Drunken Party Girl

I watched as her boyfriend, David, turned and mimed
applause. Shelly was an image of cool elegance, slender
in a snug-fitting black slip dress. David eyed her up
and down, and noticed that she wore no stockings.

“No stockings?” he asked surprised.

Standing in front of her full length mirror, Shelly
smiled back coyly, “…and no panties either!”

“Really?” he replied, with noticeable excitement. “You
seem surprised. You’re the one that bought this dress
for me,” Shelly returned.

“Yeah,” he returned, slightly confused.

“Hmmmmm…” she replied, “Ever hear of panty-lines?”

He finally understood where she was going and replied,
“Well, yes…” Turning around to face me, Shelly
replied, “I swear, Julie. Guys can be so dense

Smiling, I nodded in agreement.

“What do you mean?” David asked a little hurt.
Giggling, I replied, “Hmmmm… let’s see… you bought
you’re girlfriend a dress that shows off ‘everything,’
but yet you think that it will magically somehow be
kind to the lines of her panties…” Embarrassed, David
stuttered, “Oh, well, I just thought.”

Grinning at his discomfort, Shelly interrupted, “Well,
we girls don’t like panty lines, David! But this dress
you bought for me sure does!”

I walked over to her and gave her a naughty look for
teasing him so much.

Grinning, Shelly laughed and said, “Don’t you give me
that ‘bad girl’ look. It’s just that this dress he
bought for me shows off everything, including my

Giving her a knowing look, I complimented her and told
her that nobody would know about her little secret, but
the three of us. Glancing back down at her bare legs, I
was tempted to suggest that she should at least wear
stockings, but I knew that she wanted to show off her
legs. Besides, with her perfectly tanned skin, she
really didn’t need them. As the two of us walked back
to the mirror to adjust our hair, I noticed David
leaning against a wall and taking all of our
preparations in. Looking back at Shelly, I whispered to
her, “Thanks for letting me tag along with you and
David to this New Years Eve party. I was afraid that
tonight would be just another boring evening of
watching bad TV at home by myself.”

Grinning, Shelly replied, “It was my pleasure, Julie.
Besides, maybe we can find you a cute guy at the party
tonight!” Wincing, I replied, “…as long as he’s
nothing like my last boyfriend!”

As she laughed at my response, I caught myself staring
into the mirror at her reflection. Shelly was extremely
beautiful, but she seemed even more so tonight. As she
touched up her brunette spiral curls, I noticed the
features that drew most men to her. She stood 5′ 9″ and
carried herself well at 103 pounds. And with an almost
perfect hourglass figure (34 – 24 – 34), she could
easily make heads turn.

Noticing my stare, she turned around and said, “…and
just what are you staring at, Julie?”

Grinning wide, I replied, “…my most toughest
competition at the party tonight, I think.”

Blushing slightly, she giggled, “Do you really think

I pointed over to David’s approving eyes, and then
whispered back, “Yes!”

As David helped first Shelly, and then myself into our
coats, I realized that the dress was indeed, all that
she was wearing. Apparently, even her bra must have
been a problem, because she was clearly not wearing one
either. It was the most revealing party dress I had
ever seen her in… and she looked great! What a way to
ring in the New Year with her boyfriend! I smiled,
knowing that every guy at the party would be wishing
for what David already had.

“Are you sure you want to go this New Years Eve party?”
David asked Shelly suggestively, “I could call Rob and
give him our regrets, and we could all go out to a
night club for some dancing instead or even just stay
here and.”

She cut him off with a laugh and cried out, “Down boy!
The New Years Eve party first, besides, it would be
rude to cancel our plans after I invited Julie along!”

Realizing his thoughtlessness, David turned to me and
replied, “Oh, I’m sorry, Julie. I didn’t mean to sound
like I had forgotten about you or anything, …I was
just being selfish with Shelly’s company.” Smiling, I
replied, “No offense taken, David. I understand
completely.” Grabbing a hold of my arm, Shelly pulled
me away from David and towards her side.

