Gretchen Succumbs

Succumbing to the male who was younger and in actuality
wasn’t the buffed handsome movie star male image the
twenty-eight year old woman wanted as her life-long
companion. Even if only for a dinner date or watching a
flick from the time she was of sufficient age to date,
her escort was always the muscle type of male who stood
six feet or more as she herself was tall and didn’t
want to dwarf her companion.

Her striking beauty permitted her to select those males
who stood out on an athletic venue, or drew the
attention of able bodied female’s to check him out in
his bathing suit at the beach – a bathing suit that
illustrated his muscular physique.

From the moment in her life her female genes allowed
her the knowledge and ability to determine the type and
image of a male she desired, Gretchen selected only
overly handsome boys and as she aged, subsequently
males who were broad shouldered, thick chest and abs
that rippled with muscles. Only one male passed her
test of being a stud muffin and having a brain as near
to or equal of her own. Which meant the handsome and
muscular male also was classified a genius.

Yes, she was a female who planned on collecting an
intelligent as well as a handsome specimen of the human
male kingdom to be a part of her life and eventually
bare a child with.

One summer day while outside watching butterflies
flutter over the blooms of her mother’s flower garden,
a man caught her attention while making some attempt to
entertain her self. The first ‘crush’ Gretchen had
occurred when she as an eleven year precocious girl,
spoke to the man whose body looked like those she
watched at times on wrestling shows.

Although she was young, her body had started to develop
and she had breast buds that had commenced to slightly
push out her blouse. A handsome married man and his new
wife, each of who were twenty-three years of age, had
moved into the house next door to her parents.

The man smiled and greeted her in a masculine voice.
Something in her body told her, “Holly cow, he is so
handsome… look at all of his muscles. Oh if only I
could have him hug me.”

“Hello, I’m Gretchen and I see you’re planning to swim
in your new pool.” When the man asked her if she would
like to swim with him, she thought for a minute, and
then replied, “Yes. Yes, that would be nice. Allow me
to go in and change and I’ll be back to join you.”

Inside her house, she informed her mother of being
invited by Mr. Hardly to swim in his pool. Her mother
had smiled and told her, “Fine, but don’t make a
nuisance of yourself, and thank him when you come

Wearing a two piece suit that was last years she knew
it showed her newly discovered breasts and the bottoms
were tight and her mound was easily displayed in the
bottom part of her suit. When she walked next door to
where the man waited for her in the water, she observed
his eyes taking in her form. She couldn’t believe how
handsome he was as they swam. They had gotten out of
the water and over to a bar that he had built by the
house and within the enclosed pool screen room.

Although her knowledge of sex was advanced for her, she
wasn’t certain how to explain the large bump in Mr.
Hadley’s bathing suit. Then a light came on in her
brain and she knew the man was evidently erect from
being around her. Instead of being scarred, Gretchen
became fascinated and she watched the man walk behind
the bar to get them a soda. When the man turned toward
her she about died. Before her eyes was a man’s thing
and it was sticking out of the leg hole of Mr. Hadley’s
bathing suit.

For several minutes she sat on the bar stool at the end
of the bar and he was standing behind the bar, she
couldn’t take her eyes off the hard object. When the
muscular man moved to stand by her, she looked on
without fear as his hand reached out and took her right
hand in his and moved it onto his male thing. How she
knew to rub her fist up and down his pole of flesh
Gretchen didn’t know. To her surprise and after perhaps
five minutes, the hard thing in her hand seemed to
quiver and jerk and then spit out thick liquid.

Until the end of the summer when she twelve and the
neighbors moved to another state, she had enjoyed
feeling the wet stuff squirt from the man’s thing and
coat the center of her bathing suit. Until she was
sixteen and had started dating did Gretchen again feel
some man’s stuff coat her panty crotch and give her
orgasmic pleasures.

“Yes, the man who beds me and be my husband must be
someone who will hold my hand or allow my hand to rest
on his arm as we walk down the street or through a five
star restaurant. Such a male will, without exception,
be the only type of male to take me and make me a

Throughout her life time she was determined her first
adventure into sexual intercourse would be on her
virginal wedding bed. Thusly she was a woman of such a
strong sense of proprietary, she planned on not being
bedded until the night capping her elaborate Catholic,
and exceedingly pious religious matrimonial ceremony,
marking her wedding day.

