Colette Visits A Dog Kennel

Colette was feeling rather down. No, it wasn’t anything
exceptional, but after a string of rejections-and that
after her two last boyfriends had broke relations by an
answering machine announcement, she was feeling really
bad. And ‘as usually when feeling down, she consoled
herself by guzzling bucketfuls of ice-cream, chocolate
chips were her favorites.

And yes, she knew that she was overweight and that this
had been one of the main reasons for her rejections,
but, she contemplated, she wasn’t that fat! And she had
a quite nice face-everybody had told her so! And men
really like big soft tits and round heavy butts-or so
claimed her favorite magazines!


Any-way, her shrink had recommended her to buy a dog
and to keep a diet-in this order- before he takes her
appointment again in one month time.

So, here she was at the PETA kennel, looking for a dog.
She has told the guys who were running the kennel
exactly what she wanted: a regular man-size dog, not
such a lady’s toy like a Chihuahua or a Pekinese or
something, but on the other hand not too big. Like a
Retriever maybe or a Cocker? (she disregarded the guys’
smirks, what’s so funny about her preferences?) And of
course he must be home broken-and she preferred a male
or a spayed female-she couldn’t bother with the bitch
being in heat. (well, let them smirk, the bastards)
And, yes, most important, he must be friendly!

The guys have shown her several dogs, and one
especially caught her eye. He was slightly higher then
a cocker spaniel, and had shorter ears, and a big head,
but he had cocker’s sad, friendly eyes, and he wagged
his tail excitedly at her and licked her hand…It was
love on first sight. The guys explained her with a leer
that he was a mongrel-a mixture of a cocker spaniel
with a mastiff and that he had inherited parts from
both sides.

He certainly had a deep, manly bark, she thought, and
it may be useful to deter would be burglars. “But is he
friendly?” she asked anxiously.

“Oh, yes!” The guys assured her, smirking and leering
“his former mistress had brought it in for being too
friendly, if you understand what we mean.”

Colette didn’t understand but didn’t let it on. His
former owner had named him Saso, and Colette liked the
name. It suited him, somehow.

All the way home Colette kept turning in her mind the
kennel-guys’ words: he was a mixture between a mastiff
and a cocker spaniel. All embarrassed she thought” if
his mother was the mastiff, how the hell did the cocker
reach her? But if she was the cocker she must have
suffer a lot, with the mastiff’s huge cock. ” Colette
felt that she was blushing with the vivid pictures that
appeared in her mind, and understood all of sudden, the
leering smirks of the guys… And what did they mean
“too friendly?” She had been too shy to ask.

Well, she soon found out. Saso was an exemplary dog. He
was quiet, house broken, always happy to meet Colette
with his wagging tail, and even didn’t pull too hard on
his leash on his walks in the park. Colette has got even
used to his slight snoring-she found it reassuring, a
sure sign that somebody is with her. Saso’s one fault,
and it was a huge one, was that always when he found
Colette sitting he started humping her leg.

Whatever Colette has tried didn’t deter him: when she was
cross with him he would crawl ashamed to his corner,
but as soon as she seated herself again he was there
again, humping her leg. Some times even the crimson tip
of his cock would show-which made Colette blush and,
curiously was sending tingles in her pussy… And
slapping his nose didn’t help either!

Luckily this awkward behavior was confined to her only-
he had never humped her friends, just her and any dog,
male or female, that he happened to meet in the park,
as long as they let him, before getting annoyed and
snapping at him.

Then, one day, about a couple of moths with her, the
black and white cocker spaniel bitch from the park was
in heat. She let Saso lick her, and was obviously happy
when he mounted her- but then she let out a hurt yelp
and escaped. When that happened the third time in a row
Colette and the bitch’s owner a nice black lady- looked
better to find the reason.

What they did see was an enormous cock! No wonder the
bitch wouldn’t have it, it must have been ripping her
apart! Somehow, the sight of the huge, red, erect
missile made Colette’s pussy all wet-and she was SO
embarrassed to get horny from a dog! But then the
bitchs’ owner turned to her, all excited, sighing and
saying: “What a shame to waste such a cock. A pity it’s
only a dog, isn’t it?”

