Anon My Sex Slave

My girlfriend and I have a very unusual relationship.

She is my sexual slave.

It happened not too long ago. In fact, she didn’t even
know me a year ago. I decided that I had had enough of
“normal” relationships, and I wanted to be in control.
Total control.

First of all, let me define “total control”. I don’t
mean that she runs around looking like a zombie or
something like that. It means that, simply, she will do
anything that I ask, with me or anyone that I choose.

Her name is Christina, and I met her last year at Ohio
State University. She was a part-time student taking
beauty school courses; she has since finished and did
very well.

Like I said, last year, I wanted a different
relationship. I was sick and tired of all the women
that I dated. All of them seemed to want something from
me. None of them really wanted to do anything that I
wanted, sexually or otherwise, so I put a notice on the
campus bulletin board which read:


Am seeking companionship with a special, special
woman. She must be extremely submissive, and she
must be willing be hypnotized. Send a recent photo
and letter with a return address and phone
# to box H.


I was really surprised to receive ten responses. They
were all in my mailbox within three days. I called them
all in one day, and picked one to interview. I told the
others that I would eventually get back to them.

I had instructed her to wear a see-through blouse with
no bra, and a miniskirt. She was also to wear fishnet
stockings, the kind that had an open crotch, and
matching see-through panties that were easily
removable. I told her that I would be sitting at the
back of a local restaurant with a coffee and Coke. I
told her to wear a red carnation on her blouse, and to
be there at 7:15P.M. the following evening.

I was surprised to see a very beautiful woman that
night. She wore exactly what I had instructed. Her
nipples were prominent, and her skirt was quite short.
I stood as she came towards me and motioned for her to
sit with me in the booth.

“Hello, my name’s Christina. You must be Rudy.” She
said with her hand out-stretched.

“Yes,” I said as I shook her hand. “Are you looking for

“Yes, and it’s hard to find the right person to trust
these days. Do you know what my problem is? Sometimes I
trust the wrong guys.”

“That’s easy to do,” I said. “Why did you answer my

“I want a relationship where I don’t have to make so
many decisions. I’ve always been submissive, but all
the men I ever been with have been cruel to me when
they find out.” she said with a tear in her eye.

“I don’t want to be cruel, I just want a special lady.”
I said as I put my arm around her to console her. I
figured that this would be the best time to ask her a
couple of questions while she was being so honest.

“Do you have any objections about female bondage?” I

“No, not at all. I’ve seen some of the magazines, and
one of my favorite fantasies is to be a nude bondage

“What do you think about hypnosis?”

“I’ve thought about it since your ad and, although I’ve
never been hypnotized before, I will do it if I feel I
can trust you. I know that it would break down all my
barriers to you, and I would be totally yours.”

“Are you submissive? Will you obey me?” I asked.

“Yes. Can I trust you not to hurt me?”


After a few drinks and more conversation we found
ourselves greatly attracted to each other. I found out
about her Beauty school courses, and that she was a
great cook. She was also a dabbler in carpentry, which
is definitely an asset in the art of bondage.

“I’m really enjoying my time with you. Would you like
to come to my home and finish our conversation?” I

“Yes, let’s go now,” she said.


My house is just outside the city limits so prying eyes
can’t see what’s going on. I don’t have any neighbors
for miles around. I’ve often walked around naked for
hours without anyone ever noticing. The house has a
clear area around it for about a quarter acre in size
which is surrounded by about ten acres of woods. I have
many bondage delights in and around my home.

We drove up to the house and I parked the car in the
garage. Christina waited for me, and I showed her
around the house. There are many carefully tended
flowers surrounding it, and she commented as to how
pretty they were. We walked around back, and I showed
her my “jungle jim” set, left over by the previous
owner. She walked over to it and grabbed the overhead
bar with her hands.

I felt that now would be a time to test her
submissiveness. A person can say that they are
submissive, but really not be. “Christina, I want you
to be submissive to me now. Do you object” I said.

“No, not at all,” she said.

