Vegas Trip by Fat Daddy

Back in February my mom’s friend Donna was talking
about taking her daughter Karen who was good friends
with me, to Las Vegas for her 21st birthday. We talked
and I told her how much I would love to go to Vegas.
Donna and I talked for while and before I knew it I was
going to Vegas with both of them.

Well I guess I should tell you about them, Donna is 48
Shoulder length brown hear, brown eyes, small A cup
breast but has large nipples, what she doesn’t have in
her breast she has in her very nice round succulent
ass. Karen is 21 about 6 foot tall, blond hear, brown
eyes, perfect C cup breast and just like her mom an ass
you could die for.

Karen and I have been great friends for years we had
always joked around but never done anything with each
other. Donna and I had started to hang out more because
Karen was away to school and Donna was not only a
friend of my moms but of mine also. We have hung out
and talked all the time. As we got on the plane we all
were saying what we wanted to do first we had a week,
and then Donna said something we had been joking around
about ever since we decided to go, “What happens in
Vegas Stays in Vegas” the trip was fast and it was very

We got a cab and went to the hotel that we were staying
at. We were told that because it was Karen’s 21st
birthday then we could get a couple bottle of champagne
and they moved our room so we could look down the
strip. We took our things to the room and we decided to
get something to eat. We had margarita after margarita
and we walked most of the strip we had to get a cab
back because both Donna and Karen were feeling pretty
good and were starting to have problems walking because
of all the drinks we had.

When we got back to the hotel we went up to the room it
was about 8 in the evening. Karen said she wanted to go
out somewhere so we all got dressed and headed out. We
went to a club in our hotel that had burlesque dancers.
We were having fun watching them and drinking Donna was
just sitting there and kept squirming in her seat.
Karen was off talking to some guy.

I was getting tired so I asked Donna if she was tired
and wanted to go back to the room she said she was so
we went to go get Karen she said she was going to go to
some other club with the guy she was talking to and
would meet us back at the room. It was in a hotel next
to us is all so her mom said as long as she didn’t go
any further that would be fine.

Donna and I went back to the room and we talked on the
way up and decided to order a bottle of champagne. She
changed into her night clothes that consisted of very
short cotton shorts and a white night shirt that barely
came to the top of her shorts. I was surprised she
would wear something like that I could tell she wasn’t
wearing any panties because I could see the dark spot
where her pubic hair was and I could see her nipples
through her top but I didn’t say anything, I just had
on some shorts.

We both went to our separate beds and started to watch
TV but we couldn’t find anything to watch so we turned
off the TV and decided to play some cards before going
to bed. We started to play and could hear the people in
the next room get back they were making a lot of noise
they started to get quiet but then we could started to
hear what sounded like moans we questioned what we were
hearing and then it was confirmed we hears the lady
begging the guy to fuck her like the whore she was.

We laughed softly and continued to play cards. Donna
again was squirming around on the bed and every once in
a while I seen her rubbing her crotch and I would see
her bring her hand up and it would look like she was
smelled them.

I finally gave in when I saw the wet spot growing in
the crotch of her shorts and asked if she needed some
help with the itch she was trying to scratch. I could
tell she was embarrassed because her face went
completely red. She didn’t say anything so I got up on
my knees and laid her down on the bed and I grabbed the
waist band of her shorts and started to pull them down
I knew she was ok with what I was doing because she
lifted her butt up slightly as I pulled the shorts

After I had her shorts off I started to rub her pussy
softly, I slowly inserting my finger between her folds.
As I was playing I started to push her shirt up to
expose her breast. Donna sat up a little and pulled it
all the way off over her head and I started to suck on
one of her nipples I could still hear the people in the
room next to us moaning but I also started to hear
moans coming from Donna.

I slowly kissed my way down and lightly kissed her
pussy lips and asked if she wanted to play a little
game, she looked at me with a questioned look on her
face. I asked if she wanted to see if we could be
loader then the people next to us. She laughed and
said, “Okay, let’s try it.”

That’s all I needed and started to kiss her swollen
lips. I licked her pussy lips from top to bottom not
really putting any pressure at first but then I pushed
in a little more spreading those beautiful lips just
slightly I kept applying more and more pressure till
was licking the inside of her lips and at the top I
would lightly flick her clit. I started to concentrated
more on the clit to see just how loud I could make
Donna scream but she wasn’t very loud. I could tell she
was enjoying it because her wonderful juices were
coming out like a river and I tried to lick as much up
as possible but I could tell it was going to be hard
trying to sleep in that spot.

