, but they quickly left
her, laughing, making her feel, well, younger. That
wasn’t so bad, was it? It bothered her that she was
most concerned whether they had rubbed any of the paint
off. What had happened to her in a day?

She soon found herself in a throng of people waiting
for the parade to commence. She was torn between her
bewilderment at seeing how everyone else was costumed
or painted, and her personal satisfaction of catching
men checking her out. Yes, she liked it, she realized.
Then, finally, the crowd began to move, filling in
between convertibles, floats… tricycles even, leading
to what she overheard was going to be a costume judging
at the end of the parade. What a place!

She was just settling into a rhythm about the whole
thing… walking with loonies, looking at loonies,
feeling loony as her breasts jiggled as she walked,
when she felt an arm reach around her waist. It was a
familiar touch, but still, she had to turn and look.

“Steven!” She wanted to stop and kiss, but they would
just be in the way, but Steven was intent, apparently,
on continuing the parade.

“It took you long enough!” He turned to walk backwards
so that he could check out her breasts inch by inch.
She saw that he, too, had a little air-spraying done.
His chest had written on, “Isn’t my wife beautiful?”

“Have you been watching me?”

“Well, you know, I was trying to find some other guys
to pose with you and grope you. The pictures I’ve

She looked at his chest. “Thanks for the compliment.
I’m just surprised that you didn’t say “Aren’t my
wife’s breasts beautiful?”

Steven smiled, stepping alongside her again. I think
that’s obvious. Actually, I think the most beautiful
part is your face. With that, he reached over and
quickly removed her mask, tossing it to someone
watching along the side of the street.

A band started playing, drowning out the softly spoken
“Steven” that had escaped her lips. He didn’t realize
what he had done. It was like she was safely hidden,
and now she was on display for the whole world. People
were taking pictures. The people in the parade with
them were now taking more pictures of her.

He reached an arm around her, lightly stroking the side
of her breast before settling on her hip. Her eyes
turned to meet him. “Steven…”

“You’re beautiful. Look at you.” He was smiling. “From
the crown of your head to your cute little toes, you’re
beautiful. Forty years old, and have you seen anyone
who isn’t fascinated by the way you look? And your
breasts, Hayley, surely you know…”

“Steven, thank you. But someone is going to see these
pictures that knows me, and then…”

“And then, what? Who among our friends is going to
admit that they went looking for nude pictures of women
on the internet? If it’s a man or a woman, Hayley,
they’re going to be surprised, yes, but they’re also
going to be jealous. And speaking of pictures, I want
some more.”

Steven separated from her and began taking photos. She
was hopelessly lost in the moment, her reservations
melted in the face of flattery and the admiring looks
she continued to receive. She hadn’t known that her
self-esteem had been so low, compared to where she was
soaring now.

He finally returned to her, but only after having
another participant take pictures of them together,
more than a few with his hands resting on her breasts.
In public! But she didn’t care. As soon as recovered
the camera, she grabbed his hand and guided him to an
alley between the buildings, both smiling for the many
photos that others took as the broke through the
watching crowd.

All things considered, it was a very slow parade, and
Cocoa Joe’s wasn’t far behind them. She saw that the
harbor wasn’t far and led Steven in that direction.
They passed several other couples, each with eyes,
hands, and mouths only for their mates, and finally
arrived at the docks.

The boats were quiet, she presumed, because everyone
was watching the parade, or in it. But she couldn’t
just get on someone’s boat. That would be trespassing.
The pier was fairly well lit, and they were about
halfway down it before Hayley gave up finding a
discrete spot. She stopped.


He smiled at her, expressing both love and lust, and at
least he made eye contact at times. “Yes?’

“This “necessary exposure” thing. I’m not going to
complain or protest what you’ve had me do today. In
fact, I’ll thank you for it. But it’s important to
understand it from my perspective. You’ve got it all

Steven looked somewhat confused, but the bulge in his
pants confirmed what she had no doubt would be there.

“It’s not about breasts at all.” She reached down to
his shorts, unbuttoning his fly and unzipping his
shorts. She pulled them and his underwear down in one
stroke, letting them fall to the pier. She unbuttoned
her skirt as Steven assisted in removing it from her,
but rather than letting it drop, he bent with them,
inhaling deeply of her scent as his nose brushed her
cunt. His hands reached again and slowly removed her
panties, which were soaked. She watched as he casually
tossed these into the water, a mischievous grin
appearing at the small splashing sound. Well, if he
thought he was going to define the terms…

She turned and placed her hands on a light pole,
bending and arching her back, thrusting her hips
towards him. If he wanted a show, well, here she was,
naked on a pier under the lights at twilight. Whether
she was imagining it or not, she was certain that there
were eyes on her body that she hadn’t seen out there,
just as she was sure there would be more before she was
done. And if someone wanted to watch, or to take
pictures, or to listen in, then that was fine, but
damned if he wasn’t going to be a part of it.

She reached with one hand between her legs, spreading
her fingers to help guide him in. Just the sensation of
her fingers caused a surprisingly vocal moan to escape
her lips. She felt the head of his cock press against
her fingers, searching. She looked back at him, over
her shoulder, seeing the tense excitement and lust
expressed in his face.

“Steven, the “exposure” is about your cock, in my cunt.
And it’s “necessary” right now.”

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