After her wedding she and her intended would attend
their formal banquet and reception-dance at a country
club. Once those familiar rituals were completed and
over; only then would she endure the shattering or
splitting her virginity with his hard male penis.

The overly attractive woman had a statuesque body she
considered was like those from the days of Grecian
goddess. Gretchen Mae Hayden was at the moment
unwittingly yielding to somebody or something that was
essentially nothing more than a powerful an ogre than
any of her previous dates could all be combined into a
member of the opposite sex.

Lying on top of her was a pimply faced nerd with a
skinny and pathetic body who stood no more than five-
six. This boy worked as a mail clerk in the office
where she was employed and he wouldn’t draw a second
glance on the beach or however well dressed he might be
in a public forum.

One thing was unquestionably and decisively the
opposite of the ideal male who would be the first to
lie between her thighs. Ah yes, the young male lying
atop her nude body and which at this very moment in
time included his attempt to place what only could be
considered a gigantic phallus into her body. Gretchen’s
ego and curiosity had succumbed to the stories she had
heard at the office and for nothing more than both
exotic and erotic reasons, the female in her had
invited the boy into her home and lastly her bedroom.

Gretchen had listened to the females and males discuss
the manly attributes of the youth’s manhood and the
legends about his large penis had grown in each of the
stories she had listened too as to his manhood’s
menacing size. For what reason or reasons she could
never understand, but she had finally decided it must
be from the simply fact that she had listened to others
in the office discuss the fact that Brian had at least
ten inches and perhaps a foot of wrist thick manhood
hanging between his legs.

Yes, this had to be the only reason she had checked him
out in the office each day during his delivering or
collecting of mail from and to her desk. She had even
stopped the mail from being given to her administrative
aide by the youth as she wanted to look at his groin as
he strolled into and out of her office. She continued
to wonder what his erection must look like… how I
find out.

While she and the boy had “made out” on her living room
sofa, Gretchen decided to tease the boy and in the
course of their hugging, exchanging a few kisses or his
cropping a feel of her breasts, while she took
possession of his youthful weapon that dangled from his

It was a certainty that both she and Brian were guilty
of taking advantage of the other. Finally over time her
desire to see the youth in the nude and to view with
her own eyes in able to verify and satisfy her prurient
mind if his penis was truly as large as the rumors
claimed. These facts caused Gretchen to permit this
nerd be the first male to view her nakedness.

Now his large and dangerous erection was pointing out
from his groin in an attempting to enter her body. When
Gretchen had finally convinced Brian to undress to
satisfy her curiosity about the alleged size of his
penis she made a tacit agreement she too would undress
and enable him to view her reported virginal body.
Gretchen had solicited his pledge and promise not to
touch her pure and never before truly unmolested body.
Never before had a boy been able to touch her private
places as they were never uncovered.

When her eyes first viewed this truly well endowed boy
she couldn’t believe the manly item she was viewing.
During her high school or college dating years Gretchen
had at times provide a few boys the pleasures of
feeling her hand bring them off. Nothing provided her
such pleasure as her hands stroking a hard youthful
penis, and Gretchen loved making some lucky boy squirt
his liquids on the crotch of her panties. For the
briefest of time, Gretchen recalled those couple of
summers when she was eleven and twelve and first saw
and touched a man’s penis

Yet she didn’t allow the boy to touch her or she would
stop her side of the foreplay, and leave him hanging in
mid-air with a ragging hard-on. In less than ten
minutes she had gotten Brian Sullivan to undress and
she was the one who was unexpectedly playing the role
of seducer. Alas a strange quirk of fate in her never
before sexual existence unknowingly caused her to
decide and favor Brian’s request to view her nude.

Instead of squirting his juices on her panties the
second time he building up and about to reach the point
where he would be cumming, he persuaded the lovely
woman to undress. Gretchen had decided she would permit
him to lay over her so she could feel what it was like
for a man to lie nude on her body.

Without her being aware of how this curiosity would
end, as she had often thought of permitting some boy in
her teen years and even during and after college to
squirt his potent seed upon her bare breasts or the
hair lined channel nestled between her lovely legs and
actually at the point where her silk smooth thighs
closed on each side of her female cut.

