Aunty Jean, Her Daughter Jane and I

All the time I had been fucking my Aunty in law I had
often fantasised about giving her daughter Jane a good
seeing to. Whether it was her pseudo posh voice or her
airs and graces I was not sure but of one thing I was
certain, one way or another I was going to have to have

One afternoon as Jean and I lay in bed after a
particularly vigorous session I mentioned this to her
and, I am pleased to say, she thought it might be a
jolly good idea.

Firstly her relationship had never been good the
reasons for which she would not elaborate on and
secondly was that she had always thought Jane’s second
husband was a bit of a wimp and now wondered in her new
sexually aware state if her daughters sex life needed a
bit of enlivening. I then suggested that it might be
rather fun if Jean could arrange to be there to witness
the event and if she desired; join in.

At that her eyebrows rose and she said that she did not
think incest was quite her cup of tea. Not wishing to
push it I moved on and after half an hour’s chat we
agreed that she would like to watch and so we arranged
a plan of campaign.

Our opportunity arose when I had to call round to put
right a fault on Jane’s computer. I arrived about 2.00
on a Wednesday afternoon and was greeted at the door
with a friendly hug and a kiss and I then followed her
upstairs admiring the view of her pert buttocks as they
moved under the black and white print of her skirt.

“You’ve just missed Mum; she has gone to the station to
go back to Hemel. She is sorry to have missed you and
even insisted on a taxi so as to avoid me being out
when you arrived.”

Her opening words were music to my ears as this meant
she thought we were going to be alone and as I knew
Brian did not get back until 7 pm it gave me 4 hours to
work some magic.

Jane suggested she made us a cup of tea and proposed I
went up to look at the problem while she was preparing

The computer had now been moved to what had been her
daughter’s bedroom so I had a bit more room to work and
a chair to sit on, I choose however the bed.

A few seconds were all I needed to identify the problem
so when she came up I told her we would have to go onto
the Internet to download a patch to kill off the virus.

“While you are logging on I will pop down to get us a
biscuit then you can show me what to do.”

My chance had come so I typed in the address of a
graphic sex site and then as she came in I hit the
enter key and waited; as she was settling herself next
to me on the bed the images began to appear. A slim,
good-looking girl was being penetrated fore and aft by
2 of the biggest cocks you had ever seen.

I watched as Jane’s hand flew to her mouth and her eyes

“Oh, I say!” was her shocked response as the images on
the screen began to move. “Where did that come from?”
she gasped.

I muttered that it may have hit an old site that Brian
or she had been looking at previously when I hit enter
but that more than likely it was a result of the virus.

“Well it certainly wasn’t me, so it must have been
Brian, who would have believed it.” She blustered all
indignant and offended.

I did however notice that she could not take her eyes
away from the screen and her neck had started to glow
red with what I suspected was arousal mixed with a hint
of embarrassment. Something that was confirmed when I
glanced down to note that her nipples were very visible
through the thin cotton of her short-sleeved yellow
top. For such small boobs her nipples were
disproportionately large, offering delights to come.

“I presume you have never seen anything like this
before. Did you know that the porno sites are the most
frequently visited ones? This one is pretty tame in
comparison to others. Do you want to see some more?”

Without waiting for her reply I typed in another URL
and in seconds the screen was filled with more images
of people coupling in all sorts of positions.

As I showed her the choices ranging from “Big Cock”
through interracial, teenage, lesbians, spanking,
Bukkake and Granny Sex she watched riveted and I
noticed her squirming, a sure sign of her arousal.

“Well what do you think?” I asked her.

Without pause she replied that she had clearly lead a
very sheltered life as she was shocked at what she had
seen but she added was now somewhat curious.

“Surely,” she said, “they must use trick photography;
no-one’s penis can be that big.”

Dropping my hand to her thigh I commented that. “From
what I can see you are more than curious and I rather
fancy fucking the arse off you here and now and
disproving that myth at the same time.”

I lifted my hand from her leg to her small breast and
gently squeezed it enjoying its’ firmness and the
hardness of her nipple.

“It will also give you the chance to confirm that they
do not use trick photography.”

With that I stood up and unzipped my trousers
extracting the full length of my cock from the
restriction of my boxers.
Jane’s eyes widened even further as she took in the
sheer size of my prick. It was not only huge in length
but also massive in its girth.

“Oh, I saaaaaay!!” she gasped.

“Now do you believe me? Do you think you will be able
to take it all in your tight wet cunt, Jane?”

With that I reached and took her hand placing it on the
throbbing length that bobbed in front of her eyes. Her
fist failed to close round it and the smallness of both
hand and fingers emphasised the hugeness of the cock
that was about to tear her in two.

“You are going to have to suck it if you want me to get
it up you. Loads of saliva is what will be needed to
help you with this monster.”