“I want you to hold the bars like you were before.
Spread your legs. I want you to fantasize while you are
in this position. You are tied up to the bars and you
are gagged. You are totally nude, and I am stroking
your body.”

“Mmmm,” she moaned as I walked up behind her.

She is about 5′ 11″ tall, which is about three inches
taller than me. She has very long legs and a shapely
ass. She has very little body fat due to regular
exercise. She wears a B cup and her breasts are very
firm. She almost doesn’t need a bra because they just
don’t sag.

I reached under the top part of her skirt and pulled
out her blouse. I loosened it and reached both hands
under it. I pressed my body close to hers and let my
hips press against her ass. I reached for her breasts
and cupped them with the palm of my hands. They were
firm, and her nipples were very hard. My cock pressed
against her ass, and it was growing inside my pants.
She started to groan as I reached under her skirt. I
found her panties and slipped my hand inside them. I
found a very moist pussy just waiting for my hard cock.

Her clit was erect so I decided to tease her a little.
I slowly stroked it until she started squirming with my
strokes. Then I started on her labia majora for a
while, then I would go back to her clit. Even though
she was wanting cock, she obeyed my and never moved her
hands away from the bars. As far as I was concerned,
she had passed this test. She being submissive thus

I decided that it was time for her to be hypnotized. I
love submissive women, but I also like to be in total
control. Even Christina said that by hypnotizing her I
would destroy all barriers and that she would be mine.
Besides, I love to give post-hypnotic suggestions to
nude women, and I really get off seeing nude women in a
trance, knowing that they will do whatever they are
told to do.

I extracted myself from her and stepped back away from
her. “Face me and stand at attention” I snapped. She
did so without hesitation. “Close your eyes”. Her
eyelids dropped at my command. I love staring at
beautiful women with their eyes closed. I can look at
every part of her in secret.

“Place your hands on the cheeks of your ass and spread
your legs.” As she did so I moved over to the right of
her and started playing with her nipples. She smiled as
I squeezed them.

“Would you like me to hypnotize you now?” I asked.

“Yes, I want to experience being totally yours,” she

“Let’s walk over to my house.” I said as I withdrew my
hand. We walked hand in hand to my home, and I led her
to my basement.

“Please sit here,” I said, pointing to two Lazy Boy
chairs which were side by side. She sat in the one
nearest the door. “Stretch out and make yourself
comfortable.” I said. She leaned back and put her feet
on the rests.

“I want you to promise me some things before we start”
she said. “First, please don’t make me do bad things
like kill someone, and second, please, make me feel

“I can guarantee that.” I said. Now, in order to
prepare you, I must give you a drug. It is an
inhibition destroying drug, and it will make you feel a
little drowsy. It will make hypnotizing you easier.
I’ve put it in a bottle of Coke. Here.” I said as I
poured a glass for her. Will you drink it?” I asked.

This was her final test. If she trusted me and was
truly submissive, she would drink without hesitation.
If not, she was like all the others.

“Down the hatch” she said as she received the glass and
drank it’s contents, much to my relief. She became
glassy-eyed as the drug took effect, and then finally
slipped into a light sleep.

The drug that I gave her was developed by me for other
reasons, and I found out quite by accident that it had
some interesting side-effects. The subject looses all
inhibitions for about a fifteen minute period of time.
I developed it to cure insomniacs, but I stopped
testing it when I found out this quirk of the drug. I
had been waiting for the right woman to use it on to
improve my love life, and I finally found the right

I waited for her to awaken, then I commanded her to
strip. I watched as she drowsily removed her blouse,
skirt, shoes, hose, and finally her panties. My cock
bulged as my eyes experienced her nakedness. Watching a
woman strip nude is every male hypnotist’s dream, and I
was no exception. Her task completed, she resumed her
previous position.

I started admiring her body but then remembered that I
had many things to do and only about twelve minutes to
do them. I walked over to a nearby cabinet and pulled
out a helmeted device with an attached tape recorder. I
placed the helmet on her head. I leaned her head on the
chair and swung my hypnotic device in front of her
eyes. It was designed so that it was the only thing
occupying her field of vision. After she was in place I
switched on the hypnotic device.