Brain’s shrill sounding teen voice expressed words she
never considered he could so elegantly speak as he told
the most lovely woman he had even been with, “Gretchen,
I with to drench the focal point of your sweet sexual
core with my come. Tell me Miss Gretchen, wouldn’t you
just once in your life enjoy feeling the slick thick
male wetness coating your sexual hole, rather than the
material of your panties, which from what you’ve told
me you have felt often in your life? So shall I coat
your cunt with my juices?” and he knew the woman was
going to undress as he had peeked her interest.

“You will try to enter me, I’m afraid to say. Or will
you promise to make no attempt to rape me if I’m nude
and you’re atop me my dear?” and she knew what course
the next few minutes would be. She would at last allow
a male to view her lovely nakedness and wet the outside
of her sex with his mucus like male semen.

Gretchen did ask her self, “Suppose some of his semen
should leak inside my sex and somehow the microscopic
little wiggle fellows, those sperms he will release,
should find their way to an egg and impregnate me?
Burrrr, what a horrible thought to have this dork’s
child growing inside me and I have yet to be penetrated
by a penis. What would I do then?” and felt her body
become heated at just the mere thought of such a

“Oh please Gretchen; you are the loveliest woman I have
ever met. Yes, I admit how much I wished to be able to
and wanted to squirt my come on your panties. But think
Miss Gretchen how much nicer it would be for both of us
if you would allow me to squirt my wetness on you
lovely skin. Oh you could feel me as I cummed on your
lovely cunt hole. I liked you making me come on your
panty crotch. Please allow me to view your body. I
promise I’ll never tell a soul you let me or that we’ve
even done anything or I was in your condo. Will you
permit me to look at you? I won’t touch you except to
make my cock squirt my stuff on you… please, will you
let me?” and he had observed how foolishly Gretchen had
undressed in her bedroom.

After she undressed, Gretchen had relented to Brian’s
pleas and lay back and allowed him to kiss and suck her
nipples, which no one had ever done before. This
excited her and as his lips moved to kiss her sex, she
didn’t hinder his tongue enjoying ten or so licks
between the soft folds of her vulva. Brian had followed
her request to move so he was between her legs and she
was the one whose hand took his large erection and
placed it near her hair lined vaginal entrance and
begin to again jerk him off.

Without thinking what was occurring as she moved his
penis so it was pressing in the entrance of her sex as
she jacked him off, Gretchen had gotten herself into
position so she could have the thick end of Brian’s
manhood enter in her as she desired to feel a man’s
rich male cream splash inside her sex. The twenty-eight
year old woman decided to make it even more exciting
and instead of having his cum land on the outside of
her sex, Gretchen wanted and determined she would
permit his penis head to squirt its juices just inside
her labium.

“Uh, oh gee I feel so needing and at last I will feel a
man’s thing splash its cream inside me and not on my
panties. Do I want more than…?” and knew this time
when she had a wet crotch, it wouldn’t be from a male’s
stuff soaking through her panty material, this would be
the fist ever such liquid to be so honored to coat her
outer and inner sex.

Suddenly Brian moved his hand and pulled Gretchen’s
hand from holding his manhood and fully charging
erection he was attempting to shove into her body. Her
will power to resist the boy’s attempt to penetrate her
took over and she moved her hand from his penis. Now
Gretchen was permitting Brian to work and stroke his
penis in the entrance of her tight grotto.

The sexually charged woman was beyond trying to stop
his entering her sex as her body had finally weakened
from the teasing acts on her clitoral hood and round
ball of her clitoris hidden inside the penis shaped
foreskin above her vaginal entrance. She wanted to be
penetrated as the sensations from the blunt end of his
thick phallus was striking her clitoris and would slip
down to gain another short depth within her body as he
brushed against her hardened clitoris.

Wanting to tell the nerd to stop, while at the same
time she wanted to feel the thick horn of manhood the
boy was attempting to shove into her Gretchen
understood if she allowed Brian, the mail boy from her
office to continue his acts, it would lead to the
capture of her virginity… yes he will be the one to
split the thin membrane apart that marks me as a

Suddenly Gretchen was feeling needs she’d never felt
rise from her inner soul as Brian had suddenly gained
enough entrance into the edge of her sex, that his
wiggling around was causing her hips to squirm. Such
movement was causing her to want even more of the
pleasures he was bringing forth from her body for the
first time in her twenty-eight years. Then she felt him
slip deeper inside her and it was stretching her never
before opened sex and it was causing her a feeling of
light pain, but also creating a need she had never
before experienced.

