Santa and Jenny

Jenny slipped from beneath the comforter. Immediately,
the cold air made her want to dive back under them but
she needed a drink of water. She quietly padded
barefoot down the hallway to the kitchen. As she passed
the living room, she thought she saw movement. She
crept back and peaked around the corner. She saw
something move and heard the faint tinkle of Christmas
tree bulbs striking each other.

“Oh crap,” she thought, “it’s Christmas Eve.” She had
known the rule before she knew her name. You don’t get
up on Christmas Eve night so Santa can come. She peered
around the corner again. She had seen correctly, a
large white bearded man wearing a red fur suit with
white trim… Santa was in her house.

She stepped back and tried to think. If Santa saw her,
he may not leave the presents. Just then a low voice
boomed in her ears like he was right behind her.
“Jenny, you may as well come out, I know you are
there,” Santa spoke softly. Jenny drew up her courage
and stepped into the doorway. Santa was staring at her
sternly. “You know you aren’t supposed to get up on
this night, young lady. What have you got to say for

Jenny stammered, suddenly aware of the thin dorm shirt
that barely came to the top of her thighs. “I…I
forgot what night… I was just getting a drink of
water,” she replied.

Santa laughed. “Thirsty, huh? If you don’t mind I’ll
join you. Off you go to the kitchen. When you return
we’ll decide how to handle this little situation.”
Jenny turned and ran to the kitchen. “God, how was she
going to get out of this,” she thought.

When Jenny returned with the water, Santa was finishing
laying out the presents he’d brought. Santa watched as
Jenny walked toward him. Jenny was again painfully
aware of her short shirt and that her nipples were
straining against the cloth due to the cold air. She
hunched her shoulders to hide her breasts.

“Stand up straight, Jenny,” Santa instructed.

Like a scolded child, Jenny stood upright, squaring her
shoulders as she closed the distance. Santa took the
water she offered and they both took a long drink.
Santa took Jenny’s glass and sat both glasses on the
table in front of her mom’s antique manger scene. Santa
sat down and pulled Jenny onto his knee.

“Now, what are we going to do with you?” Santa asked.

Jenny was examining the wringing hands in her lap. She
suddenly felt very small. “I’m sorry, Santa, I forgot
what night it was,” Jenny pleaded, tears welling up in
her eyes.

“Jenny, look at me,” Santa said gently as he lifted her
chin with his hand.

Jenny looked into Santa’s eyes.

A twinkle and smile stared back at her. “Jenny, I know
you didn’t get up on purpose. If you had, you wouldn’t
be sitting on my lap but would be lying across my knees
while I spanked your bottom red enough to shame
Rudolph’s nose.”

Jenny blushed and squirmed on Santa’s knee.

“Ho, ho, ho! Don’t let Rudolph see that red face,”
Santa teased.

“Santa!” Jenny said as she punched him lightly. “But
what about me seeing you?” Jenny asked.

“If I can make myself fit down a chimney, I think I can
make one naughty little girl think this is a dream,”
Santa assured her.

Jenny smiled, she felt like a child again, safe, loved.
“Won’t you be delayed wasting time here with me?” Jenny

“Don’t worry, it’s all about the magic,” Santa replied,
“I have time to teach you how to behave.” Jenny blushed
again and looked at Santa’s face. She realized the face
staring back wasn’t as old as she expected.

Jenny reached up and tugged on his white beard. Santa
laughed and said, “Uh oh, now we do have a problem.
You’ve discovered the Santa secret. You are right, I am
not as old as you expected. Santa is eternal and a
family tradition. Nicholas Kringle at your service. The
original Kris Kringle is my great, great, great,
whatever grandfather. I never can remember how many
greats there are.”

Jenny leaned back and stared. The man behind the
whiskers was only in his thirties. Jenny asked, “So
what happened to the real Santa?”

“I am the real Santa. Kringles live for a long time but
after a while the Santa job is passed down. It is now
my turn. When I have a son it will go to him.”

