The Beach was Never Like This

“Oh Kelly, I just can’t wait to get to the beach!”
cried Sally, “The temperature is perfect. Our bathing
suits are perfect. And I can tell that it’s gonna be a
perfect day!”

Kelly rolled her eyes playfully while looking at her.
Sally had so much enthusiasm and optimism. What a
contrast to my outlook on life, she thought. Kelly
tended to look at everything in life with suspicion;
if it looked too good to be true, it probably was. A
perfect day, huh? It’s probably gonna rain, or we’ll
get stuck next to some smelly fat guys or something.
She looked at Sally again, who was grinning from ear
to ear, and some of her cynicism started to melt away.
Sally was a very good influence on her, Kelly thought.
Just being with her made her whole outlook begin to
change for the better.

“Well,” Kelly finally admitted, “It does look like a
nice day. Maybe it’ll turn out to be a fun time after
all.” She couldn’t help but smile.

They loaded up the car with food, extra clothes and
their boom box radio and headed towards the shore
parkway. Sally’s dad had given her a brand new, candy
apple red, Mercedes convertible for her eighteenth
birthday. The car was her pride and joy. She washed
it three times a week and kept it so polished that you
could see yourself in the finish from at least 10 feet

The car was a perfect reflection of Sally herself. She
was young, sleek and sexy, not to mention well built,
just like the Mercedes. Long blond hair fell neatly
over her shoulders and blew playfully in the wind as
she zoomed along the parkway at 65 MPH. She drove
like a typical teen with a fast new car. Safe enough
to not get into an accident, but wild enough to piss
off some of the older men driving their Chevys to and
from work.

“Hey Kel,” Sally called out, “How about some tunes?
You wanna find a good station for me?”

“Sure, Sally” replied Kelly. She reached over to turn
on the stereo and found a station playing Britney
Spears. “How’s that?” she asked.

“Great, I love Britney!”

Sally looked over at her friend. Although at first
Kelly seemed to always rain on her parade, she had
kinda grown on Sally, until finally they had ended up
best friends. It seemed like ages ago that they’d
first met in seventh grade. They both had a crush on
the same boy, Greg Helmann. This, of course, led to
a big fight, which almost escalated into a knock down
brawl. Greg ended up going out with Karen, the class
slut, instead. Go figure. So Kelly and Sally wound
up becoming fast friends in their mutual contempt for
the creep.

Kelly’s body was almost as sexy as Sally’s. She had
thick light brown hair stylishly worn with a hairclip
on top. Although her breasts were larger than Sally’s,
she wasn’t fat by any definition of the word. She had
the classic hourglass figure that drove the boys crazy,
and probably some of the girls as well.

As Britney Spears and the two girls finished singing
their version of her latest hit song, the clouds
overhead parted and let the sun shine brightly through.
The temperature immediately climbed a few more degrees
and Sally began thinking about the killer suits they
had bought the day before in that new store they had
found downtown.

“Hey, Kelly, those new suits are so incredible, aren’t
they?” asked Sally.

“Yeah,” replied Kelly, “They make us both look so hot!
Those guys at the beach better watch out!” She giggled
lightly, letting the air rush through her hair.
“They’ll never know what hit them!”

The store was a new one. Neither of them had seen it
before. It was just like it popped up or something
and they were drawn right inside. The two salesmen
there were hot young guys, not the kind of people you’d
think would be working in a women’s clothing store,
much less a swimwear store, but there they were. And
they were very helpful. The two girls had flirted
shamelessly with them and even managed to get a 35%
discount on their purchases. Sally had thought about
getting their phone numbers, but Kelly talked her out
of it. Now, looking back, she wondered if she’d made
the right choice. Oh, well, Kelly thought, you can’t
change the past, so just move along into the future.

A song by the Backstreet Boys came on and Sally and
Kelly were off singing again, cruising down the
highway, without a care in the world.



Brian and John pulled the gate down over the back door
of their boutique and locked it. It had been a busy
morning, moving all of the “special” inventory to the
locked room in the basement, away from curious eyes.
Although this was not the first time they were leaving
the store in the hands of their employees, they now
had a lot more to protect than the latest swimwear

“Well,” said Brian as he fastened the last lock in
place, “That finishes up our work here. We have
exactly a half an hour to get to the beach. The girls
said they were going at 11:00. We have to hurry or we
won’t make it there in time.