“Besides, I love to be surrounded by lots of people
when the countdown starts…” Shelly pleaded.

Realizing that she had made up her mind, David offered
her his arm and we all walked out the door.

Fifteen minutes later, we arrived near our destination.
Though we were early, the closer parking was already
taken. Laughter drifted around from the terrace in the
rear and the muffled sounds of dance music could be
heard from inside.

“Remember, don’t let me drink too much,” Shelly
whispered to me. Her expression was half serious.
Shelly enjoyed a good drink occasionally, even though
she had almost no capacity for it. Even a glass of wine
turned her giddy. Smiling, I thought about how it also
tended to make her overtly sexual. More than two
drinks, though, and she would get sleepy and drift off
to an almost comatose state.

I laughed at her, “One or two, no more. I’m not about
to carry you out of here tonight.”

She shot a sour look back at me, as I put on my best
angel face.

I would have to keep an eye on her, not that she really
needed it; she’d already learned how little tolerance
her body had for drinking. Several times in the past,
Shelly had come dangerously close to being taken
advantage of by guys who exploited her weakness for

Reaching the door, we were met by other couples and
singles swarming inside. At the door, I was introduced
to the host of the party and David’s good friend, Rob.
After exchanging a few pleasantries, he suggested that
all of us rid ourselves of our heavy coats.

After a brief detour upstairs to leave the coats in one
of the spare bedrooms, we threaded our way through the
mob in the living room to join the even larger mob on
the terrace. There must have been over 150 people there
already. Rob introduced us to a few of the attendees
and then left us to return to the door. He waved
goodbye and we waved back, and then moved on. Most of
the guests were people I didn’t recognize, although
Shelly and David saw quite a few people they

Looking around at all the people dancing in the dimly
lit main room, I thought Shelly might want to join in
with David. “Did you want to dance with David, Shelly?”

Shelly shook her head and replied, “Maybe later. I’d
like to circulate a bit and introduce you to some
people, first.” Wine glasses in hand, we did just that.

Before long, Shelly had introduced me to most of her
female friends, as well as, quite a few cute single
guys. Bored with the introductions, David wandered over
to join the guys listening to the band. Looking back
every once in awhile, I could see that David was
keeping an eye on Shelly and the several men in
attendance around the two of us.

As I took turns dancing with a few of the cute guys, I
watched as Shelly made her way over to the stage. I
laughed, as she pulled David’s stubborn body out onto
the dance floor to finally dance. I knew he wasn’t very
big on dancing, but as I watched him, I noticed that he
wasn’t all that bad.

After several dances with her, she called me over to
relieve her, so that she could wet her lips once more.

As I happily stepped in, David asked her, “Shelly, how
many drinks have you had?”

Slightly embarrassed in my presence, she responded,
“Just two. I’m switching to punch, now.”

Relieved, David turned back towards me and began to
dance. Moving up close to him, I winked and pretended
not to know about her weakness, “She can’t hold her
liquor, can she?” Now he was embarrassed. He paused
awkwardly at the question.

David finally managed a smile and replied, “A couple of
drinks are her limit. Anymore than that and she’s out
cold for the rest of the night.” Moving even closer, I
giggled, “I guess she better stick to the punch, then!”

Nodding in agreement, he smiled and began to dance
faster. As the two of us danced together, I couldn’t
help but to notice his striking features and handsome
face. He was an extremely attractive guy, I thought to
myself, and a pretty good dancer. I continued to dance
for about a half dozen more numbers with Shelly’s
boyfriend, before I finally began to worry about
Shelly’s whereabouts.

Mirroring my anxiety, David said, “C’mon. Let’s go find
Shelly. She’s been gone an awfully long time, now.”

I agreed. We both began to weave through the heavy
crowds of people on the dance floor. Fearful of being
split up and lost, I had to grasp David’s hand a little
more tightly than I was comfortable with because of the
tremendous crowds of people pushing in all directions.