To my delight she never even hesitated and set-to with
a will opening her mouth wide to take in 5 of my 8

She sucked deeply on me and I soon felt the beginnings
of an orgasm so clasping her head with both hands I
began to slide my cock ever deeper into her mouth and
down her throat causing her to gag as I nudged her
epiglottis. I pulled back a little and grabbing my cock
in my right hand I pulled out further and shot a load
of come in her mouth and covered her face with the
rest. Then without pause to allow her to react I
roughly pushed her back onto the bed and taking hold of
her ankles lifted and spread her legs.

This action caused her skirt to fall back down her
thighs uncovering her belly.

Looking down I took in the white silk of her panties
and the black lacy hold up stockings she was wearing.

Such was her excitement that the crotch of her
knickers was stained dark with her juices. Squatting a
little I pulled aside the leg elastic of those fragile
panties and then brought the swollen head of my slimy
cock to bear on the well-furred, turgid lips of her

I began to push but despite my efforts and her
entreaties, garbled as a result of her mouthful of
come, that she was trying desperately not to swallow,
for me to “Oh, I thay, put it in me,” I could not
breach her portals with more than a couple of inches.

And then the bombshell!

“Jane, Jonathan what do you think you are doing?”

Without disconnecting I looked over my shoulder to see
Aunty Jean, her hand to her cheek and her flushed face
staring down at us.

She was wearing the outfit she had worn to Jane’s
wedding. A grey woolen ribbed two-piece with navy
stockings and grey shoes. Her white hair was as always
elegantly permed and the look on her face was one of
shocked indignation.

We had agreed that we would not let Jane know about us
just yet so she was to feign shock and I was to pretend

“Well I know you are getting on in years but surely you
realise I am trying to fuck your daughter but as you
can clearly see she is too tight for me to get my
rather oversize cock into her cunt. Perhaps you can
lend a hand by giving it a good sucking.”

“What, who, how, me, never in my life, I couldn’t,
mustn’t or should I but no? Oh I say it is huge and
Jane, what is that all over your face? Are you alright
my dear?”

Such was Jane’s confusion at her mother’s entrance she
finally gave up the battle and swallowed my come with a
disgusted expression on her face.

Auntie’s false confusion amused me; she gave a
wonderful impression of someone who had always seemed
so correct and now confronted with her daughter being
fucked was in such a fluster. Her upbringing clearly
said, be shocked, but I knew her body was telling her
an altogether different thing. Which would prevail?

Despite her 76 years she still presented herself well
and the thought of her sucking my cock still perversely
excited me so I pushed up from the bed and turned to
face her.

Taking her by the shoulder I gently pushed her onto the
bedside chair then grasping her under the chin with one
hand I presented the head of my cock, still slimed and
fresh from Jane’s sex, to her lips.

Of course she resisted but my perseverance and her
libido and curiosity won out as after a couple of
minute’s hesitation her lips parted and the head
slipped between her teeth and into her hot mouth.

As it slid to the back of her throat she gagged so I
pulled back to ease the pressure then looked sideways
at the mirror!

What a sight we made, her eyes were tight closed, as
if by not looking she could pretend it was not
happening. The physical evidence told her a different
story as my thick cock was stretching her mouth to the
full and sensing she wanted to pull away I took her by
the back of her head to keep myself fully imbedded in
the moist cavern of her mouth, my cock causing her
cheek to bulge.

“Now move your head back and forward to mimic the
action of your vagina sliding up and down my prick.”

She played her part with supreme skill and I gazed down
at the white curls on her head as she complied with my

Once she was used to the sensation of a cock in her
mouth I clasped her head between my hands to hold her
and thrust in and out butting up against her throat
nearly choking her with each slam of my hips.

“Oh and by the way, in answer to your earlier question
your daughters face is covered in come and unless she
has swallowed it her mouth is full of it too! Oh I see
from the look on her face she has swallowed it.”

Jean of course had no answer to this as her own mouth
was stretched to bursting round my cock.

Jane looked on in rapt amazement as her 76 year old
mother gave head to the 50 year old man who had just
seconds before had been trying to shove 8″ of the same
thick man meat up her own sex.

At last the cat released her tongue and her excitement
got the better of her as in a quiet voice she said. “I
have been thinking; why don’t you fuck Mother first; at
her age she is bound to be a bit loose and then when it
is my turn you will be well juiced up and last longer.”

I did not need asking twice and pulled out of Jeans’
mouth then helping her up turned her and forced her to
kneel on the edge of the bed.

I expected her to struggle, which she did, but like her
daughter her curiosity was fired and despite her age
the juices were flowing so I had no trouble in
positioning her on the edge of the bed with her rear
end presented.

“Jonathan, what are you going to do, please what are
you going to do?”

I smiled and replied in the gentlest of tones.

“In simple terms Aunty I am going to lift up your
skirt, take down your panties and shove my cock up your
rather ancient cunt and give you a good rogering.

“No, Jonathan, you mustn’t I am 76 and it is all wrong.
My body is not ready for this it must be 50 years since
the last time, please don’t, please don’t.”