“I know,” replied John, grinning, “Let’s get moving
then. I’ve got my suit right here.”

They got into their mint condition 1974 red and white
Mustang convertible and took off towards the beach.

“Do you really think this’ll work?” inquired John, “I
mean, how sure are you that it’ll happen?”

“It’ll happen just like it did in our experiments,
John,” answered Brian, “It worked every time, remember?
Every time.”

“Yeah,” continued John, “But what if the girls don’t
react the way we think they will? What if they put
up a fight? What if they go to the Police?”

“Give me a break,” sneered Brian, “Police? What the
hell would they tell the Police? Who would believe
them? Stop worrying and start planning what you’re
gonna do with your girl, all right?”

“All right,” responded John sheepishly, “I will.”

The Mustang sped down the parkway towards the beach.


The parking lot was just beginning to fill up as the
girls found a spot that wasn’t too far away from their
favorite section of the beach. Sally and Kelly started
unloading their car, enjoying the looks of envy from
the guys in their broken down old cars. Sally thought
about how lucky she was to have a rich and caring Dad.

They made their way to the changing rooms, where they
had to wedge past a fat old lady who couldn’t make up
her mind whether she was coming in or going out.

“Why do the fat ones always stop in the doorways?”
Kelly asked, “I mean, how much brains does it take to
get out of other people’s way?”

“Oh, Kelly,” replied Sally with a big grin, “Do you
always have to get so pissed off at everybody?”

“Not if everybody would stop pissing me off!” snapped
Kelly, as she entered the changing cubicle, with Sally
right next door. “All right, I’ll try not to let
anyone else bother me today. Will that make you

“Oh yes, Kelly,” answered Sally, “It really would.
After all, we did come here to have some fun, and maybe
pick up a couple of cute guys. You know, like the ones
who sold us these killer suits?”

“They were cute, all right, but something didn’t seem
right about them,” said Kelly, “They didn’t look like
they belonged there.”

Sally finished changing into her suit and left the
cubicle to look at herself in the mirror. She liked
what she saw. The sleek black suit really accentuated
her breasts. They almost looked as big as Kelly’s
now! While turning and inspecting herself in the
mirror, she caught another girl looking lustfully at
her. As their eyes met, the girl turned away, embar-
rassed at being caught looking at another girl. Sally
felt oddly turned on by the hunger in the girl’s eyes,
although she’d never admit it to another soul.

Kelly approached Sally as she was still examining
herself in the mirror.

“Wow!” observed Kelly, “You look even better in that
suit here than you did in the store!”

“Thanks,” replied Sally, “Yours looks really sexy,
too, you know.”

And it did. If Sally’s suit enhanced her breasts,
then Kelly’s suit molded hers into ripe melons, beg-
ging for attention. The bright red fabric of her
bikini wrapped itself sparsely over her body, making
it a package that any man would love to unwrap. She
looked like she belonged on the cover of one of those
swimsuit magazines that the men go crazy over.

They gathered their things and headed down to the sand.
Kelly pitched the umbrella while Sally laid out the
blanket and got out the suntan lotion. She spread it
liberally over her exposed skin and then applied it to
Kelly’s. After finding another good station on their
boom box, the two girls laid on the blanket and began
checking out the guys. It was just another fun day at
the beach.

Or so they thought…


The Mustang roared into the lot and Brian pulled it
into a tight spot between two minivans. They were
traveling pretty light today, just their suits and a
few towels, with a watertight plastic zipper bag
hidden inside one of them. They walked to the chang-
ing rooms and put on their suits.

“I hope we can find them,” said John, “It’ll be such
a waste if we can’t.”

“Will you please stop that?” complained Brian, “All
you ever do is worry. You make me wonder why I ever
involved you in this in the first place. All gloom
and doom. I just don’t understand you.”

“Hey,” said John excitedly, “Is that them over there?”

Brian looked over to where John was pointing and, sure
enough, there were the girls!

“Yeah, that’s them,” replied Brian, also starting to
get a little excited, “And it looks like they just got
here. They haven’t been in the water yet. They’re
still dry.”

“Yup,” said John, “Those are our suits, all right!
Let’s go say hello.”

The guys made their way over to the girls, as non-
chalantly as possible.


The girls were busy absorbing the sun’s rays when they
noticed the guys approach.