“There!” I cried out, “There she is!”

David looked over in the direction of my extended
finger and he spotted Shelly dancing off to the side of
the main crowd. Relieved that I had found her, I didn’t
notice at first, that she wasn’t dancing alone. It
wasn’t until David and I got closer, that we noticed
she was dancing with another guy.

“I told you she was fine,” I smiled.

As I waited for his reply, I wondered why Shelly was
dancing with someone other than her boyfriend. Looking
up at David’s eyes, I could tell that he was wondering
the same thing. I saw a twinge of jealousy in his face
and I knew that I should say something.

“C’mon, let’s dance some more…”

Looking across at Shelly and then over to me, David
replied, “Yeah, but I don’t know that guy…”

I grinned at him and then forced him back a few steps.
I walked up to him and threw my arms around his neck
and pulled his body up close and tight. “You guys are
all the same, aren’t you?” I laughed, “So possessive!”

Immediately, he began to defend himself.

Before he could start any debate however, I forced him
back into the crowd and said, “Uh-uhn. Don’t even
start! Possessiveness is so unattractive to a girl! Let
Shelly have a little freedom and fun, O.K.”

Normally, I think he would have just rushed over to
Shelly and pulled her away, but something in what I
said seemed to make sense to him. Though I knew he
wasn’t completely comfortable with the whole idea of
letting Shelly dance with someone else, I think he also
didn’t want me to think that he really was a possessive
person. So, he gave in and started dancing again. David
tried to keep an eye on Shelly as we danced, but I
caught on and moved him further and further away.

Looking through the crowds of people, I saw Shelly one
last time and noticed that she was enjoying herself,
but she wasn’t dancing with her usual careful
restraint. I took in her flushed expression and raw,
almost predatory, dancing style with a frown. She was
playing with fire tonight, but I still didn’t want to
see her get burned!

Quickly I moved David through the crowds of people till
I was sure that she was out of his sight completely.
Maybe, I was over-reacting, I thought. Shelly was
probably just flushed from dancing so long. That’s it,
I thought. I felt better. Before I could ponder the
thought any further though, the music paused abruptly
and then restarted.

David was caught off guard, as every girl in the place,
including myself, cried out.

“I love this song!” I whispered to him, as I grabbed a
hold of his hands and pulled myself in even closer
against his body. He tried to pull away, but it was no
use. I was determined to dance teasingly close to him.
The song that set off all the girls was called, “Short
Dick Man” by the girl-group ‘Twenty Fingers.’
And though the lyrics were obscene and rather insulting
towards men in general, it did have a good dance beat.

As the crowd shuffled back and forth frantically, I
caught sight of Shelly once again. I noticed that
Shelly was still dancing with the same guy, only much
more closely than before. David caught sight of my
wondering eyes and grabbed hold of my chin with his
hand and turned me back to face him. “It isn’t nice to
ignore your dance partner,” he cried out. “Sorry,” I
replied, as I watched to see if he noticed what had
caught my eye. Thankfully, he did not!

With great effort, I managed to concentrate on David
alone, for the rest of the dance. As soon as it
finished though, I returned my attention back to where
Shelly and the stranger had been. But, they were gone.
“Let’s get a drink,” David said, breathing hard, “I
could use one. And let’s see if Shelly wants to join

Relieved, I readily agreed and we began to make our way
through the crowds looking for Shelly. She was nowhere
to be found. As we drew nearer to the spot where I had
last seen her, a new song started up and the crowds
shifted once again. As David and I were pushed
backwards and away from the main dance floor, I began
to grow more concerned about her disappearance.

“There’s Shelly!” I heard David cry out from behind me.
This time, it was my turn to follow his pointed finger.
As my eyes began to adjust to the darkened corner of
the room that David was pointing to, I did indeed see
Shelly. As we made our way through the crowds, I
watched, as Shelly drew close to her suitor once again.

