After Class

Her name was Thea Yang. She was a very cute little
19 year old asian girl with a tendency to be shy.
The only reason she was taking his class was because
she thought she needed the credits to graduate.

Quentin Merran, or Mr. Merran to his students, still
had the enthusiasm of a young teacher. And he should
have, too, he was only twenty five. He taught Music
History. On most days he was just like one of the kids,
with the exception that he talked and knew more.

He had short blond hair that he spiked, and blue eyes.
As far as height, he was pretty average, but he worked
out often. His fianc e made him.

Quentin had never considered himself a pervert. On
occasion he jokingly hit on some of his students, but
he was never really serious. Not that he didn’t find
some of them attractive.

Thea in particular captured his attention. She wasn’t a
cheerleader, or Prom Queen material, and boys didn’t
fawn over her, but there was something indescribably
desirable about her. Perhaps it was the cute way she
walked, or how she stared at her shoes and played with
her hair when she was nervous or embarrassed. He
couldn’t count the times he’d fantasized about having
her stay after class to “discuss her behavior.”

On Thursday she was wearing a short black skirt with
thigh-high black and grey striped socks and a grey t-
shirt with the name of some band on it as she walked in
the door. When making the seating chart he’d purposely
put her in the front, closest to his desk. She sat
down, and, apparently being unused to wearing skirts,
left her legs open. He stared, silently, for a moment,
before realizing she was looking at him with a little
terror in her eyes.

“Am… I in trouble… Mr. Merran?” she asked

He quickly replied that no, she wasn’t, and started to
take attendance as he snuck a few more glances at the
little area between her parted legs. She had black
panties on, not the innocent white he’d so often
imagined. Without realizing it, he began formulating a
plan to get her out of those black panties.

During class, as he lectured and answered questions, he
continued to peek at her. He wondered what excuses he
could come up with to keep her in the room after
everyone else had gone. At ten minutes to the bell he
had decided.


It wasn’t really right to like a teacher, Thea knew.
Especially one that was engaged. But she couldn’t help
but like Mr. Merran. Even if he was a lot older than
her… He didn’t seem to like her though. Whenever she
didn’t know the answer, he decided to call on her, and
she felt like he was always watching her to see if she
wasn’t paying attention.


At 12:15 the bell for lunch rang, and everyone got up
to leave.

“Not you, Thea.” Quentin said.

“Oh no,” she thought, “please don’t let this be about
the project, please.”

“It’s about the project…” he started.

Thea mentally slapped herself in the face. That stupid
project, that stupid, stupid project!

“I wanted to tell you that there’s a way to make up for
the points you lost for turning it in late.”

She looked at him. Was this extra credit? He hadn’t
mentioned extra credit before…. unless… she hadn’t
been paying attention… Great, it was a trap. It had
to be a trap. After all, he hated her.

“If you’ll kindly come over to my desk, I can explain

Numbly, she followed him, dragging her feet. Her toe
caught a cord on the ground, and she tripped, shrieking
a little as she fell.


Quentin turned around just as she was falling. She
tumbled right into him. He could feel her breasts
against his stomach.

“Are you alright?” he asked, surprised.

“I’m, I’m sorry…” she half-stuttered, then winced. “I
think I twisted my ankle…”

“Here, I think they put a first-aid kit in the closet”
he said.

He led her over to the closet, which was actually
surprisingly large considering the small amount of junk
it actually stored. There were some chairs, so he sat
her down in one as he looked for the kit. He found it
after a bit of searching.

“Now let’s have a look at that ankle,” he told her.

Crouching down, he took off her shoe. From this angle
he could see her panties again. It looked like there
were little dark-grey rabbits on them. Jeez, when this
girl dressed, she went color-coordinated to the max.

“You know, you’re a very cute girl” he said, trying to
make small talk.

“I… um… thank you… I think,” she replied. “But…
I thought you didn’t like me?”

“Whatever gave you that idea?” he laughed.

“Well, you call on me a lot and I don’t know the answer
and you always point it out when I’m not paying
attention and-”

“Aha! So you admit, you really don’t pay attention in
my class!” he said, teasing her.

Thea looked down. He could see that she was blushing.