Ignoring her half hearted entreaties and with Jane
holding her shoulders to keep her in place I took hold
of the hem of her knitted skirt and worked it up her
thighs and over the slim buttocks that were so nicely
presented to me. I noticed with interest that she wore
M&S knickers and stockings not tights. I felt a tinge
of disappointment that she was not wearing her girdle

“Open your legs Jean and brace yourself.” An
instruction she hesitated to comply with.

So taking her right leg I pulled it about 12″ away from
her left, then slipped my hand between her well spread
legs and began to caress her sex through the cotton of
her knickers noting something between her thighs.

Despite the obstruction Jean moaned at my touch, as she
was sexually stimulated for the first time in what I
now knew to be many years.

I continued my stimulation for 2 or 3 minutes causing
Jean to whimper as her body reacted to my ministrations
and my cock to grow to even greater lengths.

Then I hooked my fingers into the crotch of her very
traditional full-cut white cotton knickers and with
practiced ease pulled them to one side noting the
sanitary pad that was now evident, which had been, the
only barrier between me and her aged sex. Jean had
clearly thought ahead about today and had prepared
herself for any potential leaks later on.

Jane, who was now watching with an intensity, which
surprised me, whispered “Oh yes, do it to her give
Mother a good seeing to, fill her with your prick. Do
it to her hard and fast.”

“Come on, dear aunty, present yourself and prepare to
be fucked.” I whispered in her ear.

At the sound of both mine and her daughters voice, Jean
parted her thighs a little wider and slightly dipped
her back as if in a trance, elevating and fully
exposing her crotch protected only by the cotton of her
knickers which had slipped back over her pubic area.

Hooking my finger into the leg elastic again I roughly
pulled them to one side revealing her sex with its’
generous and untrimmed covering of fine pubic hair.
Surprisingly it was several shades darker than the hair
on her head.

Despite my excitement I took a moment to study her
somewhat antique portals.

Her thighs showed signs of her age with fine wrinkles
and a wide gap between them, evidence of loss of muscle

Her sex was not as full as one finds in younger women
but the outer lips were already showing signs of
engorgement as her excitement increased.

Reaching between her legs I slipped a finger between
her crinkled lower lips to test her for lubrication.
They gave easily to my touch and the tip of my finger
slipped into her vaginal opening. She was soaking; a
good sign as she gasped and swayed her hips at my touch
forcing a couple of inches of finger to slip up into
her vagina.

Spreading her sex with the thumb and finger of my left
hand I opened her and was rewarded with a view of the
pink slick interior of her vulva and the opening to her
vagina. The whole area was glistening with her juices,
quite surprising for an old lady.

I presented my cock head to her sex and began to push.

Her half hearted pleas for me to stop were no deterrent
and although tight, age and my attentions over the last
several months had loosened her and after a couple of
good thrusts she opened up and all 8″ slid up into her

Her ravaging was greeted not by a scream but by a low
moan of passion and an orgasm. Aunty was clearly up for

Pulling back so that only the head was engaged I looked
down at the site unfolding before my eyes.

My cock had stretched the wrinkled lips of her pussy to
their very limit and they looked smooth as an 18-year-
old virgin’s.

Her brown tinged anus, ringed with light hairs was
distorted from the pressure in her overstuffed sex and
presented as always an exciting opportunity for later.
Her bottom cheeks had that slightly orange
peel/transparent look so often associated with the

Taking firm hold of her hips I began to give her the
serious fucking I had promised Jane, who was now avidly
watching my greasy cock as it slid in and out of her
mother’s well stretched cunt.

The room was filled by the sound of my belly slapping
against her wrinkled arse and the sound of Aunty Jeans’
voice as each and every thrust was greeted by an
“ooooh, an Oh yes or an aaaaah.” I soon sensed my
orgasm approaching, such was the level of eroticism
that I derived from fucking an octogenarian.

It was at that point that I felt Jane’s hand cupping my
balls then her finger running along between my cheeks
and the sudden sharp stab of pain as she slid it up my
anus to press against my prostate.

This caused me to redouble the speed and depths of my
thrusts as I brought both Aunty and me to a shuddering
climax pumping a full load of spunk into her womb and
causing us both to fall forward with my cock buried to
the hilt in her spasming sex, the head just breaching
her cervix.

After a brief pause I realised I was still hard and
decided then to change the method of attack and
withdrawing from her clasping sex told her to straddle
me, with her back to me, and then to impale herself.

“I will need some help as my knees are so bad,” she
said as she manoeuvred herself astride me.

“I’ll help,” said Jane getting behind her mother and
taking her under the arms helped her into position.

I held my throbbing cock in a vertical position and
slowly Jane lowered Jean until contact was made and I
had just an inch spearing her.

We watched in the mirror the tableau before us.