“Oh my God, Kelly!” cried Sally, “Look who’s coming
over here. It’s those two guys from the swimwear

“What?” asked a shocked Kelly, “What’re they doing

“I think we’re about to find out,” said Sally, with a
slight giggle.

The two guys stopped about five feet away from the
girls’ blanket and stood there, admiring them.

“Hey, girls,” said Brian with a big smile, “You look
really great in those suits. Do you remember us?
I’m Brian and this is John. We sold you those suits,
and, might I add, at a pretty good discount, you know.”

“Hi Brian,” replied Sally, “Hey, John. Nice to see
you guys again.”

“Aren’t you guys supposed to be working today?” asked
Kelly, suspiciously.

“It’s our day off,” replied John, evenly, “We had some
free time and decided to check out the beach. We never
thought we’d run into you girls.” He smiled broadly
at the girls to cover up his lie.

Kelly looked at both guys again and started to feel a
little uneasy. Brian was hot. Neatly combed sandy
blond hair and piercing blue eyes, highlighted his
perfect face. He was slim, muscular, well tanned, and
just her type. John, on the other hand, was a perfect
match for Sally’s tastes. He had brown hair, brown
eyes, and was a little heavier than Brian, but still
in great shape. He obviously worked out at the gym.
The pair looked like nice, normal guys. Kelly again
began to wonder if she was being overly critical,
something that she was often accused of. What the
hell, she thought, what could happen at the beach?

“Man, it’s hot out here,” said Brian, wiping some
sweat from his forehead and setting down their towels
next to the girls, “You girls take a dip yet?”

“Not yet,” answered Sally, “But I’m game. How about
you, Kel?”

“Sure,” said Kelly, giving up on tanning for the time
being, “Let’s go hit the waves.”

“I have to use the restroom,” said John, “I’ll meet
you guys in the water in a few.”

John turned to walk towards the building where the
restrooms were located. The girls innocently proceeded
toward the water, never noticing Brian slip the plastic
zipper bag into his bathing suit.


Brian followed the girls into the water, feeling the
relief the water offered from the heat. Several
minutes later, after taking care of some details, John
joined them in the cool water. The foursome went
pretty far out into the ocean, enjoying the cooling
effect from the water on such a hot day. Luckily, the
beach was pretty much deserted, since this was a
Tuesday morning and most of the other people were
sitting in the air conditioning at work. Brian steered
them to an area of the water where they would be pretty
much alone. The water was clear enough to make out the
girls’ killer bodies from their close perspective, but
it was too murky for anyone not close by to see much.
This spot was about as perfect as Brian could have
hoped for.

Now they only had to wait. Fortunately for them, it
didn’t take long…


The girls had been in the water for about fifteen
minutes and were swimming and generally having a good
time, joking with the boys when it started. Kelly
felt it first. At first she wasn’t quite sure what
had happened. She was swimming along when she suddenly
felt her bikini top disintegrate. It just dissolved!
She stopped swimming and her hands immediately went
over her breasts, as she struggled to comprehend what
was happening. She was too shocked to scream, and she
didn’t want to draw attention to herself in her con-
dition anyway.

Just as she was starting to come to her senses, she
felt her bikini bottoms dissolve just like her top did.
This was just too much! What was she supposed to do?
As she started to panic, she looked over to Sally and
saw that the same thing had happened to her! What the
hell was going on here? Both girls were struggling to
keep their private parts covered and stay under the
water. It was at this point in the confusion that
they remembered that the guys were swimming right
there next to them.

While struggling to keep their modesty, the two girls
looked over at the guys hovering next to them and
noticed for the first time, the big smiles on their
faces. They weren’t shocked by any of this at all!
In fact, it looked like they had been expecting this
to happen! Kelly began to get angry.

“You fucking piece of shit,” she said to Brian while
still trying to keep her breasts and pussy hidden from
view, “What kind of suits did you fucking sell us?

“Take it easy,” said Brian, “I’ll explain it all in a
minute. The important thing right now is not to draw
attention to yourselves. Just try to act normal, okay?”

“Normal?” asked an astonished Sally, “Normal? How the
fuck are we supposed to act normal when we’re floating
naked in the ocean at a public beach? Are you assholes
on drugs or something?”

“Don’t worry,” said John, “Brian has something for you
to wear. There are just a few conditions. That’s all.”

“Conditions?” repeated Kelly, getting more and more
pissed by the minute, “What kind of conditions?”