They continued talking as he slowly moved his hand up
her leg. She didn’t seem to notice. His fingertips
brushed the edge of her skirt before she finally
stammered, “M-Mr. Merran, w-what are you doing?”

“Don’t worry” he assured her, “nothing bad is going to

He moved his hand further up her thigh. She was
blushing furiously, but stayed quiet. Propping her up a
little, he slid her panties down, bit by bit, then took
them off completely.

Now her pretty little pussy was in plain view. He
smiled up at her reassuringly. She looked back at him
with wide eyes, but didn’t protest as he touched her.

Merran put a finger into her. Oh, he’d heard about
Asian girls before, but it was nothing like
experiencing it for himself. She was tight like nothing
he’d ever felt before. Thea gave a little gasp as she
felt him.

Slowly, he started finger-fucking her. “You like that?”
he asked. She panted slightly and nodded. He put
another finger in. Fuck but it was tight! He increased
the pace. She moved her feet up onto the chair and
scooted her ass closer to him, covering her eyes as she
did so.

He got up without taking his fingers out of her, and
undid his pants, then took them off. If normal hard-ons
pitched tents, his cock had made a house in his boxers.
He shed the remaining barrier between him and that
sweet teenage cunt quickly.

Finally he removed his fingers from the warm wetness,
and licked off her juices, savoring them. Then he
guided his cock to her hole. She groaned a little as it
went in.

“Are- you- a- virgin?” he asked between breaths.

“Yes,” she replied. “You’re- my- first- OW!”

The sensation her pussy was giving him was
overwhelming. He moved in and out of her faster and
faster now that he’d popped her cherry. Once the pain
had apparently settled she seemed to enjoy it.


Thea couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Mr.
Merran, the handsome teacher she’d daydreamed about for
months, was making love to her. She felt like she could
just rip apart, he was so big. It was a good feeling
though. She pressed herself more onto his cock with
every stroke and forgot all about the project.


Quentin stopped his frenzied pussy-pounding and tried
to pull out of her as he came. She was just too tight
though, his dick didn’t want to leave. It was like her
cunt was sucking him deeper. He spent his seed in her
hot pussy, and pulled out, against his manhood’s will.

“Oh, no, it’s- over?” she panted.

“Yeah” he said, then put a finger inside her and
scooped up some of the cum, which was starting to leak
out. “Hey- try this” he told her.

She sucked on his finger, tasting his cum and her
juices combined. “It doesn’t taste as bad as I’ve
heard” she said, surprised.

“Well, I’m vegetarian, my spunk is supposed to taste
better” he informed her.

“Really? I’m a vegetarian too!” she giggled.

“I know one kind of meat you might like, though” he
said slyly. His cock was already getting hard again,
just thinking about it.

“What?” she asked.

He moved her hand down to his throbbing organ and let
her feel it.

“It’s so hard!” she said, astonished.

“Why don’t you give it a little lick, to see if you
like it?” he suggested.

Shyness gone, she got off the chair and knelt before
him. Still holding him, she moved her tongue to the
head of his cock and almost touched it before she let

“Can I take my shirt off?” she asked. “I don’t want
to… get anything on it.”

“Yeah, sure,” he said quickly. “Here, I’ll help you.”

He slid her shirt up over her head and arms and threw
it onto the chair, then undid her (black and grey, with
more rabbits) bra. Her tits matched the rest of her,
small and cute. He fondled one as she resumed where
she’d left off.

She began with a lick, then immersed the whole head of
his cock in her mouth. He groaned with pleasure as she
began moving up and down on him.

“Ahh, fuck yes,” he said between gritted teeth. Without
fully realizing it, he grabbed the back of her head and
started making her go faster. He could feel her tongue
on the underside of his cock.

He came hard in her mouth, and she gagged a little. He
relaxed his grip on her and she took her mouth off him.

She paused for a minute to catch her breath before
asking him, “how did I do?”

“I think you earned those points back, along with some
extras” he told her, smiling. “And don’t worry about
getting pregnant, I had a vasectomy last April. Now get
your clothes on, Lunch is almost over!” He kissed her
on the cheek as a conclusion.

Thea gathered her things and got dressed, hurried to
the door, then turned, said “Mr. Merran, I’m sorry I
thought you didn’t like me,” and left, blushing.