Jean was straddling my lower belly her thin legs spread
wide exposing the full round of her belly beneath the
roll of her grey woolen skirt that was still
encompassing her waist. At the juncture of her thighs
we could see my massive rod, coated in come and Jean’s
own copious emissions that leaked from between the
puffy lips of her sex, with her slimy cuntal lips
stretched round its impressive girth and further framed
by her thin covering of dark grey strangely fine and
straight pubic hair, partially masked by the white
juice stained knickers.

As they continued to impair my view of what was
happening I reached down and literally ripped them
apart thus fully exposing Jean’s sex.

I then moved my cock backwards just half an inch until
the slippery point made contact with the puckered rose
of Aunties anus, which was now well lubricated by the
come oozing out of her well stretched and abused cunt.

Jeans’ eyes widened at the touch and her plea echoed
through the room.

“Err, Jonathan, I think you will find that you are
trying to put it in the wrong hole. It would be better
if you were to move it forward a bit to get it in my
vagina again.”

No changing of position from me just an upward jerk of
my hips and an cry of shock from Aunty. “No, No, No,
not up there, please no, not up my bottom!!”

Then Jane maliciously let go and immediately Jean
dropped and all 8 inches surged up her arse and my cock
filled the dark recesses of her bowels.

Jean’s scream was one of both pain and passion as she
orgasmed massively, her overstretched anal muscle
trying to squeeze my cock whilst her body shook in
spasm shocked at the stretching her buggering was

I then reached under her and taking a buttock in each
hand I raised her so that only a couple of inches were
connecting us.

“Hold her up so I can bugger her from underneath.”

Joy of joys Jane moved over and straddled my face; her
fingers went between her legs and pulled the soaking
crotch of her panties to one side before lowering her
sex to my mouth at the same time as she supported her

Her skirt fell so that I was enveloped in a tent that
heightened the intensity of the musky smell emanating
from her cunt. Without hesitation I forced my tongue
between her labia and started to lick her out. My nose
was forced against her anus and as she rubbed herself
against my mouth and tongue so she forced it into her
bottom hole, a most unusual sort of sandwich.

At the same time as I orally stimulated Jane to a
climax so I thrust up and down, in and out of Jean’s
distended arsehole. At each long arse rending thrust
Jean cried out, first in pain and then as her backdoor
loosened, to earthy grunts of “Ungh, ugh, ugh ungh, no,
no, no stop, ohhh God, stop it hurts! You are splitting
me.” At the same time I could hear the muffled sounds
of my belly slapping against her aged arse cheeks.

As I continued to sodomise her the tone and content of
her moans changed. “Ooooh, ah, ah, ah, ah, aghhh, no,
no, no, no, no don’t stop now, take me, bang my bottom,
oh please, please bugger me hard. AAAAAAHHHH yes, yes,
yes, IIIIIIMM coming!!” filled the bedroom.

These cries accompanied Jane’s whinnies of passion as
my tongue probed her and I licked and nibbled on the
very prominent nub of her clitoris.

The pace, length and positioning of my thrusts and the
expert use of my tongue must have been perfect for just
as Jane came so Jean reached an anal climax and I was
nearly suffocated under their combined weight as they
collapsed onto me.

“I am coming,” I moaned as I managed to extricate my
head from between Jane’s twitching legs.

Pushing them off me I scrambled round on the bed. Such
was the force of my orgasm that Jean’s open mouth was
soon awash with come and I pulled back to send a couple
of substantial jets into her face going up her nose and
covering her top lip with thick globules of the
precious white stuff.

Come hung in strings between her teeth whilst some
trickled out of her wide-open mouth and dripped onto
her breast and the bedspread. We watched as she
struggled not to choke so full was her mouth.

“Swallow it Jean, it is good for you.”

Swallow it she did and then slowly slipped of her
aching knees and onto her side in sheer exhaustion and

“Now Jane I think it is your turn.”

Jeans’ weak voice brought us back to reality so I
pushed Jane back onto the bed and raising her legs
again put one on each shoulder and bent over her
causing her knees to press against her tiny tits.

“You will have to help in this position Jean. Grab my
cock and get it into Jane’s cunt entrance then leave
the rest to me. You will have to pull her knickers to
one side. I have softened for a moment so I should be
able to get it up her now. I will be fully hard again
in a couple of minutes so she will get the rogering she
wants and clearly needs.”

I felt the bed move then Jeans hand grasped my still
semi-stiff cock and guided it into position between the
fingers that were holding aside the crotch of Jane’s
knickers and opening up her daughters soaking wet

“You know dear, I had never realised just how hairy you
are down there. It is a veritable forest. You really
should be more fastidious and keep yourself neat!”

“Keep her open until I have fully nailed her,” I gasped
as I thrust down.

Jane had been right, the added lubrication from her
Mother’s cunt and her own heightened level of arousal,
caused by watching her own mum being fucked and her
oral orgasm did the trick.

Unlike her mother’s first penetration she gave an ear
splitting scream as I breached her tight portals and
all 6 semi hard inches shot up her cunt; the head
banging against her cervix heralded my entrance.