The youthful large head on the solid erection was
moving in and out of her sex and Gretchen understood
she was near to be sexually taken. Then a sharp pain
struck from an inch or two inside her sex and Gretchen
realized that her hymen had just been struck by a man’s
penis… except in this case the thick blunt penis of
an eighteen year old mail boy’s penis. A boy with a bad
case of acne and a scrawny body. Then she felt the pain
against her hymen even stronger and she knew what the
girls when she and they were teens would say, “He’s
punching out my cherry.”

The next shove by the boy into her body jolted her as
her thick hymen was resisting its first attempt to be
busted. Gretchen couldn’t help her self and she moaned
out as females have from the start of time, “Brian you
must stop… you’re shoving in me… noooo, oh that is
so painful and hurts… not that… please don’t do
me… you’re going in… aughhhhh!

“Move your hands from between us my love, oh let me all
the way in,” Brian said in a sweet and begging voice.

“Stop Brain…before it’s to late… Oh my God, you’re
all the way up me… ho boy! Brian you must stop… I’m
supposed to be getting married… hell you’ve stretched
me open so wide and deep. My God it hurts, you should

Then the sensations were feeling good to Gretchen and
she said in a soft and sweet voice, “Brian, uh yes,
ugh, oh yeah just do whatever you want… I can’t and
don’t want to stop you… its already too late, the
damage is done! Brian you’ve already taken my

Whatever else could be said about the act of loosing
her virginity, Gretchen knew that something she had
longed for had finally been completed by the most
unlikely of a male. Her egotism and conceit caused the
attractive woman side of her to ask, “Gee Brian, oh
hell are you happy you’re the first to spit me open?”
and Gretchen understood she wasn’t sad or for some
reason concerned about loosing her virginity to the
pimply faced boy with the monster of a cock that was
now buried as deep in her inner body as it could reach.
Which to Gretchen seemed to be striking her belly

For the next ten minutes Gretchen felt her inner body
pounded by the massive penis that was stretching her
open and had captured her hymen. The feeling of the
large manhood moving in and out of her sex was causing
her to give up her body and soul… not to the man who
she was to marry in two months.

Asking her self, “Oh how did I let this happen… yet
it feels so good?” and Gretchen allowed her soul to let
down her first orgasm to the oversized erection, while
at the same time she was tearlessly crying out her own
release. Gretchen understood the blunt end of the
teenage penis was filling her with its potent seed and
splashing in the entrance of her womb.

Notwithstanding the fact that no one but Brian, the not
so handsome youth was the first to lie between her
lovely thighs and exceptionally long legs, and that he
was the first male to squirt and plant his potent seed
deep within her awaiting sexual core, which was at the
crucial and conceivable point of her cycle. This
thought caused her to again explode in a climax at the
idea she could very well become with child and the
results of she coupling with Brian could lead to only
that one conclusion.

Standing five-eleven Gretchen was leggy and in the past
had trusted her super intelligence to protect her
status of a virgin. Not even her intended had viewed
her neither undressed nor close to being nude. And
assuredly Tedrow had never suckled her firm 36-C
breasts that jutted firmly and outward from her chest
nor licked her sex. Even more critical was knowing her
intended would never be the one to shatter her

And even more than the basic status of remaining a
virgin until she was married, Gretchen never wavered to
keep her professional decorum in check at all times.
Especially around those at her place of employment. Her
abilities, education and common sense had led Gretchen
to being promoted as a full vice president after only
four years in a male dominated field of computer
sciences and engineering, when you excluded programming

Gretchen was overly proud of the fact her office was
next to the department head’s corner office. Her
personal office space was the second largest of the
offices on the nineteenth floor of the office tower
where she worked. The rumors had lately flowed in the
hallway talk and they stated if the project she was
managing came in on time and under budget, she would be
made a senior vice president. That meant she would be
moved to a corner office on the twenty-fifth floor, the
top rung of officer floors.

The elegant and well-proportioned woman wasn’t so
foolish to have not noted Gregory Bethel; the firm’s
chairman of the board had on more than one occasion
checked her out as she walked past him in the office
building’s hallways. Gretchen understood the chairman
was in tune with the hazards of sexual harassment laws
and would only smile when they greeted each other, but
she knew Chairman Gregory watched the sway of her hips
as she walked away from him and he had undoubtedly
heard of her virginal status.