Following behind David, I watched as Shelly moved her
body right up against the stranger. Instead of dancing
though, Shelly continued to move in closer and then
suddenly began French-kissing the strange guy. “OOPS!”
I mumbled, as David took in the scene. Rushing out in
front of him, I saw his face redden immediately and his
fists tightened. Cautiously, I moved in front of him
and held him back.

“Wait!” I said pressingly, “Don’t jump to any

“Get out of my WAY, Julie!” he yelled out to me.
“WAIT!” I yelled back, making him stop in his tracks,
“I don’t want to see anyone get hurt! Please, Let me go
get her for you!”

“THEN GET HER OVER HERE NOW!!” he barked out madly.
Still pushing against his chest with my small hands, I
said, “O.K. But you stay here. Stay here O.K.!”

David watched, as I walked away quickly. I turned
around several times to see if he was following me,
before I finally reached Shelly. He continued to watch
with growing anger, as I desperately tried to reach the
intertwined couple. Finally, I reached Shelly and
called out to her. Nothing. I called out to her again,
this time louder. Still nothing. Either she was
ignoring me or she was very into what she was doing, I

Walking right up to the kissing couple, I took hold of
her right shoulder and pulled her back some. With great
reluctance, Shelly moved a step backwards. Relieved
that I had broken their locked lips, I didn’t
immediately notice that they were still physically
connected lower. It wasn’t until Shelly recognized my
face in the darkness of the room, that she took a few
more steps backwards. It was at that point, that I saw
his hand slide out from underneath the front of her

As he drew his hand back to his side, I could clearly
see that his index finger was glistening wet. Shocked
and embarrassed, I took both of my hands and pulled
Shelly away from the guy. Irritated by my intrusion,
the stranger moved forward to pull Shelly back to him,
but I stood in front of her and yelled at him and he
immediately backed off. Looking over at David, I waved
and forced a small smile to let him know that
everything was O.K. From his perspective, I knew that
he couldn’t have seen what else they were doing besides
kissing and I was glad.

Looking at Shelly, I noticed she also looked extremely
disappointed and upset at my intrusion. Boiling mad,
David waited as I wrapped Shelly’s arm over my shoulder
and carefully walked her back to him.

When we finally reached him, David exploded. “JUST WHAT

“Calm down,” I interrupted, “It’s not her fault! She’s

“Drunk?” he echoed, “What do you mean she’s drunk? She
hasn’t had but two glasses of wine and some punch

“Look, I don’t know anything about what she’s had to
drink, but she’s drunk! Look at her!” I shot back

Looking at Shelly, David noticed her eyes were slightly
glazed over and she was having a hard time standing on
her own. Shelly tried to mumble something, but it came
out incoherent.

“Shelly, just how much wine did you drink?” he
questioned once again.

She giggled at his worried expression.

“I only had two glasses… hiccup… and then I
switched to …hiccup… punch,” she replied.

Though David tried hard to find fault with her answer,
Shelly’s face wasn’t really built for lies and David
could tell that she wasn’t lying now.

Though he was comforted by the conclusion, he was still
confused by her drunkenness. And it still took all of
his willpower not to be mad at her.

Needless to say, I chose not to mention anything about
where her suitor’s hands had been. Shelly was cute when
she got drunk, but she was also dangerous!

I looked up at David and said, “Give her a break,
David. She didn’t really mean to kiss that guy.”

“O.K. I’ll give her a break this time, but only if you
help me get her over to a chair,” he answered.

“Deal,” I cried out happily and with noticeable relief.

We both steered her towards the food tables. Sitting
her down gently, David turned and thanked me.

“No problem,” I returned, as he sat down next to Shelly
and tried to get her to eat something. I hoped she
would eat something, so she wouldn’t just have a
stomach full of alcohol, but she didn’t appear to be
very hungry.

“Julie,” David whispered in my ear, “Watch her for a
few minutes, while I find Rob.”

Nodding my head, I continued to hold Shelly upright and
smiled back sympathetically.