“They’re simple, really,” said Brian, “The suits you
bought dissolve after fifteen minutes when they are
exposed to water. I have another set of them here in
this waterproof bag.” He held up the bag containing
the suits for the girls to see. “The only problem is
that it takes longer than fifteen minutes for you girls
to get home.”

“No problem,” answered Kelly, quickly, “We can change
into the clothes that we brought.”

“Unfortunately, that’s not an option,” replied Brian,
“You see, John here, took all your stuff and packed it
up for you and put it in the trunk of our car. I’m
afraid that you’ll be stuck with these suits or

“Those suits amount to nothing in about fifteen
minutes,” replied Sally, “So what’s the difference?”

“Smart girl,” answered Brian, “You see, John and I
live about ten minutes away from here. Once you put
these suits on, we’ll whisk you to our place before
the suits dissolve. That is…if you hurry.”

“This is ludicrous!” exclaimed Sally, “After all the
shit you put us through, you expect us to go to your
place? Never in a million years!”

“All right,” replied Brian, shaking his head, “It’s
your decision. Let’s go John.” He turned to leave.

“Wait,” called Kelly, “I don’t see how we have any
choice in this matter. What happens when we get to
your place? You’re not gonna rape us or anything,
are you?”

“Of course not,” responded Brian, “Once you arrive at
our place, you must remain there for two hours. What
you do there is your choice. The only thing you must
do is take a shower, so that we can be sure that all
the chemical residue is off your skin. What you do
after that is your own decision.”

“We don’t have to do anything?” asked a surprised
Kelly, “What’s the catch? Are there hidden cameras
in the showers? Are we gonna be on some porno web

“No catch,” replied Brian evenly, “We feel a little
guilty testing our discovery this way and we want to
make it up to you. So what do you say? Should I open
the bag of suits and start the fifteen minute count-

“What do you say Kelly?” asked Sally.

“Like I said earlier,” replied Kelly, “We appear to
have no choice. Give us the suits, Brian.”

Brian gingerly opened the bag and handed a matching
top and bottom to each girl. The suits were identical
to the ill-fated ones that the girls had worn to the
beach that morning. The girls turned away from the
two boys and quickly put on the suits. As soon as
they were done, all four of them rushed wordlessly
from the water and into Brian’s Mustang.


The ride was indeed a short one. By the time they
pulled up into Brian’s driveway, the girls were getting
very nervous. The suits were only good for fifteen
minutes and close to fourteen, by Kelly’s estimate,
had passed. As soon as Brian turned off the ignition,
the girls were out of the car and waiting by the side
door of the rather large and beautiful brick and stone
house. Brian met them at the door with his keys
dangling from his right hand.

“Hurry up already!” said Kelly desperately, “We’re
gonna be standing out here in public totally nude in
a matter of seconds!”

Brian slid the key into the lock, unlocked it, and
opened the door leading into a spacious living room.
Kelly and Sally pushed past him just in the nick of
time as they felt the remnants of their suits drop
from their bodies and dissolve, leaving virtually no
trace that they had ever existed at all. John and
Brian hurried inside and closed and relocked the

The girls, still breathing hard from their ordeal,
started to relax, until, of course, they realized that
they were again totally naked. Once again, their
hands tried, unsuccessfully, to cover their various
intimate body parts.

They looked around the room and were surprised at the
elegant surroundings. The walls were papered in a
soft pastel print of some type, with large bay windows
taking up the front wall of the room. Mercifully, the
blinds were closed, so they didn’t have to worry about
being seen by people outside. The floors were covered
with a deep shag carpet, spotlessly white, which felt
like heaven to their bare feet. The furniture was
comfortable looking and obviously very expensive. An
impressive professional stereo unit stood across from
the windows.

Kelly wondered what the deal was with these two guys.
They were obviously well off. Kelly had expected a
mess of an apartment, probably over a bar or video
store or something. This place was beautiful. Why,
she wondered, would these guys have to resort to
something like this to get girls? Any girls who
caught sight of this place would be foolish to let
these guys go. Someone, she corrected herself, who
wasn’t forced to come here, unlike the manner in which
the two of them had gotten here. She started to get
angry again, but was determined to hold it in. These
guys had the two of them at their mercies.

