My Most Exquisite Orgasm

My most unforgettable orgasm happened on New Years Day
2006. Early in the evening of New Years Eve, my husband
Lew and I had dinner at home and decided we would stay
home for the night. We had spent so many of our New
Years celebrations out with friends that by now we were
inclined to spend more time together.


Szilagyi Crossdresser Imi

Lew spent a little while at the computer this afternoon
and printed out some messages. It wasn’t until after
dinner that I saw the first one. Each one had a “time
to be opened” note on the front. He gave me all four of
them and the first one said “Open anytime.” When I
opened the first one, it read, “This is to let you know
that the New Year’s Eve celebration will begin at 11:25
pm tonight. Plan for an adventurous evening. May your
New Year cum in great intensity.”

The way he spelled cum gave me a hint of what we would
most likely be doing tonight.

I put the notes on a small rolling table near the TV.
Lew also placed the TV remote on that table and a
videocassette in the VCR, but didn’t turn it on. We
relaxed, watched TV, did a little reading, I worked on
a jigsaw puzzle and sooner than I expected, the digital
clock near the TV said it was 11:25. That’s when he put
two old wooden chairs side by side several feet in
front of the TV.

“Open at 11:25 pm,” was written on the second note. So
I did that and I read what was written:

“Both of you remove all of your clothes (Socks or
slippers are OK). Pour a glass of wine for each of you
and relax for about twenty minutes while sitting on the
two chairs facing the TV. You can kiss and fondle each
other if you like but don’t get too hot. Remember, no
one is to cum until after midnight.”

The note continued, “Turn on the VCR, but not the TV,
and listen to the sounds from the tape. No picture,
just sound. This is a recording of seven men and eight
women taking part in a lavish Roman style orgy. Just
relax, listen to their sexy sounds and sip your wine.
Open the next note at 11:45.”

Two soft cushions were on the old chairs and we sat
along side each other, arm in arm, and sipped our wine.
Curiosity was building up in me to try and guess what
the people at the orgy were doing by judging the sounds
they were making. There were grunts and moans and some
small screams. It sounded as if some of these were in
time with the rhythm of fucking, but I couldn’t be
sure. Then I heard a slapping sound, which made me
think of the sound made by two bodies meeting each
other at the bottom of a stroke of intercourse, when
the man’s hips slap against the woman’s butt. The sound
had a beat to it and I could hear a girl’s moan right
after each slap.

It was a fast twenty minutes. Just about time for each
of us to have two small glasses of wine. When the clock
read 11:45, I opened the next note.

“11:45 pm: Cindy, sit on an easy chair while Lew
arranges the wooden chairs for the new scene. When he
is done, help him lie on the new “bed” he just made for
himself and you can open the next message at 11:50. If
there is time, some kissing is allowed.”

I moved over to the small easy chair and watched as Lew
put one of the chairs about four feet in front of the
TV facing away from the screen. The other chair was
placed a little more than two feet from the first chair
but facing the TV. From this I got the idea that we
would both sit on the chairs but one of us wouldn’t be
able to see the screen.

Next, Lew picked up a short smooth narrow board made of
oak and placed it like a bridge across the seats of
both chairs.

I guess this is what was meant in the note, by “his

Facing away from the TV, Lew straddled the rearmost
chair and sat down. His arms reached out. I saw what he
meant by “helping him lie down on his new bed.” His
legs were curled around the back of the chair as I held
his arms and he lowered himself to lie face up on the
bridge of narrow oak. The chairs were spaced so that
the top of his head was even with the front edge of the
seat closest to the TV.

He asked me to make sure to see that there was plenty
of room between his shoulders and the front chair. I
kneeled down to him and said, “About a foot.” “That’s
plenty,” he said. There was time for only one small
kiss. It was already 11:50.

I opened the note marked 11:50. There were several
times, each with instructions but divided by large line

“11:50 pm. Do only one thing at a time then read on.
You both now will work together to achieve the
following result.

1). Cindy, first, you will straddle Lew’s neck (facing
the TV).”

Without thinking, I swung my right leg and moved it
over across his chest and put my foot down on the floor
to his left. I was facing the TV. The minute my foot
touched the floor, I had my first realization of what
was happening. How did I get here? I was naked. Without
bending my knees, my pussy was only an inch away from
his lips. When I realized that, I started to get really
excited. He planned it this way. For me, it was instant
arousal. I felt the start of throbbing in my cunt and
froze in place with all kinds of crazy thoughts.