Being a fast learner and holding an unequaled IQ in the
firm, she knew that dressing as an executive was a
leadership quality needed to get ahead. Her clothes
were of the finest material, and she wore tailored
suits, dresses and skirts and blouses from designer
racks that she subsequently had tailored to fit her
shapely body.

Her breasts, Gretchen knew were overly full and caused
them to have a slight sag to them. Gretchen understood
if she wasn’t wearing her suit jacket and she didn’t
have a bra on under her blouse, the outline of her
breasts would be displayed beneath her blouse. This
showed the males who she knew lusted after her how they
swayed from the fullness when she walked from one
office to another or to a meeting room. Many times she
caught a male looking at her breasts as they swayed
during her walking toward him and she would act as if
she wasn’t aware of her forcing her body to shake her
breasts in a pronounced movement.

Gretchen noted women looked her over as they passed
each other in the hallways and they would smile and
speak in greeting as they met. One lesbian had walked
up behind her as she washed her hands in the restroom.
She not only cupped both of Gretchen’s breasts, but the
woman who was in her late thirties had pressed the
front of her body against Gretchen’s back.

The woman had squeezed Gretchen’s breasts and pinched
her nipples between her fingers for a few minutes. She
only removed her hands from cupping Gretchen’s breasts
when another female entered the restroom. The offending
female was terminated immediately, but allegedly
commented as she was escorted from the office building
by security, “At least I’ve felt those tits that
everyone else desires to fondle… so the rest of you
can be envious of my good fortune.”

Nothing had shaken her cool and calculated executive
drive to seek out and obtain whatever she wished.
Having graduated high school at fifteen, college at
eighteen, Gretchen had obtained her masters by the age
of twenty. Gretchen began her professional employment
as a project engineer on a major systems development
team at Bethel Technologies.

Now her anguish cries were for naught. Someone other
than the handsome brokerage firm president she was to
marry was in the final act of plundering her sex by
unleashing and splashing her inner sex with his male
cream. This was the first time she had endured the
carnal act of intercourse. Gretchen knew it wouldn’t
likely be the last time she would part her lovely
thighs and accepted a male between the folds of her sex
before she married.

Gretchen understood she couldn’t endure waiting another
two months until her intended Tedrow would bury his
cock inside her willing sex. “Ho boy, now that I’ve
tasted the horn of a man in my body, there’s no way I
can go without another stroking and pressing the depths
of my cervix until I marry. Why did I determine I must
not have sex until I married I wonder?” and moved her
long legs up around Brian’s body.

Gretchen understood she didn’t have the strength to ask
the boy to stop, or force him to move off her. After
all her precious virginity was gone, why stop something
so pleasurable now the damage is done. Another thing
she understood was she had felt her virginity torn from
deep within her body.

Yes, that special gift a woman has and which she,
Gretchen, had promised to her intended husband-to-be,
Tedrow Varney-Stephenson and which he was to take from
her on their wedding night just two months away. Now
her virginity was spilt – gone forever, and her dreams
of being a virgin on her wedding night were a shove up
inside her sex by a teen lover and her virginity was
forever gone.

“Boy oh boy do you feel good. I cummed in you Gretchen.
Are you ready for me to come in you again Miss
Gretchen? Tell me you want me to come in you again,
please,” Brian asked as his body was ready to unleash
his come for the second time.

“I’m lost… and shouldn’t do this, but yes, oh yes
come in me – come in me Brian. Gee I’m going off with
you again. I’m lost, oh you’re big and I feel you so
deep in… aughhhh!” Gretchen’s vanity came into play
with a need to know, asked, “Brian have you ever had a
virgin before?”

Nearly every day for the two months prior to her
wedding, Gretchen enjoyed her sexual games with Brian.
Tonight she had failed to lock the side gate that led
to the pool at the rear of her home. At that moment in
time Gretchen was on her hands and knees coupling with
her young lover in a forceful doggie style.