Well, Colette was pleased that she hadn’t been the only
pervert-but sharing the guilt didn’t ease her
conscience very much. The event did, however, change
her attitude to Saso’s weakness. “After all, the poor
animal has inherited that enormous cock from his
father-and he can’t find any use for it, the poor dumb

She mused. “He can’t reach the bigger bitches, and he
is too big for the smaller ones, the poor animal”

That, anyway, was her attitude that Sunday morning,
when she had sat down to “bring up” Saso. Why she was
wearing only her bath robe, with nothing underneath,
she couldn’t later explain herself. She also had no
answer to the question why she was using the pouffe
chair-perhaps because it brought her was nearer to Saso?
Any way, so she did. She had called Saso to her, and
when he started to hump her leg, she bent down to him,
scolding him in a would be harsh tones. Saso, in
response, did but lick her face and Colette, giggling,
pulled away. “Gee, go away, you stink!” She exclaimed.
Somehow, inadvertently, Saso’s huge red cock came into
her mind and made her wet…Saso licked again, this time
hitting her open mouth and she pulled even more

Saso, losing his foothold, has slipped, and his claws
scratched Colette’s thigh. Now, had she jerked in the
other direction, all that wouldn’t have happened, but
as chance had it, she jerked her thighs open…

Saso slipped even further, scratching he inner thigh
which made her spread her thighs wide open and caused
Saso’s nozzle hit her exposed pussy. Saso must have found
the smell of the wet pussy inviting, because he licked
it, and Colette, who had gasped from the sudden feeing of
the wet cold nose on her cunt, has jerked and a slight
moan escaped her lips. OH it felt good! Saso’s next lick
hit her clit. And Colette jerked, moaning and spreading
her thighs.

Finding no opposition, Saso licked fervently on and
Colette was soon moaning, heaving against the caressing
tongue. She never had imagined that cunt eating could
feel that good! Saso’s tongue was reaching the most
secluded corner of her cunt, all the while hitting and
sliding on her sensitive clit, and soon Colette was
feeling that she was nearing an orgasm. With her dog,
imagine that!

Somehow the thought about that perversion made her even
hornier and she was now thrusting against Saso’s head
pulling it into her, while with her other hand she was
squeezing her tits, pinching the puffed, erected
nipples.. Whimpering and screaming she came, her ass
dancing on the puff, flooding it with gushes of juice.

Now she lay back, panting heavily, gathering her wits.
“Was she demented? Was she really that much depraved
that she longed for a dog’s cock?” And the picture of
the massive red organ came vividly in her mind… And
Saso was climbing her naked body… he climbed up,
licking again her panting mouth, inserting his warm wet
tongue deep in her open mouth.

With her inner mind amazed, she found that she was
actually enjoying sucking on that warm soft tongue, now
smelling from her own juices! Her reason was however
strong enough to pull Saso down, when he lapped at her
exposed, puffed, sensitive tits… Colette screeched,
whimpered and spread her thighs even more, and now she
felt Saso’s hairy body pressing against her crotch and
the jabs of a hot rigid member around her cunt!

YES!!!, she knew now that this was what she had wanted
all along! Saso was humping wildly against her, jabbing
his engorged cock all around Colette’s cunt and missing
the port. Loosing all inhibition, Colette guided with her
hand the hot rod into her dripping cunt, the feel of
the wet velvety surface making her even more horny, if
that’s possible. OH how it filled her up! Saso’s shoves
sent the hot dick into he expectant cunt and she was in
heaven! Never before had she had such a big filling
cock in her! Colette was moaning and whining with lust.

“What kind of perverted bitch are you?” said a tiny
voice back in her mind. “Are you that desperate that
you would fuck a dumb animal?”

“YES!” She screamed at her nagging conscience, “YES I
WANT HIM!!” She directed her shoves and heaves towards
the humping rod, seeking to feel it in her innermost
recesses, but Saso kept falling out, and she mused that
she was evidently a very wrong kind of a bitch- that
she couldn’t even satisfy a dog lover.