Adding to the thrill, I felt his shoulders touching the
back of my legs just below my butt and I could feel his
ears touching the inside of my thighs, but I couldn’t
feel the board because it was narrower than his head or
neck. I felt like my pussy must have looked like one of
those gold fish with its lips opening and closing. It
started to really get wet. Then I felt his hands
squeezing my butt.

To get my mind away from everything going on below my
waist, I grabbed my breasts and started squeezing.
Looking down, I saw his smiling eyes and it occurred to
me that all he could see was my cunt, belly and tits
and my eyes. It was hard to believe I could get turned
on so fast. I started breathing hard. I had to do
something, so I went back to reading the note.

The note continued,
“2). You should now be positioned in such a way as to
be able to move your pussy back and forth over his face
without too much effort or strain. Hold on to the chair
in front to steady yourself. That should give you
perfect motion control. Make any needed adjustments to
the chairs now. There’s no rush. Just make leisure
movements. Remember, no cumming until after midnight.
Start your bumping and grinding whenever you’re ready.
Read the last part at 11:55.”

I looked at the clock. It was 11:53. No adjustment was
needed. For two minutes I was able to rub my pussy on
his mouth. Fortunately, he hadn’t used his tongue, yet.
I wouldn’t have been able to take that without cumming.
Ooh, it felt so good, I thought it best to follow the
messages or I might miss something more exciting so I
read on:
“11:55 pm. The TV remote control should be on the front
chair. Press TV to turn the TV on (the second button
from the bottom on the left side) and you should now be
able to see the orgy. However, you will only be able to
watch it for three or four minutes because at 11:59 . .

I pushed the correct button and slowly the picture came
into view. There were all kinds of sex acts going on.
The first one I saw was a kneeling man on the left
sucking a girl’s pussy. She was lying down. He was
flicking his tongue on her clit. Then he pulled at her
cunt lips with his mouth.

Slowly the camera panned right. As she lie there, she
in turn was sucking the nipple of another girl who was
on her knees and dangling her tits above the first
girl’s head. The camera panned upward to the second
girl’s face and you could watch her sucking the big
hard cock of another man kneeling alongside. The camera
panned along her body until it showed a third man was
fucking her doggie style. You could hear the sounds I
mentioned earlier. “Slap, slap, slap.”

The sight of all this activity made me feel like I was
a part of the orgy. Here I was naked, my cunt above my
husband’s face. It all was turning me on. I joined in.
I started sliding my wet pussy all over Lew’s face. I
even reached down and spread my cunt lips to see how
far I could stick his nose into me. I slid my clit from
the tip of his nose to his eyebrows. Back and forth,
back and forth, back and forth, oh, that felt great!

I tried grinding against his jaw as if it were the head
of a hard cock. Glancing down at Lew’s face, I could
see the dancing reflections from the TV in all the
shining wetness from my dripping wet pussy. I was
getting hotter and hotter. Lew reached up and twisted
my nipples. He knew that drove me wild. I didn’t think
I could avoid cumming now, but my concentration was
interrupted when Lew asked, “What time is it?”

I replied, “11:58, No, it just flipped, 11:59.”

I read the last part of the note.

“11:59 pm. Press stop VCR (the green button with the
black square) on the right side. Channel 7 should be on
and the fire works will start in a minute or so.
Hopefully, so will yours.

12:00 am. Happy New Year! Enjoy! Stay on top of Lew for
all of 2006.”

That was the last button and last note. When I pushed
that button, the orgy disappeared and channel 7 came on
with a helicopter view of Chicago’s lakefront just
south of Navy Pier. An announcer was saying, “We’re
nearly there. The count-down is about to start.”

Breathing hard, I started slowly grinding again. My
whole body was on fire. I felt Lew grab my nipples
again and gently twist them some more. I started
moaning, “Oooh! Ooooh! Mmmm.”

I felt his tongue start to get wild. I moaned some

The announcer started counting down, “Ten, nine,
eight…” With each count I slid my cunt harder against
Lew’s mouth. At the same time he pushed his tongue into
me as far as he could to the same counts. “Seven, six,
five four, three, two, one… Happy New Year.”

I exploded. I screamed. On screen, fireworks went off.
They reflected from the water just south of the pier.
At the sights and sounds of the fireworks exploding,
spasms of orgasm shook my hips. Some of the fireworks
timed themselves with my spasms. Lew timed his tongue
movement to happen a few seconds after each climactic
shock started to slow down. His tongue would start them
up all over again making the orgasm last that much

I was now uncontrollably shuddering and yelling. I
thought I would faint and fall on top of him. I lost
track of time. Every inch of my body was on fire. My
pussy was the hottest. His tongue was relentless. It
caused such strong pulsations in my cunt I tried to
stop it by pushing down harder on his mouth. The harder
I pushed, the more his tongue wiggled and pushed back.
As the orgasm finally started to recede, my cunt was
still pulsating.