After several minutes and no luck, David returned. As
he neared the tables, I noted that Shelly was drinking
a tall glass of the milky-looking cherry punch. She
sipped, then took a much bigger swallow. “Any luck?” I

“None,” he returned, “I wanted to tell him that the
three of us were going to leave, but I can’t find him

“Leaving?” I replied disappointed, “…but we’ll miss
the countdown to midnight in twenty minutes.”

He sat down next to me and replied, “I don’t want to
leave yet either, but I think Shelly is all partied

We both looked over at her, as she continued to drink
glass after glass of the milky cherry punch.

“Did she eat anything?” he questioned, as he noticed
all the food on the table.

I pointed at a chocolate cake and said, “She licked
some icing off of this cake, but other than that – No.
Although, she seems to have really taken to that milky

Drinking a sip from Shelly’s glass, my face brightened.
“Wow! I can see why…” I said, as I took another
drink, “This is really good stuff!

David laughed at the surprise in my voice and got a
glass for himself. After a few sips, he agreed with me
– it was good: creamy, mildly cherry flavored, and
slightly fizzy. I sipped mine slowly, then laughed
again, when I saw that Shelly had finished another
glass and was asking for a refill.

“Ready to go home, Shelly?” David called out. “Not just
yet, David! Let her sit down for a while,” I pleaded,
“…and you can help yourself to some of the food that
I see you drooling at.” Before he could answer, his
stomach gave a rumble and I laughed out, “See! I’m

He agreed and made himself a small plate of food. “Slow
down, Shelly,” I said, “Or you’ll be spending the rest
of the night peeing in the little girl’s room!”
Looking over at Shelly, David noticed that she had
emptied a half dozen glasses of the cherry punch and
was asking me get her yet another. “Give me her glass,”
he interrupted, “I’ll get her a refill, Julie.”

As he walked to the bowl of punch, he bumped into Rob
filling a glass for himself.

Looking at the two of them talking, I saw a look of
disbelief wash over David’s face. Seconds later, he put
the empty glass down and rushed back over. When he got
back, my fears were confirmed. The punch had been
spiked. When David told me that it contained a quart of
cherry ice cream, a big bottle of ginger ale, and two
bottles of cheap sparkling wine, I began to worry.
Shelly’s head was resting on the table now and she was
sound asleep. A few of her glasses had been knocked
over and a good size puddle of red liquid was settling
into the starched white tablecloth.

“I think she needs to lie down for a while,” I said.

“What happened?” he asked.

“It’s the punch,” I replied, “…she was sitting here
drinking her punch when all of a sudden, she just
slumped over.”

“It’s full of alcohol…” David replied, “…a great
deal more than she’s used to.”

Sitting down beside me, I could tell that he had
suddenly lost all interest in the buffet.

Even at that dilution, Shelly had just finished the
equivalent of at least eleven more normal-sized glasses
of wine. The only way we were going to get her home
now, was by carrying her.”

Lifting her head off the table, David replied, “I need
to get her somewhere to lie down for a little while.”

I thought for a second and then answered, “If we can
get her upstairs, we can use the spare bedroom next to
the coatroom. I noticed it was empty earlier. We can
let her sleep some of it off there.”

Despite our best efforts, Shelly stayed asleep all the
way up the stairs and to the bedroom.

Laying her down on the bed, David turned to me and
asked, “Do you think she’ll be all right here?”

I walked over to the bed and sat down on the corner,
“Shelly will be just fine.”

Feeling more reassured, he sat on the bed next to her.
We both turned to look at Shelly on the bed. Shelly
managed a sleepy smile, but continued to twist and turn
with the discomfort of her tight-fitting dress. “She’ll
be fine after a nap. Give her an hour or two and I’m
sure she’ll feel better,” I said with encouragement,
“Just turn out the lights and let her sleep till then.”

David then pulled off her heels and scooted her feet up
onto the bed. “We really should get her out of that
dress, though,” I added, “I don’t think it was meant to
sleep in!”

Embarrassed, David turned to me and said, “…but she’s
not wearing anything underneath, though?”

