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I wouldn’t have fucked the hell out of our babysitter if she didn’t belong to my gym.

See, our babysitter, Stacia, has always been what I would consider “cute.” She wears baggy clothes, even in summer, and so I never really got to see her body. Our kids loved her to death. She would come over, my wife dealt with her most of the time, and I just paid her at the end of the night. She lived two blocks away so no one ever had to bring her home.

She was a quiet girl, with an impressive smile and eyes that sparkled. She was naturally a brunette, but colored her hair blonde.

During her senior year, she started talking some more; I guess because my schedule had changed and I was typically the one she’d be relieving. I’d have a rehearsal to attend, and by this time my wife was fucking her boss many nights under the guise of “program planning” for the school district. At least that’s what she told the kids. I knew better, as I had shared her one night with her new lover, and video taped them on occasion.

But back to Stacia.

Stacia, it turned out, was really into theatre. She told me that she had come to see my shows and that she was amazed that I could sing as well as I do. She would never want to be on stage, she was far too shy, but she did enjoy watching.

It also turned out that she had a fantastic sense of humor. We began joking around with each other and flirting. At this point, it was harmless flirting from my side. Again, I didn’t know what I was dealing with, and she watched my kids. Of course I’d fucked 18 year olds before, Carly was (and still is) the fuck of my life. But I didn’t think about Stacia that way.

Spring came, and with it her graduation. She watched our kids one of the first weekends of summer. When I got home from rehearsal, she was on the couch plunking around on my wife’s computer.

“Hey,” I said as I sat down on the couch next to her. Something smelled different. I know the smell of an aroused woman, and it was palpable in my living room.

“Hey,” she replied, with some tension in her voice.

“Everything ok?”

“Yeah. I just saw something that I shouldn’t have.” She replied coolly.

“What’s that?”

“Well, I guess it’s not my business. It’s just that…” then she thought better of it, “never mind. I should get going.”

“Alright. Here you go,” I said, handing her a 50. “But if you need to talk, let me know.”

She got up without looking at me, put her shoes on, and made for the door. She stopped at the door and saw my keys. On my keychain was a key fob for the local gym. Her demeanor changed somewhat. “You belong to that gym? I’ve been going to the other one down the street. Do you like it?”

“It doesn’t get quite as busy. I prefer to workout alone, late at night when the wife gets home from her program planning.” I said.

Her face turned sour again. She said, “I may switch. I like working out late as well, and there are a bunch of creepers at mine.”

“Well, the only creeper at my gym at 10pm is me,” I said with a chuckle. That got a laugh.

“You’re not a creeper. You’re a real gentleman, and one who deserves so much more than he has.”

There was an awkward pause, and she looked down at her feet. “I shouldn’t have said that. I’m sorry. Good night.”

With that, she left.

I was really surprised. I opened up my wife’s laptop, and looked up “recent programs.” Video was the last one. I opened it up. Sure enough, it was a video of my wife getting plowed by her boss. She was moaning like a wonton whore. My babysitter had masturbated to a video of my wife banging someone else, and was mad that my wife was cheating. I found it to be pretty funny. Still, I had no interest in this girl.

Two nights later, I went to the gym. My wife had come home, well and truly fucked. She told me about it. Her boss had invited a friend. She had two cocks in her over and over.

When I walked in, the lights were on. I came around the corner to get on my treadmill, and who should be there, but the sweet, innocent girl that took care of my kids?

I was not prepared for this.

Stacia was wearing basically a sports bra and shorts that are illegal in some states. You could play quarters on her toned, rock hard stomach. Her breasts were huge. Now, I had had my suspicions, but with the baggy clothes, everything kind of looked like a blob. Just not the case. Her legs were shapely, the legs of an athlete. Her blonde hair was pulled up into a sloppy ponytail. My jaw dropped. I couldn’t stop staring. Normally, I was the one that was in control, but this time, I was flabbergasted.

I stammered…”Hey, there…”

She flashed a smile and said “Hey!”

She then just worked out and didn’t say another word to me.

I went about my business and worked out, my typical cardio and biceps/back day. I kept looking at her. She noticed. She smiled.

When she was done, she came over to the bench I was on and sat on a machine opposite from me. We talked about her normal routine, and then when I was done, she said that she liked this gym, but she didn’t know what the other rooms were.

I offered to give her a tour.

The gym is set up in sort of an H shape. One of the long sides is comprised of classrooms and equipment closets, the middle is the main workout area, and the other side is locker rooms, steam rooms, and a sauna. There are security cameras, but I’ve seen how little they pick up when the lights are off. The lights were generally off for the sauna/locker room wing.

I gave her the tour, and afterwards she thanked me. I said that I was honored. She said goodnight, gave me an up-down, smiled, and left. I went into the sauna and thought about how those natural, perky tits would look bouncing up and down. I took a shower and came home, masturbating to the thought of my babysitter.

