Amy buys a new dress

I rode my bike to the mall with great excitement. I
had the greatest time with Anne at the pool the week
before and we have so much in common, you wouldn’t
believe. Most important is that we both like to show-
off our bodies. I never thought I would actually meet
and play with anyone who likes to do that. It’s so
much more fun to do it along with someone else.

We met by the waterfall just as planned. She
was wearing a sleeveless dress about 4 inches from the
knee and she looked beautiful. She showed me how, when
she moved her arms, you can catch a great view of her
boobs and nipples. I’ve done the same thing, but I
always wondered how it looked to the person! I saw her
do it a few times in stores. It is fun to watch the
kids reaction. They end up following her around hoping
for another shot. We went into the first clothing
store we found and she pulled out a dress and we went
into the dressing room. She told me to just watch her.
She pulled off her dress and stood there in her shoes.
I hadn’t notice before that she didn’t have on panties
either and she looked so appealing. She slid her hands
around her boobs and pushed them in and then squeezed
and pulled her nipples.

She put her leg on the chair and opened the lips to
her pussy. She was real wet already. She began by
sliding her finger across her clit and into her hole
and back out to her clit and back into her hole. I was
sitting on a bench about 3 feet from her and I could
smell her sweet pussy scent and hear her finger play
in her wetness.

Her head was back and her eyes were closed. She was
really enjoying me looking at her as she played with
herself. I moved closer but she waved me back to the
bench. She told me to just watch. She sat on the
chair and put her feet on either side of me and began
fingering herself again just 1 foot from my knee.

How I wanted to help her!! Then her knees moved all
the way down and she slowed the pace as she came
(quietly). Juice leaked from her hot pussy and she
smiled at me. Then she quickly put on the dress she
had picked out and went into the store to the mirrors.

This dress was much shorter than the one she was wear-
ing. There was no one close to her when she raised her
arms to see how high the hem would lift up and it went
right up to show everything. We went back to the dres-
sing room and she removed the dress and put her own
back on. Then she lifted it up, stuck her finger in
her pussy, got it real wet and licked it off. Well,
you can imagine the state of excitement I was in. I
wanted to dive into her right then, but she took the
dress back to the rack and we were in the mall again.
She said that she wanted to tease me and raise my heat
as high as she could because the next dressing room was
my turn to do what ever I wanted. First I had her walk
up the stairs so I could see what it looked like look-
ing up her dress and she gladly did and it was a good
shot, just as I figured.

We walked into the next store and I picked out
a nice dress like the kind she was wearing because I
intended on buying and wearing it because my cutoffs
and tee shirt were kind of unexciting considering my
hot mood. She warned me not to take a lot of time in
the dressing room because the store detectives might
think we were going to steal something. We went in
and I saw that there was no chair or bench like the
other one, so I didn’t have any idea what to do.

My plan for us included something to sit on. I re-
moved my shirt, cutoffs and panties and leaned against
the wall with my legs opened wide and said to Anne “let
me be your playground”. I closed my eyes and waited.
My heart was pounding real hard. My skin was hot. My
pussy was soaked. I was so turned on from Anne’s teas-
ing when it was her turn that I was afraid that I would
cum at her first touch. I felt her mouth on my left
tit and she found my right tit with the thumb and
finger of her right hand. She rolled my nipple with
her fingers, pulled it and rolled it again. She gent-
ly pulled the other nipple with her teeth. Her left
hand began to rub the outside of my pussy. She rubbed
firmly up and down and slowly her finger began to slip
in the crack, finding my button on the upside rub and
then into my hole on the down slide. I was so wet.

Soon her hand was covered with my juice and she was
making the outside of my pussy all wet. Her tongue was
now trying to push my nipple between two of my ribs and
my other tit was trying to be pulled off. A strong
shudder raced up my gut and my knees buckled. She knew
I was about to cum so she slid her mouth down my belly
and deep into my cunt. I felt her tongue enter me as
deep as she could stick it. Her thumb found my button
and she rubbed it quickly. I never told her that when
I cum I make a lot of wet, and this one coming was go-
ing to be a big one.

It started where her tongue was and traveled up the
center on my hole making it contract as it went up.
When it hit my womb, it quickly shot up my torso as
a hot flood. When it hit my shoulders, it bounced
back and traveled down a (little slower this time) the
same path. When my pussy contracted again, I released
a whole bunch of juice into Anne’s mouth and all over
her face. She was like a dog drinking out of the
toilet, lapping it up with a slurp (and a moan). I
hope I was quiet.

I grabbed her head and directed her mouth until I
couldn’t take it anymore, and I sat on the floor next
to a smiling Anne. And we kissed a nice juicy kiss.
The noise of the mall “woke us up” and I quickly put
on the dress I had picked out and went to find the
mirror. Anne walked about 10 feet behind me as I
walked all around the store trying to find the mirror.
She was laughing and I didn’t know why until I looked
into the full length mirror. My face was as red as if
I had just ran the mile in under 4. My hair was stick-
ing up all over the place.

The inside of my thigh was shining wet down to my
knees. No shoppers were around and I “cleaned” myself
up and my color was returning back to normal. To think
that less that 2 minutes ago I had just cum on Anne’s
face! I looked at her and she is wiping off her chin.
We both cracked up totally.

We finally had to look away from each other to try to
stop but when we looked at each other again, we lost it
again. We noticed people starting to look our way, so
we slowly got the giggles to stop.

The dress looked nice, so I got my stuff from the room
and I bought the dress I was wearing and we went back
into the mall. It was hard for me to not grab her hand
or put my arm around her as we walked down the mall
wondering what this girl had in mind for our next date.
She walked me to my bike. When I got there, I realized
that I was wearing my new dress and nothing else except
my sandals. I realized I had been in a fog for the
last hour.

I sat on my bike wondering how I was going to ride the
very busy streets out of the mall area and all the way
back to my house without letting my dress flip up caus-
ing auto accidents for the next 3 miles. Anne and I
talked a whole lot until we did our serious dress shop-
ping, but after that we had nothing to say. I think we
were both still really buzzed from the activity.

Like how you feel 5 minutes after running that 4 mi-
nute mile. Anne warmed us both up by doing a lot of
“showing-off” as we drifted around the mall. She is a
real pro at it. She had more than one group of boys
following her from store to store. It was fun to

So, this is the mall letter. I hope I described it
eloquently enough. Anne said I should do this one be-
cause she did the pool story. She is such a pretty
girl and I am so lucky to have her especially in this
nice weather so we can have plenty of stuff to do.