The bride to be was trying to capture the last moments
of cheating on this Thursday evening after work, and
two days before her wedding. Tedrow heard the moans and
groans coming from the rear of the house and entered
the patio gate to determine if his intended was being
Before his eyes Tedrow found his intended being
sexually assaulted, but he could hear and see it was a
mutual assault that was taking place between the virgin
woman he loved and was going to marry and a young boy.
A boy he recognized as the kid from work who Tedrow was
aware that supposedly had large male proportions. He
looked on in disbelief as Gretchen’s facial contortions
reflected what must assuredly be damaging and would
seem to be from the pain of being penetrated.

Somehow it seemed his love was finding weirdness from
the carnal act she was engaged in while on her hands
and knees. The grimace on her face was indicating how
much she was enjoying the pleasure from being taken by
the overly large male phallus. Tedrow knew without even
being told that this wasn’t the first time his
supposedly virgin wife-to-be had been penetrated and he
felt as if he would faint.

His lovely wife to be was taken the solid mass of
manhood into her body and begging in a growling voice
for more. “Oh hell, just fuck me Brian. Fuck that big
hard cock up my pussy… Brian, fill me with your
come… spray your come in me, yeah come in me…

“Gretchen! How could you… oh no; you couldn’t…”
Tedrow cried out in alarm observing the woman he was to
marry only two days henceforth, and asking the youth to
spray his come inside her body.

Just as her climax rolled though her body and the young
boy was getting his nuts off and shooting his come into
the woman he was mounting like a bitch dog, Gretchen
heard her groom-to-be shout out his grief in
discovering his lovely wife-to-be, joined in a carnal
act of sex with another.

“Noooooo… oh for god’s sake! No, don’t leave
Tedrow… let me explain,” the exquisite woman cried
out as she watched the man she was to marry in two days
walk away from the scene of debauchery.

Brian refused to release his grip on the lovely round
hips of the woman he was filling with his come for the
second time in the past half hour. He held her as he
bounced against the meaty hips and when he felt the
last of his come seep in a small stream into the woman,
he allowed her to pull away, jump up, grab her clothes
and run into her house.

Now Gretchen was in Tedrow’s home and she was pleading,
crying and removing her clothes so Tedrow would cast
his eyes on what was his if he married the leggy
chestnut haired woman two days henceforth. Once he had
left the home of the woman he had planned on marrying
only two days away, but instead had found her engaged
in sex with the one person she claimed was such a

Tedrow had drove to his home and sat at the dark walnut
wood bar, and covered with trim from mahogany trees,
and even Hawaiian koa wood was the panel on the back of
the bar wall. The distraught man had placed a bottle of
Johnny Walker Blue Label in front of him. After pouring
the second shot of the smooth Scotch, taking the sip of
the liquor, he watched with disdain in his glare as
Gretchen walked toward him. He had forgotten she had a
key to his home, as he did hers.

Now he looked at the tearful woman in front of him and
noted her makeup was ruined and running down her face
from the tears still flowing from her eyes. For the
first time since meeting the attractive woman, he saw
her as someone ugly. He had been cuckold, although they
weren’t married. His mind tried to fathom if she had
been a virgin during their three years of dating as she

He listened to the mournful wailing of the woman he’d
told he never wanted to see again as he left her pool
where he discovered her being taken in the doggie style
of sex. The scene caused him to wonder how she could
have engaged in sex with someone within forty-eight
hours of their marriage. His world collapsed when he’d
observed his lovely bride-to-be on her hands and knees,
with her firm breasts hanging down under her chest and
swaying back and forth in the rutting between her and
her paramour.

Now he listened as she told him, “Please let me
explain… oh Teddy I’m so miserable and frightened.
Let me explain. I want to listen to your telling me
we’ll be married Saturday evening. The guest have
started to arrive from out of town… no one will know
about my being… being un-unfaithful to you.”

While she spoke, Gretchen removed her clothing in the
belief that if her intended groom saw her nude he would
forgive her. She spoke in a tearful voice, “Oh my
darling, tell me we will be married as planned. I love
you very much… I will tell you every detail if you
should want that. Teddy, please say our marriage will
happen as we planned. Will you forgive me, please?” and
she hugged the stiff body of the man seated on a bar
stool looking at her in disbelief and she thought that
perhaps he felt sorry for her as a woman.

“However, can I tell him I’m with child?” and as if she
was trying to ensure her stomach didn’t seem large,
sucked in her stomach muscles.

