My wife and I went camping along with my new co-workers

Oh how difficult it is for me to forget our camping
adventure! My new office organized a team-bonding camp
for the line managers. It was a family affair to
introduce the new managers’ spouses to all colleagues
and their spouses. It was optional as the company
didn’t want to impose on anybody’s family commitments
and private time. I was very eager to be part of it so
that I could prove my credentials of a team-spirited
new hire. Although my wife was not very keen, as she
doesn’t like to socialize with utter strangers, she
agreed for my sake.

On the appointed Friday afternoon, we drove three hours
to reach the national park where the camp site was
located. Although tents had been set up already we were
asked to bring our own sleeping bags and essential
items. By the time we reached the site, it was getting
dark. We were, it seems the first ones to arrive. Once
we were guided to the site a bonfire had already been
lit and the flames were comforting in the slight but
increasingly cold autumn breeze.

The campsite was in an ideal setting among fragrant
pine forest. Although the setting was primal and
natural, the organizers had erected a fantastic bar
with every type of alcohol available. The welcome drink
was tequila shots with lime. It was perfect as the
burning alcohol really warmed us up. We had three shots
each before I switched to my favorite � beer, and my
wife moved on to trying one after another of their
specially concocted cocktails.

When the second couple arrived we were already quite
uninhibited. They told us that just after we passed the
highway connected to the Park, a terrible accident
jammed the road and that’s why all of them got delayed.
Others would be coming soon, we were informed, even
though we didn’t care much.

My wife had already overcome her shyness and was soon
chatting to the other couple like they were long lost
friends. I was happy to see her enjoy herself. Sure
enough one after another all arrived. There were three
couples and about five bachelors. But it was already
about 9pm and very dark. Although we were already drunk
to the point of slurring and staggering, we were plied
with drinks after drinks to give the latecomers a
chance to catch up.

My wife, however, couldn’t keep up and was sick. She
was so inebriated that she couldn’t even recognize me.
Anyway, at the suggestion of one of the other wives, I
tried to carry her to the tent. But of course I was
drunk too so one of my other colleagues � a heavily
built, dark Mexican fellow named Juan � helped me
support her from one side. Together we dragged her to
the tent. There were two large tents, one for the
couples and one for the bachelors.

We took her inside the tent and fumbled around in the
darkness. I found our sleeping bag which we had already
positioned in the corner to get some privacy, and tried
to get my wife inside. It was a difficult task. Thank
god for Juan, who was really helpful. While I held my
wife in my lap, he tugged her shoes open and helped me
take off her jacket.

“It really gets warm inside the sleeping bag, doesn’t
it,” he stated rather asked me, and I heard as if he
was helping my wife get rid of her jeans. I felt rather
than saw, his unbuckle her jean and then I heard the
unmistakable sound of her zipper. Then He pulled the
jeans off altogether from her feet. Very helpful, I
thought again.

“Does she sleep in her shirt or do you want to change
her to sleep more comfortably,” he asked sincerely. I
tried to remember hard in my drunken state but couldn’t
recall her sleeping with any clothes on ever. Anyway
clothes are such a hindrance when you want to fuck, so
I told him to take her shirt off. If fumbled again and
soon the shirt was off too. Now my wife would be very
comfortable, I thought. But when we tried to slip her
in the sleeping bag, we found it almost impossible
because Juan couldn’t open the sleeping bag completely.
And since my hands were useless because I was holding
her head, I couldn’t help much.

Mr. Super Nice then helped me out again. He lifted my
wife off me and asked me to hold the bag like a grocery
bag so that he could lift my wife and slide her
straight inside. What a great idea? So I did as I was
told and sure enough, Juan managed to get my wife
inside. But there was a problem. Accidentally, while he
was sliding her in, he stepped inside to support her
weight and as my wife slid straight inside the sleeping
bag, so did Juan. What must have been more embarrassing
for him was the fact that his trousers and underwear
(must have been really loose trousers though I hadn’t
noticed before) got stuck in my wife’s underwear
somehow and everything just slid down � including my
wife’s underwear.

There they were the two of them stuck together face to
face, and almost skin to skin � as far as their bodies
below the waist were concerned. My eyes were accustomed
to the dark by now and I could see Juan’s rippled tight
black thighs mashing against my wife’s creamy white
thighs. Juan was looking at me helplessly. I could
understand how embarrassed he must be to be stuck half
naked with his new colleague’s pretty and drunken wife.

