A couple stumble across an alien plant and for one of them it ends badly

My boyfriend and I had decided to take a walk through
the woodland that afternoon. It was a beautiful hot
summer day and the shade from the trees provided us a
little respite from the glaring sun. It was so peaceful
and relaxing. We started to wander off the beaten path
and soon found ourselves quite secluded. Both of us
feeling a little excited we stopped and decided to have
a little fun. We both lay down on the soft woodland
floor between a few trees. It was quite strange that the
floor felt so soft but it didn’t bother us too much as
we were comfortable.

I unbuttoned Greg’s shirt and ran my fingers over his
chest as I lay on top of him. I loved the feel of his
strong muscular body as I stroked him. As he began to
loosen my shirt I fumbled with his button and zipper. I
now wanted to release his dick and play with it.

He raised himself up so I could pull down his jeans and
underwear. At the same time he was having more luck with
my skirt and knickers as I was now naked from the waist
down and my shirt was hanging loosely off my shoulders.
We were passionately kissing and fondling each other and
hadn’t noticed our surroundings changing.

All of a sudden Greg screamed out and startled me. I
leapt up and looked down to see long green tentacle like
vines slowly wrapping themselves around his wrists and
ankles. He was starting to thrash around and try to free
himself but the vines were strong and restraining him
more. He was shouting for help more and more and I was
beginning to panic. I did not know what to do. I was
rooted to the spot in terror.

Another vine started to wrap itself around my leg and
slowly climb up my body. I tried to move but it held me
to the spot firmly. More vines had wrapped around Greg.
There was one now around his neck and another around his
waist and it began to lift him slowly off the ground a
couple of feet. I was beginning to get really scared and
was screaming for help as well. The vine around me had
now reached my head and latched itself behind my ear. I
felt a sudden excruciating pain in my head followed by
what felt like a burst of noise. I began to hear a voice
in my head like someone was speaking directly into my

I felt very calm and reassured. It wasn’t a male or
female voice. Just a voice. I stopped struggling as it
soothed me. I remember it saying I would not be hurt or
killed as long as I let it take the male. I would be
cared for. Although it seemed quite strange I seemed to
obey quite easily. It didn’t bother me at all that I was
about to give up Greg for my own survival without any
hesitation. I became very relaxed as I watched events
unfold in front of me.

Greg was still screaming for help and thrashing around
although he was beginning to tire. Another vine appeared
around his neck and began to force its way into his
mouth. Slowly it slid down into Greg’s throat. It soon
filled his entire mouth which muted his screaming. It
seemed to be supplying him with oxygen as his chest was
still rising and falling. I could still see fear in his
eyes though.

Another vine had climbed my leg and began to snake
around my body. It felt quite arousing as it softly
stroked my body sending tingles through me. It was soon
joined by another which seemed to find my pussy and
tantalisingly toyed with it. As I got more aroused I got
wetter. The tentacle seemed to be very softly and gently
easing inside my pussy.

Meanwhile more vines had set about stripping Greg of his
clothes. A small vine started to wrap around his scrotum
and then up around his dick. It slowly pulsated around
it as if it was trying to make him hard. I was now
transfixed as I was being softly masturbated while
watching Greg. I seemed to have lost all concern for
him. The vines securing Greg’s ankles were now moving
apart spreading his legs. Another small vine started to
probe at Greg’s ass. I realised what was about to happen
which made me even more excited and aroused.

Slowly the vine invaded Greg’s rectum and he jolted. It
seemed to snake a long way inside. The vine then started
to expand. I watched as it began to stretch Greg’s anus
up. I could tell Greg was in pain me it just seemed to
me more excited. When it stopped expand it was probably
at least four inches in diameter. I also noticed that
Greg’s dick was beginning to get hard.

I wondered if he was enjoying himself or it was just the
plant. The vine in his but began to pulsate as though it
was pumping something into him. The vine in my pussy had
expanded too and was really beginning to fuck me. I
Couldn’t believe how good it felt.