Jenny stared in disbelief and poked him in the stomach.
It didn’t feel like a belly. She poked him again and
realized the belly was fake. “Oh my God,” Jenny
exclaimed, “I can’t wait to tell my friends.”

“Jenny you can’t tell anyone. The illusion of Santa has
to remain,” Santa told her.

“Are you kidding? This is too big not to tell,” Jenny

“Maybe you will be getting that spanking after all,”
Santa said. His strong hands took firmly hold of her
and started to swing her across his lap. Tickling her.

“No! Don’t spank me. I promise to behave,” Jenny

Santa held her half across his lap. “You promise not to
reveal the Santa secret?”

“Okay, I promise not to tell. Please don’t spank me.”
Jenny was laughing from Santa’s tickling.

Santa pulled her up and sat her back on his knee. He
looked at her intently and said, “No kidding around.
You can’t tell. Think of the children.” Jenny agreed,
“I know. It is our secret. But it’s going to cost you.”

“Really?” Santa replied. “Maybe this is a good time to
mention Mike?”


“Jenny? You think I didn’t see you at your office
party? Mike might have considered you nice but from my
perspective, naughty came to mind.”

“You saw that?” Jenny looked scared.

“Saw? You could say that. The elves have it on DVD.”
Jenny looked shocked. She started to protest when she
noticed Santa’s smile.

“You’re kidding! Right?” Jenny stared into Santa’s
eyes. “Right?”

Santa shrugged innocently.

“Um… I won’t tell anyone about you if you could
overlook that little incident”

Santa laughed. “Blackmail Santa? Your going way past
naughty. Maybe I should go up to the sleigh to get my

“Nooo, Santa. I won’t tell anyone. You can trust me!”

Santa pulled Jenny close and held her tight. When he
released her, he said, “I know I can trust you.”

“Not if I get my way,” she thought as a fantasy of
Santa giving her a very personal present played in her

“Careful,” Santa warned, “when you are this close I
can’t help but know what you are thinking.” Jenny
blushed and looked down.

Jenny realized that in the struggle her shirt had
ridden up revealing her panties. Her white cotton
Christmas underwear with jolly ole St. Nick staring out
from the front of them.

“What have we here,” Santa exclaimed.

Jenny’s hands dove to cover her secret.

“No, you can’t hide now,” Santa said as he lifted
Jenny’s hands.

Jenny wanted to die. But strangely she wanted to show
him. She gave him a weak resistance and allowed herself
to be exposed. She dropped her hands to her sides.
Santa peered down at her crotch. One of Santa’s hands
embraced her across her back pulling her snugly to him.
The other dropped down and parted Jenny’s thighs
spreading the Santa image completely revealed. Jenny
gasped but was relaxed. She felt the warmth flood her
loins and her sex swell against the soft material.

Jenny moved closer to Santa, wanting to be enveloped in
the soft fur of his suit. Santa’s hands pressed in on
each of Jenny’s hips. He lifted her like she was the
child she felt like. Santa held Jenny in the air before
him, her hands balancing on his shoulders. Santa stared
into her eyes, which begged him to take her. He dropped
his sight to her new white cotton Christmas panties
with St. Nick on the front. They seemed so inadequate
to her now.

Santa laughed, “Classic image but I think I can make a
better impression on you.”

Jenny silently begged Santa to take her.

“Patience little one, Christmas is a present best
opened slowly,” Santa whispered.

Santa lowered Jenny’s body downward but instead of
putting her on his knee he brought the soft panties to
his lips. His mouth roughly gnawing at her engorged sex
through the thin material. His hands slipped around to
cup her tight buttocks, holding her to his lips as he
drank thirstily. Jenny wrapped her hands in the fur
covering his shoulders. His whiskers tickled her

Jenny’s emotions built higher and higher with every
assault on the hard nub covered by Santa’s picture.
Jenny placed her feet on both sides of Santa’s body to
support herself. She sat on the firm shelf of his
strong hands. Santa’s tongue danced across here moist
sex teasing the rapidly firing nerves. Santa lifted
Jenny, bringing her feet to rest on his thighs. His
thumbs hooked into her panties and slowly lowered them
down her slender thighs till they lay loosely about her

