The reason one shouldn’t wear underwear

Uncle Marc was an athletic man. He would come over to
the house and make my brothers and Dad go outside play
football, basketball, run or play baseball. I would
join in, gladly, and loved having fun with him and my

But the summer I really began to take a sexual interest
in him was when Marc stayed with us. He helped Dad on
the little bit of farmland we had and spent most of the
day doing that while Dad was at the factory. I loved to
see him come into the house shirtless and sweaty. He
rarely wore a shirt in the daytime and that was ok with
me. When I or the others would help him, we’d all strip
down just like him and try to keep up with his pace.

I remember wrestling with him and the brothers in the
field and enjoying the feeling of someone strong
grabbing me, lifting me, holding me down and so on.

That summer was the first time I ever saw a grown man
naked too. Marc stayed in the basement where we kept
some of our stuff like weights, balls, bikes and so on.

I went down there to lift weights and heard the shower
going. Marc emerged totally naked and wet of course. I
almost dropped the barbell when I saw him.

He stayed exposed like that and talked to me about
lifting weights. Then he came over and had me lay on
the bench while he spotted me. Above my head he stood
with his man dick hanging down pointed at my face. My
own crotch was already hard, and I think he knew it and
smiled at me a lot.


But it wasn’t until that winter when he visited several
times that I noticed how hot he looked in his jeans.
After dinner we’d all sit in the living room to talk or
watch television. I recall seeing him unbutton his fly,
or at least a couple of buttons and his top button to
relax. More then once I’d look to see his pink skin
underneath and became aware he didn’t wear underwear
like we did.

After that I stopped wearing any, too, and felt real
sexy in my own jeans even though they had a zipper fly.

One night there was only him, me and a couple of
brothers there. I asked him why he wore them and as he
looked at me, I looked at his pink skin showing thru
his unbutton fly. He moved his legs and his dick
started to poke out.

“That’s why,” he said and laughed.

I laughed too not knowing exactly why.

The night I found out was when I drove over to his
house to drop off some paperwork he and my Dad had been

Uncle Marc was shirtless and wore his jeans when I
answered the door. He urged me to stay for dinner and
called my Dad to tell him.

We had thick steaks, and talked about sex, girls,
growing up, and even told a couple of dirty jokes, the
kind of stuff we never did at home around the family.
It felt real good, kind of like having a sudden freedom
I never had.

We watched a television show and glanced at his
unbuttoned fly.

When I reminded Marc I once asked him about doing that
and admitted I didn’t understand his answer.

He stared at first then unbuttoned the rest of his fly.

His man dick plopped out and was moving around getting
hard. He pulled out his nuts too so they could hang.

“It feels better. Go on, feel it.”

I didn’t know if he meant for me to pull my meat out of
my fly or to reach up and feel his. I opted for the
later and soon his man meat was in my hand.

“Go ahead and lick it.”

Without even asking if I wanted to, he told me to do

I did.

“Now put my dick in your mouth and I’ll show you
something else.” I did and his hands on my head showed
me how to move it so I could suck him off.

His cum eventually shot all over my face and shirt. I
was a mess. He reached down and pulled off my shirt and
told me we’d have to wash it.

As the shirts soaked, I felt like a new man, me
shirtless along with Uncle Marc. Both of our flys open
and our dicks poking out, although my dick rubbed
against the zipper a bit and hurt.

He came back from making a phone call and told me that
Dad said I should stay with Marc and come home in the

We stripped totally and lay on the couch together
watching television. Uncle Marc told me that later we
would try other things he knew I’d like but for now to
just relax.

His arms around me, made me horny as hell, but the
warmth of his body against mine, the freedom of being
naked like that, and knowing I was learning things that
only a grown up knew made it feel wonderful.

Indeed I learned a lot that night. And Uncle Marc
bought me a pair of button fly jeans the next morning
which I showed my brothers the advantage of, too.

And I kept going over to see my Uncle that winter and
stayed with him all the following summer.

I still go home to visit the folks, and drive over to
his house. He’s older now, hell he was in his twenties
then. And we still get naked, and share our warmth. And
he still wears button fly jeans.