It was then that Kelly noticed an odd scent in the air.
It seemed remotely familiar, yet was unlike anything
else she had ever smelled before. It was pleasurable,
but not overly strong. It made her mind drift away
from her current predicament and made her think of
more pleasant times; times she spent with her family
when she was younger. She thought of her mother sing-
ing her to sleep, and felt the warm love in her voice.
Maybe this whole thing wasn’t so bad after all, she

Kelly deliberately lowered her hands from covering her
breasts and pussy and stood there, in full view of the
two boys. Sally, also in a daze, followed suit and
lowered her hands to her sides.

Brian stared at both of the girls, but he kept most of
his attention on Kelly. Her beautiful brown eyes and
hair really accentuated her awesome body. She had the
nicest set of breasts he had ever seen before in his
life. Large pink nipples, the size of silver dollars,
stood pointing up at the ceiling sat on top of those
big, juicy melons that had previously been barely
hidden by the brief bikini top. As Brian’s eyes con-
tinued downward, they encountered a cute little innie
belly button in the middle of a well proportioned
stomach, below which was a neatly shaved, delicious
looking pussy, atop well toned legs and professionally
pedicured and painted toenails.

While Brian was busy taking in Kelly’s beauty, John
was absorbing Sally’s. Her sky blue eyes and blond
hair were a real turn on for John. Her breasts were
different than Kelly’s, he noticed. Almost as large,
but with smaller, pointier nipples, upturned as if
they had a mind of their own. Although it was hard
for John to take his eyes off her breasts, he forced
himself to continue exploring her body and noticed
that her soft blond pubic hair was shaved into the
shape of a small heart. How cute! It was so sparse
that it barely hid the folds of her pussy below. Her
well tanned legs and dainty feet completed the picture
of perfection. How lucky the two of them were to find
these awesome looking girls!

“Didn’t you guys say something about us having to take
a shower, or something?” Kelly asked, suddenly con-
cerned with the effects of the chemicals on her
sensitive skin.

“Er, yeah,” muttered John, unable to take his eyes off
of the beautiful naked girls standing totally uncovered
before him, “The main bathroom is up the stairs, third
door to the right. You can’t miss it.”

As the girls turned to go up the winding carpeted
stairway, they felt the boys’ eyes on their asses and
began to get oddly excited.


As soon as the girls were out of sight, Brian stood
and walked over to the wall directly opposite the bay
window. Picking up a special remote control hidden
behind the stereo, he pushed a button marked “open”
and a hidden panel opened above the stereo unit,
exposing a multitude of meters and controls.

“Is the gas level okay?” John asked.

“It’s reading 0.28,” answered Brian, “That’s about
right. I’ll set it to increase gradually to 0.33 and
open the flow to the upstairs bathroom as well. That
should take care of any residual apprehensions the
girls might have, don’t you think?”

“Definitely,” confirmed John, “By the time they finish
their showers, they’ll think that we’re the sexiest
guys in the world. I wouldn’t be surprised if they
even had fantasies about marrying us, or something.”
John grinned from ear to ear.

Brian closed the panel and began walking toward the
first floor bathroom.

“We’d better shower too,” he remarked, “We don’t want
the girls tasting sea water, do we?”

“Nope,” replied John, “You go first. I’ll refill the
canister that we’ll use later on their car.”


The girls found the ornate bathroom and the large two-
person shower with matching showerheads and water
controls on each side. Since they were in a rush to
remove whatever chemical residue was left on their
bodies, they decided to shower together. The same
odor they had smelled downstairs was there in the
bathroom, too. Kelly wondered if it was some kind of
automatic air filter and deodorizer or something like

After adjusting the water and lathering themselves up,
they began to discuss their current situation.

“Sally,” began Kelly, amidst the sounds of the twin
showerheads splattering water on their bodies, “When
this whole thing first happened, I was so mad at those
guys, but now…I don’t know. I can’t explain it. It’s
like I can’t be mad at them. I mean, I even feel sort
of attracted to Brian. This is so weird! I should be
fuming, but all I can think about is having wild sex
with him. What’s wrong with me?”

“Wow!” exclaimed Sally, “I thought it was only me! I
feel the same way as you. I was furious at the guys.
I even thought about getting a knife from the kitchen
and killing them, but now I feel turned on by them,
especially John. It’s like I can’t wait to get his
cock in my mouth and pussy. It’s so strange; I just
can’t explain it. What should we do?”

“Well,” replied Kelly, rinsing the rest of the soap
from her body, “I’m not usually guided by my feelings,
but you know that. I think things out logically and
never, ever, act on impulse, but this time, I just
can’t help it. I’m gonna fuck Brian silly! Maybe
this will even turn out to be a long-term relationship.
Who knows?”

