The Bi Hotwife’s story

For the last 15 years, my husband has enjoyed threesomes with me and my girlfriend. He loves when we go down on each other, shave each other’s pussy, use vibrators on each other, etc.

But I have always wanted to see HIM do bi, but he resisted. So, I laid it out, once and for all;
either he did a mmf threesome and went bi, or I would NEVER again let him fuck me. He knew I was serious as I am the dominate one in our marriage, a hot wife, and he is a cuckhold.

Anyway, I met a very well built and handsome man at the gricery store. As we talked and flirted, I noticed this stud was looking at my braless tits. The air was cold and my nipples were very visible. Realizing he was interested in my body, I offered to have him meet me that night at my house. And he happily accepted.

That night, I told the cuckhold that a stud was coming over to fuck us both! The look onmy husband’s face was priceless. He tried to refuse. so I reminded him of my threat. He gave in.

Once we were in bed, I quickly had my stud go down on my cuckhold until my husband came in his mouth. Then I ordered my husband to lie facedown on the bed. We lubed his butt, and then I held my husband’s arms while my stud slowly entered cuckhold hubbie’s butt. At first my huband was in pain but then, waching the stud suck my nipples from the ceiling mirror, he relaxed. My stud finally shot his load in my hubbie, and my hubbie smiled and just laid there.

My stud and I went into the tub and washed each other. He then carried me to the bed, ordered the cuckhold to eatch, and fucked me with that HUGE cock,

After the sfud left, I went back to the bed and there was my cuckhold still on his stomach, asleep with a smile on his face and jism leaking out his butt. I woke him u and made hi lick my pussy clean, remindng him what he was tasting was still in his butt! I love ben a bi hotwife wigh a now bi cuckhold husband.