It’s been only two years since my rape fetish started. I was thirteen and I was arguably looking four years older in terms of my body proportions. I had D-cup breasts and an hourglass figure along with a bubble butt. My face, however, clearly showed thirteen years old, a teen. as it were. I was at the age where I started to get arouse by boys, and boys were getting aroused by me, especially because I was dressing so provocatively: low hanging tank tops that showed my belly and very small and tight denim shorts. I dressed like a slut but I had never had sex in my life.

My friends didn’t mind me dressing up so trampy. They were happy that I was able to show my beautiful and one of a kind body with such courage and confidence. They did warn me to not take it overboard, because they feared that I’d be raped one day. I didn’t really believe them at first. Every day I’d go to my friend Joline’s house. She has an older brother who always loved starring at me when I was there. During the summer I continued to test my limits. I wasn’t afraid of getting raped. I was cutting my tank tops even shorter at the bottom to show even more of my belly and wearing even tighter and small shorts, showing more than half my butt.

I wasn’t afraid of being raped. I didn’t think it would ever happen. I felt invincible. If Joline’s brother hadn’t raped me by now after being constantly shown my amazing figure I thought that no one would rape me. Well I was very clearly wrong.

It was quite late at night, maybe eleven pm. I was wearing particularly slutty clothes. A white see-through tank top with a pink bra under it, with the tank top straps being on the brink of tearing apart. My denim shorts were unbuttoned and unzipped with a black thong too small for me under them. The very top of my pussy lips were visible and the thought of being alone at night walking almost naked like this didn’t scare me.

But then I was attacked. From out of nowhere a burly pair of strong hands wrapped around my waist with the man’s right hand covering my mouth. I started to scream and muffle as he pressed me tightly against him and ran towards a nearby bush. I wasn’t sure what was going on. I thought this may be a dream. He shoved me down on the cold grass and I could see about four figures under the moon light. They were all tall and menacing, dark silhouettes. They were all men. I wanted to scream but before I could I was slapped across the face.

While I tried to recover from the shock of getting smacked I felt my clothes get torn off of me, quite literally. The sound of fabric ripping directly from my person made me realize that I was now completely naked. I was roughly grabbed by the waist and someone spread my legs wide. I felt a very warm and hard thing enter my vagina, ripping my hymen to shreds. It was a penis and it was about to fuck me. I wanted to scream so loudly but a dick was shoved into my mouth. Back then I wasn’t sure if it was a dick but the taste of the tip of what was in my mouth tasted a lot like what pee smells like. I muffled as the man shoved his cock down my throat. The guy fucking me started to thrust faster. I began to tear up and cry. I couldn’t believe it. I was getting raped.

Guy holding me down onto him finally shoved his penis into my asshole. It was extremely painful. My ass was so tight and his cock was so huge that it really hurt every time he brought it in and out and thrust. My entire body squirmed in agony and sexual pleasure. It was so weird. Despite me being raped and hurt and not enjoying all of this sexual attention, my body still enjoyed the experience. It loved being played the way it was. The cock rubbing itself against my clit triggered me the most, my body being shocked by a wave of intense pleasure.

Soon enough the last of the four guys started to fondle and suck on my breasts, a sensation I particularly found both embarrassing and extremely erotic. He enjoyed my large breasts like a sweet snack, never letting his lips off of it for even a second while all of the other guys shoved their cocks down each of my holes.

I was crying more than even before, and it was not long after that I felt the guy fucking my ass cum right inside of me. The liquid was so warm and thick, very mushy. He still kept his cock inside of me for a little bit, waiting for his mates to cum at their turn. The next was the guy who was forcing his penis down my throat who came right in there, all over my mouth as I gagged on the very salty taste.

The guy sucking on my breasts must have been playing with himself with at least one hand because he ejaculated all over them before the final guy came inside of my pussy, filling my fertile and unprotected snatch up with his juicy, plentiful white cum. I was tossed aside like a rag-doll after they were done with me, in pain, scared, in tears. My ass was slapped several times as I felt the cum from my ass and pussy slowly seep out.

‘Little slut, serves you right.’ One guy said.

‘You were asking to get raped, walking like that every single night.’ Another said.

‘If you don’t want to get raped again, change the way you dress whore.’ One more said.

‘To think a teen girl like you could be so slutty. It’s disgusting. Don’t think we won’t rape you again, you bitch.’ The last one said.

I had the chance to run away and I took it. I jumped over the bushes, my legs trembling with fear and exhaustion. My pussy and ass were dripping with cum and my breasts smothered with it. I used my hands to cover my breasts and pussy as I ran on the desolate sidewalk, under the streetlights. I just wanted to get home. I wanted to get home and be safe.

When I got home I was happy to know my parents were asleep. I locked myself down in the downstairs bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw how disgusting I looked with all of this semen coming from me. My eyes and cheeks were inflated from my crying and I sobbed even more. There was blood around my pussy, now doubt after getting my virginity fucked away from me.

If anybody learned about me getting raped, everybody would tell me how they knew it would happen, how they warned me and it was my fault for getting raped. I didn’t want that to happen. I kept it a secret, and to keep it a secret I had to keep wearing slutty clothing to not make anything suspicious. I was worried of getting pregnant though, so the next day while my parents were at work I called up an older cousin of mine and asked her if she could get me a few packs of birth-control pills. I didn’t tell her I had been raped and I wanted to prevent from getting pregnant, but she speculated that I was trying to get close to a boy and wanted things to get physical and be ready for it. She agreed to get me a few packs and the next day she brought them to me.

That morning I took a pill, took a shower and went back out to my friend’s house. I didn’t know what I was doing. I was terrified. I knew that doing this would result in my getting raped later in the night. Yet I was wearing even sluttier clothes: this time a loose tube-top, my breasts almost popping out of it with every step and tight yoga shorts that I brought down to expose about half of my ass crack. When I got to Joline’s house I pretended it was an accident every time she pointed it out to me. I made sure her brother got a full eyeful of my ass every time I readjusted them to cover what they were meant to.

The next night everything happened as I knew they would. Around the same spot that I was attacked the last time, I was suddenly brought back again in the bushes and stripped completely naked. It was the same guys who raped me the exact same way as the night before, with no mercy. But this time they talked to me while they were molesting my 13 year old body.

‘You didn’t learn, didn’t you little slut?’ One of them said.

‘We told you we’d rape you again if you wore those slutty clothes.’ Another said.

‘And guess what? We’re raping you once more, you stupid whore.’ The next said.

‘It’s like you want to get raped. You’re such a fucking dumb bitch.’ The last said.

They kept fucking me against my will and spouting out there horrific names, yet I found it arousing. I didn’t like the feeling of getting raped, but my body did. My body loved it and eventually I just couldn’t live without it. Every single night that summer I’d get raped in that same spot by the same four guys. One of them thought I had amnesia and never remembered the rape from the previous nights. I never spoke a single word to them the entire time, almost like to keep that theory up. They raped me regardless, every single night. Some nights they’d finger and lick me out, either my pussy or my ass, and sometimes they’d even piss or shit on me to make me feel even more dirty. Some of those nights I vomited after being beaten and shat in the mouth other times they’d just smother me in their shit and watch me walk home all dirty in their excrement. I hate it, but I love it at the same time. I can’t help but love being raped even though I hate it. It’s a cruel addiction that carries on to this day, and I don’t know when it’s going to stop being a part of me.

None of my friends will ever know about me getting raped. If I do that my addiction will no longer be sated and I will grow insane. Getting raped everyday is my new life and I sadly have to accept it.