“Kelly?” replied a shocked Sally, “Long-term relation-
ship? You? Well, I have the same kind of strange
feelings for John. I can’t explain it either. Let’s
just go for it, okay.

“You got it, Sal!” relied Kelly, stepping from the
shower and handing Sally a towel.

The two girls dried themselves off and put on terry-
cloth robes that they found hanging from twin hooks
on the bathroom wall, obviously left for them. They
each used another towel to wrap up their wet hair.

They walked back to the top of the stairs and glanced
down at the boys, who were sitting quietly at opposite
ends of a very large sofa. It was so big and soft
that it looked like it could easily hold ten people or
more, rather comfortably. As they looked at the boys,
they realized that Brian and John had obviously taken
showers, too. Their hair was still wet and they were
wearing dry gym shorts, rather than the wet, baggy
bathing suits that they wore when they entered the
elegant house. As the girls began to descend the
stairs, they again noticed the strange aroma permeating
the air. It brought smiles to both of their lips and,
oddly enough, lubrication to their pussies, although
they were at a loss to explain it.

“Is everything okay?” questioned Brian, “The showers
all right? Do you girls need anything? Food? Some-
thing to drink?”

“Something cold to drink would be nice,” answered Kelly
in a sexy voice, “And thanks for the robes. They’re
very comfortable.”

Brian almost tripped over his own feet rushing to the
kitchen, with John immediately behind him to help. The
two guys got a bottle of imported Asti Spumante and
poured four glasses full before returning to the living
room and the girls.

Brian gave a glass of the bubbly wine to Kelly, while
John passed one to Sally. They made a toast to good
times and drained their glasses, which were immediately
refilled by Brian. After a few more drinks and a
little small talk, the girls were getting antsy and
decided that it would be up to them to make the first
move. It was as if the earlier situation had never
happened. They certainly didn’t think about it any-
more. Their motives were lust and physical need.

Kelly moved closer to Brian, glanced into his eyes and
held his face in her hands. Closing her eyes, she
moved her lips slowly towards his until they met in a
soft, hot kiss. In a matter of seconds, Kelly had her
arms wrapped around his body and her tongue in his
mouth, passionately kissing him. A quick glance over
at Sally confirmed that she was in roughly the same
situation with John, although her hands were now ex-
ploring various parts of his nearly naked body.

Not to be outdone, Kelly began running her hands over
Brian’s nipples and up and down his legs and stomach.
She felt a bulge growing in his shorts and felt a rush
of excitement flow throughout her body. As she freed
him of his restraining shorts, she was overcome with
the desire to suck on Brian’s cock. This was an odd
desire for her since this was not something she nor-
mally relished. She grabbed his shaft and began
licking and lapping his dick. After spending a few
seconds getting it coated with saliva, she took his
entire cock into her mouth and began sucking as if her
life depended on it. Up and down she bobbed her head,
hollowing her cheeks, sucking and running her tongue
in circles under the sensitive spot right under the

Brian moaned with pleasure. The feeling of Kelly’s
tongue roaming over that concentrated bundle of nerves
made him wild with desire. Each time her tongue
reached that spot, he felt as if he was going to come
right at that moment and fill her mouth with gobs of
his sticky come. Luckily for him, however, the feeling
passed each time her tongue moved back around to the
other side of his cock, only to come back when her
tongue brushed the underside again. Her sweet and
talented tongue was keeping him on the brink of orgasm.

Everything was going exactly like he planned, maybe
even better than he planned. He looked over at John
to see Sally sucking his cock for all she was worth.
John looked like he was going to explode with pleasure.

Sally pulled John’s cock out of her mouth and begged
him to come in her mouth. My God, she pleaded with
him! Then she put his cock back into her mouth and
with one last, long, sucking stroke, milked a big gush
of hot come from his dick right into her mouth. It
didn’t even slow her down, she kept right on sucking,
swallowing all the come that John could produce.

Kelly saw and heard what Sally had done and was just
as determined to fill her belly with Brian’s come. She
increased the speed and sucking pressure on his cock
until he just couldn’t hold out anymore. With a
forceful spurt, the come came exploding out of his
cock, right into Kelly’s cheeks. She swallowed it
like a pro, something which surprised her, since she
had never before been able to do that. Every other
time a guy had come in her mouth, she had gagged. One
time, she had almost thrown up, but not this time. She
felt oddly proud of herself, in addition to being even
more horny now than she was only minutes ago.