Lew moved his lips higher to encircle my clit. He
sucked it in, and then out, in and out, in and out, I
exploded again. This must be how a guy felt when his
cock was being sucked! I had to stop soon or I would go
crazy. My fireworks didn’t want to stop. Lew’s tongue
wouldn’t let them. He wouldn’t stop licking. All I
could do was hang on to the back of the chair.

When the orgasm finally faded, I slowly lifted my right
leg back over his chest so that I was standing on his
right side. I was glad I didn’t pass out on top of him.
I knelt down, closed my eyes and placed my left cheek
on the right side of his chest. I could feel his hard
right nipple against my cheek. A few seconds later I
opened my eyes and there about two feet away from my
face I saw his cock standing straight up, like an
Apollo rocket at Cape Canaveral, ready to launch.

Instinctively, I reached down and stroked him with my
right hand. I didn’t realize he was so close to
cumming, but when I touched him his legs came together
and he hooked them over the top of the wooden chair and
his hips rose at least four inches from the chair. His
whole body stiffened and a yell erupted from his lips.
I started stroking his hard cock a little faster and he
yelled louder.

He exploded at the same time the fireworks went into
their grand finale. It was really awesome. When the
first spurt of cum shot up, it only went an inch or so
above the tip his prick and fell on his belly. But the
awesome part was that the colors of the fireworks on
the TV were being reflected in the spurts of his cum.
They seemed to explode with the sounds or blasts on the
screen. There were about four altogether. The first one
was orange, the second a blue green. Then a red one.
The last one was white. Three of them landed and made
little puddles on his belly. I didn’t see where the
last one went. I could see the changing reflections of
the screen shining in the puddles.

His grand finale finished, his hips slowly sank back to
the chair with him exclaiming, “Wow!”

I noticed two of the puddles on his belly were merging
together to make one larger puddle. I watched the
dancing light show on his belly for a minute or so, and
then I lowered my head toward the bigger puddle, stuck
my tongue in the center and began making a little
circle just to taste. It tasted good. Then I opened my
mouth wide to cover the whole puddle and slowly closed
my lips scooping the juice up on to my tongue and into
my mouth. My lips searched for his mouth and when I
found it, I kissed him lightly. Soon, as if he knew
what was coming, he pushed his tongue between my lips
and we did a French kiss.

Our tongues danced and swirled with the juice mingling
in our mouths. Raising my head, I let a drop or two
drip back onto his chin. Then, with a lick or two I
licked his chin clean and we both swallowed. He kept
his eyes closed so that he wouldn’t know what to expect

Moving back down over his belly, I solved the mystery
of where the fourth spurt of cum fell. It really didn’t
spurt, it dripped, like a large drop of wax going down
the side of a candle, down from the top of his cock and
it gathered in a little pool at the depression just
above the root of his prick. There must have been
nearly a teaspoonful there. It overflowed a little and
some of it ran down one side toward his balls.

I wiped some off by using my tongue on his balls. Then,
impulsively, I leaned forward and dipped my right tit
into the pool and as I hoped, the texture of it was so
syrupy much of it stuck to my nipple. As I moved toward
his head a long string of cum, gleaming from the light
of the TV, came with my nipple but then broke and
streaked his belly.

When I had my tit over his mouth a very large drop
strung down and landed on his lips. His mouth opened
and he used his tongue to try and wipe it away. He must
have been surprised by the larger than expected amount.
As his mouth opened I fed my nipple into it before he
could say anything. He stiffened and held still for a
long moment as if he was deciding whether he really
wanted to do this. In a moment he started to suck and
lick as if he were starving.

This sudden activity started to turn me on. My cunt
started to pulse again, so I reached down to
masturbate. When he cleaned off my tit, I felt so good
I rubbed both of my tits in the puddles left on his
belly and brought them up to his mouth. He licked one
clean first, and then the other.

I came again. It wasn’t as intense but it still felt
great and tingled for a long time. It was like watching
the lightning in the distance after a storm had past.
In several minutes we both finally reached a calm,
restful feeling. I glanced at the clock, it was 12:20,
but it seemed like the whole episode took hours.

Now you know why I can’t wait until next New Years Day,
on the other hand, the Fourth of July usually has
longer fireworks and gets here sooner!