I never even paused but began to fuck her like a man
possessed. The bed groaned and rocked as I thrust in
and out of her as hard and fast as I could. The liquid
sounds coming from our locked genitals and Jane’s
constant cries of, “OH, I SAY,” and her general moaning
in time to my thrusts, plus Jeans litany of “Do it to
her, give her the fucking she needs, stuck up little
madam.” filled the room.

“My God, Jonathan it is getting bigger, you are
splitting me, stop, stop, stop it is far too big. I
will never walk again. Oh Mummy, mummy, mummy make him

Jean’s reply was pithy and to the point; “Oh stop
whining and enjoy it. You have had children you know
how expandable your insides are now lay back and enjoy
your fucking.”

Enjoy it she did as she started to buck under me
slamming her sex up to meet my downward thrusts. Jane
came to several orgasms but I just kept on going
slamming in and out of her, hell bent on filling her
with come.

“Jonathan, as a favour to me, when you come, do it in
her mouth and all over her face like you did with me.
It is about time she was brought down a peg or two and
got a taste for spunk.”

I paused and looked at Jean who was watching the
action-taking place between her daughter’s thighs and
enjoying every minute of it.

“It will be my pleasure,” I replied. As I felt my
orgasm begin I gave her a dose in her cunt then
withdrew with a loud pop from Jane’s spasming cunt and
straddled her chest.

As with her mother I held back and sprayed her with 3
or 4 more juicy loads leaving her face a gooey mess,
then taking her behind the neck I raised her head and
presented my cock to her lips and pushed. She opened
and as I slid in I came, 2 generous jets down her

There was come in her eyes, up her nose and matted in
her graying hair.

“Now dear be a good girl for Mummy and wipe your face
with your fingers and suck them clean. Not a drop to be
missed or Mummy will spank. Just like the old days.”
Jean’s whimsical voice urged.

I watched fascinated as Jane hastened to comply. Did
this explain the tensions between the two women?

Despite her best efforts and grimaces as for the second
time that day she swallowed my cum, she still missed
some in her hair.

Tutting, Aunty Jean got up from the bed and smoothing
her now wrinkled skirt down over her thighs sat on the
chair. She looked amazing, the respectable old granny
now had come coating her face and one lens of her
glasses and the contents of my balls were still
dribbling from her chin, yet her white hair looked
immaculate and as if butter, unlike cum, would not melt
in her mouth. As a final reminder of her new state the
remnants of her knickers slipped down round her right

“Come along dear, get over my knees. You clearly need a
good spanking for not finishing your meal. It is still
in your hair and we cannot let good come go to waste,
hurry up now. I am sure you remember the drill.”

I watched amazed as Jane obediently got up from the bed
and moved to her mother’s side.

Jean took her arm and pulled her forcibly down across
her lap into the time-honored position reserved for
spanking naughty children.

With practiced ease she took the hem of Jane’s skirt,
which had fallen back down when she stood, lifted it
over her bottom and folded it neatly in the small of
her back.

Next were her knickers, which were expertly rolled down
over her buttocks and part way down her thighs. They
now formed a tight band round her legs keeping her
thighs tight together.

“You know I would have thought that at nearly fifty
five you would have learnt, but obviously my efforts
were wasted. I think one for each year will suffice!”

With that she began to spank Jane’s exquisite behind.
Alternating from cheek to cheek and from their apex to
the top of her now rapidly squirming thighs.

I watched fascinated and became more and more aroused
as Jane’s buttocks wobbled and bounced each time Jean’s
palm made a resounding contact.

Jane turned her head to look at me, her eyes imploring
me to intervene.

“Please make her stop, this is so embarrassing and,
ouch, painful,”

The room resounded to the sound of Jean’s palm each
time it made sharp contact with Jane’s taut bottom

Jane’s reaction changed from little gasps through
grunts then moans to full blooded sobs as the pace and
severity of her spanking increased. Her efforts to
avoid the avenging palm became more and more animated
but Jean held her firmly in place across her lap and
never missed a smack. Her strength belied her 82 years
and showed her experience at dishing out a good hiding.
When the 20th slap landed Jane was weeping
uncontrollably and her bottom was a rosy red.

“Perhaps that will teach you some manners and maybe you
should give Lucy a similar thrashing to teach her some
respect for her Grandparents. Now Jonathan, I see you
are aroused again. I believe you can do me another
service whilst I have Jane in this position. I wonder
if you could do to her what you just did to me and put
your penis up her bottom.”

Jane screamed and tried to get up only to be stilled by
a sharp slap to her sore bottom. “My pleasure but I had
better get some hand cream or we could do her some
serious damage as she looks extremely tight there.”

Jane’s sobs momentarily halted as she whispered, “The
bathroom cabinet, some KY Jelly, I need it sometimes
and I will certainly need it now as I have never
been… Ooohhhhhhh, my bottom is so sore!” her voice
trailed away amidst her sobs as her hand reached round
to fondle her glowing behind.