Kelly finished licking Brian’s cock clean, lapping any
stray drops of his come lovingly with her tongue. Then
she stood and opened the belt on her robe, letting it
fall soundlessly to the floor. Brian drank in her
naked beauty, and, even though he had just come like
he had never come before just minutes ago, his cock
began to get hard again.

Still standing, Kelly leaned over him, offering first
one breast, and then the other, into his waiting mouth.
His tongue felt so good on her nipples that she almost
came just from his gentle nibbling. When she could
take no more of this, she climbed up onto the couch
and lowered her pussy onto his mouth. As his tongue
started exploring her pussy lips and finally found her
clitoris, Kelly’s passion seemed to reach an even
higher level than it ever had before.

Brian’s tongue nibbled and sucked and flicked over her
clit, while wave after wave of pleasure flowed from
every square inch of her body. After a few minutes,
she felt the telltale sign that her orgasm was
approaching. Excitedly she grasped his head and
forced it hard onto the tip of her clitoris, letting
out an animal moan that almost startled her with its
ferocity. She clamped her thighs around Brian’s head
and had the most explosive orgasm she had ever had in
her life.

As Kelly regained control of her body, she looked over
at John and Sally.

Sally was reclined on her back, playing with her nip-
ples and moaning rhythmically, while John ate her
pussy. Kelly could tell that Sally was about to have
an orgasm too by the way her breath was coming in short
gasps and by the ever-increasing crescendo of her
cries. As her orgasm took over her body, she shook
all over, writhing spasmodically to her inner passions.
It took John all his strength to stay in position and
keep licking her clitoris. Finally, she pushed him
away and tried to catch her breath.

Watching all this brought Kelly back to a state of
full arousal. Looking down at Brian’s erect penis,
she straddled him and sat down hard, forcing his meat
to fill her to the hilt. She sat there for a few
seconds, contracting her muscles around him and enjoy-
ing the wonderful feeling of having him inside her.
Almost reluctantly, she began a steady up and down
rhythm, concentrating on the sensations that this
caused deep inside her body. Although John’s last
orgasm was less than ten minutes ago, Kelly could sense
that his orgasm was fast approaching. She reached down
to play with her clitoris while still continuing her

The sight of Kelly playing with her clit was too much
for Brian. He had never seen a girl do that before.
Sure, he knew that they masturbated, just like guys
did, but he had never seen a girl touch herself. It
was really exciting and it brought him to the brink of
orgasm. Luckily, Kelly’s fingers did the same thing
for her and the two of them exploded in orgasm simul-
taneously. After another mind numbing few moments,
Kelly collapsed in exhaustion on top of Brian.

Meanwhile, Sally was getting fucked hard and fast,
with John on top of her and moving like the wind.
Sally, feeling her orgasm approach, took a hint from
Kelly and reached down to give her clit a few strokes.
Feeling her hand brushing his cock, as well as Sally’s
clitoris, gave John all the encouragement that he need-
ed. He emptied his second load of come deep inside
Sally’s pussy, just as her vaginal walls began con-
tracting and forcing her own orgasm. Totally worn out
from their passionate exertions, John and Sally col-
lapsed in a heap on the sofa.

As both couples lay at their respective ends of the
sofa, bathed in the afterglow of their wild sex, they
fell fast asleep.


The girls awoke, slightly dazed, in their car, which
was somehow parked in Sally’s driveway with the con-
vertible top up.

“What happened?” Sally asked, “How did we get here?”

“I’m not sure,” answered Kelly, confused, “The last
thing I remember, we were swimming in the water at the
beach and then…I don’t know.”

“Maybe we had too much sun and fell asleep after driv-
ing back,” offered Sally.

“Yeah, maybe,” agreed Kelly, “All I know is that I
wanna get inside and in the air conditioning so I can
relax. Let’s unload the car later.”

“Sounds good to me,” replied Sally.

They left their stuff in the car and went inside and
collapsed together on the couch. There was a hissing
noise coming from the air conditioning vent as they
sat down, but both of them were too disoriented to
notice it. The odor, though, started to register in
Kelly’s mind, although she couldn’t quite place where
she had smelled it before.

“Do you smell something?” Kelly asked.

“Like what?” replied Sally.