Frustrated she pulled the hot wet rod out, and turning
around she answering Saso’s whining : “Come now. I’ll be
your bitch, this will suit you better”. She lay on the
Pouffe, raising her behind to accept Saso, and he didn’t
miss. Saso mounted her, his claws scratching her sides
and with a gusto shoved his huge cock all the way in.
Colette gasped, then yelled then screamed, as the hot,
thick rod was filling her and hitting her cervices. And
now she began to be stretched! The cock in her seemed
to be inflating!! Vaguely Colette recalled something
about dogs’ knot? And now it stretched her to bursting.

The bloated ballooned tool was now firmly lodged in her
cunt Lustfully she attempted unsuccessfully to hump
against the cock, to rub her G spot on it. It filled
her so tight that it couldn’t move inside her, but her
attempts did make her clit hit the knot and this sent
her yelling and screaming.

Her mind was now filled only with her desire to rub
against the blissful cudgel that was filling her. Saso’s
staccato movements increased their pace, rubbing the
knot on her clit, and when she felt the hot gushes of
his semen hitting her uterus, it sent her screaming and
yelling over the edge of the precipice, and all world
went black.

When she came to, moments later, Saso was attempting to
pull away from her. “Good dog, good, dog” she exclaimed
“No please don’t take it out yet!” She begged whining,
and her cunt was clamping around the big bloated dick,
fearing to loose it, She needn’t fear. The bloated knot
was now lodged so tight that it couldn’t get out. Saso’s
attempt to withdraw had caused his knot to rub against
her clit again, making her again climb another orgasm.
Soon Saso was again humping her with all his might and
she humping and shoving against him was again screaming
and yelling in the throes of another orgasm.

The coupling took about forty minutes, and Colette came,
oh so many times, that she lost count…Finally Saso
succeeded pulling out his now deflating knot, and has
retreated to his bed. A gush of dog’s come, mixed with
her own juices, stained the pouffe bellow her. Only
after a few futile attempts she had succeeded to rise
on her shaky knees. She now felt that she had to thank
Saso for the joy that he had given her. Weakly she
scrambled on her fours after him to his corner, finding
him there, licking his red, now flaccid cock.

Seeing her, Saso had feebly wagged his tail, in a
doggish way of greeting and thanking and Colette bent
down to him kissing him fully on his mouth. His wet
tongue, smelling now with a mixture of her own juices,
and a pungent, undeniable smell of dog’s come entered
deep into her mouth. Sucking on it hungrily she now
felt that she actually liked the taste! And she went
directly to the hot source. She dove to Saso’s crimson
cock, licked it, sucked it into her mouth, sucking on
it as if it was a teat and she was a hungry pup.

Saso whimpered feebly, his cock growing again and
started to hump against her mouth. Soon he jumped on
his feet, all the time humping and shoving his now huge
cock down Colette’s throat. Colette gagged, and her neck
nearly snapped under the mighty shoves, but she
wouldn’t have missed it for the world. OH!! It felt SO
GOOD! It felt somehow… like she was now really Saso’s
slave bitch, and that was all she wanted now to be.
Please, please come in my mouth she was thinking to her
self, unable to utter more than mumbled noises.
Suddenly Saso pulled out his cock and while she was
whining for him to return, he ran around her and
mounted her behind.

“OH YES!” She yelled when Saso’s cock hit again her
willing, dripping cunt. “Yes, please fuck me! OH MY

And fuck her he did. His knot lodged itself again in
her cunt although this time it wasn’t so tight, and
Colette heaved and rotated her ass, attempting to catch
again that wonderful feeling when Saso’s cock hit both
her G spot and her clit, and here it came!

Colette was again, rubbing heavily against the hard, hot
pole whimpering in her lust, longing only to feel that
rub again and again and OH! When the gush of the hot
doggy cum hit her womb again she came, screaming,
yelling, howling together with Saso like a pack of

Utterly exhausted she dropped on Saso, who was now also
shakily licking his dick. She didn’t have the strength
to rise and go to her own bed, so she just cuddled to
Saso, hugging him, burying her face in his warm, fury
belly. Before her mind went all numb with a releasing
sleep, she just murmured, “Oh my wonderful, sweet,
lover dog! How could that stupid bitch say that you
were TOO friendly?!”