Donna’s Wet Day

It was wet, but I wasn’t going to let it spoil my day. I
had a nice warm car to sit in, a pleasant buzz on and
there were enough surfers around that prey was sure to
arrive soon. I listened to the sound of the surf as I

Two more cars arrived and disgorged surfers before I hit
the jackpot with number three. Unlike the previous two
this was a woman and, even better, she was alone. I
watched as she parked her cute little silver Golf quite
close to my car. She sat in the car and her intent gaze
at the sea, combined with the surfboard in the back of
the car, made her intentions clear. Something told me
she was in for a surprise.

Get out of your car. Get into the rear seat of the green
car two cars to your right. You feel happy to do this,
and quite relaxed and unafraid.

I watched her get out of the car and stand up. She
swivelled her head to look in my direction, then turned
so she could walk around the car in her way.

As she walked, I looked at her and confirmed that she
looked as good as my glimpse of her through the car
window had made me suspect. She had short spiky bleached
hair and was of medium height. While not an obvious
beauty, she had a pleasing quality to her face and the
sweatshirt and cargo pants did little to hide the fact
that her body was obviously fit and athletic. The tan
seemed sort of obligatory considering what she had
arrived to do.

You will be pleased to see the man inside. You will
answer all questions he asks you, as truthfully and
fully as you can.

She walked down between my car and the next, opened the
rear door and got in beside me. She turned and smiled at
me. I smiled back.

Me: “My name is Thomas, what’s yours?”

Her: “Donna Jameson.” She stopped and waited, looking

Thomas: “Tell me a bit about yourself.”

Donna: “I just turned 22 last week, 5 foot 6 inches
tall, I work as a trainee accountant, but that’s just
part time so I can surf more, um, still living with my

Thomas: “.and what’s happening in your personal life?”

Donna: “I broke up with Daniel about a month ago, and
haven’t really done a lot since. Before that I was going
out with a guy called Greg for a few months and . how
far back do you want to know?”

Thomas: “That will do, now tell me about what you like

This conversation, and the man beside you, are combining
to turn you on.

Her body relaxed even more and I felt her thigh casually
rest against mine.

Donna: “Well, I like sex in general, I guess!” She
laughed. “I’m pretty straight but I’ve had a few
encounters with women and that was fun, but it’s not
like a habit, you know. I like fucking, sucking, being
licked, bit of anal, fantasy . nothing too outrageous or
uncomfortable!” She smiled at me as she finished her

Thomas: “And just one final question before we get
started, have you ever had any sexually transmitted
diseases? I’m sorry, but one has to ask these days.”

Donna: “No, I’ve always been pretty careful, both Daniel
and I had tests done to make sure too so we could stop
using condoms.”


You now want to suck Thomas’s cock. You will do your
utmost to please him and will do whatever he asks. You
will enjoy this immensely.

I watched her face as the commands hit mind one at a
time. She looked down my crotch, actually licked her
lips (!), and then up at my face again, a look of
pleading in her eyes. There was no need to say
anything, I just nodded and her hands flew to start
undoing my trousers.

Sparing her fumbling, I took over, undid my leather
pants and pulled them down. My cock popped into view and
I, I’m embarrassed to say, admired it as Donna
positioned herself better on the seat next to me.

I hope every man likes his cock as much as I like mine.
It’s nothing special, no porn star monster or strange
shape, just an average straight circumcised cock. I keep
everything shaved, and I just like the sexy smooth look
of it as it slides between Donna’s lips and I feel the
tip of her tongue slightly touching the top of my penis.

Kneeling on the seat next to me, she moved her lips over
the underside of my cock, touching her tongue to the
sensitive surface each time she kissed again. She worked
her way down to the base and then licked it all the way
back up before taking the head into her mouth.

She held it there for a while, swirling her tongue over
the head, and I knew I had found someone who knew what
she was doing. Her enthusiastic smile wrapped around my
cock indicated her enjoyment of what she was doing. No
need for further instructions just yet, I’d see what she
did of her own initiative.

Her short surfer’s hair meant I had a perfect view as
she continued to suck the head of my cock. I was mostly
hard now, my cock starting that delicious tingling
sensation all over, with the rest of the shaft yearning
to be touched by those lips and tongue.

Slowly Donna started to work my cock deeper, at a speed
somewhere between frustration and anticipation. I moaned
as her tongue again started to work around the third of
my cock that she had in her mouth. It was wet, warm and
indescribably good. My hips bucked involuntarily as she
slowly drew up off my cock, before thrusting down once
more, now taking half of my cock in, her tongue
massaging as it went.

I jerked into her mouth, and she started fucking me, in
and out, slick and tight. She rapidly picked up speed,
fucking me faster. The pleasure built and I moaned again
as she continued to fuck me with her mouth, settling
into a quick rhythm.

My cock felt amazing, the sheer pleasure of her sucking
obliterating all other thought, her tongue seemingly
wrapped around my cock. The pace continued unabated as I
started to rhythmically thrust back, moving just a
little each time. I could feel the very beginnings of an
orgasm, a very long way away but starting to build, as I
put my head back and arched up further, my back and legs
becoming tense.

Donna now had about two-thirds of my cock entering and
re-entering her mouth. She was panting around my cock,
still working her tongue and not slowing down one little
bit. My orgasm suddenly went from “eventually” to
“soon!” and my cock buzzed erotically as I felt myself
approach the edge, building and growing as Donna sucked

Then the first pulses rippled through my cock and I
could feel the cum following, spurting up and out as my
muscles convulsed and my cock thrust in and out, one,
two, three, four times. Donna gave a little choke as my
cum flooded her mouth but then swallowed and started to
slow down, sucking me still but keeping me in deep as
she milked the cum out of my still vibrating cock with
her tongue.