When he managed to pull himself apart a little I saw
his cock. Oh my god, I have seen cocks in porno flicks
but his was in a league of his own. It was thick,
really plump and fat, and about 10 inches long. It had
a crown of foreskin topping the big apple-sized cock
head and it was rock hard perhaps with all the friction
caused by moving my wife up and down. Poor thing how
much he had to suffer to help me!

Just then, when he was about to step out � I think � my
wife toppled a bit towards him and he had to hold her
tight to prevent her falling down. He managed to do
this with one hand, because he was busy adjusting his
hard cock with the other hand. But they both leaned to
the left and the hard black uncut cock accidentally got
wedged between my wife’s now bare pussy slit. The poor
fellow went absolutely black in his face from the shock
of it all. Again, he looked at me helplessly so I
thought I would help him out.

I smiled reassuringly as he tried to pull his hard cock
out of my wife’s wife. Even in the dim moonlight I
could see that his black cock was glistening with my
wife’s pussy juices. But each time he tried, before he
could pull out completely, my wife fell forward and
Juan’s cock kept sliding deep inside her cunt. Oh the
horror of the situation. Ten minutes of this pulling
out and sliding in, I decided enough was enough.

I put my hand between their crotches and grasped Juan’s
extremely hard and scalding hot cock. Then I tried to
pull it out of my wife’s fully stretched pussy. But it
was stuck inside like a jack hammer. I tried a few
times and then suddenly Juan stood still and started
spasming and jerking. I felt tremors passing through
his fat cock. I was worried that he was having a fit or
something but after eight or nine long tremors passed
through his slimy and hard cock, he stopped. His cock
also lost some of its hardness and managed to pull it

As it slid out of my hands because of its slipperiness,
I couldn’t help notice how long and heavy his cock
really was compared to mine. Just as his cock plopped
out of my wife’s pussy, thick strands of liquid flooded
out on my hand. I scooped it all and pulled my hand out
of their tightly clasped bodies. It surely smelled
funky but just to be sure that the smell was coming
from the discharge from my wife’s pussy,

I brought my hand close to my nose and took a long and
good sniff. It was a nice whiff of my wife’s pussy
mixed with a musky smell hard to describe. The smell
was overpowering and I didn’t want Juan to wonder what
weird discharge came out of my wife’s pussy so I
quickly tipped my hand in my mouth and before he could
say or see anything, I swallowed the sticky, gooey and
thick creamy discharge � after all it was my duty as a
drunken husband to protect the integrity of my drunken

I would have happily walked out leaving them like that
but Juan was, as I mentioned, a really friendly chap.
So he asked me to hold my wife just for a minute or two
till he asked another colleague to help out. “I am
really pooped, you see,” he told me with a wink and

Five minutes later, two other colleagues � Leroy, the
black security manager, and Aditya, the Indian IT
manager � walked in to help me. They were laughing and
whispering jokes to each other before they entered. I
heard them snigger and I heard the sound of someone
pissing in a tumbler. But at least they did it outside
the tent before entering inside.

They were also kind enough to bring me a drink. I was
thirsty as it so I gulped the drink down like a man in
dessert drinking water. The drink tasted a bit acidic.
It was quite warm and it had a familiar tangy smell to
it but my brains were a bit clouded so I just finished
the drink and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.
They laughed some more.

While I was drinking, they held my wife in between
them. Leroy was holding her from the front and Aditya
from behind. I saw Leroy’s lost his grip on my wife’s
waist and had to quickly grope my wife’s big breast to
keep from falling down. In this tussle her last piece
of garment � her bra � came off and now she was buck
naked in front of my two colleagues.

While Leroy kept her straight by groping her breasts,
Aditya had to support himself from falling backward, as
the poor man held the tent poles, his trouser zipper
came apart and (he must have been free balling like I
do sometimes) his cock, which was already hard and
dripping precum (of course I could see all that, I
admit that I was drunk but I am not stupid or blind you
know!), got pushed forward and hit the bull’s eye �
which happened to be my wife’s rosebud asshole.

Aditya’s cock, straight like an arrow and tapered like
a spear, was made for the job. It penetrated by wife’s
virgin ass and even in her drunken stupor, she
whimpered a little. To help her suppress her moans,
Leroy clamped his thick nigger lips on top of her sweet
mouth. She started kissing him back (she must have
thought, it’s me!) and in her sleep, humped herself
against Leroy’s crotch. It’s still a mystery but I am
sure there must be some reason, Leroy’s trousers had
somehow dropped down to his ankles as had his
underwear. He black cock � looking like the twin of
Juan’s swarthy cock � was sticking out, curved slightly
towards the left but hard like a pole of steel.