Santa lifted her again leaving the soaked panties in
his lap. His mouth resumed snacking on her wet sex. She
brought her legs up and placed them over his shoulders.
His hands spreading her open to his attentions. His
mustache entwining with the neatly trimmed patch above
her sex. Santa nibbled at her. Jenny’s emotions rose
higher and higher. She tried to stay quiet but the
feelings overwhelmed her and she emitted a deep,
throaty moan.

She panicked that someone might be awakened but
couldn’t control her voice. Her body wracked with
spasms as her nerves overloaded. Finally, Santa lifted
her off his shoulders and lowered her down his chest.
Jenny held him close. She noticed his beard was damp
and wiped it with her shirttail.

“God, what if someone heard?” she said.

“Don’t worry, little one, no one will awaken till I
leave. It’s Christmas magic,” Santa replied. Santa held
her tight against his soft chest. Jenny fought to
control her heavy breathing.

Jenny finally calmed down and sunk into Santa’s chest.
Her body pressed into the padding of Santa’s belly.
Santa caressed her buttocks and shoulders. He lifted
Jenny to his knee and slipped his hands beneath her
shirt, massaging her breasts, teasing her protruding
nipples. Jenny relaxed into his muscular hands. Her
body starved for his attention.

After a while, Jenny slipped to the floor on her knees.
She kissed the bulge in Santa’s trousers. Her hands
moved under his jacket to loosen his belt. As she
unbuttoned the flap holding his sex, it slowly rose
from the constraint. Jenny circled her tongue around
the peak before taking it into her mouth. Jenny teased
more and more of the hardness into a bulging frenzy.
Her tongue journeyed it’s length. Her mouth swallowed
its girth.

Jenny threw herself into the work, soon she felt Santa
start to struggle and spasm. Jenny placed her mouth
over Santa’s building eruption and drank down the
release as if it was water in the desert.

Santa’s sex softened but Jenny worked Santa with her
tongue and mouth until she felt it grow even larger.
After a few minutes, Santa stood forcing Jenny back
onto her heels causing his dense throbbing member to
slip from her lips. Jenny looked up into Santa’s eyes.
He was staring down at her. Silently, Jenny was
wishing, as she never had before for Santa to take her.

Santa smiled, “Soon, very soon.”

Jenny blinked not yet used to Santa’s mind reading.
Santa reached into his coat and handed Jenny a small
package. “Would you mind stuffing this stocking for
me,” Santa asked. Jenny looked at the package, it was a
condom. She hastily ripped it open and unrolled the

She grasped Santa’s sex and filled the latex stocking
with it. She sat back enthralled by the sight just
inches from her face. Santa knelt before Jenny, lowered
his face to hers, and kissed Jenny passionately. When
they parted Jenny was light headed. Santa lowered his
hand to her thigh. The other rested on her shoulder.

Jenny waited expectantly. Her mind a jumble off
possibilities. With one quick movement, Santa turned
Jenny. She dropped to her hands and knees, her inviting
bottom presented to Santa. Jenny swayed her hips,
waiting. Santa knelt behind her and placed his sex at
her opening. He gently flexed his sex against her,
teasing her. Jenny moved back trying to capture him but
Santa’s sex would jump away.

After a few minutes Jenny spread her knees farther
apart, lowered her head and waited. Praying Santa would
let her have him. Suddenly, Santa grasped her hips and
pulled her toward him. His dense sex parted the moist
folds of her, driving deeply into her.

