Dressing Room In The Mall

Whistling a nameless song you stroll into the changing
room, an assortment of skirts and shirts in your hand
ready to be tried on. Still whistling you begin to
undress, oblivious to the small hole in the wall and
the eye peering through it.

As you undress you take a moment to look yourself over
in the mirror. A smile starts to spread across your
face as you examine you curves. Your hands following
the outline of your body as you think to yourself,
“Damn I look sexy. Men want me and women want to be

The eye continues to watch through the peephole,
drinking in all of the sights.

You reach over and pick out a short little skirt to try
on. Slowly you slide it on, wiggling your hips into it.
A quick glance into the mirror confirms that the skirt
fits, a bit short for public wear maybe, but only
because of the accidents that would be caused by people
staring as you sauntered past.
The skirt is removed and tossed into the maybe pile.

Slowly the door to the changing room opens. Quietly a
man enters and shuts the door behind him. Suddenly an
arm wraps around your waist and a hand covers your
mouth. “Shhhh,” the voice whispers in your ear. “Relax.
I am not going to hurt you. I’ve been watching you
through the hole in the wall and you and I are going to
have a little fun. Are you going to keep quiet?”

Eyes wide you nod your head up and down. A muffled yes
emerging from under his hand.

His rough hand removes itself from your mouth and
slowly begins to explore your body. His rough hand
slides across your chest, down your stomach and around
your thighs.

Suddenly you feel the cool touch of a knife as your bra
straps are sliced and your bra tossed on the ground.
Seconds later your panties are lying on the floor in
ribbons. A shiver runs through your body as you are
suddenly completely exposed to the air.

His rough hands slide up following the curves of your
body and encircle your breasts. Roughly he massages
your breasts and pinches your nipples. Soon your
nipples are hard, standing out defiantly from the rest
of your body. A slight moan involuntarily slips from
your lips. Quickly you bite your bottom lip to prevent
another from escaping.

The man smiles, leans in and whispers in your ear,
“Sounds like someone liked that.” He leans in even
closer and bites you gently on your neck. “Don’t worry.
You can enjoy it, I won’t tell anyone.”

One hand continues to tease your breasts while the
other hand slides down your body and comes to rest over
your crotch. One finger slides into the fold and begins
to gently work its way back and forth, managing to
softly rub your clit with each stroke. After a few
strokes you can feel your body starting to betray you.
That familiar moistness begins to build up and a wave
of pleasure starts to build in the center of your body
and expand outward. Another moan escapes your lips.

As soon as the moan escapes your mouth the finger slips
inside you and begins to slowly thrust in and out. Your
legs spread slightly and your back arches into him,
another moan escaping your lips.

The man smiles and you can hear the sound of his belt
and pants hitting the floor. He reaches up and grasps
your wrist, pulling your arm back and placing your hand
on his dick. As your hand encircles his shaft a gasp
escapes your lips as you feel the size of his shaft.
Although only slightly longer then average it is much
wider then most, so much so that it is difficult to get
your hand around.

The man’s finger slides out of you and begins to rub
your clit, slowly applying pressure. Another moan
escapes from you as you begin to melt into his arms.
The man’s knee spreads your legs apart and bends you
over at the waist. You reach out and brace your arms
against the wall and wait in eager anticipation for
what will happen next. One hand is placed on the small
of your back and the other grasps his cock and lines it
up with your quivering pussy.

The man teases you, sliding the head up and down your
slit. Pushing the head in part way and then pulling it
back out. Pushing it back in and then pulling it back
out. Finally he starts to push it into you. Slowly it
slides into. Pushing into you, slowly opening you up
and filling you up. You let out a gasp as you wiggle
your hips backward. Enjoying the feeling of being
completely filled.

The man leans forward and begins to bite up and down
your neck as he begins to thrust in and out of you. A
shiver runs up and down your spine as the sensations
begin to rush through your body.

The thrusting continues and you begin to moan louder
and louder. The man’s hand slides up and covers your
mouth. “Sshhhhh. Wouldn’t want anyone to hear you and
come and investigate now would you?”

Harder and faster he begins to thrust. His hand sliding
up and tweaking your nipples while he continues to

Harder he thrusts and louder you moan into his hand as
you feel an orgasm building inside you. Quicker he
thrusts as you begin to meet him thrust for thrust.
Harder he bites and quicker he thrusts.

You can feel it building and building inside you as you
thrust harder and harder against him. With a loud moan
into his hand you feel the orgasm engulf your body and
your mind goes blank in the haze of an orgasm.

Panting you lean against the wall drained, but feeling

The man leans forward and gives you a quick kiss on
your cheek. “That was a blast. I’ll see you at home