As my wife fell forward, being pushed repeatedly by the
slightly clumsy Aditya, whose Indian uncut cock was
jammed in my wife’s ass from behind, Leroy’s
magnificently large cock got mashed between their
bodies. To ease his discomfort, I held his cock and
tried to move it sideways (his hands were tied to my
wife’s breasts, you see). Silly me! I shouldn’t even
have tried because as I moved it sideways, its blunt
purple cockhead (which was very wet because of his free
flowing black precum) somehow got stuck inside my
wife’s already lubricated pussy slit. My wife keeps her
pubes shaved off so his cock head just slipped off and
got stuck in her moist and warm hole.

I tried my level best to pry her two meaty pussy lips
open so that I could then pull Leroy’s cock out but it
only went inside. I felt one inch of Leroy’s cock meat
slide past my fingers. Then another and then another.
In all, 10 inches of his curved black cock meat went
inside. I was very surprised as where it was going with
that distinct curvature of his cock…and the fact that
it was rock hard. Not only had I failed in getting
Leroy’s black cock out of my wife’s pussy but I also
had the task of pulling poor Aditya’s brown uncut cock
from her butt.

They both were moaning and groaning in pain and
discomfort. They also seemed very restless and
continued moving their bodies back and forth. I had no
choice but to hold both their cocks with each of my
hand. So now there was Leroy with his black cock jammed
in my wife’s pussy and my left hand was on his cock;
then there was Aditya with his fat brown cock embedded
in my wife’s ass and my right hand on his cock.

Without saying anything, all three of us started
helping each other. Each time I pulled Leroy’s slimy
cock out of my wife’s pussy, I helped Aditya push his
hot cock inside my wife’s butt. With each thrust a
little more cock meat came out. After 15 minutes of
this very tiresome exercise, both Leroy and Aditya
started moving their pelvises to help me and sped up
the pounding of my wife’s holes. It had the result
desired by me and their cocks shuddered like they were
experiencing an earthquake and after some volcanic

I finally managed to free their cocks from my stupid,
drunken wife’s pussy clutches. They wanted to thank me
for my help but in the dark and in the confusion, ended
up kissing my drunken wife on the mouth � which was
good for me as I didn’t want to be kissed on my mouth
by a black man or an Indian man.

After they left, I somehow managed to get my wife
inside the sleeping bag and zipped her up. Then, I went
out to relieve my bursting bladder. Everyone had
already slept so I too went back to the tent and tried
to slide in our sleeping bag beside my wife. But there
was already three people stuck inside so obviously
there was hardly any space for me. And in any case,
they were groaning and moaning and moving so much that
I would have rather not slept with them. So I just
wiggled in the next sleeping bag. In the night I dreamt
as if some monster was raping me. I was screaming and
begging to be freed but to no avail.

Somehow the horrible night passed and by the time I
woke up it was broad daylight and almost everyone had
gone for fishing as we had originally planned. I only
saw my wife’s head from the sleeping bag. She was still
out cold. As I dragged myself out of the sleeping bag
(I still don’t know who it belonged to, which is why it
is a mystery), I realized my underwear and pants were
heaped in the corner of the tent.

As I stood, a terrible pain shot up in my ass like it
was ripped apart. I touched my butt with my hand a felt
a flood of sticky liquid flow out. It smelled the same
as the discharge from my wife’s pussy last night. I
thought I heard someone coming so to avoid
embarrassment I quickly gulped it down and realized it
tasted the same too. That was good. And then I slipped
beside my wife to have a quick fuck before she woke up.
But she was already half awake and groggy. She gave me
a full kiss on the lips, which somehow smelled funny
and tasted like her discharge and then she whispered
lovingly, “Honey, I loved the way you fucked me last
night. Now go down and give me a good lick… lap my
pussy with that long and loving tongue of yours.”

As I started licking her, I cherished the taste and
realized that I had never fucked her last night. But I
thought better than to tell her. If she was happy, let
things go… maybe I could get her drunk again tonight.
As it is I had three new found friends in my colleagues
to help me slid her in the sleeping bag even if I don’t
know who that bag really belongs to?