Jenny gasped at the sudden invasion. Slowly she
revolved her hips, the false belly riding over her
buttocks holding her down upon him. Santa leaned over
her. His right hand grasped her hair, his fingers
wrapping among the strands. Gently, Santa pulled back
with his right hand drawing her head back with it.
Santa withdrew from Jenny’s sex then drove into her

His hips developed a strong rhythm with a slight side
rotation. His left hand snaking around her hip to
rhythmically tap the hard nub at the top of her sex.
Santa pulled and relaxed her mane of hair with the
cycle. He pulled back as he pressed into; her releasing
on withdrawal. He also guided her side to side. Jenny
was under his complete control. His skill developed
over years of work with reindeer. Just before Jenny
lost her focus on time, she thought this was what it
was like to be ridden.

Santa led her to the left and right by drawing her head
in the direction as he pushed into her. He drew her
head toward him to arch her back to focus his plunges
into her. Jenny was tamed by his control and felt her
arousal grow to unbearable levels. Soon the spasms of
orgasm swept over her in waves of overwhelming force. A
steady moan escaped from her chest.

Suddenly, Santa pulled her to the side as he drove her
forward. Jenny brushed into the Christmas tree sending
it crashing to the floor. She didn’t notice the
disaster. Her passion consumed her, her brain in a fog.
Santa continued to ride her. Guiding her around the
room as his hips spanked her tender buttocks. Jenny
again felt the tsunami rise within her.

The building waves washed over her, disorienting her,
tumbling her within the swirling passion. Jenny was
barely aware that Santa was overrun by the same waves.
The spasmodic contractions of his arms pulling her head
back till her arched back caused Jenny to lift her
upper body erect. Jenny’s hips bucked as every muscle
in her body contracted at once, then relaxed. She felt
Santa erupt inside her, barely contained by the
stocking encasing him.

Finally, both collapsed in a tangled mess of limbs.
Santa finally released Jenny’s mane of hair. She heard
Santa struggling to catch his breath but his hands
moved quickly to caress her breasts and shoulders. She
pressed back into him, warm, safe, loved. Santa brushed
his lips across her neck. They lay together as Jenny
dozed from exhaustion. Santa’s hands exploring her,
drawing the stress from her, caressing her.

Jenny was barely awake when Santa lifted her in his
arms and carried her to her room. She became aware of
the cold air swirling around her bare loins. He gently
slipped her beneath the covers, pulling them up to her
chin. Santa bent to kiss her on the forehead. “Merry
Christmas, my sugar plum,” he whispered, sprinkling
sleepy dust as he stood.

“Merry Christmas, Santa,” Jenny sleepily replied as she
drifted unconscious, a sweet smile creeping to her
lips. Santa turned, walked out the door and was gone.

Jenny woke up feeling very happy. She heard the others
moving about. “Christmas day,” she thought to herself
as grin covering her face.

Suddenly, she bolted upright and spun her feet to the
floor. “Christ!” she thought. “My panties! Did we knock
down the tree?”

As her hips rotated in the bed she felt the material
twist. She looked beneath the covers, her Christmas
panties were in place. Jenny sucked in her breath. “Was
it a dream? God, what a dream,” she said to herself.
“It seemed so real.”

She got up from the bed and slipped the loose pajama
pants over her panties. She stopped by the bathroom to
check her hair then headed for the noise in the living
room. Everybody was up, talking. Jenny stepped into the
doorway to see her family sitting around the tree.

Jenny’s mom looked up and said, “Good morning, sleepy
head. We were thinking of starting without you.”

“Sorry,” Jenny said, “I had the strangest dream.”

“Well, let’s get these presents handed out,” Mom

Soon the presents were flying across the room following
a quick name call. Jenny sat on the floor opening her
gifts, talking, and thoroughly enjoying herself.

“Well, who on earth, put these glasses of water in
front of the manger,” mom announced. “Must have been
the kids,” someone else said.

Jenny looked up. “The glasses Santa had set down?” she
thought. “But it was a dream… wasn’t it?”

Jenny stared at the glasses. “It was just a dream,” she
told herself. She brushed her hair back. The back of
her head was sore. “Could it have really happened? No,
it was just a dream,” she told herself again as she
ripped into another present.

But when her mother walked past carrying those glasses
of water, she couldn’t help but stare as they passed…