Teddy’s Mom – Dzsoltika Rest In Peace

– Gyulicska is coming on holiday_
“I’m going Margit! Who’s coming?”
– Dysoltics, Uncle Gate,
the Toci and I go, I go!
– Then let’s go!
– At least I can’t see those two kids
who last night …………
-Why is YSoltika hand plaster?
-Because you installed the electricity last time,
he installed the current and broke it
your finger, your finger broke!

-Well, heaven!
And they got there!
-Nice ey scenery, just fallen
my fake machine!


-We are margins, let’s look
the House!
– Okay, let’s see if I have to look at
Thanksgiving because here is the
Uncle Gate, must maolayni with it!
-I can’t get it?



-No, you said that last time!
– Where is Psychology?
– They went for a swim with Toci,
they went swimming with Toci,
if you drown, i won’t let you
another Tocival ussy,
believe in Tocil!
They are out there to watch them ……
– Where’s the teddy bear?
– There you go!
– HoL?
-When the gipsy was down, I didn’t think
to sink so deep!
friend with Toci, A toci
– Well, don’t let her have a margin !!
– Not now, because it rustles there!
-I have to go back because I want it
maolayt the Uncle Goalkeeper!
“In the bedroom! I’ll be there! You coming?”
-Well ……. Of course, hogz I’ll fuck you!
And they got there!
……. MAOLA ……
-Thank you Margit for hitting me
with Uncle Gate!
– No, but I don’t know
you dare even touch him
with your fingerless fingers!
– But you nzuzlt hgoyyam with your fingertips!
“Then it doesn’t matter! But nothing at all!”
– Who knocks?
– Kiss!
And a kid came in!
– Are you stealing again?
-fffFFFFfffFF Petigeci roff back
hop me!
-No, silly!
– The doltol just died, you
are you kidding about this?
-You’re kidding petigeci ??? fffffff
-No, silly!
-It’s not vicky !! fffffffffffff
And they went out.
– They’re bullying you again! where should I go
not to meet them?
-We are Uncle Gate Gunner hoy!
-No! I tried not to!