Kelly’s iPhone

She couldn’t believe what she was doing, how totally
embarrassed and exposed she felt. Sitting there in
Starbuck’s dressed like a total slut, surly everyone
knew how horny she was? How could they not? Her pulse
raced, cheeks flushed, eyes glazed, nipples rock hard
and pussy soaking wet. She could sense both the
disgusted eyes of her fellow female as well as the
lustful male eyes scanning her taught fifteen year old
body as she sat provocatively cross legged in the window
of the coffee shop fondling her iPhone waiting for the
next instruction.

What was she doing? How could she possibly be behaving
like this? What had happened to her?

Just two hours ago she’d be sulking at the thought of
having nothing to do on this boring rainy Saturday while
all her friends were having fun in London seeing a
‘stupid’ show. They’d been tweeting all morning about it
while she sat at home flicking through the TV channels
all because he ‘stupid’ Mum had forgot to sign the
school permission form allowing her to go along.

Suddenly her phone lit up. She read the instruction and
without finishing her coffee, stood up and left the
shop. Kelly had never worn a skirt as short as this
before and could feel every eye on her as she moved out
of Starbucks and along the walkway of the shopping
centre. She carried only a small bag and her iPhone
wearing a figure hugging sky blue mini dress with
plunging neckline, matching high heels and her tiniest
thong panties. At five foot two inches, with shoulder
length dark red, dyed, hair, she was sex on legs.

She couldn’t recognise the reflection she made in the
shop windows she passed. How could she be doing this?
How could she be flaunting herself like this in broad
daylight? Her dress barley covered her soaping pussy as
she strode down the mall. Her rock hard nipples were
obvious to everyone and yet she strode, head high
towards the lifts. Inside she was screaming to stop but
her body had a mind of its own and she was powerless to

She’d been powerless earlier when that weird app on her
iPhone had blinked and she’d opened it. She’d been
powerless when she watched herself talking a shower and
for the first time ever, shaving her virgin pussy
smooth. She’s been powerless as she found herself
picking out an outfit from her older sisters ‘clubbing
clothes’ and making her face up with heavy bright make
up. And totally powerless as she saw herself dress
braless and head to the shopping mall.

At fifteen Kelly had of course fooled around with boys.
She’s had her little tits grouped and played with, her
pussy fingered a little and had of course held and
stroked a couple of teenage cocks but apart from some
regular masturbating on her part she was still very much
a virgin. Although anyone now watching her glide
provocatively down the mall, would be hard pressed to
believe that.

She’d not made the connection between that weird app on
her precious iPhone and her current predicament or
behaviour even though, she was following every
instruction she received from it. Like all girls her
age, her iPhone was her portal to life. Without it she
was no one, a fact the developer of the app had
exploited time and time again with many young fresh
virgin girls.

The lift doors opened and Kelly stepped out of the lift
and, although she’d never been to this level of the
mall’s car park, walked straight towards a non-descript
grey door and turned the handle. Stepping into the dimly
light room, she closed the door behind her and waited
for her next instruction.

By now the inner Kelly was in turmoil. She knew this was
wrong, she knew it was dangerous, she knew she was in
serious jeopardy but her body behaved differently. She
had never been so excited, so terrified, so horny. Every
nerve in her teenage body was on fire with lust… this
was soooo wrong!

The next message sent the inner Kelly hysterical as she
hiked up her dress and slipped off her soaking wet
panties. She then pulled the top of her dress off her
shoulders and rolled the material down exposing her pert
‘B’ cup titties. Keeping her high heel on, she moved
towards the far wall and spread her legs apart. Bending
forward Kelly placed her hands against the brick wall
just above shoulder height keeping her knees straight
and faced the grey brick wall.

The sight she presented to him was perfection. His very
own teenage slut offering him her pure untouched body.
He knew he had her in his total control. Knew she’d do
and be whatever he wanted.

Her heart pounded as she became aware of his presence.
She felt her clit throbbing and pussy juice dripping
down her inner thighs. Every nerve in her body tingled
as she sensed his approached, both desiring and dreading
the inevitable touch of his flesh. Her heart pounded,
her breathing fast and deep as she anticipated contact
and when it came, she almost exploded with lust.