She babysat the next night, and she wore sexy, form-fitting clothes. When I got home, she asked if I’d be at the gym later. I said yes. She said “See you there,” and left. I checked my wife’s computer, and—sure enough—she had watched some more videos.

When my wife got home, I quickly changed and went to the gym.

Stacia was there waiting again. She smiled and I returned the gesture.

Tonight she made sure that while she was working out, she could see her body in amazing positions. She worked her abs with her ass in the air, holding on to a weight. She worked her thigh muscles, opening her legs over and over right in front of me. I was getting hard watching her. She kept stealing glances at my crotch. She grabbed her duffle bag and told me she was heading to the sauna. I said I’d see her there when I finished my set. She told me not to take too long.

I didn’t.

I finished up and headed to the sauna. She was waiting with a towel that barely covered her bare pussy lips. She was leaning back in the sauna, and I sat on the opposite wall. I could see everything but her nipples.

When I first sat down, she said, “We really do have this whole place to ourselves.”

Then we didn’t talk for a bit. We just stared at each other. She could see that I was at full attention. Then, surprising me yet again, she blurted out “You know your wife is fucking some other guy, right?”

I chuckled, “Yeah. It’s been that way for a while.”

“Why? You’re fucking perfect.”

“I’m far from perfect. In fact, I’ve cheated on her with several women.”

She nodded, and said, “Yeah, I figured. But that doesn’t mean you’re not perfect. You’re smart, you have a great body, great eyes, and from the looks of it, a pretty nice dick.”

“You’re too kind,” I said, “But I’m average.”


“Are you drunk?”

“Nope. I’m just seeing things a little differently lately.”

I paused to look at her incredible body, sweat glistening, the aroma of her arousal gnawing at me, inviting me.

“Me, too,” I said. I looked into her eyes, and we locked on each other. She opened her towel and let it fall. Her tits were spectacular. I followed suit and opened my towel. Her eyes fell to my cock as it sprang out of its prison.

I started to stroke it slowly. She watched as I grabbed the base and brought the fist down to the head.

“Average my ass,” she said, transfixed.

She then looked at me, and grabbed both of her tits and squeezed them together. I watched as she played with her nipples. She brought her nipples to her mouth and licked them, while staring right at me. She pinched them hard and let out a soft moan. Then she brought her hands down to her pussy, where I saw one finger dip inside as she dj’d with the other hand.

I was pumping pretty furiously at this point. I thought we would only get off by watching each other, but then she got up and sat next to me. She looked into my eyes. I grabbed the fingers that had been inside of her, and brought them to my mouth. I smelled them. I then put them each into my mouth and sucked on them. She began to quiver. Her other hand slowly made its way to my shaft, and she grabbed at the base. She slowly began to stroke my length.

I kissed her hard, the sexual tension that had built up came flowing through our tongues, and they danced a forceful dance. I grabbed her breasts and squeezed. She broke the kiss to groan.

She whispered into my ear, “I’ve only done this a few times, so I’m sorry if I’m not good enough.”

“Don’t be silly,” I said. You’re incredible and I can already tell that you’re a natural.

She smiled and resumed groaning as I licked and nibbled her nipples. I sucked on them hard and then bit them just enough to mingle pain with ecstasy. I gently pushed her down on the bench, and kissed down her taut stomach. I licked her vagina, something she later told me nobody had ever done. I fingered her with one finger at first, and then when she was close to climax, I inserted a second finger and used the thumb on my other hand to apply pressure to her asshole. This was more than she could take. She screamed, pulled my hair and pulled hard into her cunt. She squeezed her muscular thighs on my head so tightly that my ears popped.

She was nice and wet now. I quickly got up and put my cock in her all the way and just held it there. She began convulsing. Her breathing was intense. It was only the beginning.

I pulled out of her and she whimpered, giving me a puppydog look. I told her that we were far from finished. I pulled her up and kissed her softly, deeply. Her hand found my cock and began stroking it. She began to get down on her knees and I stopped her.

She looked disappointed, but I grabbed our towels, opened the door and led her to the men’s dressing room and shower area. A smile came to her face as I got behind her and began kissing her neck by the mirrors. She watched me in the mirrors and pushed her ass back into my prick, and reached around to grab my ass, bringing my body to hers as tightly as possible. I pulled her hair lightly, but hard enough to expose more of her neck. I kissed up and down her neck and shoulders as my other hand reached around to play with her breasts.

I brought her to a bench near a wall, and I sat down, leaning back. She knew she could have her turn now.

She lowered herself onto her knees and began stroking my cock. I looked at her tits and she noticed. She spit on my cock and began rubbing it. She then leaned in with her tits and squeezed them around my cock. She began gyrating ever so slightly, and the tip of my cock would come up through her tits towards her face. She stuck her tongue out a few times to lick the tip and taste the precum.

After a few minutes, her desire got the better of her and she let go of her breasts, sinking her head as far down on my dick as she could. She got a gag reflex and had to stop. I looked at her, kissed her gently and told her to relax her throat.

