Not So Innocent

A girl at work I knew; I’ll just call her Marie and me,
were old friends and had been for about 5 years. We
worked at a nursing home and were both nurse’s aides
who loved our jobs. I am about 20 years older then
Marie. I am 45 and she is 25. At the time of this story
I was in a totally nowhere fucked up marriage and my
wife was a bitch who hated Marie, mainly because she
could see Marie and I were growing ever attracted to
each other.

Marie was someone who at first I wasn’t sexually
attracted to, but soon I changed my story because she
started coming to work with increasingly low cut shirts
and to tight work slacks. My boss told Marie to lighten
up in the clothing department but Marie was always the
type to flaunt her body.

Now Marie is what I call a classic BBW. An angel in the
face with deep beautiful brown eyes and shoulder length
frosted blonde hair; about 5.8 inches tall but she
weighed about 240lbs. But I never cared about that.

One day I asked Marie to lunch and she readily
accepted, knowing my sham of a marriage was about to
end anyway. My wife was in Atlanta for a business
meeting so I took Marie there and prepared her lunch,
Marie was fucking hot looking that particular day,
dressed in a low cut blouse that really showed her what
I always guessed were DD-cup size tits.

Sex was something I knew Marie was not interested at
this point of our relationship because she wanted my
wife and I to be totally divorced before that would
ever happen. I know because she told me this was the

Anyway after lunch Marie asked me if she could smoke
and I hesitated since my wife and I were not smokers
but I had always had a kind of a smoking fetish so I
agreed. I was sort of shocked because I had never known
Marie to light up but when she did light up at the
kitchen table my cock started to really get hard. She
sat there smoking and chatting with me all the while
her cleavage kept catching my eye.

I slyly asked Marie to come to the living room and sit
and we both sat on the couch. She could see the obvious
bulge in my pants and she told me with a laugh I had a
growing problem, I asked her point blank if I could
make love to her but she said, “No, I told you I wanted
to wait until you’re divorced.”

That really pissed me off royally! The bitch dresses
like a fucking slut in front of me everyday, eats my
food, smokes in my home and she can’t even consider
this one simple request! I never said a word, I simply
got up, shut and locked all the doors and proceeded to
shut the blinds. At that point she said with a little
fear in her voice, “W-we have to leave now.”

I looked at her, saying, “Not so fast, we have
unfinished business to take care of first.” And with
that I unzipped my pants and pulled out my 8-inch
throbbing cum filled cock.

She sat there utterly amazed at either my cock or the
brazenness of what I had just done! “No I can’t'” she
said. I just said, “Yes you can, you fucking cock

With that I in my pent up lust threw my self on her and
ripped her blouse to expose her ample tits. She started
to slap me however I just ignored her feeble attempts
to get me to stop and proceeded to rip her bra off. I
had never seen my beautiful looking breasts on any
woman; her nipples were the size in tin can lids and hi
beam on her tits and were dark pink in color. I began
to fondle and massage her tits as I sucked and licked
greedily at her nipples. Her nipples had a kind of
salty taste that fucking turned me on even more.

All this time she stopped fighting me and began to cry,
heavily. I pulled her up from the couch and told her to
get her fat tight ass to the bedroom, she hesitated and
I slapped this bitch hard on the face and told her not
to fuck with me, she was stunned by this and she
sobbing all the way went to the bedroom. Once there I
told her to get on her knees, and she did, I told her
to light a cigarette and she did this, “All right
bitch, now inhale deeply and blow the smoke on my cock
and suck it!”

She looked at me like I was crazy but she complied
slowly, I think by this time two things were going on
with her, one she was resigned to the fact she was
going to get fucked by me and there wasn’t anything she
could do about it, two I think she was starting to get
horny herself because I could smell her wet pussy even
though she still had her pants on.

She did as she was told and gave me a very hot smoky
blowjob, she knew exactly what she was doing and I
could tell she had probably did this before. I never
came but I was close, I wanted every drop to squirt
inside of her wet waiting pussy. I pulled her up off
her knees and gently laid her on the bed and I pulled
off her pants and underwear.

She had a really hairy pussy but I didn’t care, I dived
right in eating her wet cunt like there was no
tomorrow! She actually started to moan and grab my head
and pull me closer to her pussy. “Tongue fuck me!!” she
yelled and I happily obliged.

I got up on the bed and positioned my hard cock to
enter her pussy, slowly I eased it inside of her, she
was so fucking wet, and surprisingly tight! After I
buried my cock inside of her she wrapped her legs
around me and said, “fuck me hard and fast!”

I began to fuck this bitch with everything I had inside
me, She came hard and that set me up to cum as well,
just as I said before I couldn’t hold it any longer I
came deep and hard inside her pussy, I could feel my
cock begin to unload itself. The feeling of my thick
cum filling her up was something else, I enjoyed it
even more as I thrust with mercy again and again
forcing my cum deep into her.

Afterwards I rolled off of her and asked her to please
forgive me. She simply said, “I forgive you, I guess I
always wanted to fuck you but never had the nerve, you
actually did me a favor!”

That was 2 years ago; today she and I are happily
married with a son born out of that first sexual union
between his mother and me.