His manhood shattered, the handsome and professional
man sobbed out, “You tell me Gretchen… you’ve come
here to my home with juices of another man dripping
from your sex… I can see that is true as it’s all
over your legs and on your cunt hair… and now on my
hand and fingers, why bitch?” and Tedrow reached and
gripped her crotch in his hand. His fingers and the
palm of his hand squeezed Gretchen’s pubic area as hard
as he possible could exert pressure. He again felt the
dampness on her nude body and the wide expanse of pubes
he had wanted to view for the first time was caked with
the semen of another man… not a man, a boy for hell’s

Yes, he could feel the vacuous dampness of the other
man’s semen dripping from her no longer virgin sex.
There was no evidence of blood on the front of her, so
she was assuredly not a virgin when he found her being
a tramp. “How many times bitch… how many…?”

“Oh darling your hurting me… please don’t hurt me.
Tell me you love me and want me as your wife. I will
make up my indiscretions to you. Just permit me to love
you and be your wife. I’ll never give you cause to not
trust me again. I will serve you in anyway possible.
Please say we will marry…” and pressed the side of
her face against the man she was supposed to marry,
unless he dumped her for cheating with Brian.

“Do you truly love me? If so, go into my office and
take the revolver from my center desk drawer. Go find
your boy-toy, and place a shot in the center of his
forehead. When you are done come back, else leave now
and never enter my home again.” Tedrow looked at the
fear crossing the face of the lovely woman as she
considered what he’d instructed her to complete.

Gretchen pressed her lips to the forehead of the man
she loved, then turned and left the room.

Sitting at his bar and enjoying the Johnny Walker Blue
Label, he listened to Gretchen’s movements in his home.
Tedrow heard the drawer to his desk close and footsteps
walk across the marble floor of his hallway. He heard
the front door open and close. Silence was all that
remained for the next two hours as he enjoyed sipping
the Scotch.

Once again Tedrow heard the door of his apartment open
and observed a white faced Gretchen walk toward him.
The lovely woman’s body was quivering from her head to
her feet. Her markup was fresh, she had slipped on a
different tailored skirt and blouse and he could see
she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Interesting, did she change before or after meeting
with Brian what’s-his-name? Perhaps she had simply gone
to her home, showered, fixed her makeup and brushed her
hair and dressed in the clothing she was now wearing.
Then she made a simple statement, “After I did as you
asked, I stopped later along the river and through the
gun in the water.”

Tedrow thought of his purchasing the 10 mm revolver at
a yard sale in Iowa the year before while he was on
vacation and driving the interstate for a week of
simply traveling. Knowing he lived in a state far from
where he had purchased the weapon, he felt safe in
believing there was no way he could be tied to the
weapon, Tedrow wasn’t worried and knew the gun would
likely never be found if Gretchen had thrown it in the
river about a mile or so from where she had informed
him she had walked with Brian at the parking area.

Tedrow asked simply, “Well…?” and he looked at the
eyes of the woman and knew she had just killed the man
who had evidently gotten her virginity.

Gretchen stood in front of the man she loved and
realized she’d succumbed to the act of murder to
protect her right to marry. “If murder must be the will
to share my life with you Tedrow, then sorry I am not
for Brian. He asked for it; didn’t he?” she asked aloud
of herself.

Once more Tedrow thought of how the conversation went
when she stood before him after coming back into his
home. He had looked at the woman and saw no feelings in
her eyes, except he could see or so he believed that
she loved him enough to kill. “So, what can you tell me
about eliminating our problem…? Did you complete your
act?” and he watched her mouth start to form the words
that he knew were to come from deep in her soul.

“He is dead. I called him from a payphone and asked he
meet me at the overlook at the river. When he parked
next to me, I asked he walk down the path with me along
the river. When he turned as if we would kiss, I placed
the gun to his forehead and fired and he fell backwards
into the water and I watched as his body floated
downstream,” then she begins to unbutton her blouse.

Tedrow asked, “What else did your intelligent mind
instruct you to do as you drove back from the scene?”

“To rid myself of the clothing I was wearing. They have
been destroyed and not a single item I was wearing
existed any longer. Even the prospect of his haunting
me is not a concern. Should I say, he and I both got
what we desired – except he took from me something that
was truly meant for you? Tedrow, of that you can be
certain. What now my love…?” and in only moments she
stood nude.