Then without any warning Donna yelled at me to fuck
her. Again I didn’t have to be asked twice I got up
pulled off my shorts and my7 inch cock was hard as it
could be. I moved in to place and placed my cock just
at her lips and started to rub it up and down like I
did when I was licking it to help lube it up some but
Donna didn’t want to wait all of a sudden she grabbed
my Cock in her hands placed it where it needed to be
and wrapped her legs around me and pushed me in I about
fell on her she did it so fast.

I gave her a grin after picking myself up and said, “So
that’s how you like it?” and started to pump in and out
of her cunt as fast and hard as I could. Donna was
moaning now I just kept up and fast pace as long as I
could see Donna was about to come she could hardly
breathe and it almost looked like her eyes had rolled
back into her head when she had her eyes open. I could
not hear anything other then the moans coming from
Donna’s mouth and the sound of our body’s slapping
together. Donna finally screamed out, “OH FUCK! I’m
Cumming!” and her legs wrapped around my back her arms
wrapped around my neck and her cunt gripped my cock
like a vice grip.

As soon as I felt that I started to pump my load up her
cunt. After the last load I shot into her I fell on top
of her trying to catch my breath I slowly rolled off
Donna and she rolled with me and put her arm across my
chest trying to catch her breath. While she was gasping
for air she said she had never came like that before
she didn’t know if it was because she just slept with
her best friends son who was almost half her age or if
it was the people next door. We stayed in the bed and
we must have fallen asleep because the next thing we
knew we heard Karen coming in.

We quickly covered up and when Karen came in she asked
what we were doing we told her we were just watching TV
and it was easier to have the TV turned on way and
watch from one bed and we must have fell asleep. Karen
didn’t come in far just to the end of the bed so she
could not see our clothes lying between the beds. Karen
grabbed her night clothes and went to the bathroom we
quickly jumped up and got dressed Donna went to her bed
and I stayed in mine and we went to sleep.


The next morning I was up at 5:30 and was getting ready
to get in the shower when Donna woke up I told her I
was going to get in the shower she said ok. I didn’t
bother locking the door because Donna knew I was in
there. I heard the door open and then close and I heard
the door lock. Not sure if it was Donna or Karen I soon
found out Donna opened the shower curtain and asked if
she could join me I couldn’t really say no she already
had nothing on and was stepping into the shower. Donna
closed the curtain and started to kiss me, as we kissed
I grabbed her ass and lifted her up Donna rapped her
legs around my waist and I lowered her down a little
onto my hard cock.

I started to raise her up and down it didn’t take long
for Donna to start moaning into my mouth. I tried to
stop her from making to much noise so Karen didn’t
hear. I put Donna down and turned her around so the
water was running down over her back and hair as I took
her from behind I started to pump my hard cock in and
out as fast as I could Donna just kept moaning more and
more I could feel her starting to tighten up on my cock
and knew it wasn’t going to be long for her to come I
grabbed her hair and pulled her back the water was
spraying right in her face and she was having problems
breathing because the water was going right in her face
but I didn’t care and it didn’t seem like she did

Donna started to cough because of the water spraying in
her mouth she was chocking because of it, and it made
her pussy tighten around my cock every time she
coughed. It didn’t take me long and I was shooting my
load into her and as soon as I let go in her pussy she
came with a load moan that I was sure would wake Karen.
I turned Donna around and kissed her deeply and stepped
out of the shower.

I dried off and got dressed Donna stayed in the shower
till I left and then got out and got dressed also. I
got my shoes on and told Donna I was going to go get
something to eat she said she would come with me
because she wanted to talk. We walked down the hall and
started off by saying that last night should not have
happened and that was why she came into the bathroom
today was to talk about what had happened last night
but when she got in there something just came over her
and she said it was like someone had taken over her
body she knew she should not be but she was taking her
clothes off and then she got into the shower with me
and we just went from there.

Donna explained that it had been a long time and
hearing those people the night before just made her
hornier then she had ever been. We talked more about
what happened and agreed as long as Karen didn’t find
out we were fine and like we had said before: “What
happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” and we could not do
this again when we got home.

While we finished up our week in Vegas we had many more
sessions when Karen was out or sleeping and we agreed
if we ever went back to Vegas together again we would
pick up where we left off. Needless to say when we got
home Donna was asking when I wanted to go back out to
Vegas because she said, “I’m ready to go back next