First contact was with her inner thigh. Warm fingers
stroked the silky flesh and began to drift upwards
towards her pulsating dripping pussy. She heard herself
gasp with desire as the offending fingers rose up her
thigh and was horrified to feel her shudder with desire
as they finally made contact with her swollen moist

Fingers found her traitorous clit, rolling and rubbing
it between them. She heard gasps of desire emit from her
mouth as her cunt pressed back against the intruding
hand, trying to increase the pressure. Her exposed
conical nipples throbbed in the warm air as she moaned
in desperation when the hand was removed. Her perfect
tight ass jerked further up and backwards as her body
attempted to regain the lost contact.

Then she felt it. The unmistakable feeling of hard
throbbing flesh touching her quivering cunt, moving in
between her sopping wet lips. Coating itself in her
welcoming teenage juices now betraying her totally by
freshly flowing from inside her pulsating cunt. She
heard herself gasp as the head pressed further and
popped inside her warm moist hole.

The same clammy hands that moments ago had intruded into
her virgin pussy now took hold of her soft silky tits.
Kneading the tender flesh between strong large palms.
Kelly felt his hot breath on the back of her neck as she
felt the intruding member press further into her
deceitful body.

The inner Kelly was distraught, screaming internally for
this to stop but, she was powerless to prevent her body
reacting like a whore. She was behaving like one of the
porn sluts she’d seen online, welcoming this stranger’s
hard throbbing cock into her pure unviolated body,
moaning, groaning and gyrating in complete sexual

The shot of pain did nothing to halt her body’s desire
as her maidenhood was taken but the inner Kelly sobbed
at the knowledge of her deflowering. She was disgusted
that her teenage body was responding to being filled
with this hard throbbing unwelcome cock. Distraught that
her clit was swollen and the internal pressure was
building in response to the cock repeatedly withdrawing
and returning again and again.

Her orgasm built as her body reacted to the clasping
hands and fingers pinching and rolling her hard nipples
while the throbbing cock slammed harder and harder into
her body. She screamed as her entire body shuddered, the
intense waves of pleasure swamped through her being.
Head spinning, body collapsing, her body and mind
surrendered to the intense sensation of her first fuck
induced orgasm.

She was oblivious to the arms now supporting her limp
body as the swelling cock continued to pound her
twitching throbbing cunt faster and faster. Kelly was
only partially aware of the sudden quaking and jerking
inside her young fertile channel as jets of creamy spunk
erupted deep into her.

The perverted grunts of the cock’s owner partially
registered within the inner Kelly as her body continued
to betray her by demanding more and more pleasure. Her
pussy was clasping the intruding flesh, trying
desperately to increase the contact, milking the cock,
desperately trying to regain friction and pleasure.

The supporting hand relaxed and to Kelly’s dismay, the
intruding cock withdrew followed by the release of
creamy spunk which globed downwards onto her inner
thighs and floor. Her legs gave way and she plopped down
into an obscene sitting position with her twitching
spunky cunt on the cold concrete floor. Her hands were
still against the wall all be them trembling as her arms
bent keeping her head away from the bare brick.

She didn’t know just how long she remained in that
position but eventually she became aware of her
predicament. Still sitting she looked around for the
first time. The room was dim, grey and empty. He was
gone. She could just about make out her small bag and
iPhone on the floor nearby.

Picking up her phone she slowly stood up and tried to
fix herself up. Taking out some wipes she soothed the
area around her abused puffy pussy, clearing away the
now drying spunk and dirt. She fixed her dress so she
was a little more decent but when she looked for her
panties they were nowhere to be found. She couldn’t
understand where they were but eventually she ventured
to the door to leave.

As the door behind her closed her iPhone lit up once
more. After reading the instruction she smiled and made
her way home. Once more displaying the attitude and
confidence she had shown earlier. Once home she
showered, washed her sisters clothes and dressed once
again as a fifteen year old girl, resumed her position
in front of the TV.

Twenty minutes later, all traces of the app had gone
from her iPhone and as far as Kelly was concerned, she’d
had a really, really weird dream.

Thirty miles away from Kelly’s couch her classmate
Laura’s iPhone lit up. Sitting in the back of the coach
returning from a day in London, Laure opened the text
and wondered why Kelly had sent her a blank one. She
didn’t notice the new weird app that appeared on her
phone, well not for a few days anyway.