“I don’t know,” said Kelly, “I can’t put my finger on
it, but I remember this smell…”

“Maybe it’s my new perfume,” tried Sally, “Here, why
don’t you smell it?”

Sally moved close to Kelly and guided her nose toward
the area between her breasts, which were almost spil-
ling out of her low cut shirt. Kelly’s face was drawn
toward Sally’s breasts. She rested her head on Sally’s
cleavage and inhaled deeply. Sally’s scent was not
the smell that Kelly had smelled, but she found it
alluring nevertheless. As she looked up into Sally’s
deep blue eyes, for the first time in her life, she
became aroused by her closeness to another woman.

Sally smiled and lowered her head so that the two
girl’s lips were only inches apart.

“Kelly,” whispered Sally, “You’re my best friend in
the whole world. I’ve never had feelings for another
girl, but I can’t seem to help myself. My pussy is
soaking wet and I need to kiss you.”

Kelly closed the distance between them and their lips
met. It was a magical kiss, soft, yet with fire un-
derneath. Within seconds, both of their tongues were
exploring each others’ mouths, their passion and desire
for each other building more and more every second.

They began to wildly grope each other and within
minutes were panting heavily. They removed each
other’s outer clothing and then took off their
partner’s bras, freeing their big, beautiful breasts.
Kelly rubbed her big nipples against Sally’s smaller
ones and then they took turns licking and sucking each
other’s pointy peaks of pleasure.

Then Sally took the initiative and slid her left hand
into Kelly’s soaking wet panties. As Sally felt her
way around another woman’s pussy for the first time,
Kelly let out several encouraging moans to let her
know that she was doing pretty good. As Sally settled
in with her middle finger on Kelly’s clitoris, Kelly
returned the favor by sliding her hand into Sally’s
panties and quickly finding her clitoris as well.

The two girls masturbated each other until they both
needed more. This time it was Kelly who got things
rolling. She laid down on the soft couch and guided
Sally over her into a sixty-nine position. Each girl
began by slowly removing the other’s panties and
inhaling the musky aroma emanating from within the
depths of their love boxes. Neither girl had ever
seen another pussy up close before and they were
amazed at the beautiful sight of all those fleshy
folds. Sally bent down to take the first lick and was
surprised that it tasted as good as it did. She licked
up and down Kelly’s pussy before settling on her en-
gorged clit.

Kelly let out an involuntary gasp as Sally’s tongue
found her clitoris. As she felt the pleasure begin
to rise within her, she guided Sally’s pussy over her
mouth. After feeling her way around with her tongue,
she moved it over Sally’s erect clitoris. The two
girls sucked and nibbled and licked each other’s clits,
while wrapping their arms around their partner’s but-
tocks. As they got more and more excited, they licked
faster and harder. The pressure was rising deep within
each of their bodies and it was only a matter of time
before they would both spasm in simultaneous orgasms.

Sally felt it first. It was like a hot wave of passion
that started deep within her very soul, and traveled
throughout her body until it reached her brain like
fireworks and made her entire body shudder with de-
light. As the orgasm swept over Sally, she struggled
to maintain her contact with Kelly’s clitoris. This
paid off greatly as Kelly was swept into the throes of
one of the most powerful orgasms of her life. Her
entire body shook as if she were in the middle of an

As both girls’ orgasms finally subsided, they collapsed
on the couch, rolling off of each other and falling
fast asleep, naked, in each other’s arms.


The sun was shining brightly through the front window
blinds as the girls began to awaken. Shaking the
grogginess from their heads, they were instantly con-
fused. Why were they in each other’s arms? Why were
they naked?

“Uh, Sally,” said Kelly, “What happened here? Did

“Oh, of course not,” replied Sally, with more confi-
dence than she actually felt, “We’re not lezbos! We
probably were changing and just fell asleep. Come on,
let’s make some breakfast!”

They ate breakfast in an awkward silence and then un-
loaded the beach supplies from the car.

“Kelly,” said Sally, “Can you find the bathing suits
for me? I’d like to wash them before they start
smelling real bad. You can give me the towels and
anything else we wore, too.”

Kelly searched through the things they brought back,
but couldn’t for the life of her, find the suits.
Sally looked too, but to no avail.

“Great,” said Sally, “We find the best looking bathing
suits ever and we lose them at the beach.”

“Cheer up Sally,” said Kelly, “We can always go back
and buy new ones…”