Teddy’s Mom – Ballpoint Brother

-Margit what’s up with the Ballpoint Brother
-I left!
-What happened to him after that?
– Calm down there!
– On the concrete!
-Where did you leave Margaret?
– On the 15th, when we were climbing up to suck, I snapped
rest there!
-Because he was so kind, I wanted to bring him to me,
but I left on the 15th, I left there! rest there!
– Well, let it go!
And a kid came in!
-FFFFFF What did you have to lose?
-No, silly!
-Because petigeci, he talks like that again!
– she’s silly
-What did you imagine?
-Nothing! Right? peti spunk!
-noooooo! oh yeah yeah
– Get out of here!
-fffff Run petigeci!
– no Syili!
-Now tell me what you’re harassing now?
– Because Petigeci always puts you in the wrong house? Fff
-no silk!
-How do you say my name is petigefi?
-no silly !!
Let’s get to the point.
-Well, we come here because I want to bofan because
petigeci joked that teddy bear drowned!
-not silly!%
– Don’t you ask? Then run!
-Why silly no!
And they went out …….
then a child withdrew
– So you’re the teddy bear mom?
– yes ppp ppp ppp
-he cried
-I’m crying