I was panting as the tension left my body and I enjoyed
the aftermath, the feel of Donna continuing to gently
suck me nearly too intensely pleasurable for me to take.

She opened her eyes and, noticing that some of my cum
had escaped and was trickling down my shaft, lifted her
mouth off my cock and proceeded to lick me clean. Her
tongue was warm, powerful and slick against my shiny-wet
hard cock.

Once it was all clean she slipped me back into her mouth
before back to her gentle suckling. I felt my cock
glowing in her mouth and sighed.

Thomas: “Oh you’re good at that, that was great!”

She sucked for a little bit longer, then lifted off so
her lips were just touching the head of my cock, moving
against me as she spoke.

Donna: “Wow! I mean, I liked sucking cock before, but
wow.” She licked her lips, the tongue casually flicking
me in passing.

My cock started to soften slightly, but I hadn’t
finished with her. As awesome as it had been, she still
hadn’t taken all of my cock within that talented mouth,
and I wanted it. Badly. I took the direct approach.

Thomas: “So Donna, have you ever deep throated a guy?”

Donna: “I’ve tried a few times and managed to get it in
a little bit, but I’ve never really managed it
properly.” She looked cute with my cock against her lips
as she talked.

Luckily, when it comes to deep-throating, I had some

You are now going to suck Thomas’s cock again. You will
start off slowly and then continue to work it deeper and
deeper until just before it starts to feel

Her lips parted and her head dipped as she took my cock
back into her mouth, starting with it about halfway in,
wrapping her tongue around me. This time she moved
slowly, wetly, erotically, my warmed-up penis quickly
responding, the tingle already there as I got harder,
filling her mouth. I decided that the rest of the
instructions could wait.

Donna started to twist her head, and then moved her
whole body around. I slid further down in my seat to
assist until she seemed comfortable. All this time her
mouth hadn’t left my cock, and the new position meant
that she now had about two thirds of my hard cock in her

She slowly sucked my cock, holding it with her lips, her
tongue, the roof of her mouth suckling it gently. My
cock felt incredibly alive as she slowly slipped it in
further, until I could just feel it bumping the entrance
to her throat. It was time for more instruction, but the
waves of pleasure rippling through my body from my cock
were making it difficult to think coherently.

You will now have no problem relaxing your mouth and
throat, enabling you to deep throat me without
discomfort and considerable pleasure. Breathe when you
have to.

With my cock already against the entrance to her throat,
I actually felt the little ring of muscle relax as she
effortlessly took the head down. The pleasure was
intense and I started to lose track of exactly where my
cock stopped and the rest of my body started.

Her tongue continued to move around my cock as she
slowly but surely moved it further into her mouth and
deeper into her throat. The pace of my breathing
increased at the incredible feeling and I managed to re-
open my eyes in time to watch her take the rest of my
cock all the down, her lips firm against the base of my
cock, the head snuggled firmly within her throat.

My body tensed again and again, my cock subsumed in
blissful experiencing, as she slowly, slowly, withdrew
her mouth. My body collapsed as the tension left and
took a few breaths.

Donna: “That was so easy, I got you all the way in
without even trying!” she smiled at me triumphantly. I
smiled back at her, gasping for air. She looked down at
my cock, admiration in her face, before looking at me
again, “But you want more, don’t you?”

Before I could even answer, her head bobbed back down
again and took my cock deep into her throat with one
quick movement. I was caught by surprise, and my body
spasmed uncontrollably, my cock thrusting even deeper
into her, my groin hard up against her face, my cock
harder and deeper than I could ever remember.

Not satisfied with just this reaction, Donna started to
move her head up and down, throat-fucking my cock,
pulling it in and out, first one inch at a time, then
two, then four. Each time she took my cock in fully on
the down-stroke as I moaned uncontrollably and fucked my
groin against her head, my cock deep within her throat.

After a few minutes of this, both of us groaning and
panting, she again came up for air, giving my white-hot
cock barely half a minute to recover before diving down
again, and continuing to throat-fuck my cock. I
whimpered, overcome by the exquisite sensations,
floating, blissful.

Her stamina was amazing and I was worried that she would
out last me, but then she slowed, took a few more
breaths, and continued to deep-throat me, slower now,
more sensual. She took another quick breath then plunged
down again, this time just holding my cock within her
throat, swallowing, her muscles massaging the head. I
don’t know long she held it there as I couldn’t see,
couldn’t think, could just feel, all my senses focused
into my cock.

Her tongue started to move again, taking me ever higher,
the pleasure then spreading even further, overflowing my
cock which could take no more, spilling over into the
rest of my body, and somewhere, somehow, I felt my
orgasm start to build. It came on fast, rushing in
powerfully, growing, my body completely out of my
control, my cock transforming into a shaft of molten
white light.

I heard myself shout incoherently as my whole being
pulsed, throbbing and thrusting my cum deep into her
throat, a constant stream of jerks and mini-orgasms
which I felt would never stop until blessed release came
and with one final spasm I sank into oblivion.

I came to slowly, initially unaware of where I was, but
I definitely recognised the sensation of a warm tongue
and lips and mouth wrapped around my cock. I opened my
eyes and saw her, struggled to remember her name as
consciousness returned.

Thomas: “Donna.”

She turned her head to head to look at me, finding it
easier now that my cock was soft within her mouth. Donna
smiled at me, her eyes sparkling, her face flushed and a
few beads of sweat running down her cheeks. I knew then
that I had found the one I was looking for and that she
would be coming with me.