Month: September 2023

HAK lets her husband watch her masturbate
By: Date: 2023.09.30. Categories: Just Wife Stories Tags: , , , , , , ,

I’m sitting with my back against my husband on the
little couch I keep in my bedroom for lounging on.
We’re watching a movie on the TV. I’m not really paying
attention to the show, instead just enjoying the
closeness to my husband. I like the way he feels
against me. I can feel his muscles and I love feeling…

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Blowjob in the Planetarium
By: Date: 2023.09.26. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , , , ,

“Adam, where are we going?”

“To the planetarium.”

“Um it’s the middle of the night. Isn’t the planetarium closed?”

A mischievous grin. “Well, we won’t have to worry about it being crowded
then, will we?”

We walked hand in hand through the still and starless night, a night almost as
beautiful as she was. Not many women are flattered by …

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Hypno woman
By: Date: 2023.09.25. Categories: Just Wife Stories Tags: , , , , ,

Time was his home. Home was his time. To enjoy, to know, to
experience everything that ever was and ever will be. Centuries past and
future were his present always, for there was never a past or future for
him. He was the time-traveller, experiencing, intervening in, guiding the
present of millions as he became a part of their moments …

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Susan gets spanked for bouncing checks
By: Date: 2023.09.24. Categories: Just Bondage Stories Tags: , , , ,

Susan was prettier than usual that morning. Her
neatly-brushed silky blond hair just brushed her shoul-
ders with a slight wave. My downstairs neighbor had
dressed for comfort in running shorts, a tube top and
sandals. Her clothing hugged her lush figure tightly,
just as I wished I could.

She seemed preoccupied, however, as we shared
our customary cup of …

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A wife has to be ‘nice’ to her brother in-law
By: Date: 2023.09.20. Categories: Just Incestuous Stories Tags: , , , ,

To understand my predicament you have to understand one
thing: I love my husband very, very much. I would do
anything to make him happy. We’ve been happily married
for six years. My husband, John, has his own business
and recently he gave his older brother Ian a job.

Ian has been abroad for the past three years. He was…

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Private School Lesbian Girlfriends 2.
By: Date: 2023.09.19. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , , , ,

Karen had, after all, showered with Diane before and
they were roommates but this was pretty private. Even
so, she leaned up, slipped the elastic over her butt-
cheeks and stretched her legs out and also kicked off
her under panties. Karen’s pussy was also getting very
moist. Without even touching it, Karen felt the
pleasant sensation in her loins.…

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Private School Lesbian Girlfriends
By: Date: 2023.09.19. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , ,

High on the hill, the stately old buildings stood like
ancient monuments to tradition. The clouds moved
quickly across the mid-western sky shielding the Roman
stone faces only momentarily from the late summer sun.
There was no hint of the coming autumn except for the
laughter of girls who greeted each other after their
summer vacation. Even though it was …

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An Asian girl I date loves to fantasize about having sex with other men
By: Date: 2023.09.18. Categories: Just Asian Fantasies Tags: , ,

This is all a true story of a sexy Asian girl I’m
dating… I started dating this hot Asian girl and at
her suggestion, posted a number of pictures of her on a
sweatergirl website which began an explosive run on her
fantasies as she saw the number of men who responded to
her photos all telling her what they …

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Henry, Annie, and Me the swinger trio
By: Date: 2023.09.14. Categories: Just Swinger Stories Tags: , , , , ,

I’d known them for about three years. Henry had
installed some new plumbing fixtures in my fitness
center. We’d talked and sort of hit it off and began to
see each other socially.

At first I’d been married but then my wife and I
divorced. My ex skipped the state to avoid prosecution
for embezzling money from the business but …

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