My wife seduces my friends with the help of a stripper

The first time my wife played was one hell of a night.
Two friends and I went out to celebrate the Cinco-de-
Mayo at a local bar. You could say we got pretty drunk
that night, but then we always were after a bar trip
together. My friend Rob suggested we call a girl he
knew as she was somewhat slutty and just starting out
as a stripper. Rob had a funny way with the ladies.

He always said if you hit on enough of them, buy the
end of the night you were bound to get one in bed. Now
my other friend Brooks is a very fun guy. The ladies
fall all over him. Anytime we’re out they throw
themselves at his feet. He usually doesn’t make a big
deal of this and just goes with the flow.

After several hours and dozens of beers we called Rob’s
friend Sherry and invited her back to Brook’s house for
a little strip show. This girl was more than happy and
showed up already in character. She had on this skin
tight super mini fuck-me white dress that showed most
of her cleavage and high heels that made her legs sexy
as hell.

After a few minutes Sherry got out her CDs and started
doing her thing. I think we were all getting quite
turned on after the first few songs and her grinding
and gyrating to the music. Anticipating where the night
was going I called my wife to tell her I wouldn’t be
home until the morning. Probably about thirty seconds
into the call she figured out what we were doing or
were about to do and said to have a great time. This
caught me a little off guard but I was relieved that
she wasn’t angry.

About fifteen minutes later we had moved on to tequila
shots and could just about pounce on Sherry when all of
a sudden there was a knock at the door. By this time it
was well after midnight so we figured it was the Police
or an upset neighbor. Brooks opened the door and there
stood my wife. I was momentarily stunned then quickly
realized she was dressed kind of slutty also. Rob and
Brooks had a puzzled look on their faces not quite sure
what to think. Was I in trouble? Was she crazy? and
then it seemed to dawn on them that she was just horny.
I guess they figured she missed me and was trying to
turn my attention away from Sherry. They were so wrong.

(At this point I’ll let my wife take over)

I had always been curious about my husband’s two
friends. Brooks was of course gorgeous and his “not
caring attitude” was always a turn on. I had heard
enough stories about Rob to be very curious about how
kinky he really was. I hoped my husband wouldn’t be too
upset, but it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a
little adventure.

When I first saw Sherry I wasn’t jealous that my
husband had a stripper there, I was jealous because I
wanted to be the stripper. I started dancing with her,
gyrating around mostly my husband at first, but then
getting brave enough to start grinding up against
Brooks. Sherry smiled and grabbed my hand and laughing
we ran back into the bathroom. She pulled another tight
fuck me dress from her bag and had me try it on. When I
came out the look on my husband face was priceless. I
ignored him though and went straight for the couch,
making myself comfortable between Rob and Brooks. While
they enjoyed Sherry’s dancing show I reached out my
hand on each side and began stroking both their cocks
through their pants. After a few minutes, Rob caught my
husband Marks eye and became a little embarrassed. He
got up and went to dance with Sherry. This was my
opportunity to work on Brooks alone. I whispered in his
ear and we went off into the bedroom.

We instantly climbed on the bed kissing and groping
each other. It was everything I had always pictured
with him. He pulled the dress down from the top to
expose my very ample breasts. My nipples have always
been my most sensitive area and when sucked on I become
incredibly horny. He was an expert. He had me almost at
orgasm just with his mouth. I had been stroking him
through his clothes and just as I unbuttoned his shorts
a look came across his face. He suddenly remembered I
was his best friend’s wife and couldn’t bring himself
to go any further.

As disappointed as I was, I knew if I played my cards
right I still had another friend in the living room. I
pulled my top back on and went out to find Sherry. I
told her there was an incredibly horny man in the other
room and to go enjoy. As soon as she left, I turned to
Rob and my husband and announced “well Brooks appears
to be taken care of, so I get to have both of you.”
Needless to say they both were up and heading to the
other bedroom before I could even finish my sentence.

Standing in a dark room, I realized I was about to be
with two men for the first time. The thought of it made
me feel so incredibly slutty and horny all at once. I
reached out and began kissing my husband. Rob was
behind me gently peeling off my dress. They guided me
to the bed and lay me on my back. Each one cupped a
breast and began teasing the nipples.

My nipples were already erect and sensitive from
Brookes groping. I felt a hand begin to rub between my
legs, feeling how wet I already was. The thought turned
me on so much that I had no idea which man the hand
belonged to. After a few seconds of trying to figure it
out I decided I didn’t care and just enjoyed the

I began kissing Rob. He had amazingly soft lips and
just from his kisses I could tell he was probably very
talented orally. As if he read my mind, he broke the
kiss and worked his way down my body and started
teasing my pussy with his tongue. He was even better
than my imagination. With his tongue circling my clit
and my husband kneading and sucking on my breasts, my
orgasm came on faster than I could be ready for. I had
never felt anything so intense. Laying there with my
eyes closed and catching my breath, I could sense they
were changing positions. As I kept my eyes closed I
could feel the head of a cock pressing against each set
of lips.

I opened my mouth and legs and felt two hard delicious
cocks enter me at the same time. Both felt so good. My
muscles were already tight from my orgasm and I
absolutely love to suck cock. I felt like I could do it
for hours. The thought of Rob watching my husband
fucking me was also an enormous turn on.

Both pulled away and guided me onto my stomach. They
slid me down where I was standing, but bent over the
bed. Rob came around and entered me from behind. I love
being fucked hard in this position and he seemed to
sense this. As he began pounding into me, I looked over
and saw a full length mirror. As I saw the image of
myself bent over a bed, getting the fucking of a
lifetime by someone I barely knew was enough to send me
into a second orgasm.

I was moaning and screaming so loud I was sure Brooks
and Sherry could hear me but at that point I didn’t
care. I grabbed for my husband on the bed and began
sucking on him while Rob continued to saw in and out of
me. I could feel Rob was getting close and suddenly had
a huge desire to feel both their hot cum on my breasts.
I pulled away and lay on my back.

Rob climbed on top of me, pressing my breasts together
began to fuck in and out of my cleavage. I continued to
suck on my husband bringing him right to orgasm as
well. As Rob began to orgasm I could feel his hot cum
soak my tits. My husband pulled back just in time to
cum all over my breasts.

Laying there catching my breath I decided I really do
like my husband’s friends after all. We’ll have to
invite them over to our house next time.