“Oh! …that’s right!” I smiled and then stood up, “I
guess she had better keep the dress on, then.”

As I set her heels by the foot of the bed, David
noticed that Shelly’s struggling had caused her dress
to ride up on her thighs. Embarrassed, he quickly
pulled down the hem of her dress down, so that it
covered her upper thighs once again. Satisfied that she
was decent, he kissed Shelly on the lips and said

“Awww…Isn’t that sweet?” I laughed, “You’re such a

Turning and giving me a wry look, he stood up and
walked over to me.

“And one for you as well,” he said, as he leaned in and
kissed my cheek, “.for all your help tonight.”

After he pulled away, I responded, “You really are a
gentleman!” “Let’s go,” he said, as he took my hand and
walked out of the room, closing the door behind us.

We walked back down the stairs and re-entered the dance
floor for some more dancing. Several minutes later, the
music stopped and everyone counted down to midnight.
After some screaming and cheering, everyone began to
dance once again. David turned out to be great company
and I really began to enjoy the party.

Whether we were dancing, talking, or drinking, David
did a wonderful job of keeping me too busy to brood
over being single and alone on New Year’s Eve.
Over the next couple of hours, the crowd of dancers,
including David and I, shifted gradually outside, till
only a small, mostly-male group was left inside,
dividing their attention between the bar and a big
screen television in the far left corner.

As the crowds thinned and the night slowed, David and I
sat in the terrace area and had a quiet conversation.
David surprised me with his wit and intelligence time
and time again, and I was really glad that Shelly had
picked someone like him for a boyfriend. I grew so
comfortable, that I kicked back in my chair and just
listened to him tell story after story.

At one point, he stopped talking and started to laugh
out loud, when he noticed the long line outside the
downstairs bathroom. It wasn’t too much longer though,
before some guy discovered the upstairs bathroom, and
everyone raced up the stairs to use it.

“I guess they all drank more than they could hold,” I
giggled, “Now, maybe they’ll understand what we girls
have to go through waiting in line for the bathroom?”

David chuckled, when he noticed that some of the guys
were making several trips to the upstairs bathroom.

“I guess I shouldn’t laugh though,” David replied,
“…because I’ve got to go to the bathroom too!”

“C’mon,” I replied, “I’ll walk you up.”

We both walked in and started up the stairs. As we
reached the top of the stairs, I was surprised, when I
didn’t see anyone around. “I wonder where all the guys
went?” I asked, “Are they all at another bathroom we
don’t know about or something?”

Continuing down the hall, we finally saw the bathroom.

“Thank goodness!” David replied, as he turned to me,
“I’ll be right out!”

“Take your time,” I answered back, “…I’m going to
check up on Shelly.

Just meet me there when you’re done.”

“Good idea,” he responded, “We should get her home

I walked further down the hall and then rounded the
corner. Looking ahead, I noticed several guys walking
towards me talking loudly and laughing.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought that
David was probably right. I didn’t like the increase in
the back and forth traffic we’d been seeing up the
stairs. Shelly would be better off at home.

As I walked nearer, I was surprised to hear the
distinctive moans of a woman. I shook my head wryly.
That was most likely, what the boys had been laughing
Just then, I saw a girl walk out of a room down the
hall with her coat in her hand.

Passing her in the hall, I replied, “…sounds like
someone’s having way too much fun up here!”

“Yeah,” she replied, “I heard her moaning a couple of
hours ago too, when I came up to use the bathroom!”

I looked at her unbelievingly, “…a couple of hours
ago… and you heard her from all the way down the

“Yes,” she returned, “…she’s been going at it for
awhile! Sounds like her voice is finally giving out
though…” I smiled and repeated, “…way too much

Smiling, the other girl agreed and walked away.

As I neared the coatroom, the moans grew even louder.
They were definitely coarse and tired, though. As I
passed the room, I looked around to see where the sound
was coming from. Well, it wasn’t the coatroom. The room
was empty of people. As I came up upon the bedroom next
to it, Shelly’s room, I noticed that the light was on,
and the door was ajar.