A soft multi-colored strobe light totally occupied her
field of vision, and I could hear my muffled voice from
my helmet. I could see her eyelids getting heavier and
heavier, and soon she slipped into a trance. I watched
as she slowly said “yes” to all me pre-recorder

Basically what I was doing by hypnotizing her during
this phase of the drug was enhancing and lengthening
it’s effect. I gave her a very strong post-hypnotic
command to respond to me every time I said the phrase
“sexy underwear.” Whenever I said those words, she
would lose all inhibitions and obey my commands, which
is the way she was under the effect of the drug. I
didn’t have to keep giving her the drug anymore. I
could hypnotically extend the effect of the drug by my
uttering a simple phrase.

The tape lasted only ten minutes, and the effects of
the drug were starting to wear off. After the tape
ended I removed the hypnotic device and put all the
equipment back in the nearby cabinet. I didn’t need it
anymore. I asked her to open her eyes when the drug
wore off and she immediately complied. I had to test my
newly-created love-slave, and I was also very horny. I
wanted to relieve this shortly, and I knew that I could
do both at the same time.

“Christina, would you stand up for me,” I said.

“Sure, but when are you going to hypnotize me?” she
said as she released the lever to free the chair. At
this point she realized that she was naked.

“How did I get this way? When did I take my clothes
off? Did you already hypnotize me?” she asked rapidly.

“All in due time,” I said.

“I want to know!” she said emphatically.

“You took your clothes off during the inhibition phase
of the drug. You don’t remember it because of the side
effect of the drug.” I said, making her complacent.
“You trust me, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do,” she said.

“Good. Now I’m going to test you.” I walked over to her
ear and whispered, “sexy underwear. She nodded off into
her hypnotic trance.

“Christina, can you hear me?”


“Good. Now I want you to open your eyes, but I want you
to remain sleeping. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.” she said as she opened her eyes.

“You are totally under my control. I want you to
remember how totally helpless you are. Now, bend over
and let me see your ass.” I commanded.

She turned around and then bent over to give me an
unobstructed view of her hind quarters. I walked over
to her and began exploring her with both hands. I put
my fingers in her pussy and found it only slightly
moist. I decided that my cock needed attention, and
that her pussy needed to be wetter.

I walked over to the end of the bed. I stripped naked
and sat facing the mirror. I reached over and pushed a
control button on my bed and looked at Christina. “Walk
over to the side of the bed.” I commanded. I watched as
she straightened up and walked to the bed. My cock rose
as she obeyed me; my desire for her sweet body


“Christina, I want you to become very, very horny.” I
said as I purposely rubbed my growing member. “I am
your master. You must obey me. You are totally mine.
Now spread your legs and let me explore your body.”

“Yes, master,” she said as she parted her legs. Her
legs were silky smooth, and felt sooo good. I slowly
and purposely moved my hands past her knees and
outlined her secret region with my hands. Her pussy was
getting wetter and wetter as I took liberties with her.

I massaged her clit until her it felt prominent. I felt
for lubrication, and then tentatively inserted one
finger, then two inside her, finger fucking her while
rubbing her clit. Her breasts were level with my mouth,
so I leaned over and began to sensuously lick her left
nipple until it was erect. Desire spread from my loins
as I felt her female body react erotically to my

I waited until I knew that she was on the road to
orgasm. “Christina, let me enter you now.” I said as I
pulled my erection where she could see it. She had a
look of sexual desire as she slowly and sensuously
lowered her beautiful body onto my swollen member. She
was adequately lubricated, and she began to easily take
me in. We pumped slowly at first and then faster and
harder as the two of us began to experience each other.
It became difficult to stay on the bed so we slipped
onto the floor.

I pushed upward as she pushed downward in rhythm as if
we had been fucking for years. Her hair brushed up
against her breasts as she moved, and the sight of this
drove my orgasm closer and closer to fruition. She
began to reach for my chest, and I cupped her breasts.
I began to squeeze her mammaries, and as I did she
pumped harder and harder. She squealed as the first
waves of orgasm hit her body, and I came hard as she
grabbed my hands to squeeze them. She fell on me
exhausted and sweaty, awaiting my next command.

