Teddy’s Mom – The Wall clock has fallen

  • Imagine marigit, my wall fell!
    – Do I know you load me in?
    -Well, I wanted to get a surprise
    to you and I told a carpenter master
    to carve a wall clock for you,
    and when it was ready I carved it in!
    -Here I carved it in there, climbed out of it
    the bird, I caught his throat and put it in
    -How does the wall come here?
    – No way, because it has fallen!
    -Because I wanted to pull up the wall clock and
    I pulled in the wall, pulled in here
    the wall!
    – No problem, Margit, I wanted to
    to move!
    – To Gyuri’s brother!
    -Because the wall fills!
    -I saw when Bálint’s brother carried the a
    on the wheelbarrow of the bricks!
    – He had his fingers inside!
    -So a handsome not a lullaby aunt?
    – Well, Margaret!
    – kiss what’s in it?
    -No, silly!
    -The soldiers are now in Petigeci
    do you tilt walls?
    -No, silly!
    -It was not for the little boy, but here
    it was overwhelming! That’s it
    leave him alone!
    – Run Petigeci chase with teddy bear mother!
    -No, silly!
    -Don’t run anywhere, come suck it!
    -No Aunt Margit! No way!