She kissed me back and apologized. I told her that she was incredible and that I was only trying to help her. I told her that I wanted her to enjoy it, not gag.

She assured me she was enjoying it, and began slurping my cock again. She slowly but surely found a great rhythm and I told her that I was going to come. I told her she didn’t have to swallow it, but there was no stopping her. Not one drop escaped her lips. I called out her name loudly, and she giggled in satisfaction.

When I was done enjoying what had just happened, I brought her to a bench in the center of the room and lay down on my back. I told her sit on my face. She was a little apprehensive at first, but did as she was asked. This time I worked more than a thumb into her asshole. I licked her to a frenzy and she sucked me to full mast as I inserted one finger into her ass and two into her pussy. She began moaning loudly on my cock with every mudwhistle invasion. I could tell that she was going to love anal, and she may even prefer it.

I tapped her ass when I knew she was close, and she read my mind. She got up and scooted down to just above my dick. I placed it at her opening and she skewered herself onto my dick, reverse cowgirl style. She screamed out my name and I grabbed her hips. She began bouncing hard and I could see her tits in the mirrors. She was staring at the mirror directly in front of her, watching my member disappear into her folds. She had a steady moan going now, and I began smacking her ass. She threw her head up and started screaming, “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!” at the top her lungs. We fucked like that for about five minutes, and then, like we had been fucking for centuries, she read my mind and dismounted. She got on the floor on her back, and I scooped her legs up, pushing them up towards her head, nearly bending her in half. I pinned them there and entered her fast and hard. She came.

I pulled out all the way, then pushed the tip in. I pulled out again. She begged me to fuck her. She begged me to give her my married dick. She told me that she was on the pill and that she wanted me to fill her with my cum. I fucked her as hard as I could until I came again.

I kissed her sloppily as we both squeezed out the last bit of our orgasms.

I rolled off of her and she rolled on top of me, continuing the kiss. I explored her body with my hands, gently touching her in places that would cause little spasms and barely audible “mmm’s.”

I honestly didn’t know if I could go again, but I figured I might as well try.

We got up and went into the showers.

“You can go pretty long for an old man,” she teased.

“I’m as surprised as you are,” I said. We kissed as the hot water cascaded over us. We rubbed each other and cleansed each other with the body wash in the dispensers on the wall.

I asked her if she trusted me.

She said, “Obviously.”

I turned her and bent her over.

“If you want to stop, at any point, please just say ‘stop,'” I said.

“Well, I’m assuming you’re going to put that monster in my asshole, as you’ve been getting friskier and friskier back there all night. And I want to try it. With you.”

That nearly brought me to full staff.

I fingered her pussy for a bit, getting her natural lubrication to help. I eased one finger into her asshole, and her head dropped as a moan forced its way out. She tightened up, naturally. I didn’t move until she did, about a minute later. I pulled back a little but not out completely, and pushed back in just as slowly. She began to relax and push back towards my hand. We kept going like this for about 5 minutes. Then I inserted a second finger. She may have had an orgasm then and there. She rocked on my fingers and slapped her hand against the shower wall with a force that worried me. Then she began fucking my hand in earnest. After a few minutes I pulled my fingers out and shoved my dick inside her pussy. I thrust back and forth a couple times and then pulled out, placing my cock at the entrance of her ass. She braced herself and I pushed until I was balls deep. I held her there, and she was whimpering again.

I asked if she wanted to stop.

She said to wait just a bit. I kissed her neck and held her tight.

A few moments later she squeezed my ass, and I understood that I could try to fuck her.

Slowly but surely, I built up a good rhythm and my suspicions were correct. She had been an animal for vaginal sex, but she was a sex demon for anal. Her voice dropped into tones I hadn’t heard her use before, and she began screaming the most vulgar obscenities I had ever heard.

Her tightness and attitude were too much. I came hard into her ass as she climaxed, and I pulled my drained rod from her, kissing her back.

Her body was shaking. She didn’t move for quite some time. When she finally did, she turned to me and I simply held her. I gently massaged her head and ran my fingers through her hair as the water danced on her back.

She looked up at me, with tears in her eyes. I was worried I had hurt her.

She just said “thank you,” and kissed me.

We spent a good ten minutes just kissing, our bodies turning to prunes.

We said our goodnights a little later, and she said she couldn’t wait until tomorrow night.

I told her that I couldn’t either, and we gave each other a long, sensual kiss before parting.

I went home and slept like a rock. The next morning, I awoke to a voicemail on my phone. It was from the owner of the gym, a 45-year-old widower with the body of a 25 year old. She said that she needed to talk to me about policies after hours.

I dropped in and she invited me into her office.

She played a recording that showed Stacia and I naked walking towards the locker rooms.

She smirked and said, “What are we going to do about this,” as she unzipped her track jacket.

I smiled back at her.