Stopping in my tracks, I tried to remember if we had
shut the door and turned off the light. Faster than I
could answer though, I was in the doorway and pushing
the door open, before I realized that the female moans
of ecstasy were coming from inside.

After an endless moment of shocked paralysis, I moved
forward, but then froze once again. I hadn’t the time –
or the mental clarity – to form a coherent plan; I was
operating on the level of reflex. And it was pure
reflex that bludgeoned me to a horrified halt just
inside the doorway.

From the door, I could only see the back of the man who
had mounted her, his pants wrapped around his ankles
and his eyes tightly clenched shut. What held me
frozen, though, was the sight of Shelly’s heels hooked
into position behind his knees, urging him deeper
inside of her. Her face was contorted in a familiar,
just-before-orgasm expression; seconds later her heels
locked in place and her moans intensified and changed
to the choked screams that signaled her sexual release.
Before she had completely finished, a much deeper groan
signaled his.

As I stood frozen in place, I heard Shelly gasp out
loudly, as the man thrust his cock all the way inside
of her. I watched in shock, as his lower body pulsed
and shook with the release of his semen into her. After
what seemed like an eternity, he began to slowly
withdraw his still erect and throbbing cock back out of

As each glistening inch emerged, I found myself staring
at his incredible size. I saw her thrust her hips
upwards, as she desperately tried to reclaim his
swollen length inside of her. As he continued to slide
his throbbing cock out of her velvet opening, her hands
shot down between her legs and instinctively tried to
stop his sweet departure.

But despite her insistent thrusting and her two-handed
grip on his cock, he still sprung free. It was then, my
turn to gasp out loud when I saw his full size. His
dick was longer and thicker than any I had ever seen
before. As he stood lingering over her body to catch
his breath, I stared with disbelief at the thick strand
of milky-white liquid stretching from between her
thighs to the tip of his cock. Breathing hard, Shelly
released her grip on his waist and let her arms fall to
her sides.

Not knowing what to do, I remained standing frozen,
just a few feet away from my best friend and her
strange new lover. It was then, that I remembered
David. He would be furious!!

Just as I was about to cry out for him to get the hell
off of her, he moaned out loudly once again. Startled,
I watched with surprise, as his glistening cock
twitched wildly, and then shot forth five more thick
spurts of sticky white liquid. I winced with
displeasure, as I saw each of the thick white spurts
make contact on Shelly’s pretty black party dress.
Almost immediately afterwards, he was on his feet and
pulling his boxer shorts and pants up.

Embarrassed and ashamed, I quickly and silently slipped
back out the door. Walking down the hall a little, I
stood by another door, to make it seem like I was
waiting for someone. As the door to Shelly’s room
opened and he walked out, he showed a little surprise
when he turned and saw me in the hallway. With a
friendly grin and a nervous ‘hello,’ he brushed past me
and down the corridor, before I could get my frozen
voice chords to respond.

Looking down the hall nervously for David and seeing no
sign of him, I quickly re-entered Shelly’s room and
shut the door. Shelly lay almost completely naked on
the bed. The sheets were torn from the bed and the
comforter was nothing more than a wadded-up ball beside
the pillow. Her party dress was bunched up at her waist
and stained with numerous white splotches. Her face had
relaxed again; eyes closed, and she seemed at least
half asleep. Her chest still had a faint, post-orgasmic
flush, though, and her firm nipples were still very
erect. I gave one last shuddering gasp and stepped
forward, but not before locking the door behind me.

Not too surprisingly, I began to notice that the whole
room reeked of sex. As I walked closer, I saw a thick
milky-white stream of semen running from the swollen
lips of her vagina. Even now, she didn’t seem to be
aware of me.

“Shelly!” I cried out.

No response.

“Shelly!” I repeated.