Jean looked up at me with a knowing smile. “You are
probably right, and just as I thought I doubt if Brian
has had the bottle to bugger her, so I suspect she is
an anal virgin. She always was a little tight arse.”

Moments later I was back and handing Aunty the tube
asked her to do the honors. Squeezing a copious amount
into the palm of her hand she then clasped my cock and
vigorously anointed my shaft causing it to swell even
more. Then she pulled her daughters buttocks apart and
with an ease born from years of practice presented the
tube to Jane’s anus and squeezed a generous amount
between her daughter’s cheeks before inserting a
glistening middle finger into the exposed rectum and
working the lubricant deep inside.

“Memories,” Jean said wistfully, ignoring Jane’s
indignant gasps as the probing finger was inserted up
to the knuckle. “I used to have to do this frequently
when she was a child. Jane suffered from terrible
constipation and we often had to resort to finger
release or an enema.”

Jane squirmed furiously at this most degrading of
intrusions but Jean held her firm for three or four
minutes until her ever active finger had finished its’
work and Jane had started to squirm on her lap.

Removing the intrusive finger she held Jane’s cheeks
wide apart exposing the now gaping and pulpy glistening
ring of her anus. The pink flesh had that slightly
brown tinge and was circled by thick black hairs.

“I think she is ready Jonathan, stick your cock up her
arse please and do not hold back, give her the full 8.”

I moved in and as I did Jean took hold of my throbbing
cock and presented the bulbous head to that very
inviting orifice. Despite Jane’s screams and vociferous
pleas for mercy I pressed forward but as her cries grew
louder and louder I was tempted to stop only to receive
a vigorous shove to my arse from Jean which forced my
cock head past the sphincter and into Jane’s bowels.

The tight constriction was ecstasy and drove me wild. I
began to thrust and slowly but surely worked the full 8
inches deep into the dark recesses of Mrs. Taylor’s
bottom-hole to the accompaniment of her screams and
pleas for me to stop.

I rested my weight on her back my full length and
breadth stretching her anal ring until Jane’s screams
had subsided to low moans. Then I started to bugger her
and Jean and I both enjoyed the view of Jane’s anus as
it flexed in and out along my shaft and I noted that
her fingers soon appeared and she strummed her clit
bringing herself to both a vaginal and an anal orgasm.

Her surprise when I withdrew from her bottom was
clearly evident and I noted a look of semi relief mixed
with a tinge of frustration..

I stood there looking at both of them, my cock jutting
out in front of me like a flagpole, glistening with the
secretions from her bowels.

“Jean; I want you to sit on the bed with your back to
the headboard and your legs apart. Jane; lie on your
back between your mothers legs with your head resting
against her belly and be quick about it.”

Once they were in position I took Jane’s legs and
raised them up and apart with her knees either side of
her tiny tits.

“Jean; hold her legs like this as I want to watch her
face as I bugger her again and in this position she
should be able to see the action taking place down

Jean grabbed her daughter’s legs and held her fast as I
positioned myself on my knees against the curve of her

Taking hold of my ever stiff cock I presented the slimy
head to the purple swollen ring of her arsehole and
thrust home again.

I watched as Jane’s eyes widened at the pain and then
she screamed as an anal orgasm ripped through her.

“You bastard, you fucking bastard that really hurts. I
am not going to be able to sit down for a week.”

Totally ignoring her invective I got to work thrusting
in and out of the tightness that was Jane’s arse,
filling her to the hilt and then pulling completely out
before slamming it back in again causing Jane to grunt
and groan crying out in time to my thrusts.

As my hands were free I was able to fondle her tiny
tits squeezing them and causing the nipples to erect.

All the while Jean was egging me on as I sodomised her

“God she is a noisy one. The whole of the area will
know she is being buggered. Shut her up Jean.”

I was soon shocked to see Jean move back a little on
the bed allowing Jane’s head to drop back then she
eased forward until she was squatting over her
daughters face her cunt just inches from Jane’s nose.

With a sigh she lowered herself at the same time as she
instructed her own daughter to eat her out.

I watched fascinated as Jane’s pointed tongue came from
between her pink lips and began to trace a pattern
along and across her mother’s swollen labia.

As the intensity of her buggering increased so she
forced more and more of her tongue up into her mother’s
glistening slit then she caught Jean’s clit between her
lips and nipped it.

A moment later Jean bent forward and with the finger
and thumb of her left hand she parted the lips of her
daughters bruised and battered cunt exposing the red
and shiny interior before bending further and running
the flat of her tongue down the length of Jane’s crack
before plunging it deep into the gaping tube of her

The classic 69. Mother and daughter enjoying that most
intimate of sexual acts, mouths, tongues and cunts
working in close harmony. Jean’s hair hard against my
belly, her nose nudging the shaft of my cock that was
rigorously distending her daughters bottom hole.

A muffled groan as dear Aunty came massively sinking
down onto Jane’s upturned mouth.

