A 35 Year old married woman acts as escort for a school football team

Carol had been in love with sex of all kinds from the
first time she was fucked by their neighbor’s eighteen-
year-old son, when she was only thirteen years old.

That was many years ago, and now at the wonderful age
of thirty-five, she had been asked to play mother to
the high school football team as they traveled to play
in a provincial tournament. Everyone else in the
neighbourhood seemed to be too busy to take on this
onerous task, so Carol agreed to do it, much against
her husband’s wishes. She would travel on the team
coach with them to keep them in line, and see that they
did not stay out late at night while away from home.

When Carol got on the bus, most of the seats were
already taken. At seventeen, these guys were all over
six feet tall, with great physiques. The boys looked at
her and she could see the lust in their eyes, and Carol
could feel her pants getting damp as her pussy leaked
her juices at the thoughts that must be going through
these boy’s heads.

“For fuck sake Carol, you’re supposed to be looking
after these boys, not lusting after them.” She thought
to herself.

“There’s a seat here Carol.” Tim Brady called to her
from the back seat of the Coach.

Carol made her way to the offered seat and sat between
Tim and Josh Harmon. Both were wearing T-Shirts and
Shorts, and she couldn’t help but notice the large
bulges in both boys’ crotches. Her pants began to get
wet again from her seeping cum juices.

Throughout the journey, there was the usual raucous
banter between the boys, and Carol’s companions on
either side, made lots of double meaning comments to
Carol, who played along, since she was getting a sexual
buzz out of the guy’s obvious interest in her. They
were in fact, hitting on her, and she enjoyed knowing
that she could still pull these young fit men. She
sneaked glances at their crotches, and noticed that
they were sporting semi erections. She rubbed her legs
tightly together, giving herself a slight no-hands
masturbation, as her pussy creamed her already wet

When they reached their hotel, Tim and Josh ushered her
out of the seat before them, and as she passed, Carol
felt their hands fondle her butt cheeks. It felt good,
and she made no comment or complaint about it.

After Dinner, Carol had a few drinks at the bar on her
own since the boys were too young to be served alcohol.
She retired to her room, had a shower, and changed into
her short almost transparent night dress with matching
see through panties and lay on the bed to watch
television. An hour later, there was a knock on her
door. Carol slipped on a light dressing gown and opened
the door to find Tim and Josh there.

“What’s a wrong boys has something happened to one of
the team?” she asked in panic, worried that someone may
have been injured while she was in charge.

“No, no! They exclaimed. We just wondered if we could
come in for a minute and talk to you.”

“Of course, come on in.” she invited, glad of the
company, especially of such handsome young men.

Carol sat on the bed, and the boys drew up a couple of
chairs facing her, their eyes taking in the large
mounds of her breasts and the sexy way she sat.

“What was it you wanted to talk about?” she asked.

Oh, we just wanted to talk, and we thought you might
want some company, since you are the only adult female
here, and we were after all, your companions on the
coach.” Tim said hesitantly, as if waiting to be

“That’s real nice of you guys. I appreciate your
concern. I would love some company, thank you.”

Without thinking, Carol crossed her legs, and as she
did so, her dressing gown fell open, and with her short
night dress, her legs were displayed up to her
transparent panties.

The boy’s eyes were riveted to her panties and legs,
and both had immediate hard-on’s. Carol was about to
close her dressing gown, till she notices the large
bulges in both sets of pants, her pussy got wet from
what she saw, and decided to go with it to see what

As both young men gazed at this wondrous sight, they
could see her red pubic hair poking out from the leg of
her pale blue panties.

Both Josh and Tim started to rub their large erections
through their pants. She let her legs fall open slowly,
so that the drooling teenagers could see more of her

It was all too much for Josh. He came out of his chair,
pushed Carol back on the bed and started to kiss her.

“Whoa! What are you doing Josh.”

“I can’t help it Carol. You’re so beautiful, and so
damned sexy.”

His mouth came down on her again, and she responded,
knowing that this was exactly what she wanted. Her
pussy was on fire, and this was the only way to put
that fire out. Soon their tongues were down each
other’s throats. His hands were all over her large
breasts, kneading them forcefully. She could feel him
hurting her a little, but she loved the rough handling
and pulled his hand harder into her luscious tit.

He stopped for a moment and removed the dressing gown
and night dress. Once more he attacked her tits with
renewed vigor, rolling the large pink nipples with
thumb and forefinger so they stood out like sentries on
top of her tits. He sucked them, twisted them and
devoured them with his mouth.

Tim at last responded to the situation, by pushing Josh
over to the side so that he could get into her pants.
He grasped the waistband and pulled them off roughly,
tearing them as he went, in his rush to get to his

Fuck the niceties. He had to have her pussy.

He placed one hand on her golden red pussy mound, his
thumb massaging her prominent engorged clit, and with
the other, he pushed two fingers deep into her cunt and
started finger fucking her.

Carol pushed her hips up to meet his in/out strokes,
moaning and cooing as her pussy juices flooded all over
his hand and the bed. A third finger joined the other
two, and then a fourth.