Another vine had now appeared at the tip of Greg’s now
fully erect dick. It found the slit and began to push
down inside it. I watched and could clearly see it
forcing its way down the shaft through into his scrotum.
That looked extremely painful for Greg but it seemed to
really turn me on. That vine began to expand to inside
his dick. His dick now was at least an inch wider than
it normally was.

The vine pulsated and I noticed Greg’s balls begin to
expand as if the vine was pumping something into them. I
watched them inflate to the size of small melons. I
could see the vine retract slightly as the vines around
the outside of his dick constricted and relaxed
rhythmically around it. The vine inside was still
pulsating. I noticed as well that his dick seemed to be
getting longer.

Normally he was only about eight inches but it was now
well over twelve and still growing. It seemed like as
the vine retracted from inside his dick it grew. When
the vine finally withdrew from the end it left a small
trail of white semen like liquid dribbling from the end.
His dick now was at least eighteen inches in length and
a good five inches wide and was being masturbated by the
vines wrapped around it.

I heard the voice in my head again. It told me the male
would orgasm for me a last time before giving over to
the plant. It seemed so erotic to me not even
considering the true outcome of this. I was in so much
pleasure and I didn’t care. I’m sure I had orgasms
through this but it just felt as though I was building
to something special. The vines were teasing, prodding
and fucking every part of my body and just feeling so

A huge stem rose up behind Greg with a transparent
flower at the end. It slowly arched over Greg and came
down over his head and shoulders. It seemed to seal
itself over Greg and slowly push down over his body
ingesting him. With what strength he had left in him I
could see him give one last struggle. I could see the
flower head begin to fill with liquid. The flower had
now pushed down to his waist and had stopped there. I
remember being carried forward towards him stopping
directly in front of his hugely inflated dick. I edged
forward and began to feel it. It was so huge and I had
to touch every single part of it and his swollen
testicles. The vines fucking my pussy were now in time
with the vines masturbating his cock. I could feel one
enormous orgasm building inside me.

Were it not for the vines supporting me I’m sure I would
have collapsed there. When I came it felt like nothing I
have ever experienced before. Pleasure coursed through
every part of my body. Like never before. Words do not
come close to describing how amazing I felt and it
seemed like it was just getting better and better. The
plant had some sort of magical power over me. At that
point the plant made Greg orgasm himself. The vines
around his scrotum contracted so tightly and the vines
around his dick seemed to follow.

One huge spurt of cum left his dick and sprayed my face.
The vines contracted more but this time I was ready.
Another spurt left him and found my waiting mouth. It
filled it almost instantly and I swallowed the exquisite
liquid. More and more spurts followed and I tried to
catch each one. I was still cumming myself.

I knew I must be in heaven. No one could cum that long
surely. Greg’s enormous dick spurted stream of stream of
magical cum. What I could not swallow down dribbled from
my mouth and over my breasts. I must have swallowed at
least three whole pints of cum and had another three on
my face, in my hair or over my breasts. I must have
looked such a slut but I was still cumming hard myself.
Greg’s orgasm had lasted nearly a minute. His dick
rapidly shrank to its original size and the vines
released it.

The voice told me now was the time. I looked at Greg’s
face through the transparent flower and said goodbye.
The vine in Greg’s ass finally pushed the rest of his
body into the flower before it closed around him. I saw
the final fear in his eyes as the liquid started to turn
red as the plant began to dissolve him.

My orgasm finally finished as the life slipped away from
him. The stem and flower returned into the ground from
where it emerged taking its prey with it. The vines
holding me slowly lay me on the ground where I lay there
exhausted from the experience. The voice thanked me and
said I could come back as long as I brought a male gift.

I don’t know how long a lay there for but when I finally
decided to get up I looked around. The only sign of what
happened were mine and Greg’s discarded clothing. I
quickly dressed and hid Greg’s clothes. On my walk home
I felt no remorse or sorrow for Greg.

All I could think of was finding another male.