The sheer perversity of Jane and Jean’s actions brought
me to a head.

I felt it starting and redoubled my efforts until with
a groan from me and a stifled scream from Jane I filled
her bowels with my come.

Pulling out of her I turned to Aunty and lifting her
from the bed, spilling Jane sideways onto her belly,
lead her to the dresser.

Turning her to face the mirror, with one hand I undid
the top of her outfit and pulled it off to reveal an
old fashioned white bra that I dealt with in short
order. Now I had the opportunity to view the rest of
Aunties feminine charms for the first time that day.
Not surprisingly her tits sagged as one would expect
but the nipples were still hard and pointed her arousal
obvious. Tiny little hairs sprouted round them,
evidence of her advanced years.

Pulling up her skirt again I looked at her belly still
rounded but creased, with a profuse covering of pubic
hair covering her pubic mound, framed by the remains of
her shredded knickers and the sanitary towel.

Putting my arms around her I cupped both breasts
lifting them and giving them the fullness they once
must have had. Her surprisingly long and thick nipples
poked between my fingers, dark against the pink of my

“Nice tits Aunty, I shall have to give your nipples a
good sucking in a minute.”

Then I lowered my hand and slid it between her thighs
cupping her swollen sex and slipping a couple of
probing fingers into her juicy crack. This action
caused her to squirm a little and emit short sharp
gasps as I worked her.

“Right enough of this its time to be fucked again,” I
said as I cleared the dresser with a sweep of my arm. I
lifted her onto it and laid her back then raised her
legs up and apart. Her cunt was still swollen from my
previous efforts and I watched her face, still coated
in the remnants of my come, as I again brought my now
very greasy cock to bear. As it slid between her lips
she smiled and in a cheeky voice said, “Go on Jonathan,
do as you say and give me a good fucking again,

“It will be a pleasure,” I said as with a thrust of my
hips I buried my length in her recently ravaged cunt.
With that I began to fuck her and as she relaxed so I
worked the full length into her aged and now very
stretched vagina at the same time as I played with her
tits and squeezed her nipples.

Burying myself, yet again to the hilt in her open sex,
I bent forward, took her large and swollen left nipple
into my mouth and roughly tongued and bit on it. Jean
gasped at the sensation and came yet again.

She then reached up and pulling my head down closed her
mouth on mine and thrust her tongue into my mouth
working her lips against mine as she moaned into my
mouth in time to my thrusts. I was so conscious of the
slightly prickly sensation caused by the sparse hairs
on her top lip and of her very active tongue that
explored every inch of my mouth.

Pulling out of her and ignoring her pleas for me to
keep on fucking her I rolled her over so she was bent
across the dressing table her bottom raised and
vulnerable to my every whim. I then parted her buttocks
exposing the reddened ring of her anus, still slimy
from her earlier sodomising.

A wicked thought crossed my mind and so excited was I
that all sense of propriety left me and I knelt behind
her and thrust my tongue into her back passage
eliciting a squeal of “What do you think you are

“Rimming your arsehole, what do you think I am doing?”

With that I lowered my head again and continued probing
the sticky entrance to her bottom.

“Ohhh she loves that,” said Jane “she is grinning like
a Cheshire cat.”

I looked across at Jane who was gazing in rapt
attention at my actions her face covered in the mingled
juices that Jean’s spunk laden cunt and arse had spread
across her face and up her nose.

Jean’s grin however quickly vanished as I stood up and
then took aim with my rigid cock, re-engaged her anus
and thrust. As she was so open after her earlier
buggering and my oral ministrations she had no time to
tense and I was able to get 6 inches into her bottom
before her muscles clenched round me.

“No you swine, not up my bottom again, not with my
condition, I am still sore after the last time.”

“I have been thinking about that and I am convinced
that another come enema will do you the world of good
so shut up and enjoy again what your daughters just

With that I buried my full length in the dark recesses
of her hot bowels and once again the room was filled
with the sound of my belly and thighs slapping against
Jeans’ bottom and the back of her upper thighs and her
grunts and groans as I vigorously buggered her for a
further 10 minutes.

When I came it was like a geyser and as I continued to
sodomise her come oozed out along my shaft to cover her
sex and to drip onto the floor and as I withdrew white
juices gushed out of her bottom.

I was now spent but still had one last surprise for
them both.

“I have had a thought, you are both well loosened by my
cock and I would like to see how adept you both are at
fisting. So, Jane first, I want you to come round
behind your Mother and see how much of your hand you
can get into her sex.”

The speed with which she complied was amazing and
within seconds she was knelt behind Jean and had taken
up the tube of KY and was liberally anointing her right

She had clearly picked up what to do from the brief
images she had seen earlier on the Pc.

What amazed me was Jean’s stoic acceptance of what was
to happen.

“I am not sure what you mean by fisting but can imagine
and having been through so much already another
experience will just about round the day off, so get on
with it Jane.”