“Fuck Josh, she’s as hot as fuck and really up for it.
I’m gonna give her some more hand. This pussy needs

“Your right about that, and you boys had better have
big dicks and plenty of jism for this lady’s cunt, or
you’re dead.” Carol ordered.

“Pull your legs right back Carol, I want fist your

“Now you’re talking.” She panted.

Her legs immediately came up and she spread them wide,
as Tim started to slowly work his hand up her very
soggy pussy. His fingers disappeared, and then his hand
popped inside up to his lower wrist.

Moaning low all the while, Carol squirmed and rotated
her ass; enabling Tim to start working his hand in and
out of her cunt, fist fucking her for all he was worth.
She had orgasms, one after another. As he hit her G
spot, her cum spilling freely from her cunt, soaking
everything in close proximity.

Tim licked and slurped the juices from all around her
cunt, and on his hands.

Meanwhile, Josh shucked his pants and shorts to expose
a ten-inch hard on. The veins stuck out like railway
lines, and the head was like a small apple and, as he
fisted it he pushed it in front of the Carol’s face.

“Fuck. Let me blow that monster for you,” Carol

Carol struggled to get the head of his giant cock into
her mouth, but like the good slut she was, she
persevered until it was in her mouth and heading down
her throat.

Between the moaning to the sensations of the fisting
that Tim was giving her, and the sucking hard on Josh’s
big cock, Carol was a very happy bunny.

Her continuous ejaculations drained her, and when Tim
released his hand from her gaping cunt, she thought it
was time out.

NO WAY! Tim got rid of his clothes and released a cock
that was only about an inch shorter than Josh’s, but
thicker. His cock was like a baby’s arm, long, fat and
hard as iron. He got between her legs, and slowly sunk
his shaft into her waiting cunt, until she thought it
was going to come out of the other end.

He pushed hard, and the head popped straight into her
womb. He started to shaft her with long slow strokes
that turned Carol into jelly, her body quivering at the
sensations running through her.

She was on a continuous cum trip now, with one orgasm
following quickly after the other, and her groaning and
slurping on josh’s cock interspersed with,

“Fuck my big married ladie’s cunt. Fuck me harder. Fill
me with your baby juice.”

Josh pulled his pole out of her mouth.

“Turn her over Tim. Get her on top,” Josh said.

Tim rolled her over and Carol willingly helped in the

Josh got behind her and rubbed her buttocks, pinching
them then slapping them hard. The sting of the spanking
that Josh was administering, rather than annoying
Carol, only fuelled her sexual appetite, and she
speeded up her pumping of the snake that was filling
her cunt with more and more pleasure.

Josh continued to spank Carol’s ass hard, until it was
covered with bright red wheals from his fingers and
palms, and yet, she still got off big time on this
fetish she loved so much.

“Spank me hard you bastard. Fucking give it to me you
pussy” she yelled, as he continued to leather her ass
big time, as Tim fucked her cunt wildly.

Josh noticed quivering around Carol’s ass pucker. He
gathered semen from around her pussy and rubbed it over
her asshole before inserting a finger up the opening.
First one finger, and then two, and as he started
finger fucking her ass, Carol went wild with
excitement, pushing back to get more of him up her ass
and screaming,

“Stick your cock up my ass… Please. Fuck my ass for
me with your big dick.”

Josh wasted no more time. He placed his cock at the
entrance to her butt hole, and as he pushed inwards,
Carol pushed back firmly. His oversized cock
disappeared up Carol’s rectum as she panted.

“That’s it, fuck me good both of you. Fill me with your
boiling cum in both my holes.”

The two giant cocks sawed in and out of their
respective holes, feeling each other in the passing
through the thin wall between her cunt and asshole.

Carol felt a giant orgasm building up deep in her sex,
and as it did so, the walls of her cunt and her ass
clamped on both cocks pushing the guy’s climaxes to the

Tim was the first to cum, shooting, what seemed like
gallons of jism deep into Carol’s womb. Jet after jet
continued to spurt for what seemed like an age, his
whole body shuddering as each spurt left his cock head.

As he started to subside, carol growled. Low, and then
started shouting.

Oh fuck, I’m cuuuuummmminnnng. Fucking Christ, here it
cums! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oh fuck,
keep fucking me please! Don’t stop for fuck’s sake!”

Josh came in a flood at the same time, filling her ass
to overflowing with his incredible reservoir of semen.

It ran down his cock, and down her ass, to her pussy
and on down to the bed covers.

“Aaaaaaaaaagh, oh shit, take this right up your ass
Carol,” he grunted as he gave her all his baby juice to
create a lake of sperm in her rectum.

As they disentangled, cum poured from Carol’s pussy,
and she knew there was some real cock cleaning to do,
so as she sucked and licked Tim clean, while Josh
lapped at her pussy in the same manner. After a short
while, it was time to change round, so that everything
was shared equally among the trio.

Next morning, all three were pretty tired. I’m sure
that’s because the boys never left Carol’s room that
night, as they fucked and sucked the rest of the night

More adventures were to follow, but I guess that’s a
story for another time, because this lady has got to be
the best fuck in Canada, and her stories deserve to be