I shook her, but her eyes remained closed. Though she
did mumble something that might have been my name. I
began to tremble with rage as I stood beside the bed.
There was semen trails all over the bedding and her

I could see it all, playing like a movie inside my

The first man must have stumbled into the room by
mistake and found Shelly asleep.

Struggling while she slept, she had probably made her
dress bunch up at her waist again and exposed her
smooth and tanned upper thighs to his eyes. His
embarrassment had changed to arousal.

Knowing Shelly, she was probably already wet from the
alcohol – and from what I knew of Shelly, her normal
response under the influence of alcohol is to spread
her legs in invitation.

His acceptance.

And if she was already aroused, I knew that Shelly
could respond, even orgasm, without fully waking.

And since she was so eager, he probably couldn’t resist
bragging to a friend or two. And of course, they would
have wanted a ‘piece’ for themselves, so they could
brag in turn.

I tried to remember how many men I’d seen make the trip
up the stairs.

Five? …Six? More? I couldn’t be sure; some had gone
up more than once. At a minimum, half a dozen men had
taken her body. I stared down at her ravished body.
Even now, she was so pretty that it hurt. Her legs were
flexed and still slightly spread, framing her ravished
pussy. Though her inner lips were still swollen and
slightly agape, the pink of her core was hidden by the
thick white stream that oozed down to form an obscene
pool beneath her. She had been filled with so much
semen, that she was over-flowing.

I turned to Shelly helplessly and asked, “What do I do?
Call the police?
Attack the men responsible? Take you to the doctor?
What?” I thought some more. David would be at the door
any second. How would I explain what I had just
witnessed? Or what his girlfriend had just done?

“Please, let her be on the pill!” I cried out loud.
Looking back at the large amount of sticky white liquid
between her legs, I wondered if even the ‘pill’ could
protect her from the river of sperm inside of her.

Smoothing out her stained dress, I could tell that none
of them had even bothered to use a condom on her!”

I could feel my blood boiling.

Grabbing Shelly’s arm, I cried out to her, “What do I
do? Should I call the police? Will we be able to prove
rape?” Opening her eyes only long enough to blink once,
Shelly stretched out her legs and then was out again.

Looking at her sympathetically, I thought to myself, “I
don’t know. I only saw one of them with her. And he
could claim, and truthfully so, that she had enjoyed
it! I don’t know if the police would even bother to
file charges?”

“…But I can’t just let it go!” I cried out to myself

Shelly may not have been fucked against her will, but I
was sure that she was fucked without her complete
consent! Reluctantly though, I decided that Shelly
would probably be happier if I kept the whole thing
quiet. She could deal with this – to her, it would be
no more than a half-recalled erotic dream.

David, on the other hand, would never forgive her. And
if he did, he would never completely trust her again.
Somehow, I knew it would be better, if he never found
out. After all, what he didn’t know, couldn’t hurt him,

After making my decision, I quickly began to make
Shelly ‘presentable’ again. With some effort, I managed
to straighten Shelly’s stained dress back over her
body. Counting the seconds to David’s arrival at the
door, I quickly rinsed the white splotches on her dress
as best as I could. Looking around at the room, I knew
there would be no way I could disguise what had
happened in it before David arrived at the door.

Knowing this, I made the decision to move Shelly out of
the room, before David got back. Wrapping her arm
around my shoulder, I lifted her from the bed and
walked towards the door with her. As we walked out the
door and into the hall, I looked down the hallway and
saw David rounding the corner.

“Whew!” I sighed, “We just barely made it, Shelly!”

Sleeping fast on my shoulder, I knew that Shelly would
thank me later. I just prayed that David wouldn’t
notice the ‘wet spots’ on her dress or the lingering
scent of sex on her body. Luckily, he didn’t notice
anything, as he helped me carry Shelly down the stairs
and into the car. I would have to make sure that Shelly
took a hot bath later at home before I left her alone
with him, I thought to myself.

As David pulled away, I looked back one last time at
the house. I couldn’t help thinking about all the guys
that Shelly had helped start off the New Year with a