Get on with it she did and I watched as she parted
Jean’s gooey nether lips with her left hand then
presented 2 fingers to the opening and slid them home.
For a while she contented herself with working these
round in her mother’s cunt then inserted the tip of a
third finger which after a moment or two also slid

Rotating her hand this way and that she progressed
until she was able to get the 4 fingers of her hand in;
up to the knuckles.

Jean was quietly moaning and then emitted a loud gasp
as Jane adroitly inserted the tip of her thumb.

We were close and I held my breath as Jane worked her
hand and contracting it slightly she managed to ease
her knuckles past the outer muscle and her whole hand
disappeared into her mother up to the wrist.

Jean came and shook as Jane flexed her hand inside the
tube of her mother’s vagina, slipping a finger through
the cervix and into the uterus all the while
masturbating Jean’s very prominent clit with her other

Such was the force of her climax that Jean fell forward
causing Jane’s hand to emerge with a rush, glistening
with Jean’s natural secretions and the remnants of the

Five minutes passed as Jean regained her breath and
composure then she got Jane into position and ready for
her fist.

Her next move amazed me as she refused my offer of the
KY and instead slid her hand between her own thighs and
inserted 3 fingers into her own sex then withdrew them
glistening with lubricant.

“Waste not, want not. It is hard to change some habits
but a delight to change others. Now brace yourself
Dear! Mummy is about to stick her hand up your tight
wet cunt!”

Her slippery fingers parted her daughter’s swollen
nether lips and Jane squeaked at the first touch but
was then screaming out as Aunty thrust 4 fingers in
without any preliminaries.

No pause to let her get accustomed to the penetration
as Jean then inserted her thumb into Jane’s well
buggered bottom and began to hand and thumb fuck her

Jane’s cries filled the bedroom and were intensified as
the probing thumb exited her anus with a pop before
being introduced to her sex.

The going was much tougher for Jane as arthritis had
swollen Aunties knuckles and fully 10 minutes of
pressure passed before an ear splitting cry heralded
the entry of Jean’s right hand. The lips of her labia
were stretched to the limit and were thin white lines
clasping the wrist that expanded them to a point of
near splitting.

Once inserted Jean then worked magic inside that
constricting tube of flesh.

So deep did she go that 4 inches of her wrist glistened
as it slid in and out of her daughter’s cunt.

I could no longer watch; such was the strength of my
erection and so got up behind Jane and with one mighty
thrust buried my cock deep into Jane’s bowels.

As I buggered her for the second time that day I felt
her hand against my cock through the 2 membranes
separating my prick and her fist.

This was too much and I came slamming my cock into
Jane’s bottom with maximum force and hosing her insides
with my come.

I pulled out of her overstretched orifice with a loud


The day’s entertainment had lasted until 6.30pm and
Brian would be home soon so normality had to return.

Both ladies therefore gingerly repaired to the bedroom,
walking a little tentatively, no doubt from the
sensations emanating from there recently violated back
passages and well fisted cunts and in both cases from
their still very red, sore and well spanked bottoms, to
dress and prepare for the evening.

Jane had to provide Jean with a pair of briefs and new
stockings and I was soon aroused again at the sight of
dear Aunty in a pair of black lacy bikini briefs.

“Sorry Aunty I am just going to have to fuck you again
you look so sexy in those tiny pants.”

So much so that I took her and bent her over the back
of the bedroom chair and pulling her knickers down
thrust into her from behind to the sound of a deep moan
from Auntie.

“Oh Jonathan not again I still feel so stretched from
Jane’s fist and bloated from my… jessssus! You are so
big I am going to be walking bow legged for the rest of
my life. I doubt I will ever walk straight again…
Christ! Not so deep you are stretching me beyond

Ignoring her pleas I thrust ever harder and deeper the
head of my cock hitting her cervix bringing me to yet
another peak.

“Oh God, I am coming again.” I groaned. To the
accompaying; Oooohhhhh! Aaaaaahh! YES! Fuck me! Fuck
me! Fuck me! Make me come, now! Please, please, please
oh yesssssss!!”

I remained inside her; yet again giving her innermost
chamber another injection of come.

As soon as I was able I pulled out, allowing a generous
amount of spunk to ooze out of her gaping cunt and to
drip and trickle down her well spread thighs, Jane
dropped to her knees behind her mother and licked up
the slimy trails, smacking her lips as she stood again.

“Well I could not let good come go to waste and we
can’t let you go home to Dad with Jonathan’s come
running down you legs. What would he think?”

I then watched as Jane also lowered her knickers and
they spread their legs whilst each put in place one of
Jane’s sanitary towels, no doubt to protect their
underwear from any embarrassing leaks left over from
their fillings and loose anal muscles and in Jeans case
the most recent load of come that I had deposited up
her now very slack cunt.

Promising a repeat performance I bid my farewells and
left for home, leaving them to talk about their
experience and hopefully patch up their old

As I drove away I wondered how Jane would explain the
colour of her bottom.