I pulled her close to me and counted my blessings. This
beautiful woman trusted me enough to allow me to
control her this way, and I wanted to make sure that
she received as much pleasure out of our encounters as
I did. I knew that she wanted to feel helpless and
totally unable to resist my commands, and that she
wanted to remember her helplessness after her hypnotic
sessions. I was more than willing to allow her these
simple pleasures. I also wanted a few pleasures for
myself. I knew that I could accomplish these things
with a few post-hypnotic suggestions.

Post-hypnotic suggestions are triggered by words or
phrases that the hypnotist utters at his discretion.
The subject could be doing anything, but when she hears
the phrase, she feels helplessly compelled to perform a
specific task. My hypnotic drug intensified this effect

Under normal conditions, a person wouldn’t do anything
unusual to them, like stripping in public or performing
oral sex in a restaurant. Under the influence of the
drug and my hypnotic commands, however, Christina would
do anything, absolutely ANYTHING. It would be her
obsession to obey my post-hypnotic commands until I
released her.

After I rested a few minutes, I began to instruct her.
“Christina, I want you to remember our wonderful
lovemaking. I want you to remember how horny you were,
and how totally helpless you became. You will feel your
submission to me like a warm shower washing over your
body, washing you clean and making you feel wonderful.

“I also want you to remember this: whenever I say the
word ‘suck’ you will feel an overwhelming desire to
suck my cock. You must do it wherever I say, whenever I
say. You will suck me until I cum, and then you will
continue on as if nothing unusual occurred. When you
are finished, you will have a fully satisfied feeling
of satisfaction at your submission.

“When I touch your left breast, you will awaken, fully
refreshed and sexually satisfied.” I rolled over a bit
to facilitate fondling her breasts. I started with her
right one, of course, because I love to fondle a
hypnotically helpless female. I moved my other hand
downward to feel her bush. My sperm had mixed with her
natural juices, leaving her pussy region still somewhat
moist. I caressed her vulva, and then when I felt that
I had had enough, I fondled her left breast.

Her eyes became full of life. Oh, Rudy, that was the
best time that I ever had with a man!” she exclaimed. I
felt so totally helpless and submissive. I had no
control over myself, yet I knew what was going on. And
you know what? I felt totally at ease! It felt so
normal to be submissive to you. And I want you to know,
I’ve never felt more horny in my life, and so satisfied
by a man afterward. I’ve never had an orgasm like that
before.” she confessed.

“I’m glad that you feel that way, Christina.” I said,
knowing that what she said truly came from her heart.
“I’ve never been with a woman such as yourself. You are
so beautiful, I just want to hold you because I’m
afraid you’ll go away.”

“I won’t go away from you.” she said. “At least not
until I’ve had a shower and some sleep!”

“We could take one together. I need to clean up, too.
You’ll like my shower. It’s very unique.”

We rose and I led her to my shower area. It was
unusually large, and the actual shower area was one big
room with six stalls, like a locker room shower. The
original owner had this built for him for reasons that
he wouldn’t specify. I liked the large shower, and it
was one of the reasons that I bought the house.

Now I had someone to share it with. We entered the
shower and each set our water the way we wanted it. We
reveled in pleasure as we cleaned each other off for
the first time. Her breasts felt so unique as I
caressed them with my soapy hands. I worked my way down
to her belly, then her pubic hairs, and then her pussy.
She spread her legs as I washed off our sex, taking
care not to rub too hard on her delicate tissues.

The warm cloth must have felt good on her, for she
moaned as I carefully cleaned her private region. I
then continued to clean her legs and her feet. She then
performed the same on me, being careful not to rub my
semi-erect member too hard. I could feel her love all
over me as she washed my body with her washcloth. In
this way we became even more familiar with each other’s

After our shower encounter I showed her my bedrooms and
we settled down in my master suite. As we both drifted
off to sleep I realized how lucky I was, and that today
was the first day of many hypnotic encounters.